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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, June 15th

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ARIES:  Mars, your sign ruler, is moving out of his retrograde shadow on the 19th. See this as a sign to “pass go” in the areas of work, health, pets, and daily routines.  This year has been slow going in these areas, asking you to take your time, engage in due diligence, and rethink your daily structures.  The New Moon, also on the 19th, is in your 3rd house of communications, siblings, teaching, learning, speaking, writing, and travel.  Until mid-July you have the green light to initiate fresh practices and projects in these areas.

TAURUS:  The second New Moon in your 2nd house ensures that your talents, abilities, value system, and earnings will receive fresh sources of stimulation and energy.  You have a 3 week window to make change and implement plans before Mercury's retrograde in mid-July. Mars, the planet ruling drive, ego, initiative, and sex, moves out of its retrograde shadow (from last January), clearing the path for forward movement in dating, relationships, your children, creative endeavors, and all things pleasure oriented.  All year you’ve been asked to review your motivations. Now the manifestation process begins in earnest.

GEMINI:  On the 19th, another New Moon in your sign (in addition to the May New Moon Solar Eclipse) brings more flow to your personal expression, desires, evolving identity, and partnerships.  Your ruler Mercury will turn retrograde in mid-July, so seize opportunities now and over the next three weeks.  Mars moves out of his retrograde shadow on the 19th as well, signaling more momentum in home projects, working from home, moving, tending to issues from the past, and personal security.

CANCER:  Another New Moon in your 12th house sector opens additional flow and awareness in the areas of volunteerism, hospitals, non-profit work, spiritual endeavors, dreams and dreaming, the Law of Attraction, and manifestation – working from the inside out.  Visualization and tending to your dreams are important now. Design your life by focusing your energy and attention.  Mars moves out of his sluggish state on the 19th, encouraging clear communications, writing, teaching, speaking projects, car purchases and maintenance, sibling activity, and community involvement. You can make tangible headway now.

LEO:  The second New Moon in your 5th house of love, children, pleasure, and creativity is providing energy and confidence but it’s up to you to take a chance or two.  Mars’ forward movement out of his retrograde shadow on the 19th is a time to put your energy and willpower where your talents and abilities are.  Since January issues of confidence may have clouded your earning potential, but now your mind clears and your will power engages as you go after jobs and things that you value.  It’s a wonderful time for job-enhancement projects too.

VIRGO:  Your long-term visitor Mars shifts out of his retrograde shadow on the 19th.  Since January, it has been a time for review, revisions, re-thinks, and general slowdowns in the areas of personal desires, goals, and health. These areas are now gaining momentum – it’s time for some definite validation and personal bench marks.  Another New Moon on the 19th occurs in your 10th house of career, public reputation, and status – the time is ripe for advancement and public acclaim.

LIBRA:  Plenty of internal clearing, internal work, and alignment has been your modus operandi this year as Mars has transited your 12th house of spirit, the past, dream work, spirituality, and working in privacy.  He is now passing beyond his retrograde shadow, heralding a time of internal integration and manifestation.  He will ingress into your sign on July 3rd, bringing much of the subconscious work into conscious awareness and initiating a period of fresh personal initiatives, courage, and goal setting.  The second New Moon on the 19th in your 9th house of the higher mind, education, publishing, travel, foreign connections, media and adventure brings yet another energy cycle to bear encouraging fresh initiatives and new starts.

SCORPIO:  Group activities, Internet projects, friendships, personal dreams, and the future are becoming clearer and opening up to tangible advancement as Mars passes beyond his retrograde shadow on the 19th.  Diligence with loans, debts, investments, buying and selling, and bonding are due for fresh energy with the New Moon on the 19th falling in your 8th house of resources.  Until mid-July you have clear energy to make advancements, both psychologically and financially. 

SAGITTARIUS:  The second New Moon on the 19th in your house of partnership is clearing more debris and hesitation surrounding commitments, experts who can “help” you, partnerships, and agreements.  More people are populating your everyday life, opening up your world to fresh associations, views, and possibilities.  Mars moves out of his shadow on the 19th and signals advancement in your career, public reputation, status, and overall life direction. You know where you are going now and are ready to see things through.

CAPRICORN:  The energy clears for activity involving long-distance travel, media, education, foreign interests, and adventures as Mars moves out of his retrograde shadow on the 19th.  The wisdom that has slowed you down in these areas is now releasing and supporting you.  The second New Moon in the house of work, employees, pets, health, daily tasks, and service is clearing more energy and paving the way for new ways of interacting with your everyday world of work and schedules.

AQUARIUS:  The second New Moon in your 5th house on the 19th clears more energy for all things heart-centered and passionate.  You couldn’t ask for a clearer sign than the Universe providing another fresh batch of energy to follow your heart, create your world, take chances, and love what you do.  Mars moves out of his retrograde shadow this week in your 8th house of debt, psychological health, intimacy, sex, and trust.  All of the “re-thinks” since January are now resulting in the long-lasting change you’ve been seeking.

PISCES:  Mars moves out of his retrograde shadow this week in the area of partnership and alliances.  All of the slow downs, internal work, and interactions with the others in your world are freeing up for fresh levels of engagement and exchange.  The second New Moon of the year in your 4th house of home, family, the past, security, and parents clears yet more energy, allowing new starts and rules of engagement in your personal world.