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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, June 1st

Pineapple Lillies ~ Photo by Jean Wiley

ARIES:  The intrinsic desire for change can arrive in many forms, often in unanticipated ways – be open to this.  The Venus Sun occultation is opening up energetic passages in your daily patterning and mental habits. This state may feel unfamiliar – especially if the feelings and thoughts that emerge are oriented in beauty, love, and conceptual balance.  Your ego, will, and the usual ways you approach work and duties may be challenged, but trust this is an opening intended to liberate you as you work through life direction and vocational transformations.  The Full Moon on the 4th brings a culmination in travel, education, media, public relations, and the big picture.

TAURUS:  Health and work areas have been the recipient of a very stabilizing force from Venus trine Saturn. Insights and developments unfold as the Venus Sun transit merges, creating a sense of new possibilities for your skills and talents.  Whatever has felt like a non-possibility is ripe for viability and opportunity.  For those of you in the working world, the energy this week is intent upon broadening your scope and, hence, your wallet.  It’s time to get real and embrace what juices and motivates you. This may initially create tension within your creative sense of structure and will.  But the energetic cycle intent upon transforming your belief systems begins with you and then radiates to external people and situations.  The Full Moon highlights your psychology, needed endings, and the energy shared with others. 

GEMINI:  You have been engaged in an energetic trend intent upon strengthening and defining your relationships as the North Node has transited your 7th house.  This week the Venus Sun occultation is further fueling this evolution, encouraging another level of development that has everything to do with healing the feminine within.  By that I mean believing that you are worthy, valuable, and deserving of all things loving and abundant.  This process is highlighted over the next few years, but another stage of awareness is upon you now, seeking to dissolve psychological patterns of the past (anything that feels harsh or limiting are the areas for release).  This consciousness may bump up against the struggle and anger of the past – let this surface, knowing that this is a clearing out rather than a statement that this is your “lot in life,” - not true, not true.

CANCER:  Your sign is known as the “nurturer” and the path for the Cancerian is learning to mother self, first and foremost.  Feeding your needs and clearing emotional static can be challenging but oh so affirming.  As the Venus Sun occultation occurs in the area of the past, subconscious, and generational family, you are in a prime time to lovingly and gently clear out the closets of limitations, family imprints, and subconscious belief patterns.  This process feeds the long-term cycle of transforming your relationships and relating patterns while liberating your career goals and interactions with authority and parents.  Any orientations that feel harsh or limiting are the areas for ultimate dissolving.  The Full Moon highlights the axis of mind/body connections – what you think is in direct correlation to how you feel. 

LEO:  You have been energetically encouraged to step into your authentic feelings, expression, and creative life over the past year or so.  Going with the crowd is not the path to growth or setting long-term goals.  But this is beginning to shift with the Venus Sun occultation.  Getting real about what is important to you based on your desires is unfolding at a rapid pace.  Jupiter enters your 11th house this month (and especially after August) and sets up a year to align your creative urgings with your long-term plans.  Friends, networks, and acquaintances will become part of the process, as others want to see you do well and self-actualize.  As this week unfolds, pay attention to self-esteem issues. You have the support and power to change them.

VIRGO:  The Venus Sun occultation occurs in the area of your public self – life direction, career, and reputation.  You have something special to offer to the world Virgo – trust that.  Your energy and will are working through to your future and will expand as Jupiter enters your 10th house this month and the South Node leaves at the end of August.  Since last fall, the Mars transit of your sign has been urging a review regarding why you want what you want.  The Full Moon on the 4th highlights the axis of foundations (home, family, security) and your public life (career, influence, and external activity), revving your personal goals as you seek to integrate your desires with the greater good. This affords you more psychological freedom and the ability to create deep and lasting change.

LIBRA:  The bigger world is calling in the areas of your higher mind, education, travel, big picture, media, and public relations.  The Mars transit has been working on the past and the areas that have tripped you up in your psychology and past imprints.  The Venus Sun occultation is flowing in to help incorporate all that you have worked through over the past months.  Seeds of desires and yearnings are taking hold now and will be fully born while Jupiter moves into your 9th house and the S. Node moves on at the end of August.  The Full Moon highlights your communication axis, validating and highlighting your communication skills.  Allow any frustrations or limiting fears to rise to surface for integration.

SCORPIO:  The Venus Sun occultation is priming the pump and revealing the deep changes to come when Jupiter ingresses into your 8th house of psychology, trust, intimacy, and finances.  Jupiter will visit this area for a year, helping to heal issues of trust and abundance.  The S. Node of the past will exit your 8th house at the end of August, freeing up energy for growth and healing in your relationships with others and in your relationship to money.  This in turn feeds the revolutionary needs of Uranus transiting your 6th house of work and health where revolution in your own world is about more freedom in your daily life and the services that you offer.  The Full Moon on the 4th highlights your income, talents, and the resources others share with you – mentally, sexually, financially, and psychologically.

SAGITTARIUS:  The Full Moon falls in your sign on the 4th highlighting your personal needs within partnerships.  The Venus Sun occultation is pouring energy into all of your important relationships.  This is the time to show clarity and compassion and to incorporate your goals and plans into your daily life and work.  This area will continue to be the focus of growth as Jupiter moves into the 7th house this month and the S. Node exits at the end of August.  Incremental development with others is highlighted in a very positive way over the next year. 

CAPRICORN:  As Neptune (the planet of Universal Love) turns retrograde in your house of the mind, Venus (the planet representing interpersonal love and values) is illuminated by the Sun in the areas of work, health, and the services you share with others on this planet.  Important ideas are now converting into important developments in your health and work sectors.  More will come as Jupiter ingresses into this area for a year and as the South Node departs in August, freeing up forward movement and the actualization of your plans.  Your mandate is to further integrate the mind/body connection in order to utilize all that you’ve got in your service to others.  The Full Moon highlights your subconscious motivations, dreams, meditation, and the areas of habits, health, and service to others.

AQUARIUS:  More beauty is coming in whatever form that resonates for you.  Creativity, art, music, and love are deep seated and represent your personal soul urgings.  The Venus Sun occultation occurring in your 5th house of self is opening up heart-felt longings and desires.  Jupiter’s imminent move into your 5th house will be a catalyst, creating palpable avenues for self-expression over the next year.  Trust the softer inner energy that is all about being available to receive, attract, and nurture that which you love and which feeds you.  The Full Moon on the 4th highlights the axis of friends, love, long-term planning, and personal goals. 

PISCES:  Neptune turns retrograde in your sign at the Full Moon on the 4th.  Any fogginess or confusion abates over the next few months, allowing for time to ponder and integrate the urgings and discontent you’ve been feeling since February.  The Venus Sun occultation brings further comfort and awareness in your personal life, signaling a time of healing and abundance.  Jupiter will move into this very area (the 4th house) later this month, seeking to broaden your scope in your personal life and in your home life over the next year.  The Full Moon brings a culmination in the areas of career, public life, authority figures, and reputation.