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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Filling the Cup...

The Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO ~ Photo by Rose Evans Walker

On Sunday, I asked Rose (photo) if she was in danger of the fires burning in Colorado, as of that date she indicated they were 20 miles south of her home, that the air was acrid with smoke which made breathing outside difficult.  I have not heard from her since and hope her and her two teenage girls are still safe.  Please feel free to send healing energy to those fires and all of the souls who inhabit the area ~

I am taking a break from writing weekly columns but will continue to post bi-weekly or twice per month columns/videos.  Next week on July 2nd, I will write a column for the two week period following.  I will continue to maintain my client session schedule Tuesday through Friday but have felt the need to create a bit more "space" for continuing education and some additional rest.  My progressed Moon is currently conjunct Chiron and the inner urging for increased time dedicated to professional study/development and quiet reflection has been tapping on my shoulder the past few weeks.

I have learned when I don't listen to "spirit" it can manifest in the body so I am endeavoring to walk my talk as a helping professional - this schedule adjustment is ultimately passed on to those around me as well as my clients.  Filling my cup, tending to my internal needs and energy is a process I wish for everyone.  You are the most important person in your world and by engaging in high levels of self-care you energetically raise your own vibration as well as those around you.

No doubt, we are in a time period of great shifts and changes.  This week the Uranus Pluto square became exact, Jupiter is squaring Neptune, Saturn turned direct as will Venus tomorrow (the 27th).  I feel the astrology (energy cycles) are asking us to collectively continue to clear and create more space for authentic internal dialogues to continue to create and manifest "juicy" and personally congruent life changes.  

We've morphed into a world that spends huge amounts of time interacting with the energy "out there" (internet, phone, messaging, FB and email...etc.) while leaving only a small percentage of our time for the internal connections (prayer, meditation, daydreaming, "being" in nature).  When one isn't in contact with what they are experiencing it's hard to listen to the urgings of soul and instinct - the place of inner truth and knowing.  

Wishing you many blessings, peace, courage and well being.  Sessions with Jean can be scheduled here.