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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, May 4th - May 17th

Jazz Fest, New Orleans 2011 ~ Photo by Jean Wiley


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Due to Jazz Fest 2012 this column covers the two week period of May 4th - May 17th

ARIES: The financial axis of your chart is energized, bringing a strong focus on earnings, investments, shared resources, and culminations at the Full Moon on the 5th. Work and health situations require careful scrutiny, but as Mercury moves into the area of income and talents on the 9th you are ready for agreements and contracts. The Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the 13th will bring at least a dream or two to fruition. Venus retrogrades on the 15th, emphasizing your local community, siblings, and contracts. Look to the past for current possibilities in sales, writing, and teaching ventures. Teaching and/or healing talents may become more important and fulfilling in your career and life direction.

TAURUS: Partnerships are highlighted at the Full Moon on the 5th. Your work or health situation brings a sense of limitation and gives you pause, but answers are on the way. Mercury enters your sign on the 9th, bringing unconscious or hidden information to light. A beautiful Grand Earth Trine brings benevolent situations and people into your life and creates a harmonious, uplifting situation that can do nothing but enhance your human experience. Circle the 13th as a time for positive growth, opportunities, and wish fulfillment. Venus retrograde on the 15th encourages a rethink on matters regarding your income and skill development. Former opportunities may come back into your life and enhance your resources.

GEMINI: Time is on your side. Your personal coming out period and new solar year kicks off later this month at the Solar Eclipse and as June unfolds. Until then allow some floating time. Venus begins her retrograde on the 15th, encouraging time for internal experimentation and fitting the puzzle pieces of your dreams together. Give things time to mature. The Full Moon on the 5th indicates a busy few days when your to-do list grows ever longer. The 13th and 14th are brilliant days for financial, home, and estate planning.

CANCER: The Full Moon on the 5th highlights a good time for a good time, yet...some serious sense of obligation ensues between your desires and the needs of others or the “group.” The lunation in Scorpio is anything but superfluous and may dredge up deep seated emotions over the weekend. The Grand Earth Trine in the second week promises a time for positive development and flow in your communications and social activities. The 13th especially brings fortuitous developments in the personal dream and friendship category. Some personal time spent relaxing and rejuvenating the soul is encouraged as Venus slows down in your 12th house of rest and solitude.

LEO: Some realities will need to be dealt with over the weekend of the 5th as the Full Moon opposes your ruler—the mighty Sun—in the house of career and life direction. Tied in to this event is the need for grounded analysis surrounding your travel plans, folks at a distance, legal issues, contracts, siblings, neighbors, or modes of travel. The second week of May ensures a better time for career goals, discussions with those who count, and community activities. Circle the 13th as a day for progress and confident action. Venus retrogrades in the areas ruling friendships, authentic dreams and plans, Internet projects, and group activities. Some long lost folks may pop up during these next few weeks and former dreams and hopes reappear.

VIRGO: Your mind, teaching, writing, speaking, neighbors, siblings, and travel plans are the areas affected by the Full Moon on the 5th. An obstacle may need to be squarely faced as Mercury opposes Saturn in the areas of finances, investments, income, and shared resources. Sobering? Yes. Useful? Absolutely. As Mercury enters your 9th house of the big picture on the 9th more solutions come filtering in. The second week of May looks useful and inspiring as a Grand Earth Trine comes into effect. The areas of personal goals and dreams, creative projects, children, love, and big picture planning, travel, teaching, and publishing are tied together in flowing and positive ways. Circle the 13th as a time when opportunity and educational goals meet in a highly productive manner.

LIBRA: Finances, who handles what, shared resources, investments, and intimacy are highlighted over the next few weeks. A reality check appears at the Full Moon on the 5th in the area of your personal resources vs. others' resources. There can be some tension in regards to what a partner wants and needs as opposed to what you want and need. Yet, this is a month for financial success at some level and the possibility of windfalls and gifts from others—circle the 13th as a very positive time. The Grand Earth Trine in the second week helps with your planning, financial goals, and home/selling/living conditions. Venus begins her retrograde in your 9th house of travel, education, publishing, and marketing. Allow time for more information to arrive, personal agenda setting, and puzzle pieces to fit into place as she gathers information well into June. Love is very pleasantly highlighted in travel and educational pursuits.

SCORPIO: Your wants, needs, personal goals, identity, health, and self-expression are highlighted over the weekend of the Full Moon in your sign. A time to take note of other people's impact on your self worth and relationship health. A personal concern, worry, secret, or the health of others may be a concern now. Perhaps work demands are creating a drain on your energy. The energy is heavily influenced by the others in your life this month and their needs are strongly felt. You load lightens during the second week of May and benevolent influences are brought to bear in the social sectors of your life. The 13th is a time when others are on hand to support and encourage. Venus retrogrades in your 8th house of sex, investments, loans, and a partner's resources on the 15th. A re-think is in order, bringing more financial circumstances to light and deepening current bonds.

SAGITTARIUS: The Full Moon on the 5th highlights the area of the subconscious mind, hidden feelings, secrets, and desires while opposing the Sun in the area of work, health, daily schedule, and responsibilities. Also on the 5th, Mercury opposes Saturn, signaling a time for serious thought and possibly conflict between your desires and other people's wishes. Yet, the second week of May is strongly supportive in your income, work, and career areas, suggesting a time of positive developments and increased earning potential. The 13th sees opportunity and praise in work and health. Venus is a positive influence in your relationships and as she turns retrograde on the 15th current bonds may deepen. This is a time to recover lost information and imprints from the important people your life (both personal and professional) in order to solidify and strengthen partnerships.

CAPRICORN: Saturn is an operative at the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 5th as he makes an opposition from your house of career and reputation to the area of home and family – some reality check is in order and an obligation or two will need to be met. The Full Moon highlights a culmination around personal goals, friends, and team building while opposing the Sun in your 5th house of children, love, and creative pursuits. The second week of May is brilliant for gains and forward movement in education, travel, publishing, and lawsuits, teaming strongly with personal goals, identity, creative projects, affairs of your children, and love affairs. The 13th strongly encourages positive expression and planning with lovers, children, and labors of love. A dream comes true.

AQUARIUS: A career highlight is suggested at the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 5th. This is also a time when serious communications, contracts, or discussions need to be handled as Mercury opposes Saturn, bringing certain realities and obligations to bear. Venus retrogrades in your 5th house of creativity, love, and children. This deepens current bonds and asks you to go deeper into your heart and let go of superficial expression or posturing. This is the time to say what you feel! The second week of May brings an extremely positive influence to your home life, housing, those you live with, and family as mighty Jupiter conjuncts the Sun on the 13th. The areas of psychological well-being, security, shared resources, investments, rest, and rejuvenation are beautifully highlighted, suggesting a time to “tend to your inner world” and to reinforce the structures of your life.

PISCES: The Full Moon on the 5th brings a culmination in travel, publishing, marketing, education, or legal activities. On the 5th Mercury also opposes Saturn, suggesting a time for grounding and solid decision making regarding income, shared resources, and intimate partnership concerns. Your self-esteem may feel at stake in some way but let things simmer down before drawing rigid conclusions. The second week of May brings more a more fortuitous time for planning and handling sensitive discussions as a beautiful Grand Earth Trine brings harmonious energy to discussions, partnerships, personal goals, and Internet projects. The 13th is a special day when you hear news, sign contracts, write, speak, or connect with siblings or neighbors in a very positive manner, bringing a dream come true. The Venus retrograde deepens your family commitments, relationships, and sense of security.