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Monday, July 23, 2012

LOA Radio Network Interview with Jewels

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We are headed to the ISLAND OF COZUMEL featuring an optional trip to the spiritual ruins of the Mayan city of Tulum - set on the coast of the Caribbean and one of the last thriving cities of the Maya!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, July 20th

~Photo Courtesy of Michele Maryhugh Pirro ~ Memphis, NY

ARIES:  Mercury travels backward in fellow air sign Leo in your 5th house of heart, self-expression, and creative urgings while reaching out to Mars in your 7th house of partnership on the 22nd.  The Sun ingresses into Leo (your 5th house) on the 22nd highlighting four weeks of risk taking, pleasure tripping, and children’s affairs.  The energy symbolizing learning and knowledge in your 3rd house of communications and study makes contact with Uranus in your 1st house, suggesting a time of increased awareness and opportunity regarding your self-expression and writing and speaking projects.  Mercury contacts Uranus on the 25th and heightens your consciousness surrounding creative projects, desires, interactions with friends, and children.  Eros, the asteroid ruling passion and love, ingresses into your 8th house on the 20th and heats up the areas of sex, intimacy, and trust through mid-September. 

TAURUS:  Eros, the god of love, moves into your 7th house of partnership, heating up the erotic and passionate in your committed relationships, business connections, and expert consultants through mid-September.  The Sun shifts into your 4th house of home, family, parents, and soul on the 22nd and puts the focus on your personal life.  The areas of self-esteem and talents are highlighted this week as Jupiter reaches out first to revolutionary Uranus in your 12th house of spirit and the past and then to Chiron in the 11th house of personal dreams and friendships.  Opportunities for personal expansion, awareness, and connection with your personal imagery, healing, and manifestation are supported this week as you continue to deepen your understanding of how to be the true author of your life.

GEMINI:  The Sun joins retrograde Mercury in your 3rd house of communications, learning, teaching, writing, siblings, and neighbors, upping the volume on communications on the 22nd as Mercury reaches out to energetic Mars in your 5th house of creativity, love, and self-expression.  While Mercury retrogrades we are often more open and available for input, ideas from others, and learning.  Jupiter traveling through your 1st house reaches out to both Uranus and Chiron, suggesting a week of expansion within friendships, associations, and future possibilities.  Chiron pushes you forward in your creative imagery and healing in life direction and career – what are currently daydreams eventually manifest as reality.

CANCER:  Passion is the name of your game as Eros, the god of love and eroticism, ingresses into your 5th house through mid-September, revving your juices in creative expression, children’s doings, and love affairs.  The Sun shifts out of your sign on the 22nd and focuses your energy on earnings, employment, sharing your talents, and strengthening self-esteem.  Jupiter asks you to expand your inner life as he reaches out to awakener Uranus in your house of life direction and then Chiron in your 9th house of the higher mind and spirituality.  The inner need for breaking through and moving beyond personal limitations is felt this week.

LEO:  Happy Birthday Lions.  The Sun ingresses into your sign on the 22nd and kicks off your new solar year.  He makes a growth aspect on the same day to the Node in your 5th house of love, heart openings, and the creative instinct – all of which you have been supported in developing over the past year and a half.  Your friends and associations are benevolently engaged this week as Jupiter expands your sense of possibilities in personal dreams, travel, spiritual growth, education, psychological healing, financial breakthroughs, creative imagery, and issues surrounding trust.  Breakthroughs are possible as you move through limiting psychological patterns and focus on what you want to experience in this thing called life.

VIRGO:  Mercury’s retrograde through the house of soul, spirit, addictions, secrets, rest, rejuvenation, and the past is energized by Mars transiting your 2nd house of self-esteem, earning capacity, employment, and personal talents on the 22nd.  Also on that day, the Sun joins Mercury in your 12th house of emptying out and spirituality.  This is a time for going deeper into what resonates for you and what decidedly doesn’t before you begin your new solar year in four weeks.  Jupiter reaches out to Uranus from your 10th house of career and life direction, serving up additional resources from a partner, company, or financial institution while pushing for a sense of healing and expansion within committed partnerships.

LIBRA:  Eros exits your sign on the 20th and enters your 2nd house infusing your personal income, self-esteem, and talents with a sense of passion and intensity through mid-September.  You are committed to serving up your personal best and reaping the financial rewards.  The Sun ingresses into your 11th house of personal dreams, friendships, and Internet activity on the 22nd and then makes a growth aspect to the North Node on the 25th, bringing growth and awareness to your teaching, selling, speaking, and sibling relationships.  Travel may be in the picture as Jupiter contacts Uranus, suggesting that travel, education, public relations, and spirituality are enhanced while interacting with partners. 

SCORPIO:  Prepare to feel impassioned and turned on as Eros, the god of love, enters your sign on the 20th upping the ante in your personal magnetism and attraction.  Your passions and perhaps libido are on high alert as your engagement with life out there takes on an erotic lens.  The Sun shifts out of your 9th house of education, travel, the higher mind, and spirituality and moves into your 10th house of reputation, the public, career, life direction, and authority figures on the 22nd.  Financial expansion is very possible, as Jupiter is activating your 8th house of finance, resources from another, loans, investments, and commission.  Help is activated from both your 6th house of work, health, and service as well as your 5th house of creativity and love.

SAGITTARIUS:  Partnerships are accented this week as Jupiter is active in your 7th house of others.  He first reaches out to Uranus on the 21st and brings a level of growth within partnership, creativity, love, passion, learning, and travel.  On the 24th Jupiter squares Chiron in your 4th house of home, family, parents, soul, and personal life. This is a time when you may seek to push through any feeling of pain, limitations, or security issues in order to release and heal.  The Sun ingresses into your 9th house of travel, spirituality, education, marketing, teaching, and expansion while contacting the North Node in your sign, suggesting a time of increased awareness and development regarding your belief systems and life connections. 

CAPRICORN:  Your friendships and goals make take on a potent and passionate quality over the next several weeks as Eros, the god of love, ingresses into your 11th house until mid-September.  Love may be found in groups.  Work and health expands as Jupiter sextiles Uranus on the 21st presenting opportunities to work from home, health and healing, and an increased sense of personal well-being in the services you offer.  Any difficulties with co-workers, health professionals, or employees are coming up to be healed and potentially cleared as Jupiter squares Chiron in your 3rd house of communications and habitual mental thoughts.  Siblings may require your support and attention as they are working through health or psychological issues.  The Sun slides into your 8th house of endings and beginnings, psychology, intimacy, trust, and finances for the next four weeks.

AQUARIUS:  You want the world to know you are potent, charismatic, and passionate
when Eros transits your 10th house of reputation, the public, work, avocation, life direction, and parents.  Perhaps love and desire are found on the job with an authority figure.  Uranus receives an expansive missive from Jupiter and aligns your 5th house of love and pleasure with your 3rd house of communications and local travel on the 21st.  On the 22nd the Sun moves into your 7th house of partnership, helping to lighten your work load and focus you attention on the important others in your world over the next four weeks.  Mercury then contacts Uranus on the 25th, blending interactions with partners, teaching, travel, speaking, and writing.

PISCES:  Learning, travel, spirituality, and getting your message out to a broader audience become important, impassioned, and potent as Eros, the god of love, ingresses into your 9th house on the 20th for a seven-week visit.  Passion may be found in classrooms, museums, areas of higher learning, and with foreigners.  Home and possessions receive an influx of good luck and expansion as Jupiter reaches out to Uranus on the 21st.  Your talents may expand in creative ways, enhancing your sense of security and personal wellness.  Jupiter then contacts Chiron in your sign, providing just enough tension to push through a limiting belief or two and encouraging you to engage in healing imagery while focusing on what feels good and life affirming.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For the two week period of July 6th - 19th

Including "Reduced" Follow Up Sessions 

~"I have listened to your taping of my reading and cannot believe how "on the mark" you are with everything. Even the things I didn't realize were happening have come to be. It is something I can keep referring to and chart my journey. Even your advice and suggestions on handling some of the chaos has helped more than I can say." ~Julie

ARIES:  After a long sojourn in Virgo, your 6th house of work and health, Mars is now moving through your 7th house sign of Libra.  He has joined Saturn in the area of lessons, restrictions, maturation, and responsibility, signaling a time for energetic exchanges and actions with partners.  If your partnerships have been in a holding pattern you can expect breakthroughs and some breakdowns as your partners are intent upon their own desires and preferences.  Uranus retrogrades in your sign on the 13th, allowing for a deepening in the areas of personal change and emancipation as you pull the revolutionary energy inward.  The 18th brings a New Moon in your 4th house of family, personal life, and home, encouraging a four-week period of fresh initiatives.  Mars also opposes Uranus on this day, bringing the possibilities for surprising actions from your partner.  Mercury turns retrograde in your 3rd house of contracts, communications, and travel on the 14th—please do not sign binding contracts or make large purchases until after August 8th.

TAURUS:  Mars has now joined Saturn in your 6th house of work, health, and handling the daily schedule.  Any feeling of sluggishness in these areas of your life will abate, since Saturn is now moving direct and Mars is energizing your desires and ambitions.  If you have been unemployed you may be starting a new job now, as Mars sees you working hard over the next six weeks.  Mercury’s retrograde on the 14th in your 4th house of home, family, and personal life suggests a rethink in these areas.  Additionally, family members may show up for a visit and allow you to strengthen your personal ties.  As always, Mercury retrograde is not the time for binding contracts or large ticket purchases.  On the 18th we have a New Moon in your 3rd house of communications, sales, travel, and study, suggesting a time for fresh projects and beginnings in these areas.  This Lunation does receive some restrictions from Saturn in your 6th house of daily work, health, and the care of pets.  An agreement, some correspondence, or a health condition may need to be handled or tabled until the second part of August.  Mercury’s retrograde suggests that a clearer path for fresh starts unfolds as we move into the second week of August.  Patience is your friend now as you gather information and ponder the possibilities.

GEMINI:  The focus and energy shifts from your 4th house of home, parents, personal life, and housing now that Mars is transiting your 5th house of pleasure, being who you are, love, children, and creativity.  Mars is in fellow air sign Libra and joins Saturn, now moving direct, to encourage you to take risks, express yourself, and believe in your creative abilities.  Some Geminis may be driven to pursue a romantic life.  But your ruling planet Mercury is set to retrograde on the 14th in your 3rd house of communications, phone calls, emails, writing, teaching, and selling.  The retrograde lasts until August 8th, encouraging you to be extra clear in all correspondence and to be patient in educational, selling, and communication projects.  This energy suggests that you take your time and gather more information.  Uranus moves into retrograde on the 13th, slowing the engagement and surprising situations you’ve encountered with friends, in teamwork, and in the pursuit of your personal dreams.  Vesta, the asteroid ruling that which we hold sacred, ingresses into your sign on the 10th for the remainder of the year.  Commitment to your personal goals and development are enhanced and supported by this large asteroid.  The New Moon falls in your 2nd house of talents, earned income, and all that you value, suggesting a time for fresh initiative in these areas.  This Lunation receives a harsh glance from Saturn in your 5th house of creativity and self-expression.  Again, the light turns green as we move into the second half of August.

CANCER:  There has been an emphasis over the past several months (dating back to November 2011) on your communications, siblings, local neighborhood, and education, with Mars transiting your 3rd house.  Now, Mars has joined Saturn in your 4th house of home, family, parents, and housing.  If any of these areas have felt stuck over the past few months, expect an injection of movement and energy to help you make changes in your personal life.  Mercury will move into retrograde on July 14th until August 8th in your 2nd house in the areas affecting your income, abilities, and things that you own.  A review appears to be in order and this is not an advantageous time for signing new employee contracts, accepting new employment, or buying and selling.  The exception is if a person from the past reappears bearing an employment opportunity. In that case you have the cautious green light to explore your options – although I still encourage you to be very thorough in learning what the job will entail and the expectations.  Uranus turns retrograde on the 13th, slowing the change, adjustments, and surprises that you’ve experienced in your career, life direction, and with authority figures.  The New Moon is your personal Lunation, encouraging fresh starts in your plans and goals.  This will occur on the 18th in your 1st house of image and identity but will receive a harsh glance from Saturn in your 4th house of home and family.  Responsibilities in your personal life may slow the advancements you are working on. A clearer avenue will open up as we move into the second week of August.

LEO:  The Sun continues to travel in the recuperative and solitary 12th house, indicating a time of rest and emptying out in preparation for your new solar year.  The planet ruling energy, ego, and desire has now ingressed into your 3rd house of communication, local environment, education, writing projects, and selling.  This energy is much more favorable to your fire sign and suggests a time of increased interaction with others as well as the need to express yourself.  Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign on July 14th until August 8th – so although you will feel energized in your communications you are also encouraged to take your time to be extra clear in all discussions and communications.  Mercury’s slowdown affects you on a very personal level, encouraging to take your time with any re-thinking, knowing that the way forward with personal goals will open up in the second half of August.  The New Moon falls in your behind-the-scenes 12th house, opening the way for further evaluation and rest as well as the possibilities of caring for others in need, working in volunteerism, and working with hospitals and non-profit organizations.  This New Moon receives some sort of restriction from Saturn in your 3rd house of agreements and the local neighborhood, so plan on slow movement as well as some obstacles.

VIRGO:  After a 7 ½ month visit from energizing Mars he has now ingressed into your 2nd house of self-esteem, earnings, and talents.  What you have learned on the inner plane is now due to evolve in the areas of earnings and sharing what you know.  Mercury will move into retrograde on the 14th until August 8th in your house of the subconscious, dreams, volunteerism, non-profit work, research, time spent in solitude, and recuperation. This is a time to review and ponder before you bring your ideas out into the light.  The New Moon on the 18th falls at 26 degrees of Cancer in your 11th house of goals, dreams, friendships, and teamwork.  Typically the New Moon provides the symbolic green light but this Lunation occurs with a message of caution and limitation from Saturn transiting in your 2nd house of earnings and self-esteem.  Perhaps more time is needed to raise your earnings or to fund some of your projects or social activities.  Your employment often involves working with others in partnership and one-on-one, so take the time to think things through.  Uranus turns retrograde on the 13th just prior to this New Moon in the 8th house of shared assets, funding, psychological healing, and your partner’s resources, emphasizing a slowing down of financial planning, change, and spending.  Uranus’ retrograde movement encourages a five-month period of review and revisions. 

LIBRA:  Since November of 2011 you have been in a gestation phase and reviewing the past in relationships, personal motivations, working with your spirituality, generational family history, and your fears.  Now the energetic planet Mars is transiting your sign and brings courage, drive, physical energy, and conviction to your plans and endeavors.  The New Moon on the 18th highlights your career and ambitions as it falls in the 10th house, the most public of houses.  Yet this time for new starts is squared by Saturn in your sign, suggesting a time for careful and responsible vocational growth.  This is also mirrored by Mercury’s retrograde on the 14th  in your 11th house of goals and cherished dreams.  On this same day, Mars in your sign opposes Uranus in your 7th house, suggesting a day of possible surprises from others in your world.  Things will be opening up but not at a fast rate.  The time for clearer and unfettered advances is after Mercury turns direct on August 8th.  The message from the Universe is to “take your time and think things through.”  Uranus retrogrades in your 7th house of partnership on the 13th for a five-month review.  Partnerships deepen and grow or are released as a useful (yet impermanent) learning experience.

SCORPIO:  The Sun transits your 9th house of the higher mind, your beliefs, how you engage with the world, education, travel, and promotions/publishing.  The New Moon on the 18th, also occurring in your 9th house, signifies fresh starts in these areas but also receives a word of caution from Saturn currently transiting your 12th house of recuperation, emptying out, and work done in private.  You are in preparation for a new personal phase that will commence in October when Saturn enters your sign and the North Node (in September) encourages you to develop your authentic and self-motivating sense of identity.  Mercury moves into retrograde from July 14th until August 8th in your area of experience governing your reputation, career, fame, and authority figures. This is a time to be extra clear in these areas as roles are revisited and vocational aims reviewed.  Uranus also moves into retrograde on the 13th for the next five months in your 6th house of daily work, health, tasks, employees, and pets, further emphasizing the message to take your time and not to push the river in your professional and daily life.  A need for more flexibility and liberating working conditions may be experienced over the next few months, freeing up some of the inflexibility you’ve been facing.  The asteroid Juno moves direct in your sign on the 15th, adding energy to your sense of personal value and desire for equal and mutually beneficial relationships.

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars makes a growth aspect to the North Node in your sign on the 10th.  You’ve been in a phase of personal evolution over the past 18 months and Mars quickens the engagement from your 11th house of personal dreams and wish fulfillment.  Mars spent many months in your career house moving you forward in vocational goals; now the energy becomes more social and lively as he transits your 11th house of Libra.  Expect to feel more motivated to join in with others, which enlivens your day-to-day activities, and the possibility of dealing with a friend’s anger or irritation with you.  The asteroid Vesta enters your 7th house of partnerships, joining both Venus and Jupiter and heightening your dedication and desire for growth in your  relationships.  Uranus moves into retrograde on the 13th in your 5th house of pleasure, love, children, creativity, and personal joy, which deepens your dedication to the process of internal freedom and liberation in all the areas that bring you joy and excitement.  Mercury turns retrograde on the 14th until August 8th in your 9th house of long-distance travel and education, asking you to refrain from any long-term binding projects or large purchases. The New Moon falls in your 8th house of sex, trust, psychological healing, joint finances, corporate money, commissions, and investments at 26 degrees of Cancer.  This Lunation conjuncts Varuna, a watery asteroid that symbolizes Universal Wisdom, ethics, and keeping promises. 

CAPRICORN:  The big news is that the planet of aggression, willpower, ambition, and assertion is shifting out of Virgo (your 9th house) and into Libra, your 10th house of career, reputation, and fame.  Saturn has been transiting this area for the past 2 1/2 years, making you work for rewards and advancement. If career has not been aligned with the inner self, some Capricorns have been laid off.  But with the assertive Mars at the helm expect to feel energized to further your vocational goals.  The only cautionary note is to not be too assertive with those in power, as this energy can also denote disagreements and conflict.  Mercury will not help your career aims as he shifts into retrograde on the 14th in Leo, your 8th house of shared resources, partner’s earnings, investments, commissions, psychological healing, trust, sex, and intimacy.  Mercury’s retrograde lasts until August 8th and it’s a time to move into review mode surrounding all resources – emotional, informational, psychological, sexual, and financial.  Again, the Universe is slowing down the engagement with our outward manifestations, goals, and desires.  We are all in the same boat so please swim in the waters of patience and refrain from any binding contracts or large purchases.  The New Moon is in your 7th house of Cancer at 26 degrees on the 18th, suggesting fresh starts within partnerships, clients, agents, and the public.  But Saturn sends a hard missive from your career house, suggesting some obstacles or restrictions around this New Moon energy.  Please know that forward movement unfolds more effectively as we move into the second half of August. Now is the time for continued polishing regarding financial and career planning.

AQUARIUS:  Uranus will move into retrograde on the 13th in your 3rd house of siblings, neighbors, all forms of communications, the lower mind, habits of thought, travel, and education.  Over the next five months you will be able to make some deep-seated changes in these areas – which may be surprising to some but not to you!  Mercury is also retrograding this month, just after Uranus, on the 14th in the 7th house in Leo, the area of your chart ruling partnerships.  Allow plenty of room for clarification in your communications with others since this is a time ripe for miscues and misunderstandings. Be extra diligent in all communication forms.  You may find former partners and business colleagues popping up during this retrograde period.  One of the fun features of a Mercury retro is the opportunity to catch up with people who have fallen off your radar.  As always, binding agreements and large ticket purchases are not supported when Mercury retrogrades – but the pathways will clear during the second half of August.  The New Moon falls in your 6th house of daily work, health, projects, tasks, and pets, signaling a four-week period of fresh starts in these areas. But Saturn is squaring this New Moon from your 9th house of travel, education, and public relations, suggesting a snafu may appear in the form of hold-ups or obstacles to overcome.  For example, a new work assignment may appear but due to your travel schedule you will need to negotiate start dates and times.  Take your time, knowing that a little more diligence is required.

PISCES:  It may come as a relief that Mars has finally exited your partnership house (where he has been transiting since last November 2011) and is transiting your 8th house of transformation, change, psychological health, finances, investments, sexuality, intimacy, and trust.  The next leg of your energetic journey unfolds with Mars’ transit into Libra.  For some Pisceans a partnership has dissolved and you are now going about the business of settlements and the management of previously shared resources.  For others, Mars deepens the relating energy as issues of trust and sex arise, requiring further discussion and hopefully ensuing agreements.  Mercury moves into retrograde on the 14th in your 6th house of daily work schedules, employees, tasks, to-do lists, health, and pets.  One or more of these areas requires a re-think as the planet of the mind and communications slows down until August 8th. Make plenty of time in your schedule to handle machine break-downs, miscommunications, and the usual Mercury glitches that slow down our ability to meet deadlines and scheduling projections.  Uranus also moves into retrograde on the 13th for a five-month review period in your 2nd house of self-esteem, talents and earnings. This is a fruitful time for making the much needed and desired changes around earnings and employment over the next five  months.  The New Moon on the 18th at 26 degrees of Cancer falls in your 5th house of love, children’s affairs, personal creativity, and risk taking, indicating a four-week period of fresh starts.  But Mercury’s retrograde asks for your patience while you review current work situations which are due to straighten out next month.