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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week beginning Friday, January 18th

Gulf of Mexico by Jean Wiley

ARIES:  Pallas—the asteroid representing wisdom, closure, and the ability to re-arrange elements in your life—transits your sign until the end of March.  This is a time of increased clarity for organizing the elements of your life that will bring a stronger sense of flow.  Mars reaches out to retrograde Ceres on the 21st, engaging a pathway of nurturing communications with groups and alliances. When she moves direct in mid-February along with Jupiter, the planet of education and wisdom, expect important planning and contracts to move forward.  The 22nd also sees Mars energizing positive solutions as he sextiles Eris in your sign, illuminating your path even further. 

TAURUS:  The Sun and Mercury are in conjunction as they ingress into your 10th house of authority figures, fame, and career.  What you say and how you say it is in the spotlight, as are agreements with those in a position of influence.  Career movement takes on additional positive flow as Mars, currently transiting your 10th house) connects with the super mothering energy of Ceres, which is transiting your 2nd house of self-esteem and abundance.  Tending to your talents and cooperative nature serves your connections and reputation.  Some of you may become more involved in gardening, green projects, and earth solutions when Ceres turns direct in mid-February. 

GEMINI:  The focus shifts from the financial and personal to the big picture and adventures as the Sun conjuncts Mercury and both ingress your 9th house of travel, marketing, media, education, and publishing. All cylinders are firing as you apply your intellectual prowess to the big picture.  On the 22nd Mercury sextiles Uranus and trines Jupiter in your sign.  Teaching, travel, groups, goals, technology projects, and your personal desires all align, firing you forward.  The Sun’s participation on the 24th ensures that your leadership skills will bring success.

CANCER:  Where there has been frustration, anger, and resentment there will be solutions, awareness, and the clarity to right missteps in the areas of finance and resources.  The Sun conjuncts Mercury as both ingress your 8th house of sharing, investment, insurance, intimacy, trust, and debt.  Changes are afoot as you stop the bleeding regarding credit card debt and loans.  Fortunate agreements and solutions can be forged on the 22nd when Mercury connects with both Uranus and Jupiter.  The Sun follows suit shortly thereafter, bringing additional resources and money.  Solutions are on the way.

LEO:  The Sun and Mercury conjunct on the 19th as both ingress your 7th house of alliances, competitors, and important partnerships.  Instinct and muscle come into play regarding agreements, solutions, and buy-in from those you need the most.  Agreements, planning, media, publishing, and educational pursuits are all given the green light this week.  The 24th promises innovative solutions with partners and big-picture planning. 

VIRGO:  Plenty of intellectual prowess is on the way as Mercury conjuncts the Sun on the 19th while both ingress your 6th house of work, schedule, health, furry friends, employees, and those you hire to provide services.  Mars has been transiting this area all month and is now joined by the energies ruling agreements, communications, and conscious awareness.  You are busy during this forecast period, and the transits suggest there are plenty of agreements and resolutions on the way to improve your career and finances.  Bravo!

LIBRA:  While home, family, real estate, and residence continue to be important (compliments of the New Moon last week and Venus transiting your 4th house), there is a shift of energy as the Sun conjuncts Mercury while both ingress your 5th house on the 19th.  You stick more toes in the water regarding affairs of the heart, fun, children’s activities, and your own creative labors of love.  Expect to feel a bit lighter, clearer, and more relaxed as you eagerly partake of life’s simple pleasures.  The 22nd is lovely as you connect with partners, media, publishing, travel, and educational projects in an innovative and exciting way.  Pallas now transits your 7th house of partnership, clients, the public, and consultants, bringing a shot of clarity and composure to all your interpersonal dealings until the end of March.

SCORPIO:  More energy floods into your 4th house of home, real estate, parents, self, family, and living situations as Mercury conjuncts the Sun and both ingress into the most personal areas of life.  Where there has been plenty of action, anger for some, and work, you get an added dose of problem solving, conscious awareness, and inward connectedness over the next few weeks.  The 22nd supports real estate, financial, and home dealings as Mercury trines Jupiter.  Work flow and ergonomics are also enhanced as Mercury connects with technologically minded Uranus on the 22nd.  A good week for handling work and financial details.

SAGITTARIUS:  Short-term travel, getting around the neighborhood, and intellectual fire power have been energized with Mars transiting your 3rd house.  Now the Sun conjuncts Mercury while both ingress into your third house, upping the ante and communicativeness over the next few weeks. Support surrounding transportation, education, writing, and contracts arrives on the 22nd as Mercury sextiles Uranus and trines your ruling planet Jupiter.  Partnerships, clients, and business relationships are part of the week and forge a beneficial energy in affairs of creativity, children, and love. Communications and agreements are given the green light – talk away!

CAPRICORN:  Earnings, self-esteem, value systems, and the necessary abilities to compete in the marketplace are the focus over the next several weeks.  The Sun conjuncts Mercury as both ingress your 2nd house, bringing a positive time to sign new work agreements and employee contracts.  Beneficial work schedules, service offerings, and health consultations can unfold as Mercury trines Jupiter in your 6th house of work, health, and employees. This also adds to movement within housing and family situations.  Pallas offers up her perceptive attention as she transits your 4th house of home, parents, and real estate until the end of March.  Feeling self-confident is part of the equation as you rearrange your personal life and housing dynamics.

AQUARIUS:  A party is aligning in your sign as Mercury conjuncts the Sun while both ingress your 1st house of personality, health, and image.  Happy Birthday!  This pairing suggests a busy few weeks of communications and action.  Your energy strengthens and you have the fuel to move forward on your goals and desires.  The 22nd is especially beneficial when the Sun aligns with your ruling planet Uranus, encouraging the signing of contracts, sales, education, and writing.  This day also brings positive sway to your love life and personal pleasure departments – go for it!  Additional flare is accented on the 24th when showing up in person will make all the difference to achieving your goals.

PISCES:  Energy streams into the areas of rest, solitude, and the contemplative arts.  The Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 19th as both ingress your 12th house of research, spiritual healing, the past, and restful recuperation.  Every year you are asked to rest and prepare for your new solar year, and this is doubled now.  Your mental, physical, spiritual, and psychic health seek down time and a much-needed time out.  The 22nd suggests that healing is flowing your way in your experience of what home and family can feel like.  An inner sense of wellbeing and peace is on the way.  Both the Sun and Mercury reach out to Uranus in your 2nd house of earnings, suggesting that work done behind in the scenes is the path to abundance.