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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, April 13th

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ARIES: As the Sun exits your sign for the earthy ground of Taurus, Mercury once again enters, bringing clarity to what has been a period of review and contemplation. Sharing your thoughts, opinions, and agreement proposals is encouraged as the Sun's transit to the area of income and personal talents ripens the pot for advantageous commerce and income. The Sun's opposition to Saturn on the 15th is a time for reality checks in personal agreements and responsibilities. Mars, the energy ruling initiative and assertion, turns direct on the 13th where it has been in retrograde since mid-January. It will now separate from its opposition to fuzzy and creative Neptune. This further heightens your ability to get to your to-do lists and move forward with work and health goals.

TAURUS: Rest time is over as the Sun moves into your sign on the 19th to kick off your annual solar year. You will now feel an awakening within. As Venus brightens your employment possibilities and strengthens your self-esteem, her counterpart Mars is waking from a sleep that commenced in mid-January. Feelings of being “juiced” and confident in creative endeavors gather momentum as Mars inches forward. Health issues or work-related activities receive a reality check as the Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th. Target the end of June as a particularly ripe time to actualize income potential regarding your creative ventures.

GEMINI: The awakener Uranus trines the North Node, signaling a time for growth in development and awareness around relating patterns, personal agreements, goals, dreams, friendships, and technically related social endeavors. Mercury joins Uranus in your eleventh house of personal dreams, teams, and social support. A level of introspection is suggested as the Sun moves into your twelfth house of rest and recuperation, preparing the way for the dynamic energy that is due to unfold as your Solar Year begins in May.

CANCER: The feeling of reticence and hesitancy in speech and expression becomes unblocked as Mars moves into direct motion on the 13th. He moves away from a cloudy opposition to Neptune, suggesting that fuzzy thinking and a lack of concentration clear as well. Mercury's return to Aries, your tenth house, brings earlier vocational and life-direction matters back into the frame – this time with staying power. Uranus also trines the North Node from your tenth house of career and reputation to the areas of work, health, and daily schedules. Some sort of innovation is due from important authority figures or perhaps office machine upgrades. Conflicts between career vs. home and family responsibilities occur as the Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th.

LEO: The Sun joins Jupiter in the most visible part of your chart. This is a time when you are involved in career and community activities. Mars moves stationary direct on the 13th in your earned income, self-esteem, and talents sector. Spending may increase, as may income streams. Private and psychological musings, exchanges, and intimate discussions shift as Mercury occupies (once again) the area of adventure, travel, marketing, international commerce, and education. Uranus is making a growth aspect from this very area to the North Node in your fifth house of fun, romance, children, and creativity. Expect to experience some divine inspiration.

VIRGO: Hutzpah, energy, ego, and desire nature – these are the powerful words that should resonate as Mars begins to move forward on the 13th. He has been operating at a sleepy pace since January—and you have been, too! But there is always wisdom in perceived slow downs. Mercury shifts back into your eighth house of finances, inheritances, psychological endings/beginnings, and intimacy. What you've been working on in these areas now gains momentum and clarity. The Sun brings grounding and responsibility to your earnings and shared finances on the 15th as the Sun opposes Saturn. The Sun then shifts into fellow earth sign Taurus on the 19th, highlighting travel, education, marketing, and publishing.

LIBRA: Mars turns direct on the 13th in your twelfth house of the subconscious, past, spiritual work, and work done in private. Remember, this is a beneficial clearing out phase of past fears and frustrations. Now you are able to integrate the changes into a deeper understanding of yourself and others, clearing the patterns to make room for the Uranian change taking place in your seventh house of others. Think authentic, freedom within relating (freedom from YOUR past relating patterns), and creative partnership. Uranus makes a growth aspect from your seventh house to the North Node in your third house of mental habits, communications, and connections – everything is related and your mind is freeing itself of cobwebs from the past. Mercury builds on this trend as he re-enters the seventh house, bringing an increase in outward expression and exchange.

SCORPIO: The Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th, asking for increased awareness and responsibility with health, co-workers, daily schedules, the care of others, and the mind/body connection. In what areas do you need a bit more structure and focus? Expect some answers this weekend. The Sun then shifts into the area of partnership, clients, consultants, and the public on the 19th. Mercury starts moving forward and clears up any miscommunication misunderstandings with health professionals and co-workers. You are now free to purchase and upgrade business machinery and health equipment. Mysterious health conditions or diagnoses are ripe areas for increased clarity and problem solving. Mars moving into direct motion on 13th sees your plans, dreams, team building, friendships, and internet activities gaining momentum.

SAGITTARIUS: If your career aspirations and life direction have felt muddled since January, expect to feel more engaged, motivated, and focused as Mars moves direct in your career house on the 13th. Tag the end of June for fresh ideas and initiatives as Mars moves beyond his retrograde shadow (the degree in which he retrograded – 23 degrees of Virgo). Mercury moves back into your fifth house of passion, creativity, children, and love, reigniting what was percolating due to his retrograde in March. Uranus is upping the growth and creativity ante as he aspects the North Node in your sign on the 16th, helping you to connect with revolutionary (freeing) growth regarding your identity, sense of self, and what you are absolutely capable of lovingly creating for yourself.

CAPRICORN: Home, hearth, security vs. career, parents, and authority figures are the items on the table of awareness and responsibility as the Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th. The Sun then slips into fellow earth sign Taurus to free up your energy and tangle with fun, creativity, romance, and children. Mars moves forward on the 13th, fueling your dreams, education pursuits, marketing and publishing activities, as well as your truth-seeking nature. Uranus moves into a beautiful growth connection from your fourth house of home, family, and where and how you live to your 12th house of the past, subconscious, and spirit. Inspiration is flowing at a deeper core, freeing you from self-imposed limitations. Mercury helps the emotional to connect with the conceptual, bringing integration in your personal next steps.

AQUARIUS: Communications, agreements, frame of mind, messaging, and travel sector receive an inspired energy flow from Uranus in your third house of the above mentioned areas and the North Node traveling through the eleventh house of personal dreams, friendships, associations, internet activities, and team building. Think growth, innovation, technical know-how, and divine inspiration. Mercury re-enters the third house and helps Uranus put new and inspired planning, contracts, and communications into place. Mars moves forward in your eighth house of sex, intimacy, debt, shared finances, psychological anger/assertion, and investments. Any areas that have felt “on hold” now pick up speed due to Mars stationary direct motion on the 13th.

PISCES: Mars inches forward from his retrograde motion on the 13th in your seventh house of partnerships, clients, consultants, and the public. Any slow downs or apathy experienced since January now gather momentum. Additionally, unresolved conflicts with others will come back into the frame too. This is a time to ponder the value of conflict and what you bring to the table of conflict. The Sun shifts into your third house of communications, neighbors, siblings, and education on the 19th for the next four weeks. Mercury moves back into your second house of commerce, income, and self-esteem, helping discussions, contracts, and employment opportunities to move forward once again.