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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

For the Two Week period Beginning Friday, August 10th - 23rd

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 ARIES: As of the 10th, Mercury chugs forward in your 5th house of ego development, passions, children, and creativity. You can expect to feel renewed clarity and focus in all things heart related. As he moves out of his shadow on the 23rd, developments in planning, communications, and with children will gain further traction.  Some tension is felt mid-month as Mars conjuncts Saturn in your 7th house of others and as Venus aligns with the Pluto-Uranus square on the 15th and 16th, respectively.  A feeling of tension, restriction, and the need for increased commitment to others develops in your primary and work relationships.  Venus in your 4th house of home and family opposes Pluto in your mid-heaven, denoting a time to seek balance and resolution between these two areas of life.  Surprising incidents may arise from those in your family as Venus squares Uranus in your sign on the 16th. You may feel the need for more autonomy and freedom during this time.  The New Moon on the 17th occurs in your 5th house and provides the desire to make headway in matters of the heart and romantic activities. The lunation conjuncts Sappho, the asteroid of passion and prose, and sextiles Mars and Saturn in your 7th house of others.  The second half of August is a ripe time for personal relationship developments.  On the 23rd Mars ingresses into Scorpio, your 8th house of sex, intimacy, finances, investments, and psychological beginnings and endings, fueling your desires over the coming weeks. 

TAURUS:  The North Node ingresses into your 7th house on the 19th, signaling an 18-month period of growth in your partnership zone.  New styles of relating develop over this period, highlighting the deepening commitment to your personal best and relating style.  Do not go it alone, Bull.  Venus has ingressed into your 3rd house, showing you that love really is a living, breathing experience in your everyday life and environment.  Siblings and neighbors are poised to enhance your life and your gift with words helps draw others closer.  Mid-month suggests a time of hard work and responsibilities in your daily schedule with health, pets, and co-workers.  Your ruling planet opposes Pluto on the 15th, asking you to balance your daily self-expression with your soul's need for higher connections and beliefs.  The New Moon in Leo occurs on the 17th in the most personal area of your chart, the 4th house ruling over family, security, parents, and housing.  New starts are strongly supported in these areas as Mercury catches up to his point of retrograde (on the 23rd), signaling a time for strong planning and communications in your personal life.  The Sun moves into fellow earth sign Virgo on the 22nd, bringing awareness and focus in the areas of love, creativity, self-expression, and younger people.

GEMINI:  Venus has moved out of your sign and into the area ruling talents, abilities, self-esteem, and earnings.  Expect increased support in the form of validation and money.  Mercury moves forward in your house of daily thoughts, computers, cars, written and verbal expression, siblings, and local environment – plans, agreements, selling, buying, and educational pursuits begin to move forward.  On the 10th Mercury reaches out to the North Node in your 7th house of others, fueling understanding and growth in partnership. Expect a culmination as the Node prepares to ingress (on the 19th) into your 6th house of health and healing, pets, co-workers, being of service, and creating a daily schedule that allows for growth and expansion.  Responsibility, restrictions, and hard work arrive in the areas of love, creativity, and younger people’s activities as Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 14th.  The following days see the need to find balance in financial resources, earnings, trust, and investments.  Friendships, networking, the Internet, teams, and groups bring some tension and the need for adjustments in earnings, self-belief, and employment situations.  The New Moon in Leo in your 3rd house on the 17th is friendly as she eases your path and provides avenues for problem solving in written projects, discussions, education, sibling relationships, agreements with romantic partners, your creative activities, and personal desires.  The Sun slips into his annual visit of your 4th house of home, family, personal life, housing, parents, and personal security on the 22nd.

CANCER:  The next lunation (we have three this month) occurs on the 17th in your 2nd house of income, earnings, employment opportunities, self-esteem, talents, and abilities.  On the 8th Mercury moves direct in this very area, signaling an increasing opportunity to move forward, implement plans, and sign agreements.  Venus transits your sign until September 7th, upping your attraction levels while bringing people and situations into your life that enhance your image, identity, and sense of wellbeing and value.  The week of the 12th brings some limitations, hard work, and commitments for all signs as Mars conjuncts Saturn in your 4th house of home, family, parents, and housing.  Venus in your sign opposes Pluto in your 7th house, asking you to seek balance between your needs and the needs of others.  The following day, on the 16th, Venus makes an edgy square to Uranus in your 10th house of career, authority figures, and reputation, challenging you to keep your balance within professional relationships.  On the 19th the North Nodes moves into Scorpio, your 5th house of love, risks, creativity, and the affairs of children, for the next 18 months.  This area encourages you to develop your own sense of specialness, fall in love, tap into your unique creative abilities (artistic and otherwise), and to open your heart in order to embrace more of life’s pleasures.  Mars follows suit as he ingresses into Scorpio on the 23rd, firing up your desires and motivations.

LEO:  The Sun continues to energize your ego, identity, and self-expression.  Your personal New Moon on the 17th conjuncts the asteroid symbolizing passion, sex, and the written word.  As Mercury is gaining speed in your sign (he went direct on the 8th) you can anticipate the next few weeks to be helpful in clearing personal confusions, life directions, and communications with others – the fog is lifting.  On the 10th Mercury makes one last growth aspect to the North Node in your 5th house of love, self-expression, children’s affairs, and creativity before the Node ingresses in your 4th house of home, family, security, soul clearing, and housing on the 19th.  The week of the 12th presents challenges and adjustments as Mars conjuncts Saturn in your 3rd house of siblings, community, cars, computers, and local travel – expect to feel some limitations in these areas.  On the following day Venus (transiting your 12th house of rest, recuperation, and spiritual connectedness) opposes Pluto, asking you to find balance between your spiritual wellbeing and physical health.  On the 16th Venus squares Uranus in your 9th house of travel, education, religious beliefs, media, and publishing.  A surprise—seemingly out of nowhere—challenges your belief systems.  On the 23rd, when the Sun makes his annual ingress into Virgo, your focus shifts from self-expression and identity to earnings, self-esteem, and talents.

VIRGO:  The confusion, free-floating fear, dredging up of the past, and self-doubt alleviate when Mercury returns to direct motion on the 8th and gains speed through your 12th house of the past, soul attunement, generational influences, and being of service.  Mercury makes a final growth aspect to the North Node in your 4th house of home, family, security, and housing developments before the Node ingresses into your 3rd house (on the 19th), encouraging growth in speaking, writing, mental habits, teaching, study, siblings, neighbors, and communications equipment.  The week of the 12th presents some challenges for all signs and you may feel some restriction in your earning potential and the use of your talents as Mars conjuncts Saturn in your 2nd house.  On the 15th, Venus in your 11th house of friendship, groups, teams, and personal dreams opposes Pluto in your 5th house of true love, creative expression, children, and risk taking, asking to you find balance between these areas of life.  On the 16th Venus squares Uranus in your 8th house of trust, intimacy, sex, partners, finances, inheritance, and investments, challenging you to make adjustments in your goals, friends, team leadership, and resources.  The New Moon on the 17th is in Leo your 12th house, indicating fresh starts with organizations, research projects, spiritual practices, health, and volunteerism.  This lunation also provides ease and forward movement in the areas of income potential and talent development.  You are still in the resting and clearing out stage that prepares you for your solar new year as the Sun ingresses into your sign on the 22nd. 

LIBRA:  Until September 7, Venus transits the apex of your chart, the most public 10th house of reputation, career, fame, authority figures, and life direction.  Mercury also straightens out and gains strength from his recent retrograde through your 11th house of personal dreams, wishes, the Internet, groups, networking, and friendships.  The combination of these two personal planets suggests a time for advancement, acknowledgement in some fashion, and favors from others.  Relationships are important now in your professional world, as is communication with other like-minded folks.  The week of the 12th offers some things to work through and food for thought.  Mars moves into a conjunction with Saturn in your sign, bringing a level of restriction, responsibility, and perhaps hard work in relation to personal desires, relationships, and/or family situations.  The following day Venus makes an opposition to Pluto in your 4th house, requiring you to find balance between your career/public life and your home/family situation.  On the 16th Venus squares Uranus in your 7th house, challenging you in partnerships and vocational ambitions.  You know the drill Libra – you’ve had your shoulder to the wheel for the past couple of years and deepening levels of dexterity and maturation are now firmly ensconced in your tool kit.  The New Moon on the 17th provides avenues for solutions in the areas of responsibility and personal dreams, as the lunation occurs in Leo, your 11th house, and makes a flowing sextile to both Mars and Saturn in your sign.  On the 19th the North Node ingresses into your 2nd house of Scorpio, pointing the way to growth in the areas of skill development, financial management, and growing sustainable levels of self-esteem.

SCORPIO:  Preparation is the focus during this forecast as you play host to the North Node transiting into your sign on the 19th for an 18-month stay. This paves the way for growth and development in your sense of identity, autonomy, independence, health, and reputation.  Mercury’s forward movement in your 10th house of life direction, career, status (married, divorced, single), and authority figures brings increasingly reliable communications and information.  The New Moon on the 17th provides further energy flow as the lunation of fresh starts also occurs in your 10th house.  Venus transits your 9th house (Cancer) of travel, big picture, adventure, higher mind, publishing, marketing, promotions, and foreigners, adding her gleaming touch of pleasantries, attractions, and charm.  Yes, she gets a little grumpy during the week of August 12 as she bumps up against Pluto in your 3rd house of communications, siblings, writing, cars, local travel, and education, asking you to find balance between the big picture and the day-to-day details.  On the 16th she is in square to Uranus in your 6th house of work, health, co-workers, and services, showing the need to make adjustments in the 9th house area of higher mind and the daily schedule of the 6th house.  On the 23rd the Sun ingresses into your 11th house of friendships, networking, team leadership, and personal dreams as he enters Virgo.  Also on the 23rd you receive the Mars energy of assertion, desire, confidence, and will power when he enters your sign for a 6-week visit – carpe diem!

SAGITTARIUS:  This is the last two weeks of hosting the North Node in your sign, a time that has moved you into new levels of self-development, a changing identity, increased self-sufficiency, autonomy, and hopefully a healthier constitution.  On the 10th a now direct Mercury reaches out from your 9th house of wisdom, travel, adventure, belief systems, publishing, media, and education to the Node at 1 degree of Sagittarius. Please pay attention to the insights and communications that occur on and around the 10th.  Venus transits your 8th house of partner’s resources, intimacy, trust, sex, and investments until September 7th, attracting good circumstances in shared partnerships and your psychology.  But she is being challenged the week of the 12th as she moves into opposition with Pluto, the big player transiting your second house of income, self-esteem, talents, and employment.  A need for balance between your finances and another’s resources comes into the frame on the 15th.  On the 16th Venus squares Uranus in your 5th house of romance, risk taking, and children’s affairs, bringing tension to resources and your creative pursuits.  All the while Mars moves into a conjunction with Saturn in your 11th house of personal dreams, friendships, and team building, bringing additional responsibility to bear in your social contacts, the Internet, and group dynamics.  The New Moon falls in your 9th house of Leo, lending additional energy to problem solving with groups and friendships and freeing up energy in the areas of travel, foreigners, higher education, and the media.  The Sun ingresses into your 10th house of career, reputation, fame, and authority figures on the 22nd, bringing focus and activity in your public life, career, and with authority figures.

CAPRICORN:  Venus transiting your 7th house of partnerships until September 7th brings warmth, equanimity, attraction, harmony, and charm to your important interactions with others.  But the Goddess of Love and Beauty is challenged on the 15th as she opposes Pluto in your sign, asking for awareness and balance between your own needs, desires, wants and those of others.  On the 16th she squares up to Uranus in your 4th house of soul, security, home, family, and parents, suggesting tension between partnership and personal needs.  All the while Mars conjuncts your ruling planet Saturn in your 10th house of acclaim, public life, authority figures, and reputation – a sense of limitation, responsibility and perhaps hard work is also in the frame this week.  The New Moon occurs on the 17th in your 8th house of partner’s resources, sex, intimacy, trust, psychological patterns, investments, and corporate money, providing fresh initiatives and energy in the handling of these areas.  Mercury is a helpmate clearing the fog from his recent retrograde motion (direct on the 8th) and encouraging financial agreements, buying/selling, contractual discussion, and the clarity to discuss sensitive issues.  On the 19th, the North Node moves out of your 12th house of spiritual practice, generational family, the past, and non-profit work to your 11th house of teamwork, leadership, friendship, personal wishes, the Internet, and astrology for the next 18 months.  Growth will be found in the attention to these areas.  On the 23rd the Sun shifts from your 8th house into your 9th house of travel, higher education, foreign connections, adventure, publishing, and media.

AQUARIUS:  Mercury gains momentum in your 7th house of partnership, clients, and professional consultants where the Sun is currently transiting.  The New Moon on the 17th occurs in this very house, bringing additional energy and forward movement to your plans, contracts, personal relationships, and communications.  Venus will transit your 6th house of work, health, daily schedule, pets, co-workers, and the services that you offer until September 7th.  Her presence brings goodwill, charm, and a sense of flow to everyday life.  But during the week of August 12th her harmony is disrupted as she is opposed by powerful Pluto in your 12th house of behind-the-scenes dealings, spirituality, non-profits, working in private, research, and the past.  Awareness is needed to balance your spiritual and physical health with the care of others.  On the 16th Venus moves into a square aspect with your ruler Uranus, affecting communications, contracts, cars, computers, work discussions, and employment as you feel tension to make adjustments and take action.  All the while Mars conjuncts Saturn, bringing an element of limitation, frustration, discipline, and hard work to the area of higher education, travel, promotions, foreign contacts, publishing, marketing, and the media.  On the 18th Mercury makes a clarifying and supportive trine from your 7th house of partnership to Uranus in your 3rd house of agreements, cars, computers, contracts, buying, selling, writing, and speaking.  The Sun shifts out of your 7th house on the 22nd and into Virgo, your 8th house of partner’s resources, intimacy, trust, sex, investments, and corporate money, increasing your focus on private issues of emotions and money.  Mars enters your 10th house on the 23rd where the North Node recently ingressed (on the 19th ), revving up the energy and desire to achieve your ambitions, change your status (married, single, divorced), change your life direction, and make an impact on your career in powerful ways.

PISCES:  Venus transits through fellow water sign Cancer in your 5th house of love, pleasure, risk taking, children, and creativity until September 7th.  Charm, ease, flow, and emotional warmth are enhanced now but during the week of August 12 her composure gets challenged as she moves into an opposition with powerful Pluto in your 11th house of friendships, networking, personal dreams, teams, and the Internet.  Awareness is required to balance your personal desires with the needs of social contacts and team members.  On the 16th Venus squares Uranus in your 2nd house of self-esteem, earnings, talents, and abilities, suggesting a challenge and the need for adjustment between romantic interests, children, creative projects, and financial resources and the need for self-belief to achieve.  Mercury is now moving forward in Leo along with the Sun in your 6th house of work, employees, co-workers, health, daily schedules, and pets, bringing clarity, forward movement, and focus.  On the 17th the New Moon occurs in Leo, bringing additional focus, drive, ego involvement, and fresh initiatives to health regimes, services you offer, and your to-do list.  The North Node, the point symbolizing soul growth, moves into your 9th house of publishing, foreign contacts, travel, higher education, promotions, and media for the next 18 months.  You are supported and encouraged to expand your influence, message, and knowledge base over the next year and a half.  Some will publish books, others will attend school for an advanced degree or professional certification, and still others will embark on a career or wider involvement and growth with media projects.  Mars moves into this very area on the 23rd, heightening your passion, desire, and ego drive in some of the above areas – your confidence grows!  The Sun shifts into your 7th house of Virgo on the 23rd, putting the focus on the important others in your world.