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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Week Period from Friday, Sept. 21st - Thursday, October 4th

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ARIES:  The asteroid Juno enters your 9th house on the September 21st, highlighting contracts, binding agreements, marriage arrangements, and equality issues within educational pursuits, travel, marketing, legalities, and your spiritual beliefs.  The Autumn Equinox occurs on the 22nd as the Sun makes his annual ingress into your 7th house of committed relationships, clients, consultants, and important others. This is a time to work with others and take their opinions and feelings into account.  The Uranus Pluto square is in effect this month, triggering change, challenges, and transformation within your personal sense of identity and direction in life.  Taking extra good care of your health is encouraged.  Ceres, the asteroid signifying self-care and nurturing, ingresses into your 4th house of home, family, parents, and housing from September 26th through December 4th.  Your ruler Mars, transiting your 8th house of sex, finances, and the resources of others, squares up to his feminine counterpart Venus on the 27th in the area of life ruling children, creativity, and love.  This aspect suggests tension within these areas.

The Full Moon on the 29th is a volatile lunation and brings with it strong emotions, as it occurs in your sign.  The Sun also conjuncts the asteroid House in your 7th house of partnership, commitments, and clients, suggesting a home, real estate, or parental situation is part of the challenging equation.  Pluto moves direct in your 10th house of life direction, parents, career, and authority figures and brings an additional level of intensity during this Full Moon.  If possible, take your time and sit with any challenge, allowing the emotional energy to clear as you process.  Take the time to respond rather than simply react—the answers will unfold next month as more stability arrives.  Your ruler conjuncts the North Node in your 8th house on October 2nd as Venus trines Saturn from your 5th to 7th houses of relationships. This is a time for problem solving and reality checks.  Venus shifts into Virgo on October 3rd, bringing more pleasure, grace, and physical wellbeing as she transits your 6th house of employees, health, and the daily schedule. 

TAURUS:  The Autumn Equinox occurs on the 22nd, signaling the Sun’s annual move into your 6th house of work, health, schedules, pets, and your services. This is a time to tackle tasks and to-do lists.  On the 26th, the asteroid Ceres (the largest of the bunch) ingresses into your 3rd house of communications, siblings, local environment, and education, suggesting a nurturing tone in your interactions with others.  Your interests in local gardening, farming, and environmental issues may peak over the next couple of months as she transits through December 4th.  Venus meets up with Mars in a challenging aspect on the 30th from the fixed sign of Leo (4th house of home) to Mars (your 7th house of partnership), suggesting a few days of tension which require resolution.

The Full Moon on the 29th is not an easy one as it occurs in Aries and sets off the Uranus Pluto square that has been in effect all month.  Work, health, exhaustion, feeling there's too much to do, coupled with pressure from your 9th house of belief systems, travel, publishing, media, education, and legal affairs complicate emotions.  You may feel burned out over this weekend and are encouraged to retreat as much as possible until the energies die down.  This lunation can also bring release from pressures or ongoing health situations as culminations are most typically found at the time of the Full Moon.  Mars conjuncts the North Node on October 2nd in your 7th house of partnership and committed bonds, suggesting an energizing environment with others. Venus sextiles Saturn on the same day, bringing a rewarding sense of duty and a feeling of being grounded within home and partnership.  Venus ingresses into fellow earth sign Virgo (your 5th house) on October 3rd, lightening your workload and responsibilities while encouraging a time for lighthearted engagement with others.

GEMINI:  Juno revisits your 7th house until mid-December, suggesting a time when you may be more engaged in contracts, binding agreements, marriage plans, and the concept of equality within relationships.  This asteroid also represents the “protecting of women.”  The Autumn Equinox occurs on the 22nd as the Sun enters your 5th house of pleasure, risk taking, authenticity, love, and children.  The 26th brings a trine between Mercury and Jupiter, blending beautifully your personal desires with romance, creativity, pleasure, or situations with children.  Ceres is a nurturing force that asks us to be caretakers of ourselves and bodies.  As she moves into your 2nd house of talents, income, and self-esteem you may be more involved in the areas of women’s or family products or matters.  Ceres, the Goddess of Agriculture, involves you in growing, planting, and the natural world as she transits this area until December 4th.

On the 29th we experience a volatile Full Moon in Aries in your 11th house of friendships, social contacts, networking, and the groups you align with.  A friend or associate may be a focus for you as this lunation accents your personal desires, love life, children vs. group commitments, personal dreams, technology, and money earned from your career.  To heighten this this day the Full Moon is exactly conjunct Uranus, the planet of surprises and quick change, as well as the powerful transformational force of Pluto.  You may not know what hit you during this time so allow for plenty of room on either side of this day to process, contemplate, and readjust.  It is possible that a housing, real estate, or parental situation is involved as the Sun conjuncts an asteroid called House.  Mars conjuncts the North Node on October 2nd in your 6th house of work, service, health, and schedules.  You will be energized and driven to make headway on this day, and growth-oriented solutions may be your saving grace.  On October 3rd, Venus shifts into your 4th house of home, housing, those you live with, and personal security, supplying a level of ease and an opening for rest and home-related creative projects.

CANCER:  The 22nd brings the Autumn Equinox as the Sun moves into your 4th house of home, family, roommates, quiet time, and security.  Mars continues his transit of your 5th house of pleasure, competition, sporting events, risk taking, love, and interactions with children.  On the 26th the asteroid Ceres moves into your sign until the 26th, signaling a time for increased self-care as well as increased desire to nurture others.  On the 27th Venus in your 2nd house of income (where she has been bestowing valuable money and goods) and talents squares up to Mars in your 5th house, suggesting tension within personal resources and pleasurable desires (or the needs of a child).

The Full Moon on the 29th is challenging as we are still under the Pluto Uranus square that was exact mid-month.  The Full Moon falls in your 10th house of Aries and conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto in your 7th of others, partnerships, clients, or consultants.  Things may happen quickly during this time and leave you astonished and bewildered.  A culmination in career, within a marriage, with an authority figure, or a situation that affects your reputation and relationship may be areas of stress or conflict.  If possible allow feelings and heightened emotions to settle before responding to a challenging situation.  Everyone will feel this Full Moon in some way and it can bring out the less than positive.  Venus trines Saturn on October 2nd, bringing more stability to both money and home. On the following day Venus ingresses into your 3rd house of communications, siblings, neighbors, cars, computers, and education, enhancing these areas with her grace and abundance.

LEO:  The Sun makes his move on the 22nd as he ingresses into Libra, your 3rd house of siblings, neighborhood, short trips, communications, cars, computers, education, computers, and self-expression. The Autumn Equinox arrives, heralding the beginning of Fall.  Juno, the asteroid representing binding agreements, contracts, marriage, and equality, joins Eros in your 5th house of love, pleasure, competition, creativity, and children's affairs until mid-December.  Mercury in your 3rd house of siblings and communications makes a lovely trine to Jupiter in your 11th house of friends, groups, and personal dreams, suggesting positive developments in communications or agreements within your social circle or via social networking and technology.

We have a challenging Full Moon this month on the 29th, which directly connects with the Uranus Pluto square that was exact mid-month.  The Full Moon occurs in Aries, your 9th house of travel, legalities, education, marketing, and publishing and conjuncts Uranus the planet of surprise and fast change.  The Sun and Moon (as they are in direct opposition on Full Moons) also square up to Pluto, the energy that has been making powerful shifts within your daily schedule, with pets, health, co-workers, and any services that you offer.  Communications may be fraught with emotion over this Full Moon weekend and might involve your everyday job schedule, health, travel, or education plans.  Make a commitment to not speak in haste as everyone will be under pressure during this time.  On October 2nd, Venus makes a stabilizing sextile from your sign to Saturn in your 3rd house, suggesting that ways forward are possible now.  On October 3rd Venus ingresses into your 2nd house of earnings, talents, and self-esteem, enhancing your earning potential over the next few weeks.

VIRGO:  On the 22nd, the Sun shifts out of your 1st house of appearance, identity, and personal desires into your 2nd house of earnings, self-esteem, and talents.  Mars continues his transit through your 3rd house of communications, siblings, local environment, computers, cars, and education, providing energy and drive to your exchanges with others.  Mercury trines Jupiter on the 26th from your 2nd house of income to your 10th house of career, reputation, and life direction – good news will travel your way regarding avocation and earning potential. 

The Full Moon on the 29th is a challenging one as it occurs in Aries, your 8th house of shared resources, psychological health, your partner’s money, trust, sex, and intimacy while making a conjunction to revolutionizing Uranus.  Surprises may occur regarding finances, loans, investments, insurance, inheritances, or your partner’s resources.  The Sun and Moon (as they are always in opposition at the Full Moon) will both square Pluto in your 5th house of love, romance, creativity, risk taking, and children.  An asteroid called House will conjunct the Sun in your 2nd house of money earned, suggesting a real estate or housing matter may be part of the tension over this volatile weekend.  You may want to create plenty of space to handle any surprising situations and allow time to gain your bearings.  Everyone will be a bit frazzled at this Full Moon.  Venus ingresses into your sign October 3rd, promising a gentler atmosphere within your sense of self and perhaps even a modicum of wellbeing and peace.

LIBRA:  Your official down time comes to a close as the Sun moves into your sign on the 22nd and heralds the Autumn Equinox.  Mars continues his transit of your 2nd house of money as you continue to have an added level of expenses to cover but also the earning power to cover them!  On the 26th Mercury makes a lovely trine to Jupiter from your 1st house to your 9th house, suggesting positive developments in media, travel, publishing, and educational or legal affairs.  But Venus is being aggravated by her counterpart Mars during this week as she moves into a square from your 11th house of friends, goals, technology, and social networking to your 2nd house of earnings and self-esteem.  A conflict of some sort is very possible on the 27th.

The Uranus Pluto square brings conflict, change, transformation, and the need for release up close and personal on the Full Moon on the 29th.  As the Sun in your sign opposes the Moon in your 7th house of Aries she conjuncts the change-agent Uranus and both square Pluto in your 4th house of home, real estate, parents, roommates, and personal security.  This weekend will be challenging for you as partners, your personal needs, and housing situations meet up in a challenging way.  Some relationships may end, living situations may change, or a family matter comes to head in a confronting way.  Bide your time if possible as everyone is under a great deal of pressure at this lunation.  This can also be a health situation or a strong breakthrough and release point for all of the constrictions you have felt at a very personal level for more than two years.  October 2nd brings a stabilizing sextile between Venus in your 11th house of friendships and Saturn in your 1st house of personal self.  Venus then ingresses into your 12th house of rest, recuperation, spiritual practice, and down time on the October 3rd.

SCORPIO:  Mars continues to transit in your sign, energizing your personal goals and self-expression.  Mars can be a sensitive energy to manage as it also raises aggravation levels and the need to be “right.”  The Sun slips into the most private area of your chart on the 22nd and moves into Libra and your 12th house of release, rest, recuperation, spiritual activity, and clearing out in preparation for your new Solar Year and Saturn’s entry on October 5th.  Venus moves into square aspect on the 27th with Mars in your sign – tension may be felt between your personal opinions, goals, and career and an authority figure, parent, or marriage.  When Venus and Mars are in a tension aspect we can also feel tension within our personal relationships.

The 29th brings with it an emotionally charged Full Moon in Aries and conjuncts the revolutionizing and surprising Uranus your 6th house of work, health, daily schedules, and co-workers.  There may be strong endings in this area as this lunation squares Pluto in your 3rd house of communications, cars, education, siblings, computers, and self-expression.  Be extra aware of your words and reactions as everyone will feel the heat over this weekend.  This makes things much more personal for all of us as the Full Moon is directly tied in with the Uranus Pluto square that was exact mid-month.  Endings may be in the ether as can be the releasing of longstanding situations.  Venus moves into a square aspect with the North Node in your sign on the following day. Mars follows up with a conjunction to the Node on October 2nd as relationships become a strong focus and area of awareness.  Venus shifts into Virgo on the 3rd, bringing social joviality and pleasant times within your groups, networks, and friends.

SAGITTARIUS:  Juno ingresses back into your sign on the 21st until mid-December, highlighting personal areas of binding agreements, contracts, marriage, and the concept of equality within partnership.  The Sun ingresses into your 11th house of personal goals, wishes, money earned from career, groups, friendships, and technology, kicking off the annual Autumn Equinox.  Mercury reaches out to your ruler Jupiter on the 26th in a supportive trine from your 11th house to your 7th house of best friends, committed relationships, and important partnerships. Good news, discussions, agreements, and contracts can be experienced. 

The Full Moon on the 29th is tumultuous and directly connected to the Uranus Pluto square that was exact mid-month.  This lunation conjuncts surprising and disruptive Uranus in your 5th house of children, creativity, love affairs, and risk taking while squaring Pluto in your 2nd house of earnings, self-esteem, personal belongings, and talents.  Finances and your sense of confidence may be challenged by affairs associated with friendships, goals, love, or children’s situations.  This is a highly volatile energy so sit tight and allow the intensity to clear as everyone will be under stress over this weekend.  A release or culmination may be on the menu with your creative activities, love affairs, or a situation with a child.  With Mars transiting your 12 house of the subconscious you are particularly susceptible to fears and unexpected events.  On October 3re Venus ingresses into your 10th house of career, reputation, authority figures, and life direction and graces your image and avocation.  Your ruler Jupiter has slowed down and will retrograde on October 4th, supporting rethinks, evaluation, and deepening within your important partnerships and committed relationships.  Old clients and partners may re-appear over the next few months.

CAPRICORN:  The Autumn Equinox occurs on the 22nd when the Sun ingresses into your 10th house of reputation, career, life direction, parents, and authority figures.  You are more visible at this time of the year and your focus is geared toward ambition, avocation, and getting ahead.  The Uranus Pluto square is in effect (exact mid-month) and continues your personal transformation as Pluto (planet of the soul) now moves direct.  Getting your point across and making personal life changes are easier now than the in the past few months when Pluto was in retrograde (since April of this year).  Ceres, an asteroid ruling contracts, binding agreements, marriage, and issues of equality within partnership, now moves into your 7th house of committed relationships and important partnerships.  Through December 4th Ceres also pours energy into the nurturing of others and interactions associated with the land, environmentalism, and Mother Earth.

On the 29th we have a Full Moon in Aries in your 4th house.  The Moon conjuncts Uranus the awakener and revolutionary, suggesting surprise, upsets, and the desire to react within your home, family, Mom, and where and how you live.  Additionally, the Sun and Moon (in opposition to one another – as is true with every Full Moon) square Pluto in your sign.  This brings the Uranus Pluto square up close and personal to your sense of self and desires.  This is a potentially difficult weekend as everyone may feel more intense, frustrated, and ornery.  The Sun conjuncts the asteroid House (meaning just that – home, real estate, family, and parents), doubling the effect of this lunation and creating tension within your public vs. your personal life.  Commit to holding this energy without the need to react too quickly or in a state of anger.  Allowing this energy to dissipate is your best bet as the energy evens out as the weeks unfold.  On October 2nd Mars conjuncts the North Node in your 11th house of personal wishes and dreams, providing a way forward, and Venus sextiles your sign ruler Saturn, providing stability coupled with drive.  Venus shifts into fellow earth sign Virgo on October 3rd, providing grace and ease in travel, education, and foreign and promotional ventures.

AQUARIUS:  The second of seven Uranus Pluto squares occurred at mid-month, bringing change, movement, tension, and release in the areas between your 3rd house of communications, habitual thought patterns, sibling relationships, writing, speaking, and contractual matters vs. your 12th house of the past, subconscious imprints, family conditioning, spiritual activities, dream work, volunteerism, non-profits, and hospitals.  The Sun ingresses into Libra, your 9th house, on the 22nd, highlighting travel plans, education, legalities, foreign contacts, publishing, and marketing.  Ceres, the asteroid ruling crops, agriculture, and care of self and one’s body, ingresses into your 6th house of health, day-to-day work, mind-body connectedness, and pets on the 26th until December 4th. During this time you may be working with the land, gardening, engaged in environmentalism, and taking better care of self!  This also increases your desire to nurture and care for others in practical and even holistic ways.

The Full Moon on the 29th brings a more personal note to the Uranus Pluto square as it falls in your 3rd house and conjuncts your ruler Uranus. Communications with siblings, women, and Mom can be surprising and even disruptive.  Both the Sun and the Moon are in square aspect to your 12th house of addictions, subconscious mind, and fearful thinking.  This is a tender weekend and I encourage everyone to abstain from reacting as much as possible.  Some issues from your past may come bubbling up and before you know it words can be said that are hard to take back.  Please take care while driving – or with anything car-related this weekend as well.  The energy dissipates as we move into October. A Venus Saturn alignment on October 2nd from your 7th (partnerships) to your 9th (legalities, high-level planning, and travel) house provides stability and structure.  On October 3rd Venus shifts into Virgo and out of your 7th house of partnership into your 8th house.  Venus often brings more goodwill and sharing from others and highlights loving times with partners. 

PISCES:  Mars continues to energize your 9th house of publishing, legal affairs, travel, marketing, promotions, and education.  The Autumn Equinox falls on the 22nd as the Sun ingresses into your 8th house of psychology, healing, insurance, benefits, commissions, sex, intimacy, and other people’s resources.  We can expect some form of ending at this time, be it psychological in nature, the payout of insurance benefits or inheritances, deeper concentration on your internal landscape and feelings, or issues with investments and financial planning.  Ceres, the large asteroid that rules over self-nurturing, care of the body, the earth, agriculture, gardening, and all things in the natural world, begins her transit of your 5th house of child-like play, children, your heart’s yearnings, creativity, and love through December 4th. 

The Uranus Pluto square became exact mid-month and has a strong impact at the Full Moon on the 29th in Aries, your 2nd house, when it also conjuncts radical Uranus.  This can be a sensitive and reactive weekend for everyone.  The Sun currently transiting your 8th house is also conjunct an asteroid called House, which symbolizes the home, family, housing, and real estate.  There may be surprises regarding financial dealings, buying or selling your home, or shared property assets with another.  This lunation also squares up to powerful and intense Pluto currently transiting your 11th house of goals, wishes, money earned from career, friendships, groups you align with, professional associations, and technology.  This can be a volatile weekend for everyone so refrain from making quick responses or decisions. The energy dissipates as we move into October.  Venus shifts into your 7th house (out of your 6th house of work and tasks) on October 3rd, bringing softer, calmer, and loving responses to and from your committed partnerships, business relationships, clients, and consultants you may hire.