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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, January 4th 2013

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ARIES:  Dreams, goals, desires, technology pursuits, social media, teams, friends, and groups you align with are strongly in the frame this week as your ruler Mars transits your 11th house.  In the beginning of this forecast period connections are made that enhance your self-esteem, money, and service value as Mars aligns with Jupiter.  Enhancing your public face contributes to your ability to influence group direction, communications, and educational endeavors.  As we build to Monday blockages can be felt. Work through any feelings of limitations, fear, or resource scarcity when Mars squares Saturn.  Venus moves into your 10th house of reputation and influence, ensuring a month of positive developments and support in your career and avocation.

TAURUS:  The energy of attraction and lover of beauty enters fellow earth sign later this week.  Venus enters Capricorn on the 8th and brings flow, ease, and refinement to the areas of travel, publishing, educational pursuits, marketing, media, and legalities.  She is preparing the way for the fresh endeavors that will take form at the New Moon next week.  The areas of fashion, women’s issues/products, beauty in all forms, and foreign women/contacts are expansively supported.  This is a positive time to launch a marketing campaign to bring your message to a wider audience – it will be well received!

GEMINI:  Finances, life-cycles, shared resources, and your psychology are highlighted as Mercury peddles through your 8th house of beginnings/endings, investments, inheritances, alimony, debt, and intimacy.  Mercury reaches out to Chiron on the 4th and builds bridges between your inner instincts and your public face of career and reputation.  On the 6th lasting agreements are probable as Mercury conjuncts Pluto and sextiles Saturn in your 6th house of work and responsibilities. Stability and depth surround your financial and psychological understanding, planning, and agreements.

CANCER:  Discussions, agreements, and communications with important others gain a strong foothold.  Mercury is transiting your 7th house of others, partnerships, clients, and the public.  Reach out for agreement and consensus this week – healing, commitment, intensity, and stability can be found in your discussions.  Venus enters your 7th house on the 8th and ensures support in your relationships. Positive developments are possible on the 10th as Venus connects with Neptune in your 9th house of the higher mind and soul.  The New Moon next week will bring the palpable changes and developments you seek.

LEO:  Partnerships are highlighted while Mars transits your 7th house of relationships, friendships, clients, co-workers, and consultants.  He first reaches out to Jupiter on the 4th in a supportive and expansive fashion, broadening your visions surrounding goals, dreams, social media contacts, technology projects, and friendships.  On the days surrounding the 7th expect a temporary confidence bump as personal issues, housing concerns, and family dynamics stir up old fears and limiting beliefs.  Venus will ingress into your 6th house of work, health, and co-worker dynamics on the 8th to bring flow and support in your daily activities.

VIRGO:  The inner child is seeking expression while your ruler Mercury transits through your 5th house of self-love, children, and creativity (feeling free to be me).  Teaching, healing, and support arrive on the 4th as Mercury reaches out to Chiron in your 7th house of important others.  On the 6th powerful insights, discussions, and agreements are in the frame as Mercury connects with the soul planet Pluto.  Saturn’s influence ensures grounded stability and commitment regarding agreements, contracts, and educational and writing endeavors. 

LIBRA:  Your home is your castle, refuge, and creative playground as Venus ingresses into your 4th house of home, family, personal security, and privacy on the 8th.  January is the time to fill your emotional coffers and feed the personal foundations in your life.  Social activities in the home are encouraged as your fun is found within the comforts of your domicile and with family and close friends.  Support from others comes in the form of housing, real estate, and finance.  Venus makes contact with Neptune on the 10th, encouraging a day for envisioning the ideal in work, schedules, and home life.

SCORPIO:  Activities and irritations are possible in the home and in your private life now that Mars transits through your 4th house of home, soul, and personal security.  Working in the home is encouraged this month – the more physical, the better.  Positive legal and/or financial developments can occur regarding housing, real estate, and family situations as Mars trines Jupiter in your 8th house of finance and shared resources.  Working through fear and limitation is important as you approach the 7th when Mars squares Saturn in your 1st house of self and identity. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Venus departs your sign this week but have no fear that your allure and value are lessening.  Her ingress into your 2nd house on the 8th portends a time of increased value when you share your talents, abilities, and determination.  Often, Venus brings in more resources both through items of value and earnings.  Perhaps some moonlighting or increased commercial activity is on the docket this month.  Your appreciation for things of beauty and quality is heightened too.  On the 10th when Venus contacts Neptune purchases may involve spiritual, water-based, or creative objects to beautify the home and living environment.

CAPRICORN:  Conscious awareness and the ability to communicate your desires are evident as Mercury and the Sun continue their transit through your 1st house of identity, how you present yourself to others, and first impressions.  Mercury reaches out to Chiron on the 4th in your 3rd house of communications and community – positive commercial agreements, writing, and educational activity are favored.  On the 6th Mercury conjuncts Pluto in your sign and sextiles Saturn in your house of groups and personal dreams.  Powerful alliances, both personal and professional, are supported.

AQUARIUS:  Mars is energizing you both at the physical level and at the level of personal desires as he transits your 1st house of identity and physicality.  Be aware that your energy carries more assertion as you move forward in your personal goals.  Mars reaches out to Jupiter in your 5th house of romance and children on the 4th, bringing a sense of expansive support and optimism.  On the days surrounding the 7th you are encouraged handle any fearful thinking or professional limitations with patience and forethought as Mars squares Saturn in your 10th house of reputation and career.

PISCES:  The asteroid Pallas will leave your sign on the 10th where she has sought to empower your commitment to self while tabling any conflict and transgressions.  You have been working hard on yourself, Pisces, and putting out a sustained effort to display your personal best.  As she enters your 2nd house of self-esteem and earnings she brings with her the experiences of the past several months and now seeks to build your levels of resources and earnings while developing and enhancing your skillsets and marketplace value.