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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, December 14th 2012

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January Videoscopes will be posted a bit late - Thursday, Dec. 20th

ARIES:  Mercury, the planet of communications and planning, is finally out of his shadow. We now move forward in trusting what we know and in our communications and agreements.  The path forward affects the areas of big plans, travel, education, publishing, media, and getting your message out to a broader audience – your 9th house.  Venus joins Mercury in this area on the 15th, ensuring that contacts and communications are graced by her charm and benevolence.  Take your time with partnership situations and money as Venus squares nebulous Neptune on the 16th and then squares sensitive Chiron on the 20th. Use wisdom, compassion, and awareness in affairs of the heart and things you value. 

TAURUS:  Your ruling planet is on the move this week. Venus ingresses Sagittarius on the 15th, moving out of the deep and moody Scorpion waters into the philosophical realms of Sagittarius in your 8th house of shared assets, financial planning, insurance, benefits, corporate money, intimacy, sex, and life’s endings in order to begin anew.  Caution is suggested on the 16th as the Goddess of Love squares up to foggy Neptune in your 11th house of personal dreams and social contacts.  Compassion and sensitivity are in effect on the 20th when Venus contacts Chiron, the wounded healer, and supports healing regarding hopes, dreams, pals, and resources.  Take your time in contemplating next steps.

GEMINI:  You graduate from the doubts and confusion that have affected your relationships, clients, and business partners.  Mercury has now passed Neptune and is out of his own shadow phase. All that has been questioned gains firmer footing and integration as you take steps and engage confidently with others.  Venus joins your ruling planet on the 15th in Sagittarius but must also meet up with the dissolver Neptune on the 16th and then Chiron on the 20th both transiting your 10th house of life direction and avocation.  Insights and intuition are part and parcel of your relating dynamics, urging you to take a wait-and-see approach. You have done with commercial affairs – now apply this to money and love.

CANCER:  Confusion within the daily work environment, your schedule, and with co-workers is emancipated as Mercury shifts past his shadow (retrograde phase) on the 14th, but feel confident trusting your facts and synaptic process.  Venus joins this area on the 15th, bringing charm, benevolence, and support to your daily to-do lists, work, health, and handling the trivia.  Juno, an asteroid representing relationships, marriage, fairness (or lack thereof), and finance between partners, transits into your 7th house of partnership on the 19th.  On the same day Venus makes contact with Uranus, eliciting movement and innovation in career and work.

LEO:  The holiday season heats up as Venus joins a now fully awake Mercury in your 5th house of pleasure, leisure, competition, love, children, and creative endeavors.  Fun times are on tap as communication flows easily regarding your desires, values, and affections.  The Sun finishes out his final week in this same area before putting the focus on work, responsibilities, and health on the Winter Solstice – December 21st.  Being who you are—complete with passions and desires— is well received by the energies in your world.  Enjoy!

VIRGO:  Shifts occur in the most personal area of your chart – that of the home, wellbeing, feeling safe in this world, family, and living conditions.  What was confusing or misunderstood now clears up and you are able to plan next steps.  Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius on the 15th.  Allow for adjustments as she (also) squares up to Neptune and Chiron, which are both transiting your 7th house of partnership, clients, and business associations.  As communication straightens out allow the same adjustments in matters of money, travel, marketing, media, and education.  Patience is rewarded in matters of finance and love.

LIBRA:  Travel, writing, teaching, cars, electronics, and communications all gather energy as Venus ingresses your 3rd house on the 15th.  She joins the Sun and Mercury (now fully operational), ensuring a dynamic few weeks.  Take your time with money and self-expression as Venus squares Neptune and Chiron in your 6th house of work and daily schedules.  What you value is now put to the test in your interactions and work applications.  Venus reaches out to Uranus in an energizing and exciting trine on the 19th, indicating innovations in your communications with important others. 

SCORPIO:  Venus joins a forward-moving Mercury in the areas of what you value, your self-esteem, and the talents you bring to the marketplace.  Plan on a stronger connection with abundance and having more resources.  Mercury trines Uranus while squaring up to Chiron on the 14th, bringing awareness to sensitivities while concurrently taking inspired action – one feeds the other.  On the 19th , you apply your talents to innovate in the work and services you deliver.

SAGITTARIUS:  As Venus ingresses your sign on the 15th you connect with a stronger sense of wellbeing, grace, and the ability to attract that which you desire.  She joins Mercury, now moving direct in your sign, ensuring that discussions will happen with those who are important to your career and public reputation.  Venus ensures that you will present yourself in the most attractive and charming light possible.  The 16th and 20th are days to be mindful and aware of any illusions or sensitiveness you carry at the core of your being. 

CAPRICORN:  The minor planet Juno ingresses your sign on the 19th for a three-month visit.  Juno signifies the ways in which we handle receptivity to others, mutual sharing, power struggles, trust, and jealousy.  Through this transit you become more aware of what you need to feel satisfied in love and within relationships.  Balance intimacy with commitment and be aware of areas within partnership that bring up feelings of not being enough or helplessness.  Venus, the planet representing love, transits into your 12th house on the 15th, helping you deal with relationship issues from the past while encouraging the relationship within.  How we relate to self is indicative of the types of relationships we attract to us.  Life is an inside job.

AQUARIUS:  Mercury connects with your ruler on the 14th, bridging goals and dreams with your social life and partnership.  Exciting trends are promised this week as your mind opens up to exciting experiences and possibilities.  Venus joins Mercury in your 11th house on the 15th until January 9th, bringing beneficial contacts and friendly support to help you realize a personal dream or two.  Venus follows Mercury’s path and joins with Uranus on the 19th, which is a time when uplifting journeys of the mind unfold. 

PISCES:  Confusion regarding life path, career, the public, or authority figures straightens out this week!  Mercury is now out of his shadow (the 14th) and operating at his cognitive best.  Venus joins Mercury in your 10th house of reputation through January 9th, ensuring that professional support and recognition is on the way.  She squares Neptune in your sign (just as Mercury did last week), clouding your perception regarding your career and public role.  But on the 19th she makes an innovative connection to Uranus, suggesting that your talents and abilities are right on target.