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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Entrance into 2014 - the Resolution to Release..

Release an attitude, position, communication style that no longer serves you....

There cannot be birth without death, or death without birth. A seed must die that its energy can become the plant; winter, season of seeming death, is a time of the indrawing of life into the invisible: seeds, bulbs, and grass roots are dormant underground; the vitality of the deciduous tree recedes into the trunk and root system. ~Ingrid Van Mater

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Mon., Dec. 30th:  Sun square Uranus, Mercury sextile Chiron, Mars square Pluto
Tues., Dec. 31st:  Mercury conjunct Pluto, Sun sextile Chiron, Mercury square Mars
Wed., Jan. 1st:  NEW MOON in Capricorn conjunct Mercury and Pluto, square Uranus and Mars,  sextile Chiron

Pluto is not a socially acceptable nor gentle fellow.  He is interested in change, death in order to rebuild on firmer ground, transformation, and soul development.  Sometimes, if we have not heeded our instincts for needed change, he comes raining down like a brick laden thunderstorm.  You and I have experienced this in our life passages and what Dr. Phil may term as "defining moments" in our lives.

When we consciously commit to those conditions that we instinctively know are in need of change, different approaches, transformations and skill building; the path ahead can feel less trauma bound as we move with our life cycles and concentrate on the reshaping/rebuilding process.  

We have a potent week as we build to the New Moon on New Year's day at 6:15 a.m. EST.  This lunation conjuncts Pluto and Mercury suggesting that we are co-creators participating in a highly creative "year" of transforming our communication skills, sibling relationships, technology and automobile situations, involvement with the younger generation, educational endeavors, and thought patterns.  Being "aware" of this cosmic nudge and of the inherent tension (New Moon square Mars and Uranus) connected with our desires and personal liberation will be a helpful reference.

Perhaps, seeing this as an old wound/frustration that is being agitated again in a highly focused way without the need to repress or deny, is the way forward.  The healing?  Honest appraisal, clarity, and speaking your truth in a respectful yet straightforward manner (journaling will be helpful now too).

ARIES: this week the focal point is happening in your 10th house of ambition, parents, marriage/divorce and life direction.  Tension is found within partnerships and personal identity.  Creative imagery (Chiron) can be employed behind the scenes, in meditation, down time and being "of service." 

TAURUS: the New Moon urges personal metamorphosis in your 11th house of goals, personal dreams, the future, taking stock of friendships/groups, and technology.  Tension is found subconsciously and in the past (family/generational) and between your work schedule, health and mind/body connections.

GEMINI:  the transmutation New Moon occurs in the very area of life/death cycles, psychology and old imprints, finances and intimacy (8th house).  Tension is found in your 5th house of daring to be yourself, the younger generation, pregnancy, creativity, romantic involvements, friendships, the future, your personal goals, team leadership, and technology projects.  Hold your vision of the future, career and community involvement.

CANCER:  the need for adjustment occurs in your 7th house of others as the New Moon emphasizes skill building in your communication style, relating approach and problem solving.  Tension is emphasized in your home, with family and your residence as liberation needs continue in your career, with authority figures, life direction and parents.  Support is found in your belief systems, spiritual understanding, teachers, guides and travel.

LEO:  remodeling is focused in your 6th house of health, co-workers, the services you offer up to the world, your pets, old wounds regarding your ability to feel respected, hyper diligence regarding how things "must" be done, and communications with others in your everyday environment at the New Moon.  Tension is found in the exchange of information from your environment, sibling relationships, local travel, spiritual development, belief systems and legal situations.  Support is available from trusted partners/friends/confidants.

VIRGO:  the refitting process is magnified in your 5th house of children, romance, creative projects, feeling "safe" to be yourself, and the younger generation at the New Moon.  Change is fueled by the tension in your earnings, self esteem, personal resources, skills, areas of trust/sharing, partner's support or lack thereof, investments, sexual expression and long term financial planning.  Backing is available from trusted professionals and within personal partnership.

LIBRA:  the New Moon brings deep reconstruction to the very base of your life - where you live, how you live, those you live with, home, property and family feeling pressure and tension between your personal desires/goals and the constantly changing dynamics of partners and relationships.  Soul growth knocks at your door of personal needs, change, and the ability to effectively and consciously communicate your truth.  Focus on your creative services, daily schedule, and loving relationships with furry family members.

SCORPIO:  more so than others, you have an emphasis on transforming your communication style, educational endeavors, sibling relationships, community relationships, commercial endeavors and mental habits of thought at the New Moon.  Tension can be felt from your subconscious imprints/family past, working schedule, the services you offer the world (in service), co-worker relationships, health and pet situations. Reinforcement is found in your spiritual understanding, travel plans, legal dynamics, educational/teaching endeavors.

SAGITTARIUS:  alterations may be necessary with your resources - emotional, material, earnings, self-esteem, and talents at the New Moon.  Transformative energy may involve multitasking, working two jobs, and the way you communicate and market yourself.  Tension is felt from the areas of personal desires, future goals, colleagues, team involvement and creative self-expression, the needs of your children, romance and feeling free to be you!  Respite is found in your home and with your family.

CAPRICORN:  a new cycle of personal commitment, following your intuition - trusting instincts/soul urgings, physicality - weight, dress, appearance, and your communication style are the areas of transformation at the New Moon (and all year...).  Tension is felt at the core of your life invoking security issues, release from the past (family upbringing/parental conditioning), housing issues, and your life direction, career, marital status and your views regarding authority.  Understanding/insight is found in your daily contacts and communications.

AQUARIUS:  The need to let go of something to get where you are "destined" to go is strong now.  Releasing the family past, addictions, and fears recognizing that without doing so you hold on to bitterness and self enslavement.  What you leave behind is waiting to be filled with better situations and conditions.  Tension for your ruler Uranus is urging the emancipation of your mind and mental habits of thought (anything that is negative and of an "awfulizing" nature are the areas to be aware of).  Mars pushes in as he reconstructs your belief systems and spiritual connections.

PISCES:  Chiron in your sign embraces the mighty energy this week supporting you to stay with creative desires, self-compassion, personal healing and self-education.  Pull on that knowledge as the New Moon pushes you to clarify, clarify, clarify you personal goals (no one else), the friendships that add value (while releasing those that do not), committing to a path of uplifting communications while being firm in speaking your truth and integrity.  Mars is committed to a new life chapter while Uranus continues to open up your creative genius and ability to manifest abundance.



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week beginning Friday, December 20th 2013

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Dec. 21st:  Winter Solstice Sun ingress Capricorn / Venus Retrograde 28 degrees Capricorn until January 31st
Dec. 22nd:  Juno conjunct Nessus 25 degrees Aquarius
Dec. 24th:  Mercury ingress Capricorn / Sun sextile Neptune
Dec. 25th:  Mars opposition Uranus / Chiron trine Eros / Psyche ingress Capricorn until March 15th

ARIES:  This time of year your thoughts turn to life direction, career, community events and your reputation.  With Venus retrograde a fruitful time unfolds inviting you to go within and examine your goals, desires, and personal tenants - how can I best contribute and be of service to the world?  Women of importance, professional contacts or family matriarchs are in the frame through March. Psyche's entrance into this very area (10th house) adds a deeper layer of longing and desire to your life's meaning and direction.  Take your time as you discuss and communicate.  The 25th may hold a surprise or two from the others in your life running the gambit from upsets, conflicts, to liberating exchanges and breaks from convention.  Make a commitment to hold your center and opt for serenity over needless anger/chaos.

TAURUS:   The Winter Solstice coincides with Venus retrograding in your 9th house of mind expansion, spiritual development, publishing, media, travel and education.  A review period is at hand possibly through a female from afar coming back into your life, travel to a former place of pleasure accompanied by a time for review regarding all or some of the above.  This is an important time to allow for "gestation" knowing that a situation is in the germination stage.  Birth comes as you head into February.  The 25th can carry a surprise or two in the form of unexpected work issues/situations, secrets flying into awareness and public view, a health issue with yourself or another, and the promise of awareness (glaringly so) in something that was previously hidden from view.

GEMINI:  A transformative time begins with the Winter Solstice and the Venus retrograde.  A review of your resources, intimate relationships, psychological patterns (how you think about yourself), and debt/loan/investment activities.  Mercury also enters your 8th house of rebirth on the 24th bringing a time of quieting the external communication as you go within to connect with source energy.  In February another phase begins so there is no need to rush.  Unstable energy is probable on the 25th as your desires may clash with group gatherings.  But, with this comes insight and awareness between your perceptions and those of your social contacts.  Mars in Libra urges you to express yourself and create.  In the 5th house of love and romance your significant other may be a source of controversy and liberation within the dynamics of  your tribe/social group.  

CANCER:  Energy pours into your 7th house of others at the Winter Solstice and the Venus retrograde.  Warm relations has been the domain of Venus but there is a slowing, a deepening and a cocooning period that will last until February.  Both Mercury and Psyche also join the Sun and Venus adding another dimension of intellectual activity with others as well as longing.  Some needs may feel out of reach within your important relationships but this seems to be the very vessel for discovery and growth - listen in.  Chiron trines Eros on the 25th providing the opportunity to connect with both compassion and desire - they so often go hand in hand.  Anger may be possible on this day with those in authority and/or with parents.  The Mars Uranus opposition may see an inner revolt against those hold sway over your life direction.  The question then arises how much control do you feel you have over your life?

LEO:  Work, duty, services, health matters, co-workers and your schedule are  increasingly points of focus at the Winter Solstice.  The same day Venus the energy of resources, love and relationship turns retrograde (through January 31st).  A rethink is in order through February regarding your sense of value (in any job you perform), the actual services you provide, your relationship to your body, and the co-workers or employs you hire.  On the 22nd Juno conjuncts Nessus concentrating any areas of unfairness or inequality experienced within important relationships (work, friend, intimate).  As you identify what feels out of balance in a certain partnership a spark arises on the 25th that may bring home some important truths.  Be aware that your communication style is assertive and what you say and how you say it will carry a very strong edge.

VIRGO:  Energies align in a fellow earth sign boding well for your children's activities, self-expression, fun factor and love life.  The Winter Solstice sees the Sun ingress Capricorn, your 5th house.  On the same day Venus stops in the sky and decides to review these very areas listed above until January 31st.  This is an opportunity to take your time, be "with" your needs/desires that you hold for personal relationship and creative projects.  Allow a gestation period knowing that things will come into fruition in February.  You may also experience past lovers popping up over the next several weeks bringing awareness and closure to past connections and desires.  Mercury and the asteroid Psyche enter Capricorn on the 24th further concentrating the energy encompassing your mind and soul urgings.  The Mars Uranus opposition promises surprises, shake-ups, excitement and awareness with your resources, earnings, sharing, and a spotlight on where over giving may be a concern.

LIBRA:  Going within for a good restful review is called for as Venus turns retrograde on the Winter Solstice and the Sun ingresses your 4th house of soul, home, parents, family and personal life.  A process of releasing that which is not your responsibility within family, home and parent relationships may be on offer as well as an invitation to review your personal sense of authority and destiny.  The asteroid Juno connects with Nessus on the 22nd spotlighting your romantic life and feelings of equality/inequality. Mercury waves farewell to the hustle bustle of the past three weeks and joins the quietude of your 4th house.  On the 25th anger or issues around free will may ruffle your feathers as Mars opposes Uranus from your sign to your 7th house of others.   This is the beginning of a long term cycle that will be shaping and forging your way forward over the next several months.  Any areas where you have "gone along to get along" may be ripe for forthright addressing.

SCORPIO:  The focus shifts from earnings and talents to connections and communications.  The Winter Solstice occurs on the 21st as the Sun ingresses your 3rd house of Capricorn.  On the same day Venus turns retrograde (until January 31st) to review discussions, educational endeavors, sibling relationships, contracts, writing and commercial activities.  A prudent time to NOT sign on the dotted line for any large purchases or contractual obligations.  This is a time to review, revise, re-edit, and to go within for your next steps in these areas knowing that February will begin to yield the results you seek.  On the 25th Chiron makes a beautiful connection with Eros in your sign suggesting that children and love are areas of passion and support.  Where might you not be feeling the love and support?  Work responsibilities, health issues, the needs of others or co-worker situations may arise in a surprising fashion.  This can also bring some previously held information/secrets to light as Mars opposes surprising Uranus (now moving forward) in your 6th house of duty and service.

SAGITTARIUS:  The focus shifts to your resources at the Winter Solstice and the Venus retrograde on the 21st.  Venus encourages to ponder more deeply your value, needs and your relationship with authority.  Mercury's entrance into your 2nd house may indicate that your work, earnings and talents require more communication, writing, travel and perhaps multitasking.  Psyche follows the next day through mid-March indicating that you identify strongly with what you own and your earnings as these things and actions must have meaning to have value.  The Mars Uranus opposition begins a long process of balance, awareness, struggle between the group mind, friendships, technology projects and your personal desires and creative abilities.  The 25th brings an awareness of what will be worked on and sorted through over the next 8 months.

CAPRICORN:  Happy Winter Solstice and Happy Birthday Goat.  Venus retrograde through your sign indicates a process (through January 31st) of going within to tend to your needs and values.  It feels more challenging to get them met "out there."  This is useful as we are all encouraged to tap into our inner resources to review what is important.  For you this is relevant to your very sense of self, identity, physical attraction and health as well as the style in which you connect with the outside world.  When Mercury and Psyche enter your sign later in the week the study of your own mind, mental habits and manner of communication becomes stronger and more accessible.  The Mars Uranus opposition commences a process of owning your goals and ambitions while learning to balance the family's, parents, and personal life with your emerging self.  See this as 1. awareness 2. struggle/conflict 3. integration.

AQUARIUS:  There is power in surrender as when you let go and trust in the rhythms of nature, the wisdom of your true essence and divine flow, you release the attachment to control anything outside yourself.  Truly, this is authentic power.  The Venus retrograde is inviting you into the silence and the "do nothing" state trusting that what seeks release and surrender is no longer important for your growth and evolution.  The Sun joins Venus at the Winter Solstice in your 12th house of spirit.  Mercury and Psyche follow suit a few days later.  A power house of insight, trust, allowing and contemplative reverence leads you back to yourself and away from the illusions.  As Mars opposes Uranus on the 25th more knowledge and insight comes crashing through old beliefs and mental habits.  Trust.

PISCES:  Setting goals, strategic alliances, friends and groups all fall under the activities we call the 11th house.  Personality development is also a phase undergoing redefinition as Venus turns retrograde on the Winter Solstice.  People and support mechanisms may not be as available urging you to connect more deeply with your own support system and self-definition.  Mercury and Psyche follow Venus and the Sun into your 11th house of Capricorn empowering your mental insights which illicits the sensation that you can no longer be sure of others and their motives - they too are going into their own internal space to review and refresh.  On the 25th the 1st of 3 Mars Uranus oppositions takes place breaking wide open some old psychological attachments that are under a period of change, updates and revisions.  This process has to do with your resources, others resources, trust and support.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, December 13th 2013

Photo by Cheryl Merz
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Friday, Dec. 13th:  Eros transits Scorpio until January 20th
Tuesday, Dec. 17th:  Full Moon in Gemini at 25 degrees trine Nessus (exact)
                                       ~Uranus turns stationary direct at 8 degrees Aries    
                                                  (retrograde since mid-July)
                                     ~Neptune trine Eros 2 degrees Pisces to Scorpio 

ARIES:  The Uranus station can already be felt.  Planets are most powerful when in transition and this is doubly so for you.  Shifts, surprises, breakthroughs and restlessness can be palpable over this next two week period.  The Full Moon in your 3rd house brings closure, awareness and the need for balance between the details and the far range planning.  Trips may be coming to fruition, publishing, teaching, sibling situation, car purchase, legal situations or the finishing up of a writing, speaking or educational endeavor.

TAURUS:  Expect a deeper level of connection as Eros enters your 7th house through January 20th.  The God of Love and Passion functions well in Scorpio and isn't afraid to get close.  A softening and attraction effect is probable with intimate others over the next several weeks.  The Full Moon in Gemini is a time for financial deals, bumping up your income or finishing up a money making venture.  It's trine to Nessus suggests that a wrong has been righted and justice has been served.  Friendship and passionate interactions are also in evidence as Neptune trines Eros.

GEMINI:  Something of personal importance comes into prominence at the Full Moon in your sign.  You move forward with increased insight into your needs as well as a partners.  Balance is necessary.  This lunation connects well with the planet Nessus suggesting a penetrating clarity of insight into the world around you as well as insight into your own personal beliefs.  Uranus is creating change, awakening and surprises in the areas of friendships, teams and technology projects.  You will find clarity in your future goals over the next several months.

CANCER:  Changes, shifts, forward movement, surprises, shocks, and breakthroughs are all possible with the Uranus direct station.  What was on hold or abated since last July now starts jumping forward in relation to career, reputation, the public and authority figures (including parents).  The Full Moon in your 12th house of secrets, the inner life and subconscious mind highlights the need for balance/awareness with your working life vs. your psychological health.  Making room for rest and contemplation will be helpful.  Neptune in your 1st house of image and identity reaches out in a sensual trine to Eros in your 5th house of love, romance, creativity and children.

LEO:  Uranus moving into direct motion can also see some of your partnership dynamics moving forward as well.  What has been on hold or in abeyance since last July now spurts forward in surprising and innovative ways.  The Full Moon highlights your 11th house of future trends, personal goals, friendships, technology projects and your personal creativity, desires, and romantic impulses.  This lunation connects in a supportive fashion to your 7th house of others shadows, issues and ego drives.  Trust what you see.

VIRGO:  A career, community, public activity and/or your reputation is in the spotlight at the Full Moon on the 17th.  Balance and awareness is required in juggling your personal life vs. professional life.  Uranus also turns stationary direct suggesting another level of awakening and change will be unfolding in your personal relationships, investments, joint resources, sexual partnerships and the areas of trust and commitment. Impassioned communication is possible between partners towards the end of this week.

LIBRA:  A publishing, marketing, educational, travel or legal activity comes to a level of culmination at the Full Moon in your 9th house of Gemini.  Awareness regarding the communication skills needed to further this adventure/goal will be evident and is positively enhanced in taking clear and pragmatic steps to integrate your creative skill with balanced knowledge.  Issues in love can be handled without fear of ego or mind games.  Uranus is moving forward in your 7th house of others adding another level of distraction and surprise from others in your world.  But, another level of waking up to the evolution of your relating dynamics is also picking up speed.

SCORPIO:    Expect passion to deepen for you as Eros enters your sign on the 13th and visits until January 20th.  An increase in libido as well as an authentic desire to express yourself more strongly can be expected.  The Full Moon occurs in your 8th house of sex and money.  Finances, resources, debt, loans, commissions, insurance and co-shared assets is in the spotlight.  What is yours vs. ours/theirs?  Uranus is also on the move bringing the next evolutionary level of change in your schedule, your work/services, health, pet activity and co-worker relationships.  Neptune makes a beautiful connection from your 5th house of romance, children and creativity to your personal passion planet Eros.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your partner, spouse, hired professional and clients are in the spotlight at the Full Moon in Gemini.  Attention is required to be focused on someone of importance in your life.  Finding the balance between your needs vs. theirs or the "relationship's" needs is key.  Uranus is also moving forward shifting the ground beneath your feet and urging you on to more breakthroughs and personal revolutions in the areas of love, feeling free to be "YOU," following your passions and creativity, as well as interactions in your child's highly unique development.  

 CAPRICORN:  A busy time of year as the Full Moon falls in your 6th house of work, the schedule, to-do list, your health and services and co-workers.  Balancing the need for downtime vs. productivity time will be helpful.  This lunation reaches out in a supportive trine to Nessus in your second house of self-esteem, earnings and resources suggesting the work provided is in balance with feeling valued and compensated!  Uranus begins his forward movement (he has been retrograde since July) engaging in another cycle of change, personal emancipation, physical moves, and growth at the soul levels, personal life, residence and family.  

AQUARIUS:  Your ruling planet inches forward this week after a 6 month hiatus.  Uranus elicits more change and growth in the areas of mentality, daily communications, sibling relationships, writing, speaking, commerce and educational endeavors.  The Full Moon illuminates your 5th house of romance, love, creativity, the younger generation and self-expression.  Awareness is available in identifying your creative value vs. the buy-in of the "group."  Nessus has been working on your darker shadow side for some time now and this lunation reaches out in a supportive fashion mirroring your growing awareness of self-sabotaging habits of the past.

PISCES:  Passion can be found in the discovery of new concepts, people, or vistas that ignite wonder and intensity as Eros enters your 9th house of the higher mind through January 20th.  New information, experiences, landscapes and travel can be a focus for erotic activity.  The Full Moon in Gemini highlights your 4th house of home, soul and family bringing some sort of culmination and awareness.  Balance is needed between your personal and professional life.  Uranus moves forward in your 2nd house bringing emancipatory change and unique creativity to your talents and skills.  Money can be made in an unusual, technical and innovative manner.  Eros reaches out from your 9th house to Neptune in your 1st house sparking creative imagination and passionate connections.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Friday, December 6th 2013 and Mars ingress Libra...

Friday, December 6th: The Moon is transiting through detached, innovative, fixated and humanity minded Aquarius. Mercury moves into square to Neptune in the afternoon "inviting" you to be wary of assumptions, missed calls, email, "left turns" while driving, fudging facts/figures through confusion and lack of clarity. There will be plenty of "misinformation" in the news etc. This combination can be nice for daydreams, pondering the meaning of your belly button and general floating activities that no one needs to depend on.

On SATURDAY the super long transit of Mars through Libra begins! We venture upon an 8 month journey (through July 25th) that will sharpen our relating skills (some through trial and error...I want things my way! Ok, see ya!) as we feel the need to build new ones. I expect marriage equality and policy making will be back in the news. This will pick up speed as the North Node exits Scorpio and enters Libra in March for an 18 month sojourn. Fairness, equality, the legal system, beauty and esthetics will be areas of focus and expression. The Moon goes VOID in Aquarius at 7:12 a.m. EST for the remainder of the day - nothing of consequence so enjoy your day ~

December 2013 Videoscopes

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week Beginning Friday, December 6th 2013

Photo by Tisch Perry ~

(Mars in Libra)

Dec. 6th:  Mercury square Neptune
Dec. 7th: Mars ingress Libra (until July 25th)
Dec. 10th: Mercury trine Uranus / square Chiron
Dec. 12th: Jupiter trine Saturn

ARIES:  A extra emphasis on partnership begins as you enter an 8 month phase of honing and developing your relationship skills (clients, professional, personal, those you hire for their expertise).  Now it is time to become more aware of others needs for independence and assertion.  Mercury's connections may challenge your philosophies and travel plans earlier in the week but on the 10th positive developments can occur.  Memories from the past and old fears seeking clearing serve you now.  Home, personal life, resources, and support from others stabilize and support you at the deepest levels.

TAURUS:  Exercise, the daily work load/schedule is activated as Mars enters your 6th house for an 8 month visit.  Plan on a busy time for doing the work, strengthening your physical body and tending to co-workers, clients and pets.  Jupiter and Saturn unite in a supportive aspect that strengthens your writing/communications with important clients, partners and professional connections - support and increased understanding is promised.  Buying, selling and travel plans run smoothly towards the end of this week.

GEMINI:  Bravery can be described as feeling fear while taking a step forward.  Honest self-expression, revealing an honest passion or two, working with the younger generation, and asserting your desires in love are encouraged as Mars enters your 5th house of Libra for the next 8 month period.  Take your time with partner/client communications this week as things are not as one dimensional as you might imagine.  Progress is made on the 10th regarding the group/goals and partnership support.  Resources and work flow well as Jupiter trines Saturn enhancing your self-confidence while applying your skills and services.

CANCER:  Feeling safe on this planet may seem like a strange concept but with Mars entering your 4th house of soul and personal life (for the next 8 months) you are encouraged to embrace your ability and right to be yourself comfortably and honestly.  Working at home, renovations, angry family outbursts, a residential move, and increased interaction with family members can be expected.  A beautiful trine between Jupiter and Saturn suggest stability, sustainability and balanced actions in your creative/romantic/children endeavors is right on time.

LEO: Mars transits your 3rd house of communications (the nuts and bolts - email, texts, traveling to and fro, sibling relationships, educational pursuits, commercial activity, writing and speaking your mind).  Learning to balance your opinions and belief systems with others in a fair minded manner is a focus over the next 8 months.  Drive and determination can be found in your local travels and with sibling interactions.  Your inner life, secret activity, personal life and residence are positively supported as Jupiter connects with Saturn.

VIRGO:  Your resources (emotional, psychological, material and talents) are the focus during this Mars cycle.  Higher expenditures are probable so be mindful if you are budgeting but, you are driven to accumulate more as well.  Mercury is active suggesting that you take your time in finalizing firm/clear agreements with important others.  Real Estate and investment opportunities flow well on the 10th and by the 12th business decisions focused on future/growth and development have a green light for contractual agreements, signatures and consensus.

LIBRA:  Your identity, how you "present" yourself, Brand, desires, physicality and personal desires are front and center as Mars transits your sign.  Some suggestions?  Awareness in any tendency to "over control" others and external situations is helpful now, owning your "inner" desires and personal goals in a conscious manner will help you to avoid any petty challenges from external people and situations.  The more you are aware of self the less the conflict out there.  Positive developments in earnings, career, reputation and resources are probably at the Jupiter Saturn connection on the 12th.

SCORPIO:  A special passage of time occurs over the next 8 months.  Your co-ruler Mars transits through the sensitive 12th house of the past, spiritual awakening, work done in private, volunteerism/sacrifice for others in need, hospital and nonprofit areas.  Understanding that life is an inside job where your directives can be focuses upon through the use of Law of Attraction - what you focus on expands triggers the manifestation process.  Concurrently, you are invited to clean up and clear out old fears dogging you from the past.  Publishing, travel, media, legal, foreign connections, educational and spiritual projects receive a stabilizing and sustainable guiding hand from Saturn on the 12th.

SAGITTARIUS:  After having Mercury traverse your 12th house of the subconscious mind, dreams, spirit, the past and personal privacy you are now ready to speak your mind, share your thoughts and implement plans as Mercury is now transiting your 1st house of personality and self-expression.  Mars is touring your 11th house of self-actualization, personal dreams and teammates.  Working in harmony and in relationship with other like minded folk is the fertile ground of development.  The areas of balance are the very real need for autonomy while participating within the group mind.  Technology projects and social networking gain in importance over the next 8 months too.  Support arrives behind the scenes at the Jupiter Saturn trine on the 12th.

CAPRICORN:  This time of year is always a period for releasing, letting go of the past years initiatives and projects, and allowing for more rest, floating and downtime.  Mercury's shift into your 12th house creates the space to ponder, plan and up the engagement with your sensient (sense perception) self.  Mars enters your 10th house of public life, career, life direction, parents and authority figures.  This elongated transit (8 months) will be helping you to work through any issues of anger or frustration while following your "calling."  Remember to respond slowly when your ire is up...wait to send that email or phone call.  Your are being asked to deal with the past frustrations that you dealt with at the hands of someone who had control over you - please remember that and work through it internally.  Stability and sustainability arrives on the 12th with your contacts, goals and partnerships - your are right on track.

AQUARIUS:  Mars entrance into your 9th house of the higher mind, long distance travel, spiritual beliefs, legal situations, education, media and publishing suggests an extended period (8 months) of energy urging you on to broaden your understanding of the world around you.  The Universe deems it necessary to bring more drive to your need to "know" more, "learn" more and experience "more."  Good!  But, one of the slippery slopes you may encounter is believing that you "know ALL there is to know."  Most of us students understand that the more we learn the more there is to learn.  Humbleness is your friend.  On the 10th expect positive developments/communications regarding career, work, public recognition for your talents and/or discussions of positive future plans.  The Jupiter Saturn trine ensures that work rendered is aptly rewarded.

PISCES:  So often we are all running on psychological impulses and drives of which we are quite unaware.  Mars transits your 8th house for an especially meaningful passage (8 months) that invites you to peek below the surface, unplug the drain and release some instinctual patterns and fears that have been shadowing you for some time now.  This requires an element of bravery to delve below the depths knowing that you will surface again refreshed, lighter and with more energy available to you.  Please do be careful of charge cards and running up credit.  This energy is also known to rev up the libido and desire nature.  Jupiter's trine to Saturn on the 12th is especially helpful for grounded advancements in creativity, children's educational endeavors, publishing, media, travel (for leisure) and getting your unique message out to a broader audience.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Monday, December 2nd, 2013 and the New Moon in Sagittarius

Photo by Mark Harvey ~

Monday, December 2nd:  Happy NEW Moon in Sagittarius, exact at 7:23 p.m. EST heralding in a 4 week period of development and growth in the areas of travel, education, spirituality, legal activities, and anything that brings a sense of expansion and growth.  This New Moon makes a supportive trine to Uranus suggesting opportunities for innovation, liberating thinking/communications and the ability to bring a feeling of change and freedom in one's need for adventure and growth.  This lunation also squares Chiron suggesting that some tension may be present arising as feelings of sensitivity, vulnerability, fear of making mistakes and/or being judged can be acknowledged and worked through.

Sappho, an asteroid that is extremely sexual, and carries a strong tie to what one deeply wants - unique desires that are intrinsically basic in nature.  Sex or sexual overtones can become more pronounced in SAGITTARIUS as Sappho makes her ingress today and transits through the sign of the Archer until February 3rd.  Opportunities in the areas of travel, education, teaching, media, coaching, mentoring, legalities or with foreign connections/countries.

On TUESDAY the Moon continues her transit through Sagittarius and Mercury sextiles Mars (highlighting and powering this New Moon energy) as we feel more mentally alert, extroverted, verbally assertive and energized to share our thoughts/communications through our connections with others.  We are ready to "act" upon our "ideas." 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Overview for the Week Beginning Monday, November 25th 2013 ~

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Holiday Gift Certificates are Easy Peasy

Monday the 25th is the final Mercury Saturn conjunction (exact at 8:55 p.m. EST) that has been hampering our enthusiasm since early October so trust that what comes up is finishing up a cycle of fear, uncertainty, committed focus, hard work, planning, challenging "travels", sibling or children situations. We also have a number of Moon VOID periods this week (appropriately enough for us in the US who are celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday with the exception of retail workers at Walmart and a few other morally bankrupt retail stores). The Moon went VOID most of Sunday and enters discerning, discriminating and health conscious Virgo at 7:11 a.m. EST.

We are busy preparing, handling details and being of "service" through Wednesday. On Tuesday the Moon connects in positive and emotionally supportive aspects throughout the day.

On Wednesday the Moon goes VOID (nothing of consequence...be with what is) in Virgo at 6:44 a.m. until 5 p.m. EST when she ingresses relationship oriented Libra and are emotionally driven to participate in "right relations." Venus also receives a sweet sextile from Mercury easing up the worry over resources (time, money, psychological or emotional) we experienced on Monday. Our thoughts and conversations are focused on the light, pleasant and charming. MERCURY is now past his SHADOW period that begin October 1st (the very day the Affordable Health Care website went live). We can trust that the information flow, agreements, planning, buying/selling and travel are now functioning at full capacity.

On Thursday the positive vibes continue (as soon as we wake up) as Mercury reaches out to expansive, generous, and upbeat Jupiter in the sign of home and family, Cancer. Venus moves into opposition with Jupiter suggesting a desire for "more" - more drama, more connection, more excitement, more wine, and more food. Venus has been hard at work in serious and career driven Capricorn and is in the mood for a little more levity, extravagance and overindulgence (careful).

Recuperation comes on Friday as the Moon in Libra goes VOID early in the a.m. at 6:14 and lasts just after 11:04 p.m. EST. No heavy lifting required . The Moon enters emotionally transformative Scorpio Friday evening as we review and seek to understand the emotional climate experienced over the past few days. We focus on our resources over the weekend.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Monthly Inspiration Video Series ~

Monthly Inspiration Videos 

Next Video Delivered on Tuesday, December 2nd

The 1st Inspired Life Video will be delivered at the New Moon on Monday, December 2nd. I will be discussing the duality of Mars in Libra, the difference of esoteric vs. exoteric awareness, the effects for each sign, the retrograde period and tools to enhance your relationship life ~

A subscriber based monthly video that incorporates spiritual lessons, Law of Attraction, intuitive insights, in-depth focus on astrological cycles and coaching tools.  10-20 minutes in duration (perhaps longer I tend to not be as bound by time). 

More personal, instructional and spontaneous in nature ~
I found Jean's caring and empathy to be instrumental in recognizing opportunities that I otherwise may not have been aware of. Her astrological expertise is enhanced from her many years of experience as a coach, business leader and helping professional. ~Peter Metzner, MA, MPA, CLC. Principal Dynamic Change Inc.


Monthly Topics to include:

~Understanding Your Dreams
~Symbols in Life
~Law of Attraction - functionality and application
~Relationship Synastry
~Avocation and Sign Careers
~The North Node and your destiny of Soul Growth
~Rising Sign - the window to your Sun Sign Development
~Squares and needed tension
~Chiron in the Signs and Houses
~Venus and what we need to feel good about ourselves
~Our Assertion Style - the Mars factor

I am open for suggestions from my subscribers.  Send an email to jean@jeanwiley.com titled
" Topic Suggestions"
Delivered at the New Moon Every Month directly to your INBOX

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday, November 22nd and the weekend 2013

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Friday, November 22nd: We have another LONG Moon VOID period that lasts until 6:57 p.m. EST in Cancer. Be with what is, enjoy the extra space that does not feel as dictated by external events. Cancer invites us into what comforts, soothes, feeds and nurtures - embrace the floating time. The Moon then ingresses Leo this evening a sign that seeks individual self-expression, drama, play and creativity.

On Saturday a stabilizing sextile occurs between Venus and Saturn. We are happy to meet obligations and to appreciate commitment and continuity in both our work and personal lives. On Sunday the Sun squares Neptune inviting us to steer clear of firm agreements, discouragement, and thinking that we have a firm grasp of the day. This is rather an opportune time for rest, meditation, spiritual pursuits, floating, art, music, sleep and day dreaming.