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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, February 15th

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ARIES:  Energy pours into the most nebulous area of your chart as both the Sun and Eros ingress your 12th house of Pisces this week.  Time spent in solitude, working behind the scenes in research, and additional rest are strongly encouraged.  As is true every year, the time just prior to your birthday month supports a review of important personal desires, agendas, communication, and work projects.  The Sun conjuncts the God of Love on the 20th, suggesting a day of connecting with all that is spiritual, beautiful, and loving.  Neptune moves into a conjunction with Eros on the following day and provides the knowledge that you are a spiritual entity having an earth plane experience.  Using prayer, meditation, and the laws of manifestation will prove that this life IS an inside job.

TAURUS:  Since October Saturn has been transiting your 7th house of relationships and how you participate within them.  Our first relationship is with self, which sets the tone and energetic engagement with others.  Initially, this transit can be felt as limiting and heavy.  But as Saturn turns retrograde on the 18th until July 8th you have the room to integrate the lessons Saturn has presented.  Structure, boundaries, commitment, and work are part of this planet’s energy.  Some have formed business relationships, others have experienced the loss of relationships, and still others are in a strong learning curve of what real relating and commitment entails. The Sun also ingresses your 11th house of personal dreams and social contacts.  Eros, the God of Love, joins the Sun and brings more passion and heart energy to the areas of life that authentically represent you and your desires.

GEMINI:  The Sun ingresses your 10th house of career, mission, profession, parents, and reputation – a public transit ensues.  Eros, the God of Love, is traveling in tandem with the Sun but will remain longer — through April 5th.  You want the world to you know you are passionate, potent, and charismatic and when the Sun conjuncts Eros on the 20th you are visibly validated by an important other in your world.  Neptune moves into conjunction with Eros the following day and brings more flow, artistry, and compassion to the mix.  This is a potent time for love affairs and emulating what love and erotic passion looks like.  On the 18th Saturn turns retrograde in your 6th house of daily schedule, work, employees, and health (and stays retrograde through July 8th ).  A reprieve from tasks and obligations allows you to structure your day according to your personal requirements.  For some, a period of unemployment may end.

CANCER:  The areas of mind, body, and spirit are represented by the 9th house of travel, education, foreign cultures, ceremonies, publishing, media, and spiritual beliefs.  The Sun and Eros, God of Love, ingress into this experiential area this week.  Big picture is your mantra. Allow for concepts, people, or vistas to ignite feelings of passionate wonder and intrigue.  Spiritual connections through the avenues of the mind and adventure while learning can be an erotic and highly satisfying experience!  Saturn turns retrograde in the area of passion, romance, taking risks, children, and creativity. This lightens the load as you go inward to integrate the commitments, restrictions and hard work the past few months brought to your heart-filled 5th house.

LEO:  The Sun joins Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron in your 8th house of sex, transformation, shared resources, and trust.  This is a mysterious area that often has to do with the ending of situations and ways of living in order to clean the slate and begin anew.  Delve into your own depths in order to resurface when the Sun moves into your 9th house next month.  Eros, the God of Love and Passion, joins the energetic party, suggesting passionate participation in your renewal and taking risks.  Sexually this can be a highly erotic time, especially when the Sun joins Eros in a conjunction aspect on the 20th.  Neptune picks up where your solar ruler leaves off and conjuncts the God of Love over the final week of February, adding his own form of love and compassion to the mix. 

VIRGO:  On the 18th the Sun ingresses your 7th house of partnership, clients, and professional consultants.  Eros, the God of Love, joins the Sun on the 17th and transits the 7th house until April 5th.  This energy prefers close partnerships to include transformational unions combined with stability, commitment, and endurance.  On the 20th the Sun joins Eros in a conjunction and brings awareness to relationship desires and commitments.  On the 21st Neptune moves into conjunction with Eros, suggesting that love not only encompasses physical passion but also spiritual connection.  Saturn turns retrograde in your 3rd house of communications until July 8th.  Situations slow down regarding education, teaching, speaking, limiting situations with siblings, and neighbors. You have the space to integrate the lessons that have been unfolding since October.

LIBRA:  Towards the end of this forecast period Mercury will move to a virtual standstill in your 6th house of work, schedules, health, body, and the to-do list.  Patience is required as is extra time (build in an extra third when projecting project completions and deadlines), even when you feel pressured (Mars) to get things done.  The Sun and Eros ingress this very house on the 18th and 17th, respectively. This brings an erotic overtone to your physicality and daily routine.  Saturn in your 2nd house of self-esteem, earnings, and talents moves stationary retrograde on the 18th and brings a slowdown of expenditure regarding home, parents, and housing.  Limiting beliefs regarding your skills may be an area of sensitivity too, but Saturn suggests that going within while reviewing your value and successes will build more foundations of success in the future.

SCORPIO:  Boundary construction and structure development regarding your self, expression, and desires has been Saturn’s domain since October.  Scorpio is also teaching us all how to take responsibility for our emotional integrity.  A reprieve is in order as Saturn turns retrograde on the 18th until July 8th.  It’s a time when your commitment grows as to what you are available for and what you are not in all areas of life.  When we set limits regarding self-defeating alliances and situations the Universe begins to respond in kind – energy attracts like energy.  Eros and the Sun ingress your 5th house of self-love, expression, risk taking, romance, and children on the 17th and 18th, respectively.  Passion and energy flow, encouraging a playful heart, creative pleasures, and connecting with your unique form of self-expression.

SAGITTARIUS:  A plethora of planets gather in your 4th house of family, emotional security, housing, real estate, and parents.  The Sun moves into the 4th on the 18th and Eros, the God of Love, ingresses on the 17th (along with Mars, a slowing Mercury, Neptune and Chiron).  While you are busy in the home area (and perhaps angry?) working, renovating, and revisiting transgressions from the family inheritance, the Sun ensures more awareness and hence the power to rearrange your personal living space.  Eros suggests a secretive approach to love and passion.  Saturn has been seeking to help clear outworn roles, ambitions, and attachments since October.  Now the planet of earth school turns retrograde until July 8th, allowing for more integration and building up of spiritual practice, health, meditation, and clearing the past.  The clearing you are engaged in now will set you up for a new 30-year cycle of rewriting your life two years from now.  Time well spent.

CAPRICORN:  Saturn turns retrograde on the 18th until July 8th.  Time is opening up to handle the changes, responsibilities, hard work, and limitations that have been Saturn’s domain since October in the 11th house of personal desires, technology, group leadership, and friendships.  You now have time to integrate the lessons Saturn brought to your doorstep.  When we handle things “in here” we are less apt to meet them “out there.” The Sun and Eros, God of Love, ingress your 3rd house of ideas, communication, learning, short-term travel, and siblings.  More awareness is available to aid in Mars assertive energy while Eros contributes passion to the written and spoken word.  Passion can be found in all avenues of education and communication. But Mercury slows for his retrograde on the 23rd – patience is key.

AQUARIUS:  Your co-ruler Saturn will turn retrograde in your 10th house of reputation, career, life mission, and parents.  The lessons, limitations, hard work, and commitments now shift into a more internal regime of structure and integration until July 8th. This is a time to integrate lessons unfolding since October of 2012.  More energy flows into your 2nd house of earnings, talents, self-esteem, and that which you value when the Sun and Eros ingress into Pisces this week.  Passion, erotic unions, and displays of love are heightened with the God of Love transiting this area until April 5th.  The Sun and Eros conjunct on the 20th and fuel your awareness regarding what you value in your physical and love relationships.  Neptune continues the theme and suggests a spiritual cast — unselfishness flows into your value system.

PISCES:  Your first house of identity and general approach to life is further energized (Mars, Mercury, Neptune, and Chiron are already camping out) as the Sun and Eros, God of Love, ingress into your sign.  Self-determination and drive are enhanced but patience is your ally as Mercury approaches retrograde on the 23rd.  Allow for experiments and information gathering in the areas of partnership and career direction.  Eros indicates that your allure is strong when taking action or presenting yourself to the world.  The Sun and Eros conjunct on the 20th (you are noticed) and then Neptune (your ruling planet) conjuncts Eros the following day, encouraging an unselfish and compassionate approach to your passions.