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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, April 20th

The Outer Banks, NC ~ Photo by Stacey Hinkle

I just want to thank-you for all of your hard work and expertise that went into the information you shared with me regarding my forecast for 2012.  I enjoyed it tremendously, and I was amazed as how accurate it was. I will be using your services again, soon. Thank-you again! ~Sylvia

ARIES: Synergistic energy flows as Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your sign. Mercury follows suit from Uranus' connection to the North Node (last week), combining the higher with the conceptual mind in a growth aspect to the 9th house – ruler of the big picture. Your ideas gain traction and become integrated with planning surrounding education, travel, foreign activities, in-laws, publishing, marketing, and the media. The New Moon on the 4th is at 1 degree of Taurus and falls in your 2nd house of earned income, talents, self-esteem, and stuff that you own. Commercial, financial, and employment opportunities are favored over the next few weeks. Carpe diem!

TAURUS: A positive time as your Solar Year begins with a New Moon in the earliest degree of your sign on the 21st. A time for fresh personal initiatives, energy, and health. The Sun in your sign reaches out to creative Neptune on the 22nd in the area of personal dreams and comrades, and then Mars on the following day in the area of children’s affairs, leisure activities, and love. Mars is moving forward in the house of the heart and creativity. An asteroid called Psyche will be joining Mars’ forward movement on the 25th in this same area of the 5th house. A meeting of your soul, mind, and will are on tap as these two energies light a fire in your heart and stimulate your creativity.

GEMINI: As the Sun moves into your 12th house of rest, review, privacy, and the soul you are shoring up for your Solar Year and the Eclipse that occurs on May 20th in your sign. Take time to recharge, lighten your schedule, and plan in private the goals you will outwardly act upon this Spring. The New Moon on the 21st in your 12th house reaches out to Neptune in your 10th house of career and life direction – inspiration is key. Your ruler is also active this day, creating a bridge between your personal dreams, associations, team building, and the North Node of growth in the sector of partnerships and agreements. Surprising news may come to light on the 22nd as Mercury conjuncts surprising Uranus, bringing volatile and shocking information from a friend or associate. This news or event is tied to situations from early March.

CANCER: Surprising situations come to the fore as Mercury conjuncts Uranus in your 10th house of authority figures and life direction. Communications and planning in the work place, daily life, and health have a fated and growth-oriented direction as Mercury revisits the same situation and discussions from early March. The New Moon in Taurus encourages a time for personal dreams and time spent with others – both personally and professionally. An asteroid representing your soul, psychology, and the mind moves out of slumber and turns direct, stimulating the areas of contracts, communications, siblings, and neighbors. Areas of confusion and hesitancy now gain clarity and direction.

LEO: The time is ripe for enterprises that broaden your horizons and bring to life future possibilities. Decisions, travel, and correspondence with folks at a distance may hold surprising developments. There are situations ripe for commitment. The New Moon in Taurus paves the way for progress in work, career, and with those in power. Adjustments will be required as Mercury squares Pluto on the 25th, affecting your daily work life, co-workers, working conditions, health, and future planning. Ponder this information and your reaction to it carefully, as this will continue to be an area of change, transition, transformation, development, and breakthrough over the next few years.

VIRGO: Mars and Psyche are traveling close together in your sign. Mars’ forward movement is fueling your desires and personal commitments. Psyche brings an additional level of understanding regarding your spiritual and psychological motivations. What has felt foggy and unclear becomes more conscious and accessible. The season of Taurus kicks off in your 9th house of travel, education, publishing, public relations, and media with a New Moon on the 21st. Luna reaches out to Neptune, which is now firmly established in your house of partnerships, the public, consultants, clients, and one-to-one relationships. Mercury steps back into a discussion, financial situation, investment, and personal beginning that was hard to implement earlier in March. Something is revisited on the 22nd that paves the way for next steps, discussions, and planning regarding finances, home, moves, parents, inheritances, buying, and selling.

LIBRA: Communications, planning, travel, contracts, and agreements are once again in the frame as Mercury revisits the space he occupied in early March. What was surprising, unnerving, or disruptive will now gain clarity in discussions/agreements with partners, siblings, consultants, clients, or the public. A home, family, living, or parent situation brings food for thought on the 25th when Mercury squares Pluto. This will be an area of continued challenge, change, transition, and growth as the Pluto Uranus square is activated this June and for the next three years. The New Moon in Taurus encourages a month of financial planning, investments, building stronger commission structures, intimacy with partners, psychological healing, and debt consolidation.

SCORPIO: Fresh energy and initiatives are supported by the New Moon in Taurus in your house of others on the 21st. The Moon reaches out to Neptune in the area of love, creativity, children, fun, risk-taking, and self-expression. Flowing, artistic, glamorous, and compassionate situations occur with partnerships, clients, the public, and consultants, highlighting your self-expression and desire. Mercury revisits the area (think back to early March) of surprising or challenging information regarding your work, co-workers, or health situations. Yet an energy reaches out from this area of work and health to your 2nd house of growth, income, talents, and abilities. Further news and discussions arise on the 25th which suggest a challenge to your way of thinking and communicating. The 25th will highlight ongoing areas of challenge, transformation, growth, and mental revolution (within your own thinking patterns) as the Uranus Pluto conjunction becomes exact this June and influences the next three years of work and mind.

SAGITTARIUS: The future knocks on your door as Mercury makes a trine to the area of growth, the North Node, in your 1st house of self-expression, identity, and health. Creative ideas conceived in early March receive a flow of clarity and confidence and encourage personal changes. Surprises will be part and parcel from the children, lover, or creative partners in your life as Mercury once again conjuncts Uranus in your 5th house of authentic heart energy and risk-taking. The New Moon in Taurus on the 21st supports you in the areas of work, healthy living, pets, co-workers, and the mind/body connection over the next four weeks. You are busy as new work opportunities arise, combining nicely with creative Neptune in the area of home, housing, family, and security.

CAPRICORN: Mercury is back on the move, highlighting the areas that will pave the way for great personal change over the next three years. His first connection is from your 4th house of home, the family of origin, and personal comfort to your 12th house of the soul, the past, your spiritual path, and intuition. Inward attunement and honest awareness of what really juices you in life is the growth aspect of Mercury's trine to the North Node. Any surprising circumstances that arrive on the 22nd with family and living situations connect back to a situation in early March. But you now have the vision to make the necessary decisions. The New Moon emphasizes developments in your love life, with children’s affairs, and in creative endeavors over the next four weeks. Challenging circumstances arise on the 25th when Mercury squares up to Pluto in your first house of personal transformation. The future is knocking.

AQUARIUS: Communications, contracts, and discussions with siblings and neighbors are highlighted this week. Surprises once again abound (think back to early March) bringing the need for adjustments in your thinking. This energy is also supported by a beautiful growth aspect which broadens your personal dreams, social relationships, team relationships, and internet-related projects with discussions, agreements, and planning. The New Moon occurs in the areas of home, family, housing projects, and personal life while reaching out to Neptune in the area of income, talents, abilities and self-esteem. Psyche an asteroid that has been in retrograde moves forward in your 8th house (along with Mars), bringing valuable awareness and soul development to your psychological healing, intimacy with partners, shared resources, investments, and debt consolidation.

PISCES: The New Moon in Taurus on the 21st energizes a four-week period to work on community affairs, sibling relationships, writing and speaking projects, and your internal mental patterns. This New Moon reaches out beautifully to Neptune in your sign, encouraging a compassionate, creative, artistic, glamorous, or selfless approach to your communication efforts and activity. Psyche—an asteroid that represents the soul, personal integration, and psychology—moves forward (along with Mars) in your 7th house of partnership, working relationships, clients, consultants, and the public. Since January this has been an area of hesitancy, doubt, and perhaps confusion. Expect a stronger sense of purpose and self-awareness to improve your understanding and relationships with others.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, April 13th

Photo by Jean Wiley

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ARIES: As the Sun exits your sign for the earthy ground of Taurus, Mercury once again enters, bringing clarity to what has been a period of review and contemplation. Sharing your thoughts, opinions, and agreement proposals is encouraged as the Sun's transit to the area of income and personal talents ripens the pot for advantageous commerce and income. The Sun's opposition to Saturn on the 15th is a time for reality checks in personal agreements and responsibilities. Mars, the energy ruling initiative and assertion, turns direct on the 13th where it has been in retrograde since mid-January. It will now separate from its opposition to fuzzy and creative Neptune. This further heightens your ability to get to your to-do lists and move forward with work and health goals.

TAURUS: Rest time is over as the Sun moves into your sign on the 19th to kick off your annual solar year. You will now feel an awakening within. As Venus brightens your employment possibilities and strengthens your self-esteem, her counterpart Mars is waking from a sleep that commenced in mid-January. Feelings of being “juiced” and confident in creative endeavors gather momentum as Mars inches forward. Health issues or work-related activities receive a reality check as the Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th. Target the end of June as a particularly ripe time to actualize income potential regarding your creative ventures.

GEMINI: The awakener Uranus trines the North Node, signaling a time for growth in development and awareness around relating patterns, personal agreements, goals, dreams, friendships, and technically related social endeavors. Mercury joins Uranus in your eleventh house of personal dreams, teams, and social support. A level of introspection is suggested as the Sun moves into your twelfth house of rest and recuperation, preparing the way for the dynamic energy that is due to unfold as your Solar Year begins in May.

CANCER: The feeling of reticence and hesitancy in speech and expression becomes unblocked as Mars moves into direct motion on the 13th. He moves away from a cloudy opposition to Neptune, suggesting that fuzzy thinking and a lack of concentration clear as well. Mercury's return to Aries, your tenth house, brings earlier vocational and life-direction matters back into the frame – this time with staying power. Uranus also trines the North Node from your tenth house of career and reputation to the areas of work, health, and daily schedules. Some sort of innovation is due from important authority figures or perhaps office machine upgrades. Conflicts between career vs. home and family responsibilities occur as the Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th.

LEO: The Sun joins Jupiter in the most visible part of your chart. This is a time when you are involved in career and community activities. Mars moves stationary direct on the 13th in your earned income, self-esteem, and talents sector. Spending may increase, as may income streams. Private and psychological musings, exchanges, and intimate discussions shift as Mercury occupies (once again) the area of adventure, travel, marketing, international commerce, and education. Uranus is making a growth aspect from this very area to the North Node in your fifth house of fun, romance, children, and creativity. Expect to experience some divine inspiration.

VIRGO: Hutzpah, energy, ego, and desire nature – these are the powerful words that should resonate as Mars begins to move forward on the 13th. He has been operating at a sleepy pace since January—and you have been, too! But there is always wisdom in perceived slow downs. Mercury shifts back into your eighth house of finances, inheritances, psychological endings/beginnings, and intimacy. What you've been working on in these areas now gains momentum and clarity. The Sun brings grounding and responsibility to your earnings and shared finances on the 15th as the Sun opposes Saturn. The Sun then shifts into fellow earth sign Taurus on the 19th, highlighting travel, education, marketing, and publishing.

LIBRA: Mars turns direct on the 13th in your twelfth house of the subconscious, past, spiritual work, and work done in private. Remember, this is a beneficial clearing out phase of past fears and frustrations. Now you are able to integrate the changes into a deeper understanding of yourself and others, clearing the patterns to make room for the Uranian change taking place in your seventh house of others. Think authentic, freedom within relating (freedom from YOUR past relating patterns), and creative partnership. Uranus makes a growth aspect from your seventh house to the North Node in your third house of mental habits, communications, and connections – everything is related and your mind is freeing itself of cobwebs from the past. Mercury builds on this trend as he re-enters the seventh house, bringing an increase in outward expression and exchange.

SCORPIO: The Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th, asking for increased awareness and responsibility with health, co-workers, daily schedules, the care of others, and the mind/body connection. In what areas do you need a bit more structure and focus? Expect some answers this weekend. The Sun then shifts into the area of partnership, clients, consultants, and the public on the 19th. Mercury starts moving forward and clears up any miscommunication misunderstandings with health professionals and co-workers. You are now free to purchase and upgrade business machinery and health equipment. Mysterious health conditions or diagnoses are ripe areas for increased clarity and problem solving. Mars moving into direct motion on 13th sees your plans, dreams, team building, friendships, and internet activities gaining momentum.

SAGITTARIUS: If your career aspirations and life direction have felt muddled since January, expect to feel more engaged, motivated, and focused as Mars moves direct in your career house on the 13th. Tag the end of June for fresh ideas and initiatives as Mars moves beyond his retrograde shadow (the degree in which he retrograded – 23 degrees of Virgo). Mercury moves back into your fifth house of passion, creativity, children, and love, reigniting what was percolating due to his retrograde in March. Uranus is upping the growth and creativity ante as he aspects the North Node in your sign on the 16th, helping you to connect with revolutionary (freeing) growth regarding your identity, sense of self, and what you are absolutely capable of lovingly creating for yourself.

CAPRICORN: Home, hearth, security vs. career, parents, and authority figures are the items on the table of awareness and responsibility as the Sun opposes Saturn on the 15th. The Sun then slips into fellow earth sign Taurus to free up your energy and tangle with fun, creativity, romance, and children. Mars moves forward on the 13th, fueling your dreams, education pursuits, marketing and publishing activities, as well as your truth-seeking nature. Uranus moves into a beautiful growth connection from your fourth house of home, family, and where and how you live to your 12th house of the past, subconscious, and spirit. Inspiration is flowing at a deeper core, freeing you from self-imposed limitations. Mercury helps the emotional to connect with the conceptual, bringing integration in your personal next steps.

AQUARIUS: Communications, agreements, frame of mind, messaging, and travel sector receive an inspired energy flow from Uranus in your third house of the above mentioned areas and the North Node traveling through the eleventh house of personal dreams, friendships, associations, internet activities, and team building. Think growth, innovation, technical know-how, and divine inspiration. Mercury re-enters the third house and helps Uranus put new and inspired planning, contracts, and communications into place. Mars moves forward in your eighth house of sex, intimacy, debt, shared finances, psychological anger/assertion, and investments. Any areas that have felt “on hold” now pick up speed due to Mars stationary direct motion on the 13th.

PISCES: Mars inches forward from his retrograde motion on the 13th in your seventh house of partnerships, clients, consultants, and the public. Any slow downs or apathy experienced since January now gather momentum. Additionally, unresolved conflicts with others will come back into the frame too. This is a time to ponder the value of conflict and what you bring to the table of conflict. The Sun shifts into your third house of communications, neighbors, siblings, and education on the 19th for the next four weeks. Mercury moves back into your second house of commerce, income, and self-esteem, helping discussions, contracts, and employment opportunities to move forward once again.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, April 6th 2012

Collington Island, NC ~ Photo Courtesy of Mark Harvey

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ARIES: The Full Moon in Libra falls in your opposite sign on the 6th, highlighting awareness around partnership needs. Venus picks up where the Moon left off as she makes a number of aspects this week from her new home in your third house of the mind and communications. Awareness floods in as she makes a growth aspect to the Lunar Node, putting the possibilities of what can be true for you into a larger frame. The latter part of this forecast week suggests a time for forgiveness for self and others as Venus rubs against Chiron in your house of the generational past and subconscious. Pluto stations and turns retrograde on the 10th until September 18th, encouraging deeper understanding in your life direction and with authority figures. Conflicting tensions slow down, preparing you for the changes that await this summer.

TAURUS: The Goddess of love, beauty, value systems, and abundance has exited your sign and moved into Gemini for a long visit. The Full Moon in your sixth house of work, daily routine, and health brings certain realities to light. Venus continues the stream of consciousness and opens your mind to the possibilities involving your talents, self-worth, and, hence, income streams. Dual-income situations may arise, providing some variety as to how your earn a living and apply your skills. Your psychology and the resources of others are a focus as Venus opposes the North Node in your house of others. Pluto turns retrograde on the 10th until September 18th, encouraging deeper integration within your heart, creative expression, and encourages a time to build on all you have experienced in recent months. Extra energy is available in the area of self-nurturing as Ceres enters your sign and encourages a back-to-basics approach in your health and well-being.

GEMINI: You are the sign of duality and as such, often deal with conflicting thoughts, actions, and belief systems. Venus has entered your sign for a long stay, suggesting a time for integration in the areas of femininity, self-worth, and ideology. The Full Moon in Libra occurs on April 6th and the sign's ruling planet is now building upon the awareness experienced in the areas of heart energy, love, authenticity, and creative self-expression. Venus opposes the North Node – the area of growth in Sagittarius in your seventh house. This points the way toward authentic expression within self and with others. Stay present and pay attention to how others respond to you personally and professionally. What adjustments can you make to attract the kind of interactions you so desperately seek? Pluto turns retrograde in the area of life ruling shared resources, psychological health, money, and intimacy, suggesting a time for integration whithin your sense of well-being and what you have available to share with others.

CANCER: The Full Moon in Libra occurs in your fourth house on the 6th, highlighting your inner world of security, home, parents, early upbringing, and where and with whom you live. This has been an area of responsibility within family relationships, maturation, and in some cases restriction for the past two years. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is now firmly ensconced in the area of your generational past, subconscious mind, dreams, and collective energy forces. Consider this an offering to heal the hurt and challenges handed down through the family emotional imprinting process. This is the time to integrate and lovingly “get real” about what was loving and what was not in your soul's journey. Your focus on what is loving and healing to you helps to heal those energetic imprints. Pluto's retrograde on the 10th slows down the intensity within relationship patterns, allowing for some space to review and revise how you interact with others and what you know/feel needs to change in order to experience the kind of nourishing relationships your soul longs for.

LEO: As the Sun continues to transit your ninth house of the higher mind and life learning, you are encouraged to see a bigger picture of what is possible for you. The Full Moon in Libra occurs at the opposite point of mind experience as she highlighted your third house of day-to-day thinking and communications. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is moving through the area of life governing personal dreams, goals, and those who can help you actualize them. The energy is seeking to broaden your mind and, hence, the manifestation of life circumstances. Others are important now, as they bring ideas and suggestions your way – some through actions and others through words. Paying attention to what people say and what they actually do may be revealing as you seek congruency in your life and with others. Pluto's station into retrograde on the 10th slows down soul learning in the areas of work, health, duty, and your services. The transformations change from the external world as you work with your internal experiences and resources to build a healthier daily experience in both mind and body.

VIRGO: Mercury's station on the 4th clears the fog of confusion within your partnerships and agreements. Allow the planet of the mind plenty of latitude as he begins to steady himself and find his bearings (hence your bearings on where you stand with others). The Full Moon in Libra highlights your resources, earnings, and talents. Venus continues to bring information regarding your life direction and career. You have plenty of time to attract, experience, and discuss where you are headed and how to get there. Others are in a position of be of service to you as you showcase your talents. Pluto moves retrograde this week (until mid-September) in the areas of creative talent, healing the inner child, children, love, and authenticity. Outward circumstances slow, allowing you to go within to heal and create.

LIBRA: The Full Moon in your sign on the 6th brings up realizations regarding your needs, the areas for continued growth, furthering your boundaries, and responsibility to and for self. Important awareness flooded in and brought to light that which is working, what is not, and what you seek to experience in relationships and life direction. Venus is feeding the areas of learning, travel, your higher mind, and communications. Issues of self-esteem, intimacy, and resources receive a much needed injection of compassionate detachment, encouraging more engagement and exchange in the world around you. Writing, publishing, media, and promotions receive support as you focus on attracting what you need to participate with the larger world. The changes, upheavals, realizations, soul growth, and family patterning slows as Pluto moves into retrograde motion on the 10th until mid-September. You now have the space to go within in order to heal, acclimate, acknowledge, and integrate.

SCORPIO: Pluto turns retrograde on the 10th until mid-September, signaling a time for deeper integration of the ideas, exchanges, and communications that have had an impact on your thinking, writing, speaking, and daily mental patterns. Pluto seeks to transform outmoded, limiting, and negative thinking. You have the space to consciously work through patterns of communication that reek of dogma – beliefs that perhaps were not really yours to begin with. Ceres, an asteroid symbolizing nurturing, mothering, nature, and the land, enters your seventh house of partnership until June 24th, opening up grounding and practical support to and from important others. As your co-ruler slows down prepare to feel ready to implement plans, personal desires, and team goals towards the end of the month. Venus provides a four-month support period to invest and receive payments, payouts, inheritances, and emotional support from others, indicating a time of financial protection and possibly profit.

SAGITTARIUS: The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th highlights personal dreams, authentic “what do I want for myself” thoughts, friendships, and associations. Perhaps an association or two has reached a climax and it is now time to cut bait. Other associations grow more committed.  Venus ensures that over the next four months the people who do remain in your world are supportive, encouraging, and loving. Current relationships deepen, strengthen, and receive a pleasurable breather from some of the heavy lifting. Those seeking partnership have opportunities coming their way. This week holds important clues for growth and bond strengthening as Venus aspects the North Node in your sign, urging you to become more centered in self while honing your relating skills. As Venus squares Chiron towards the end of this forecast, pay attention to limiting imprints from your early upbringing that may be undesirably influencing your current relationships.

CAPRICORN: As Pluto slows to turn retrograde this week (until mid-September) you may feel a lightening of the pressures of change and challenge you've been undergoing. Conversely, some may feel this as a heating up of pressure to respond or control. Yet the energy suggests a breather is inherent and signals a time to pull in your energy to assimilate all the transformation you've undergone. The Full Moon in your tenth house brings strong conclusions and perhaps a changing of the guard in your life or career. Venus's shift into your day-to-day area of work, health, and co-workers ensures an easier time on the job and physically. If health has been an issue, expect to feel the freeing up of your schedule in order to heal and rest. Awareness is available as Venus opposes the North Node in your twelfth house, bringing home the truth that mind does indeed affect body. When she squares Chiron in the third house of mind and communications, know that what comes to light is meant for your ultimate healing and well-being.

AQUARIUS: As the Sun continues to transit the house of mind, you experienced a Full Moon in the area ruling the higher mind where Saturn has been transiting for two years. Awareness around belief systems, travel, learning, and philosophical beliefs was highlighted. This suggests a eureka moment or two, as the ninth house is about the bigger picture and life views. Venus now occupies the area of experience concerning personal creativity, passion, heart-centered orientation, children, and love. The house that Gemini is found in one's chart often points up areas of “two different minds” or splits. Where do you believe something yet not live out that belief? What are your ideas about your creativity and the beliefs that you can live out your passions? Where are the disconnects about living out your ideals of beauty, love, and creativity? As Venus makes over a four-month transit to this area of life, you have support to address the disconnects and live out your passions. Also, you are meant to have more fun.

PISCES: You have a unique and ultimately empowering opportunity to identify where something hurts and to understand why. As Venus reaches out to Chiron in your sign from your fourth house of early family conditioning, self-esteem, and security, don't try to bury any “ouches” that surface. Venus suggests that you are entering a protective and supportive time (over the next four months) to heal the pains of the past. This may take the form of counseling in order to help you build skills in for self-care and nurturing. At the very least, expect your personal and home life to become more supportive, pleasant, and loving. As Pluto turns retrograde on the 10th it lessens the intensity of engagements with others and frees up energy to carry out plans and personal goals minus interference from others. The Sun continues to highlight your talents and earning capacity. The Full Moon highlights culminations and developments both financially and emotionally.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, March 30th


ARIES:  Just one day before Mercury's direct motion on April 4th, Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, enters your third house. She will be here for an extremely long stay due to her retrograde motion in May.  Venus enters the house that Mercury rules, suggesting an invitation to a rare and powerful dance of the mind. How you think and where you focus attention is highlighted. Mercury's forward movement in the area of life concerning the soul and inward focus enhances the message that what you think is what becomes manifest in your outer world. Daydreaming is encouraged, and the more authentic, loving, and abundant the dream, the stronger the external shift.

TAURUS:  Your talents, abilities, and hence your self-esteem are scheduled for an upgrade, compliments of Venus. Her transit to your second house softens your beliefs regarding what you can and cannot accomplish. Mercury's direct station in your house of dreams on April 4th adds to the emotional fuel that seeks to take you to creative and empowering places of self-belief and pleasure.  Abundant beliefs lead to an abundance of resources.

GEMINI:  As the energy symbolizing your core identity and conceptual process moves into direct motion on April 4th in the area affecting your life direction, reputation, and career, Venus, the feminine principal that rules attraction and beauty, moves into your sign for a four-month stay. Consider this an invitation to believe that you can live in a space of creativity, beauty, inspiration, and abundance. A rare opportunity to step into your highest ideals is unfolding. This will transport you to a place of deeper peace, relaxation, and wonderment. Trust in the highest ideals possible and allow outward events to align to meet your ideals and surpass them.

CANCER:  Ideas, possibilities, adventures, and faith are unfolding from a space of apprehension and confusion.  When belief systems are breaking down it's easy to feel the sensation of chaos and disorder. But see time as a deconstruction of old ideals no longer relevant to where you are headed.  You are entering a fruitful time during which you can understand that you are a divine spiritual being here to have an earth plane existence. Remember that you come from source energy. Your decision on how to use your energy empowers you to be the author of your life.  Focus on the highest and the best, trusting that energy will align to meet and partner with your intentions.

LEO:  Your mind has been taking you back to imprints of the past concerning trust, sharing, and life's mysteries. More psychological understanding may be floating into your consciousness as Mercury moves into direct motion on April 4th.  A long period of development regarding your dreams, friendships, and personal goals begins this week. Believe that through your emotional and mental intentions you can attract what and who you need to live in a warmer and emotionally more satisfying space than you have ever occupied.

VIRGO:  As miscommunication and confusion begin to unfurl as Mercury moves stationary direct on April 4th in your house of partnership, another area that Mercury rules, your tenth house of career and reputation, is the recipient of a very special guest in the form of the loving attractor Venus.  For a little over four months your mandate is to create a career and outward life that embodies everything that is abundant and beautiful to you. Trust that you can attract the resources you need to build a life and avocation that satisfies you to the core.

LIBRA:  As functional processes begin to return to normal with Mercury’s direct station on April 4th the Goddess of Love and Beauty enters the area ruling the higher mind.  Venus will be visiting your ninth house until August, beckoning you to raise your visibility and reach out to a larger audience. Some may be penning a novel while others will plan a beautiful foreign vacation. Some will sign up for spiritual classes that broaden the mind while others may be teaching them. Whatever the outward form, you are on notice to let the flow of refinement and creativity encompass your mind on a deeper and broader level than ever.

SCORPIO:  Psychological healing, the acceptance of that which was once unacceptable, deep sharing, forgiveness of self and others, trust for another, graceful endings followed by beginnings, and financial protection are flowing in for a four-month cycle.  This time ensures the space and support to recover from any setbacks and breaches in trust. Others in your world are willing to share with you now – emotionally, financially, or sexually.  Prior to the second week in May is an advantageous time to review investments, insurance, health benefits, commission structures, and loan agreements as you are apt to cut a better deal or plug in to stronger opportunities.

SAGITTARIUS:  Any losses, changes, breakups, or restructuring around partnerships are due to receive a long and unprecedented boost as Venus enters your seventh house of relating. The past 14 months have been a time of evolving change and upgrades to your sense of identity and relating patterns.  Rewards are now on hand to enhance both the internal and external work of the past year or so.  Through August is a time to reap some well-deserved rewards, support, commitment, and love.  Tend to your intentions through holding the best possible vision of what life can feel like in a mutually beneficial and loving alliance. Business partnerships, clients, and the public are all possible sources of beneficial and possibly financial activity.

CAPRICORN:  Confusions and missteps will begin to straighten out in your communication sector as Mercury turns stationary direct on April 4th. In addition, after the third week of April stronger mental exchanges and contracts gain additional footing.  Home and family are still the focus, yet a pleasing energy flows in as Venus enters the area of life concerning health, healing, daily work, co-workers, pets, and to-do lists.  A beneficial time is unfolding, encouraging you to create a practical day-to-day schedule that is softer, flowing, more pleasurable, and ultimately life enhancing – the divine is in the details now.

AQUARIUS:  If payments, work agreements, or employment situations have been slow to arrive, vague, or stuck, expect to feel forward movement at Mercury turns stationary direct on April 4th in your house of earnings and talents. Additionally, a beautiful energy begins this week that expands your creative self-belief, projects, children’s welfare, and your love life.  As Venus enters your fifth house of pleasure and authentic creativity expect to feel lighter, more relaxed, and inspired.  All that is required now is an open heart and the faith to believe in yourself.

PISCES:  The opportunity to be clear in your messages and communications is especially important now as Mercury turns stationary direct in your sign on April 4th.  The days surrounding the 4th can be especially flighty so allow plenty of time to get it right.  After the 21st you gain the feeling that everyone's mind (including your own) is finally reaching some semblance of normalcy.  Home, healing, and family situations are the recipient of Venus’ entry into Gemini – your fourth house.  Pleasures and love are found on your doorstep through August, and the goddess of love and beauty wants you to find extra comfort within self, with close others, and in all things foundational in your personal life.

APRIL 2012 Videoscopes

Drawing by Tische Perry ~


~Mars Direct
~Mercury Direct
~Venus into Gemini for a long visit