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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, April 20th

The Outer Banks, NC ~ Photo by Stacey Hinkle

I just want to thank-you for all of your hard work and expertise that went into the information you shared with me regarding my forecast for 2012.  I enjoyed it tremendously, and I was amazed as how accurate it was. I will be using your services again, soon. Thank-you again! ~Sylvia

ARIES: Synergistic energy flows as Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your sign. Mercury follows suit from Uranus' connection to the North Node (last week), combining the higher with the conceptual mind in a growth aspect to the 9th house – ruler of the big picture. Your ideas gain traction and become integrated with planning surrounding education, travel, foreign activities, in-laws, publishing, marketing, and the media. The New Moon on the 4th is at 1 degree of Taurus and falls in your 2nd house of earned income, talents, self-esteem, and stuff that you own. Commercial, financial, and employment opportunities are favored over the next few weeks. Carpe diem!

TAURUS: A positive time as your Solar Year begins with a New Moon in the earliest degree of your sign on the 21st. A time for fresh personal initiatives, energy, and health. The Sun in your sign reaches out to creative Neptune on the 22nd in the area of personal dreams and comrades, and then Mars on the following day in the area of children’s affairs, leisure activities, and love. Mars is moving forward in the house of the heart and creativity. An asteroid called Psyche will be joining Mars’ forward movement on the 25th in this same area of the 5th house. A meeting of your soul, mind, and will are on tap as these two energies light a fire in your heart and stimulate your creativity.

GEMINI: As the Sun moves into your 12th house of rest, review, privacy, and the soul you are shoring up for your Solar Year and the Eclipse that occurs on May 20th in your sign. Take time to recharge, lighten your schedule, and plan in private the goals you will outwardly act upon this Spring. The New Moon on the 21st in your 12th house reaches out to Neptune in your 10th house of career and life direction – inspiration is key. Your ruler is also active this day, creating a bridge between your personal dreams, associations, team building, and the North Node of growth in the sector of partnerships and agreements. Surprising news may come to light on the 22nd as Mercury conjuncts surprising Uranus, bringing volatile and shocking information from a friend or associate. This news or event is tied to situations from early March.

CANCER: Surprising situations come to the fore as Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your 10th house of authority figures and life direction. Communications and planning in the work place, daily life, and health have a fated and growth-oriented direction as Mercury revisits the same situation and discussions from early March. The New Moon in Taurus encourages a time for personal dreams and time spent with others – both personally and professionally. An asteroid representing your soul, psychology, and the mind moves out of slumber and turns direct, stimulating the areas of contracts, communications, siblings, and neighbors. Areas of confusion and hesitancy now gain clarity and direction.

LEO: The time is ripe for enterprises that broaden your horizons and bring to life future possibilities. Decisions, travel, and correspondence with folks at a distance may hold surprising developments. There are situations ripe for commitment. The New Moon in Taurus paves the way for progress in work, career, and with those in power. Adjustments will be required as Mercury squares Pluto on the 25th, affecting your daily work life, co-workers, working conditions, health, and future planning. Ponder this information and your reaction to it carefully, as this will continue to be an area of change, transition, transformation, development, and breakthrough over the next few years.

VIRGO: Mars and Psyche are traveling close together in your sign. Mars’ forward movement is fueling your desires and personal commitments. Psyche brings an additional level of understanding regarding your spiritual and psychological motivations. What has felt foggy and unclear becomes more conscious and accessible. The season of Taurus kicks off in your 9th house of travel, education, publishing, public relations, and media with a New Moon on the 21st. Luna reaches out to Neptune, which is now firmly established in your house of partnerships, the public, consultants, clients, and one-to-one relationships. Mercury steps back into a discussion, financial situation, investment, and personal beginning that was hard to implement earlier in March. Something is revisited on the 22nd that paves the way for next steps, discussions, and planning regarding finances, home, moves, parents, inheritances, buying, and selling.

LIBRA: Communications, planning, travel, contracts, and agreements are once again in the frame as Mercury revisits the space he occupied in early March. What was surprising, unnerving, or disruptive will now gain clarity in discussions/agreements with partners, siblings, consultants, clients, or the public. A home, family, living, or parent situation brings food for thought on the 25th when Mercury squares Pluto. This will be an area of continued challenge, change, transition, and growth as the Pluto Uranus square is activated this June and for the next three years. The New Moon in Taurus encourages a month of financial planning, investments, building stronger commission structures, intimacy with partners, psychological healing, and debt consolidation.

SCORPIO: Fresh energy and initiatives are supported by the New Moon in Taurus in your house of others on the 21st. The Moon reaches out to Neptune in the area of love, creativity, children, fun, risk-taking, and self-expression. Flowing, artistic, glamorous, and compassionate situations occur with partnerships, clients, the public, and consultants, highlighting your self-expression and desire. Mercury revisits the area (think back to early March) of surprising or challenging information regarding your work, co-workers, or health situations. Yet an energy reaches out from this area of work and health to your 2nd house of growth, income, talents, and abilities. Further news and discussions arise on the 25th which suggest a challenge to your way of thinking and communicating. The 25th will highlight ongoing areas of challenge, transformation, growth, and mental revolution (within your own thinking patterns) as the Uranus Pluto conjunction becomes exact this June and influences the next three years of work and mind.

SAGITTARIUS: The future knocks on your door as Mercury makes a trine to the area of growth, the North Node, in your 1st house of self-expression, identity, and health. Creative ideas conceived in early March receive a flow of clarity and confidence and encourage personal changes. Surprises will be part and parcel from the children, lover, or creative partners in your life as Mercury once again conjuncts Uranus in your 5th house of authentic heart energy and risk-taking. The New Moon in Taurus on the 21st supports you in the areas of work, healthy living, pets, co-workers, and the mind/body connection over the next four weeks. You are busy as new work opportunities arise, combining nicely with creative Neptune in the area of home, housing, family, and security.

CAPRICORN: Mercury is back on the move, highlighting the areas that will pave the way for great personal change over the next three years. His first connection is from your 4th house of home, the family of origin, and personal comfort to your 12th house of the soul, the past, your spiritual path, and intuition. Inward attunement and honest awareness of what really juices you in life is the growth aspect of Mercury's trine to the North Node. Any surprising circumstances that arrive on the 22nd with family and living situations connect back to a situation in early March. But you now have the vision to make the necessary decisions. The New Moon emphasizes developments in your love life, with children’s affairs, and in creative endeavors over the next four weeks. Challenging circumstances arise on the 25th when Mercury squares up to Pluto in your first house of personal transformation. The future is knocking.

AQUARIUS: Communications, contracts, and discussions with siblings and neighbors are highlighted this week. Surprises once again abound (think back to early March) bringing the need for adjustments in your thinking. This energy is also supported by a beautiful growth aspect which broadens your personal dreams, social relationships, team relationships, and internet-related projects with discussions, agreements, and planning. The New Moon occurs in the areas of home, family, housing projects, and personal life while reaching out to Neptune in the area of income, talents, abilities and self-esteem. Psyche an asteroid that has been in retrograde moves forward in your 8th house (along with Mars), bringing valuable awareness and soul development to your psychological healing, intimacy with partners, shared resources, investments, and debt consolidation.

PISCES: The New Moon in Taurus on the 21st energizes a four-week period to work on community affairs, sibling relationships, writing and speaking projects, and your internal mental patterns. This New Moon reaches out beautifully to Neptune in your sign, encouraging a compassionate, creative, artistic, glamorous, or selfless approach to your communication efforts and activity. Psyche—an asteroid that represents the soul, personal integration, and psychology—moves forward (along with Mars) in your 7th house of partnership, working relationships, clients, consultants, and the public. Since January this has been an area of hesitancy, doubt, and perhaps confusion. Expect a stronger sense of purpose and self-awareness to improve your understanding and relationships with others.