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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 - Full Moon Fever ~


Wednesday, March 27th: The Full Moon in Libra occurs at 5:28 a.m. EDT. Full Moon's are always about awareness as Luna opposes the Sun now transiting in Aries. The quintesential independence vs. dependence axis. What I want vs. what is required to participate in relationship in an authentic manner.

This Lunation has soo much energy attached to it as Mars is squaring Pluto from Aries to Capricorn. This reminds of the mythology of the Hydra - you cut off one of the monster's heads (it is a 3 headed monster) and two more grow back! That brute force or engaging in the "this is the way it is and has always been," may not be a useful approach.

The Sun is approaching a conjunct with both Venus and Uranus (exact on the 28th) suggesting that our values and awareness is seeking closer alignment with the new and progressive...aka different approaches, orientations and responses.

Meanwhile the mothering asteroid Ceres is in trine to the generational planet of abuse Nessus. So how can we awaken to our own control (abuse) dramas? How do we participate either passively or aggressively within partnership and conflict?

I personally have been in the front seat to this Uranus Pluto energy as my chart angles are at 6 and 7 degrees of the Cardinal Signs - and can see some old issues coming up right on cue :). At the same time I am slowing things down, connecting with my past imprints and consciously "choosing" my reactions to some of the unfolding events. Ceres suggests a nurturing energy with abuse patterns of the past. Awareness is part of this process and the way through...

The Moon then goes VOID at 2:16 p.m. EDT until Thursday evening at 8:55 p.m. when she ingresses Scorpio. Moon VOIDS suggest a time for letting things be, going with the flow, and handling what is on your plate.

On THURSDAY Venus moves into conjunction with the Sun - love, creativity, and conscious connection with what is important to us. And both then move onto conjunct the awakener Uranus. I feel there is much opportunity to move through the mire. To clear out once and for all some of the junk while we quickly dust ourselves off and say NEXT! Ask the Universe what you want now because you've cleared the space and opened up more space for flow and manifestation - congratulations! Mercury is in trine to Saturn today as well - stability in mind, thought and planning.