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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, June 8th

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ARIES:  Communications are active this week. Mercury in your 4th house of soul, self, and security engages with the area of transformation and change on Monday, squaring Uranus in your 1st house of self-expression and opposing Pluto in the areas of career and life direction.  This is called a T-square and denotes some tension and the need for decisions and mental clarity.  The changes and shifts of the past few years bring additional awareness to the areas of your life that represent ongoing adjustments.  Jupiter joins in Mercury's cause as the energy of expansion and learning moves into Mercury's sign of Gemini in your 3rd house on the 11th. Jupiter is intent upon honing your talents and abilities and strengthening your self-esteem.

TAURUS:  Jupiter's exit from your 1st house into the 2nd house signals the beginning of implementing, polishing, and honing all that you have discovered and built upon during the past 12 months.  It's time to put your education, awareness, and opportunities to work for you in the realm of your talents, which in turn builds and strengthens your self-esteem.  You have an opportunity over the next year to expand your resources—both financially and emotionally.  Mercury's movement this week ups the ante in the "ways and means" in the areas of writing, communication, educational projects, travel, big-picture activities, and foreign contacts.  Chiron shifts into retrograde on the 9th in your 11th house, asking you go deeper in aligning with your heartfelt goals and desires.

GEMINI:  Your ponderings, awakening, and time spent in solitude is now seeking outward expression through personal desires, learning, and pursuing areas of opportunity that feel good to you.  Jupiter's ingress into your sign on the 11th supports these areas of expansion and curiosity.  I'll assert that the best teachers are the most ardent students—an apt phrase for you over the next year.  Mercury is bringing you a more conscious awareness of these dreams you hold dear and providing information in the areas of change surrounding your financial and emotional resources.  Chiron moves into retrograde motion until November, supporting a time of deeper understanding, processing, and awareness in life choices, goals, career, and parents.

CANCER:  Mercury's ingress into your sign signals a time of increased communications with others, and the conscious processing of your intuitions and senses.  Some exchanges and mental connections may feel jolting as Mercury squares Uranus and opposes Pluto on the 11th. This time encourages decisions and discussion on the long-term cycle of change occurring in your outer life and your patterns of relating. Also on the 11th, Jupiter moves into the behind-the-scenes 12th house for a 12-month stay.  This is a time to go inward in order to improve psychological and physical health, the mind/body connection, and to tend to the spiritual.  Chiron moves into retrograde on the 12th, deepening your understanding, compassion, and spiritual and philosophical development.

LEO:  Jupiter is moving into a social position on the 11th, opening up your vistas, dreams, good will from compadres, and team participation over the next year.  People are more willing to help you out, support your goals. and broaden your view of possibilities.  Mercury is busy gathering information for this new cycle from the depths of your emotional and spiritual core.  He bumps up against both Uranus and Pluto on the 11th, awakening the areas of mind, adventure, education, work, health, services, and health.  Intuition grows about what needs to change in order to transform your daily schedule and step more fully into your core need for expansion and creativity.

VIRGO:  Your ruling planet is busy this week gathering information and presenting challenges for your ultimate growth and healing.  As Mercury transits your 11th house of goals, dreams, and being who you are, he brings awareness surrounding your evolving need for creative self-expression, psychological habits, and some long overdue emotional endings.  Jupiter's ingress into fellow Mercurial Gemini heralds a year of growth, opportunity, education, and expansion in your life direction, career, and parental situations. Healing and validation is on the way.  Chiron's retrograde movement on the 12th imparts messages and promises of compassionate understanding and awareness in your primary relationships and with clients and consultants who can help you on your journey.

LIBRA:  Saturn's transit of your sign for the past 2+ years has required restraint and plenty of responsibility, growth, practicality, and, as Saturn always demands, maturation.  Jupiter's ingress into your 9th house of adventure, media, publishing, enlarging your reach/audience, and education promises a year of lightening up, travel, pleasure through inventive curiosity, and the love of knowledge.  As Chiron moves into retrograde through November you have the opportunity to go deeper in the development and extension of your services, physical health, and teaching.  The Sun in your 9th house trines Saturn in your sign on the 13th, validating your thoughts, beliefs, and plans for future projects.

SCORPIO:  Jupiter's ingress into the most private and psychologically sensitive area of your chart promises a time for healing, deepening trust, financial protection, and going deeper within partnership. Extend a welcome to Jupiter shifting into your sign ruler’s 8th house.  Mercury's transit through your 9th house of "mind expansion" makes contact with revolutionary Uranus in your 6th house of work and health and Pluto in your 3rd house of mind and communications.  More awareness flows in regarding the changing landscape in your mind and in your health, work, and services.  Mercury's trine to Chiron on the 12th highlights developments with children, creativity, and teaching.  Chiron retrogrades that day until November, deepening the need for healing of the precious child within.

SAGITTARIUS:  Ta-da moments can be expected just prior to Jupiter's move into your 7th house of partnership.  Work projects and health are positioned nicely through the 10th.  It’s time to finish up and gather loose ends in preparation for the expansion Jupiter will bring to your working partnerships and personal relationships. If you need to cut bait from current alliances, Jupiter will bring the goodwill and the path to do so. If you are single and looking, possibilities will abound after August. And if you are currently in a healthy partnership, plan on it expanding and growing in pleasant and benevolent ways as commitment deepens.  The wounded healer, maverick, and compassionate teacher moves into retrograde on the 12th in the area of home, security, and healing.  Deepening levels of understanding are brought to bear through November—heal thyself.

CAPRICORN:  Chiron moves into retrograde on the 12th until November.  The wounded healer has been transiting the area of the mind, education, teaching, and communications.  You are encouraged to align more deeply over the coming months with all that is innovative, compassionate, and knowledge driven.  Stimulation, awareness, and challenges arrive from others in your world. This opens the field of possibilities within your own mind of what needs to change and how to create that change.  Jupiter's ingress into your 6th house for a 12-month stay brings support, expansion, and possible healing in health, work, and the services you have to offer the world.

AQUARIUS:  As the communicator Mercury (now transiting your 6th house of work, health, and service) touches off the Uranus Pluto square, you experience a developing sense of what conditions require your attention in order to step into more fully your inventive genius - this has everything to do with your mind and internal dialogues.  As imprints from the past generations are under renovation it frees you up more and more to engage with your creative mind in the here and now.  Jupiter's shift into your 5th house of creativity will bring expansion in self-expression and creative labor's of love.  Falling in love may be part of this equation.  The fall time frame will start yielding tangible results.

PISCES:  Chiron joins Neptune as he moves into retrograde in your sign until November.  You are marking a new chapter in life that requires healing in order to free up the space for your evolving participation on this planet.  Participation that invokes the creative and innovative that has been percolating for years will gain access to continuing outward expression and new structures in your life.  Jupiter's ingress into your 4th house is aiding and abetting the effort infusing expansion and healing energy to the most personal part of self and shoring up your emotional foundations in order to create a sustainable sense of safety and well being while living on this planet.