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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

For the Two Week Period beginning Friday, October 12th - Thursday, October 25th

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ARIES:  Mars transits your 9th house of travel, education, inspiration, legalities, publishing, media, and internet activities.  On the 14th he bumps up against a health issue, barrier, regulation, personal doubt, or fear.  On the 15th a sense of excitement and inspiration is restored as the planet of willpower and confidence makes his personal alliance to innovative Uranus in your sign.  The New Moon in your 7th house of Libra on the 15th adds additional pathways, breakthroughs, and fresh perspectives in your working relationships and personal partnerships, breathing fresh air into the very areas that have in the past required your focus and commitment to work within limiting circumstances. 

The Sun’s ingress into your 8th house of Scorpio on the 22nd brings further attention to the areas of intimacy, trust, shared involvement, and resources. It also brings transformative energies surrounding your psychological orientations. Vesta, the asteroid representing that which is sacred and not to be trifled with, goes retrograde in the 3rd house of writing, speaking, fact-gathering, and education, encouraging a time for inward attunement and the keeping of one’s council until January when Jupiter also turns stationary direct.  Mercury moves into his shadow period due to his retrograde station on November 6th in your 8th house, slowing the engagement and decision-making process until mid-December in the areas of trust, sex, investment, commissions, insurance, and joint property.

TAURUS:  Creating structures around your inspiration is strongly encouraged as Saturn (in your 7th house of partnerships) make nice with Neptune, which is floating around in your 11th house of personal goals, dreams, and alliances.  What can you take a step towards that represents an ideal or dream?  The Universe suggests the ideals can be made real in October.  The New Moon on the 15th is in fellow Venusian-ruled Libra in your 6th house of work, fellow worker bees, health, pets, mind-body connection, and the daily schedule.  Fresh energy and solutions are available in the very areas that have tested your mettle over the past few years. The 16th sweetens the pot as Mercury reaches out to Venus in an uplifting manner, enhancing consensus and creative aspiration. 

The Sun shifts into his annual position in your 7th house of important others and immediately connects with Neptune on the 23rd.  Consider this a time for flowing alliances that will bring money, education, travel, and adventure after Mercury turns direct in mid-December. You are laying important groundwork now.  Mercury is slowing down and in his shadow period before his retrograde station on November 6th.  Be patient in the discussion and agreements with others as the fruit is still ripening on the proverbial vine.  On the 25th, Venus sextiles the North Node from your 5th (creativity, love, children) to 7th (partnership, consultants and clients) houses. Pay attention to what is discussed and vetted on this day.

GEMINI:  The Libra New Moon on the 15th falls in your 5th house of creative inspiration, love, children, personal labors of love, and self-expression.  The restrictions and responsibilities of the past few years of Saturn’s transit are now lifted as you feel a growing sense of possibility. Trust your instincts.  Your ruler Mercury sextiles Venus on the 16th from your 6th house of work and health to your 2nd house of income and talents. Positive money-making deals may crop up.  Mercury also squares Jupiter in your sign and asks you not to take on more than you can handle.

Vesta, the asteroid representing being true to yourself above all else, joins Jupiter and moves into retrograde on the 21st until January.  Both Jupiter and Vesta will move direct early next year, suggesting you take the time to ponder important ethical ideals and personal goals.  The Sun shifts into Scorpio on the 22nd, your 6th house of work and daily schedule.  The Sun moves into conjunction with Saturn in this sign on the 25th and brings important information about the lessons and necessary structuring that needs to evolve during Saturn’s 2.5 year transit. Pay attention.  Mercury conjuncts the North Node on this day, suggesting that soul growth is upon you as Venus is also in aspect from your 4th house of self and security.

CANCER:  The New Moon in your 4th house of home, personal security, and soul commences on the 15th in Libra. Solutions will become more readily available in these areas of your personal life.  Saturn’s transit enlarged all that felt limiting and restrictive but now fresh solutions and and accompanying positive attitude empower you.  Your sun sign is in alignment with Saturn’s trine to Neptune from your 5th to 9th houses of creativity, love, children’s affairs, adventure, publishing, media, education, and the higher mind.  Inspiration is available to you in ways that are sustainable and real.

The Sun slips into fellow water sign Scorpio on the 22nd and joins both Saturn and the North Node.  On the 25th the Sun conjuncts Saturn as Mercury conjuncts the North Node.  Partnership, money, and your talents are highlighted, along with the power of communication, instinct, and inspiration.  Pay attention to your feelings, insights, and what transpires on this day – they are portals to developments that will begin in earnest come mid-December.  Mercury is in his shadow phase before he turns retrograde on November 6th in your 5th house of heart, love, creativity, taking risks, and children’s affairs.  Don’t expect quick solutions in these areas now as there is wisdom in allowing for time in your internal ponderings and processes.

LEO:  The Sun continues his transit through compatible Libra and is highlighted on the New Moon on the 15th in your 3rd house of siblings, contracts, cars, writing, teaching, education, and communication.  Where there has been restriction this New Moon highlights new pathways and openings.  Saturn trines Neptune from your 4th house of home, family, and personal security to your 8th house of finance, trust, intimacy, savings, retirement, commissions, and investments.  What was formerly unclear can take shape with practical planning and a step-by-step commitment to making the ideal real.

On the 22nd the Sun ingresses into your 4th house of home, housing, family, where you live, how you live, and your sense of feeling safe in this world.  Lots of activity, limitations, responsibility, and maturation is evident as Saturn transits this area of life for the next 2.5 years.  On the 25th the Sun conjuncts Saturn and suggests a work, health, and schedule matter is tied up with home planning and developments.  Also on this day, Mercury conjuncts the North Node of soul growth, magnifying future possibilities with home, earnings, the past, fears, spiritual pursuits, organizations and non-profits.  Pay attention on this day—you may receive pearls of wisdom.  Mercury is in his shadow period (slowing down) in preparation for his retrograde on November 6th.  What is shared this month may take some time to gel but will develop further in mid-December.  This is not a good time for housing sales, real estate matters, and life-altering personal decisions.  Exercise patience.

VIRGO:  Saturn trines Neptune throughout the month from your 3rd to 7th house.  This signals an especially fluid time for agreements and contracts  within personal and professional partnerships.  Speaking, writing, and educational activities seek to be made real through practical structures that encompass your highest aspirations and compassionate nature within working partnership.  The New Moon in Libra on the 15th commences in your 2nd house of talents, earnings, stuff that you own, self-esteem and provides a real sense of development and possibility.  Mercury sextiles Venus on the 16th and enhancing positive developments and discussions. It is time to share and communicate powerfully.

Career developments have occurred since June, broadening the spectrum of growth, knowledge, and possibility.  Vesta, the minor planet representing what is sacred and worth tending to, turns retrograde on the 21st until January, joining Jupiter’s retrograde movement and encouraging self-council regarding your life direction and career.  The Sun ingresses into your 3rd house of communications, siblings, neighbors, writing, speaking, and local travel on the 22nd.  He then moves into conjunction with Saturn on the 25th, heralding a day to pay attention to agreements and discussions as Mercury is also conjunct the North Node on that day.  Pay attention to what you say, hear, and feel on that day —it is a potent time for symbols of future development and responsibility.  Your ruling planet is also in his shadow phase in preparation for his retrograde motion on November 6th.  This is a time for patience. Agreements, educational activities, and sibling situations will take until mid-December to begin to be fully implemented.

LIBRA:  The New Moon in your sign is the harbinger of a personal sense of lightness now that Saturn has moved into neighboring Scorpio.  The 15th brings fresh energy into your experience of self, how you feel, how others respond to you, and the potent possibilities that will unfold over the next few months.  Saturn trines Neptune from your 2nd house of earnings, self-esteem, and talents to the areas of daily work, schedules, health, and mind-body connectedness.  Neptune suggests the ideal is in the everyday as the planet connects to structure-oriented Saturn in your house of applying one’s talents and expertise.  Something ideal can be made real as the months unfold. 

Going deeper, assimilation, and education development is suggested as Vesta turns retrograde (joining Jupiter) in your 9th house of the higher mind, travel, education, media, publishing, and legalities.  Vesta represents ideals and that which is important to you on a personal level.  Handle what is on your plate and complete projects, knowing that further developments will unfold in 2013.  The Sun will ingress out of your sign and into your 2nd house of earnings and abilities on the 22nd.  He joins Saturn in conjunction on the 25th, highlighting responsibilities (possibly real estate or family oriented).  Venus sextiles the Mercury-North Node conjunction on the 25th, suggesting positive agreements, contracts, and discussions in the world of resources and earnings.  Pay attention to this day as it portends future growth and developments.  Mercury is in his shadow phase as he prepares to move retrograde on November 6th.  It is prudent to be patient and financially conservative through mid-December.

SCORPIO:  Saturn trines Neptune from your 1st house of identity, health, personal goals, and personal image to your 5th house of creativity, love, authentic self-expression, and children’s affairs.  What creative dreams and ideals are possible now?  What structures can you build around your labors of love, your child’s development, or love life that supports you in sustainable and practical ways?  Take steps towards making the ideal real.  The New Moon on the 15th in your 12th house of creativity, spiritual essence, subconscious mind, dream life, healing, and seclusion kicks off a period of working with instincts, organizations, non-profits, and those in need of your time and healing nature.  Allow time for additional rest.

The Sun shifts into your sign on the 22nd, kicking off your new solar year. Happy Birthday!  On the following day, the Sun trines Neptune. The 25th is an important day for personal discussions, writing, speaking, contracts, short trips, and educational pursuits as the Sun conjuncts Saturn in your sign.  Mercury also conjuncts the North Node (also in your sign), highlighting growth opportunities within groups, personal aspirations, shared resources, and your personal development.  Venus sextiles this conjunction from your 11th house of personal dreams, friendships, technology, and earning potential.  Whispers of developments that will begin to unfold in mid-December may be apparent on this day.  Mercury is in his shadow phase preparing for his retrograde on November 6th.  Have patience as you review your desires and areas for development.

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars, the planet of ego, will, and desire transits your sign, suggesting that being aware of your motives is helpful now.  This is an energy that can mow over anyone or anything in its path, so prudence is advised!  Mars squares up to Chiron on the 14th, suggesting frustration around home or family on this day.  Yet the New Moon the 15th in your 11th house of goals, friendships, technology, and personal dreams opens up pathways of flowing energy that may not have been available during Saturn’s transit.  On the same day Mars contacts Uranus in your 5th house of love, desire, and creativity, providing self-confidence in the ability to actualize a dream or two.

Vesta, the asteroid representing what we hold sacred, turns retrograde in your 7th house of partnership on the 21st (joining Jupiter in its retrograde motion) until January.  Going deeper, listening, and assimilating relationship developments promotes growth in your partnerships.  The Sun shifts into your 12th house of solitude, spirituality, working with non-profits, and your dream life.  This is your down time before the Sun enters your sign next month, so rest and take time for personal reflection. The Sun conjuncts Saturn on the 25th, highlighting issues from your family history and how those imprints have contributed to your current feelings of self-worth and abundance (or lack thereof).  Mercury also conjuncts the North Node on this day, suggesting that aligning with another (advisor or counselor) can be helpful in the healing of past and creating prospects for the future.

CAPRICORN:  On the 15th the New Moon in your 10th house of Libra portends fresh openings and experience in your public life of career, life direction, and reputation.  Where there has been limitation and hard work (compliments of Saturn), there is now a feeling of stronger possibility and freedom of movement.  Mars stirs up subconscious sensations as he transits your 12th house of the past, subconscious, and generational family.  The 14th especially brings a sensitive point to bear in your thinking and exchanges with others. Sensitivities surface and the opportunity for increased awareness and, hence, healing is possible now.  Saturn’s trine to Neptune from your 11th to 3rd house encourages taking steps to make dreams a reality, tying together group involvement with eloquence of speech and inspirational internal dialogues.

The Sun shifts out of your 10th house of career and into your 11th house of aspirations, personal goals, friendships, and associations on the 22nd.  On the 25th the Sun conjuncts Saturn in your 11th house, magnifying long-term goals and the work required to get there.  On the same day Mercury conjuncts the North Node in the 11th house, highlighting future educational, travel, publishing, media, work, health, or legal situations.  Pay attention to discussions on that day as your higher mind is processing and drinking in the details.  Mercury is in his shadow phase and slowing down in preparation for his retrograde on November 6th, supporting you to take your time forming opinions and agreements with others.

AQUARIUS:  Long-distance travel, foreigners, publishing, media, education, and your higher mind receive flowing energy from the New Moon on the 15th in your 9th house of Libra.  Where there has been limitation, burdens, and responsibility there is now a feeling of freedom, growth, and development.  On the same day, Mars makes a positive aspect to your ruler Uranus, energizing your friendships, personal goals, group participation, and technology with innovative discussions, agreements, contracts, local connections, educational, writing, and speaking pursuits.  Saturn trines Neptune from your 10th house of public life and status to your 2nd house of earnings, talents, and self-esteem.  It’s time to spread some fairy dust over your pragmatic mind and take the required steps to convert professional dreams and personal desire a reality.

The Sun ingresses into your 10th house of career, reputation, and life direction on the 22nd, highlighting four weeks of developments. At the same time, Mercury has entered his shadow period, indicating a slowdown in preparation for his retrograde on November 6th.  Take your time with binding agreements or developments—the timing will ripen come mid-December.  On the 25th the Sun conjuncts Saturn in your 10th house, suggesting a feeling of limitation, responsibility, and perhaps even disappointments surfacing from past family conditioning.  But Mercury contacts the North Node on the same day in the same area of life direction and points out possible developments around your sense of value and reputation.

PISCES:  The Sun transits the area of life concerning personal and often hidden things—trust, intimacy, other peoples resources, psychological health, commissions, investments, and inheritances.  The New Moon on the 15th in Libra brings fresh energy, developments, and focus concerning all of these possibilities.  Where there has been limitation, depression, or negativity you will feel a lightening and a wider path of potential growth and development.  Saturn trines Neptune in your sign from the 9th house of the higher mind, education, publishing, media, legalities and travel. This is a time to wish upon a star and to believe that you can make personal goals come true. It requires commitment to your personal beliefs and developing the needed practical structures to make them a reality.

On the 22nd the Sun ingresses into fellow water sign Scorpio, bringing clearer awareness to personal issues and highlighting the areas of publishing, media, legalities, foreigners, education, travel, and the higher mind of awareness and spirit.  The following day the Sun reaches out to Neptune in your sign, suggesting a positive development in these areas and in your personal wellbeing.  On the 25th, Saturn conjuncts the Sun, suggesting a friend, association, technological situation, or personal goal is the focus in relation to travel, publishing, education, and the media. Mercury also conjuncts the North Node in the 9th house, suggesting that agreements and discussions reveal areas for future development.  Mercury is in his shadow phase (a slowing down) and preparing for his retrograde on November 6th. Be patient—further developments will unfold beginning mid-December.