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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, April 6th 2012

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ARIES: The Full Moon in Libra falls in your opposite sign on the 6th, highlighting awareness around partnership needs. Venus picks up where the Moon left off as she makes a number of aspects this week from her new home in your third house of the mind and communications. Awareness floods in as she makes a growth aspect to the Lunar Node, putting the possibilities of what can be true for you into a larger frame. The latter part of this forecast week suggests a time for forgiveness for self and others as Venus rubs against Chiron in your house of the generational past and subconscious. Pluto stations and turns retrograde on the 10th until September 18th, encouraging deeper understanding in your life direction and with authority figures. Conflicting tensions slow down, preparing you for the changes that await this summer.

TAURUS: The Goddess of love, beauty, value systems, and abundance has exited your sign and moved into Gemini for a long visit. The Full Moon in your sixth house of work, daily routine, and health brings certain realities to light. Venus continues the stream of consciousness and opens your mind to the possibilities involving your talents, self-worth, and, hence, income streams. Dual-income situations may arise, providing some variety as to how your earn a living and apply your skills. Your psychology and the resources of others are a focus as Venus opposes the North Node in your house of others. Pluto turns retrograde on the 10th until September 18th, encouraging deeper integration within your heart, creative expression, and encourages a time to build on all you have experienced in recent months. Extra energy is available in the area of self-nurturing as Ceres enters your sign and encourages a back-to-basics approach in your health and well-being.

GEMINI: You are the sign of duality and as such, often deal with conflicting thoughts, actions, and belief systems. Venus has entered your sign for a long stay, suggesting a time for integration in the areas of femininity, self-worth, and ideology. The Full Moon in Libra occurs on April 6th and the sign's ruling planet is now building upon the awareness experienced in the areas of heart energy, love, authenticity, and creative self-expression. Venus opposes the North Node – the area of growth in Sagittarius in your seventh house. This points the way toward authentic expression within self and with others. Stay present and pay attention to how others respond to you personally and professionally. What adjustments can you make to attract the kind of interactions you so desperately seek? Pluto turns retrograde in the area of life ruling shared resources, psychological health, money, and intimacy, suggesting a time for integration whithin your sense of well-being and what you have available to share with others.

CANCER: The Full Moon in Libra occurs in your fourth house on the 6th, highlighting your inner world of security, home, parents, early upbringing, and where and with whom you live. This has been an area of responsibility within family relationships, maturation, and in some cases restriction for the past two years. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is now firmly ensconced in the area of your generational past, subconscious mind, dreams, and collective energy forces. Consider this an offering to heal the hurt and challenges handed down through the family emotional imprinting process. This is the time to integrate and lovingly “get real” about what was loving and what was not in your soul's journey. Your focus on what is loving and healing to you helps to heal those energetic imprints. Pluto's retrograde on the 10th slows down the intensity within relationship patterns, allowing for some space to review and revise how you interact with others and what you know/feel needs to change in order to experience the kind of nourishing relationships your soul longs for.

LEO: As the Sun continues to transit your ninth house of the higher mind and life learning, you are encouraged to see a bigger picture of what is possible for you. The Full Moon in Libra occurs at the opposite point of mind experience as she highlighted your third house of day-to-day thinking and communications. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is moving through the area of life governing personal dreams, goals, and those who can help you actualize them. The energy is seeking to broaden your mind and, hence, the manifestation of life circumstances. Others are important now, as they bring ideas and suggestions your way – some through actions and others through words. Paying attention to what people say and what they actually do may be revealing as you seek congruency in your life and with others. Pluto's station into retrograde on the 10th slows down soul learning in the areas of work, health, duty, and your services. The transformations change from the external world as you work with your internal experiences and resources to build a healthier daily experience in both mind and body.

VIRGO: Mercury's station on the 4th clears the fog of confusion within your partnerships and agreements. Allow the planet of the mind plenty of latitude as he begins to steady himself and find his bearings (hence your bearings on where you stand with others). The Full Moon in Libra highlights your resources, earnings, and talents. Venus continues to bring information regarding your life direction and career. You have plenty of time to attract, experience, and discuss where you are headed and how to get there. Others are in a position of be of service to you as you showcase your talents. Pluto moves retrograde this week (until mid-September) in the areas of creative talent, healing the inner child, children, love, and authenticity. Outward circumstances slow, allowing you to go within to heal and create.

LIBRA: The Full Moon in your sign on the 6th brings up realizations regarding your needs, the areas for continued growth, furthering your boundaries, and responsibility to and for self. Important awareness flooded in and brought to light that which is working, what is not, and what you seek to experience in relationships and life direction. Venus is feeding the areas of learning, travel, your higher mind, and communications. Issues of self-esteem, intimacy, and resources receive a much needed injection of compassionate detachment, encouraging more engagement and exchange in the world around you. Writing, publishing, media, and promotions receive support as you focus on attracting what you need to participate with the larger world. The changes, upheavals, realizations, soul growth, and family patterning slows as Pluto moves into retrograde motion on the 10th until mid-September. You now have the space to go within in order to heal, acclimate, acknowledge, and integrate.

SCORPIO: Pluto turns retrograde on the 10th until mid-September, signaling a time for deeper integration of the ideas, exchanges, and communications that have had an impact on your thinking, writing, speaking, and daily mental patterns. Pluto seeks to transform outmoded, limiting, and negative thinking. You have the space to consciously work through patterns of communication that reek of dogma – beliefs that perhaps were not really yours to begin with. Ceres, an asteroid symbolizing nurturing, mothering, nature, and the land, enters your seventh house of partnership until June 24th, opening up grounding and practical support to and from important others. As your co-ruler slows down prepare to feel ready to implement plans, personal desires, and team goals towards the end of the month. Venus provides a four-month support period to invest and receive payments, payouts, inheritances, and emotional support from others, indicating a time of financial protection and possibly profit.

SAGITTARIUS: The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th highlights personal dreams, authentic “what do I want for myself” thoughts, friendships, and associations. Perhaps an association or two has reached a climax and it is now time to cut bait. Other associations grow more committed.  Venus ensures that over the next four months the people who do remain in your world are supportive, encouraging, and loving. Current relationships deepen, strengthen, and receive a pleasurable breather from some of the heavy lifting. Those seeking partnership have opportunities coming their way. This week holds important clues for growth and bond strengthening as Venus aspects the North Node in your sign, urging you to become more centered in self while honing your relating skills. As Venus squares Chiron towards the end of this forecast, pay attention to limiting imprints from your early upbringing that may be undesirably influencing your current relationships.

CAPRICORN: As Pluto slows to turn retrograde this week (until mid-September) you may feel a lightening of the pressures of change and challenge you've been undergoing. Conversely, some may feel this as a heating up of pressure to respond or control. Yet the energy suggests a breather is inherent and signals a time to pull in your energy to assimilate all the transformation you've undergone. The Full Moon in your tenth house brings strong conclusions and perhaps a changing of the guard in your life or career. Venus's shift into your day-to-day area of work, health, and co-workers ensures an easier time on the job and physically. If health has been an issue, expect to feel the freeing up of your schedule in order to heal and rest. Awareness is available as Venus opposes the North Node in your twelfth house, bringing home the truth that mind does indeed affect body. When she squares Chiron in the third house of mind and communications, know that what comes to light is meant for your ultimate healing and well-being.

AQUARIUS: As the Sun continues to transit the house of mind, you experienced a Full Moon in the area ruling the higher mind where Saturn has been transiting for two years. Awareness around belief systems, travel, learning, and philosophical beliefs was highlighted. This suggests a eureka moment or two, as the ninth house is about the bigger picture and life views. Venus now occupies the area of experience concerning personal creativity, passion, heart-centered orientation, children, and love. The house that Gemini is found in one's chart often points up areas of “two different minds” or splits. Where do you believe something yet not live out that belief? What are your ideas about your creativity and the beliefs that you can live out your passions? Where are the disconnects about living out your ideals of beauty, love, and creativity? As Venus makes over a four-month transit to this area of life, you have support to address the disconnects and live out your passions. Also, you are meant to have more fun.

PISCES: You have a unique and ultimately empowering opportunity to identify where something hurts and to understand why. As Venus reaches out to Chiron in your sign from your fourth house of early family conditioning, self-esteem, and security, don't try to bury any “ouches” that surface. Venus suggests that you are entering a protective and supportive time (over the next four months) to heal the pains of the past. This may take the form of counseling in order to help you build skills in for self-care and nurturing. At the very least, expect your personal and home life to become more supportive, pleasant, and loving. As Pluto turns retrograde on the 10th it lessens the intensity of engagements with others and frees up energy to carry out plans and personal goals minus interference from others. The Sun continues to highlight your talents and earning capacity. The Full Moon highlights culminations and developments both financially and emotionally.