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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, March 15th


ARIES:  The Sun joins Mars in your sign on the 20th heralding a time for awakening to your new solar year and being your own personal champion.  You have both the henchman (Mars) and the awareness (Sun) to pursue your personal goals and desires.  Venus will join the gathering on the 21st adding her personal charm and powers of attraction.  Mercury turns direct in your 12th house on the 17th at 5 degrees of Pisces.  The 16th, 17th and 18th are days to bid your time while the planet of communication adjusts to his forward movement.  Saturn trines Chiron this week bringing a level of dignity and personal awareness to your spiritual and financial dealings.

TAURUS:  Venus and the Sun reach out to Psyche, the asteroid representing psychology and the study of the mind from your 11th house of social contacts to your 7th house of partnership.  Insights and intuition surround your world of others this week suggesting a level of personal insight that seeks to integrate aspects of self with the world around you.  Both the Sun and Venus then ingress your 12th house of spiritual awakening and connection helping you to go deeper into the mystery of being a spiritual being while engaging with this earth plane dimension.  Mercury turns direct on the 17th beginning the process of planning and communications in your personal desires and goals. 

GEMINI:  As Mercury rolls to a full stop on the 17th in the area of life mission and public reputation you are encouraged to let things percolate in regard to career and public image.  The Sun and Venus ingress your 11th house of goals and dreams (joining Mars) in the entrepreneurial sign of Aries.  You are entering a powerful time to make a dream or two a reality.  Friends and associates are a key ingredient and Saturn’s trine to Chiron ensures a level of dignity and practicality to the daily work schedule and your need to be of service.  Ceres sextiles Pallas this week bridging your nurturing ability to apply creative wisdom and support to friends, groups, associates and team building activities.

CANCER:  Two beautiful trines occur this week between first the Sun, and then Venus to the asteroid Psyche currently transiting your 5th house of true love, risk taking and authentic self-expression.  Insights can be experienced deepening your understanding of your soul, mind, love and self.  As Mercury moves into a dead stop on the 17th a poignant opportunity is available to bear witness to some personal understandings surrounding love and spirit.  The Sun and then Venus ingress your 10th house (joining Mars) of reputation, authority figures and ambition.  Plenty of planetary tools are available to you in furthering your career and life goals – assertion, understanding and charm.  Saturn moves into a supportive aspect with Chiron adding fortitude laced with a humble understanding regarding media, travel, publishing and educational activities.

LEO:  You are finishing a level of transition, ending and the release of a personal dynamic, belief or situation that no longer serves you.  The Sun and Venus are trining the asteroid Psyche in your 4th house of home, soul and personal security ensuring a level of conscious awareness and acceptance.  As the Sun then enters fellow fire sign Aries in your 9th house of faith and beliefs you are now freer to set a new course with a level of confidence and fortitude that ensures success.  Mercury shifts into direct motion this week slowly gaining ground empowering you to implement the planning and conversations that have taken shape over the past few weeks. 

VIRGO:  Mercury comes to a station this week in your 7th house of relating patterns, partnerships and the public signaling the beginning of a process that includes clearer understandings, agreements and disclosures that are paramount to your learning and growth.  With both the Sun and Venus trining the asteroid Psyche from your 7th house to your 3rd house of communications and agreements, a soulful awareness flows into your discourse with others.  The Sun and Venus then exit your 7th house and head to the deeper waters of the 8th house the area of transformation and integration with all that you have experienced over the past few weeks.  Intimacy deepens, financial dealings are supported and levels of trust are restored. 

LIBRA:  The current focus on health, daily structures, and work routines begin to shift as Mercury stations on the 17th and begins to slowly move forward in your 6th house of Pisces.  Awareness, effective planning and supportive “form” begins its implementation stage as you are able to see the larger view regarding your personal, spiritual, physical and structural needs.  First the Sun and then Venus move into a trine aspect with the asteroid of soul, Psyche, currently transiting your 2nd house of self-worth and abundance.  Trust the process while engaging with your internal visualization of the highest and best daily experiences possible.  The Sun and Venus then shift into your 7th house of partnership and the public shifting your energy to your partnerships and important others.  Saturn moves into trine with Chiron cementing the former process while building revenue streams and strengthening self-beliefs.

SCORPIO:  Both the Sun and Venus are making a trine from your 5th house of love, authentic self-expression, children and creativity to the asteroid Psyche, currently transiting your 1st house of identity and personal evolvement.  Insights take shape as the asteroid of the Soul connects with conscious awareness illuminating what you value in love.  Mercury is also stationing direct this week and slowly moving forward giving shape and planning to matters of the heart and all things joyful.  Saturn in your sign reaches out again to Chiron building upon what the Sun, Venus and Psyche brought to bear laying down a framework for your evolving identity and compassionate expression of your heart. The Sun and Venus then shift into your 6th house (with Mars) where your focus shifts to the daily schedule, health and routine tasks. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Mercury turns direct this week in the area of soul, personal security, home, where you live and how you live.  Much has been experienced and now your conscious mind, the force behind your planning and agreements, is gaining clarity in what you want and how to execute.  The Sun and Venus shift into fellow fire sign Aries (along with Mars) pulling your inward focus into an outward drive to experience and express more.  You are encouraged to explore and experience more of life’s pleasures while opening your heart to inherent possibilities regarding love, creative endeavors and the wellbeing of your offspring.  Saturn once again connects with Chiron bridging a supportive reality between spiritual awareness/activities and personal life.

CAPRICORN:  There is a continued emphasis on your goals, dreams and expanding your connection through groups and friendships.  This theme continues as first the Sun and then Venus connect with the asteroid Psyche currently transiting your 11th house.  Psyche represents the Soul, psychology and the study of the mind and as this connection embraces these planets a bridging of your thoughts and communication style merges with the group collective to inspire and uplift.  The Sun and Venus then ingress your 4th house of authentic self and soul supporting your self-identity and personal security.  Saturn once again reaches out to Chiron furthering the imprint of compassionate communication in the spirit of serving mankind.

AQUARIUS:  Your values have been a huge focus with the planetary gathering in Pisces, your 2nd house.  Much of who we are can be defined by what we value.  Now, as Mercury prepares for his direct station on the 17th you can begin to inch forward with applying your skills, talents and values towards earnings and acquisition.  The Sun and Venus are a catalyst for this process as they both trine Psyche, the asteroid of Soul, psychology and the mind which is currently transiting your 10th house of life direction and career.  Intuition may be part of this engagement as you are encouraged to create a work life that more closely mirrors what is important to you.  Saturn once again makes a building aspect to Chiron laying down sustainable foundations regarding your passions and avocation – trust that you “can” connect with abundance in all forms.

PISCES:  Before the Sun and Venus shift out of your sign and ingress into Aries they are leaving you with an undeniable “vision” as they both connect with the asteroid of soul, psychology and self - Psyche where she is currently transiting your 9th house of the higher mind, soul and belief systems.  Believe it to be true and it becomes so.  Fake it till you make it.  Understand that daydreams are previews to coming attractions in your life.  Saturn follows up after this connection to once again reach out to Chiron in your sign suggesting that compassion for self is your way through to manifesting your future.  Life is a healing journey for anyone who is awake.  Mercury starts inching forward on the 17th clearing the way forward for personal planning and important external communications.