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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, November 9th, 2012

Photo by Scott Anna

ARIES:  Spiritual awareness and insight gain traction as Neptune and Chiron move stationary direct in the area of life concerned with the past, instinct, intuition, and creativity.  Hazy yearnings and wistful daydreams gain strength and clarity, encouraging you to work on your life from the inside out.  Where you focus your attention has considerable energy, so strive for the highest and the best within your life designs.  This is truly an opportunity to be the author of your life, which equates to true leadership.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th is like a super powered New Moon, urging you to make quick decisions and carry them out with expediency. But let situations unfold in their own time, knowing that patience is wise in the areas of commitment, investment, shared resources, intimacy, and trust. 

TAURUS:  The social sector of your life has been on hold since last June, but now both Neptune and Chiron move direct in the area governing social contacts, friendships, technology-based projects, personal goals, and desires. That which has been in the gestation phase takes on more shape as the weeks unfold. Even so, the areas of partnership agreements, client situations, and personal relationships are best served by biding your time.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th indicates fresh starts over the next few weeks and months, yet developments are still undergoing much-needed internal evaluation.

GEMINI:  The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th heralds winds of change in your daily living, responsibilities, and work schedules.  Changes may occur in the areas of work (a lateral move, not a promotion), co-workers and employees, pet additions, and health. But be patient—you are still in the gestation phase.  As you move into December things become clearer and your confidence grows.  As Neptune and Chiron move direct in your ambitions zone you can anticipate that whatever has been unclear will gain clarity as the weeks and months unfold.

CANCER:  Catalytic moments are typical with New Moon Solar Eclipses. Much of the architecture and dream development that has been taking place internally will manifest outwardly, as the Eclipse on the 13th falls in the area of heart-driven desires.  The areas affected are those governed by passion and desire, including children, creativity, and love affairs.  Take your time with commitment and iron clad agreements, however, as you are poised for clearer understanding in December.  Neptune and Chiron move direct (where they have been retrograde since June), encouraging gains in the areas of academics, legal matters, foreign travel, spiritual beliefs, and marketing efforts.

LEO:  More commitment and responsibility in your personal life is the mandate of Saturn.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th heralds change, and any developments are meant to grow a stronger you in the areas of security and self confidence.  This is the perfect time to review your financial picture while homing in on what you need to experience a safe home, both literally and emotionally.  Another level of healing and awareness unfolds as Neptune and Chiron move direct in the area of life governing psychological wellness, the ability to trust yourself and others, and financial goals.

VIRGO:  Be thankful for the extra space you have to think and rest.  Your communication style is the focus at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th and time is on your side regarding writing, speaking, and educational projects.  Allow time for seeds of thoughts to take root. The time for contracts, agreements, and commitments arrives in December.  Neptune and Chiron move forward this week in the zone of partnerships.  Fresh developments have gone underground since June, allowing for a time of gestation and integration.  Now, as the weeks and months unfold, new situations arise, asking you to apply all that you have learned over the past several months.

LIBRA:  The Times They Are a-Changin’.  Glimmers of insight may appear and help with some savvy financial planning, developing revenue-generating avenues, and home and property investments.  Allow time for this to unfold as the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th creates new possibilities and drive in the areas of income, talents, and strengthening your skills and abilities.  Neptune and Chiron move direct (after a 5-month retrograde period) in the area of daily living, pets, health, the services you offer, and your daily schedule.  Vision and inspiration gather steam in your daily life – the more fluid and comfortable you can make things, the better!

SCORPIO:  Life is changing, you are changing, and circumstances are changing!  You are ready to feel more in control of your identity, physicality and the impact you make on those around you. After a 2.5-year preparation mode your engagement with the world around you receives a power surge from the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 13th.  But as Mercury retrogrades back into your sign on the 14th take your time to think things through.  Chiron and Neptune move direct in the area of life ruling heart, passion, love, and offspring, furthering the energy convergence.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your inner world is due for an overhaul.  Supportive structures regarding your inner journey, spiritual awakening, and issues from the past are coming into alignment.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse in your 12th house on the 13th signals that it is time to listen to your instincts.  You are ready to learn more about the energies in this world and how to work with manifestation (such as by saying Gratitude Prayers).  Neptune and Chiron move direct this week in the house of the soul, inner security, and your emerging spiritual self, furthering the energetic engagement.

CAPRICORN:  Building structure in the areas of technology projects, groups, teams, and personal goals receives a power surge from the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th in your 11th house.  Trust that some agreements and commitments are still in the finalizing stages as Mercury retrogrades back into this area.  The insights you gain from simply “being” and remaining fluid will serve you well as you move into December.  Both Chiron and Neptune move direct after a 5-month retrograde period, adding inspiration and dream weaving to your thoughts and communications. Take your time.

AQUARIUS:  Deal with confusing situations in realistic terms and remember that confusion is often a result of trying to make decisions too soon.  Not knowing your career direction, life direction, or where decisions are coming from is not a failing but simply an indication that the time is not quite ripe for such proclamations. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have a limited time for reaching agreements and making decisions on the 13th when the New Moon Solar Eclipse commences in your 10th house of public life. As Mercury retrogrades into this very area on the 14th, you will have plenty of time to ponder. December will bring the new developments and information needed to help you make the necessary decisions.

PISCES:  Publishing, foreign travel/moves, professional advancement, education, and marketing activities receive a shot of energy at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 13th.  But decision makers, partners, and important others are not ready for commitments, agreements, and contracts, so allow time for information to gel. December brings a clearer mental energy for everyone involved.  Neptune and Chiron move direct in your sign after a 5-month retrograde period. As these two inspirational energies move forward, hand in hand, your self-awareness and self-confidence are on an upward trend, creating inspiration, comfort, and peacefulness.