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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, March 9th

~Photo by SCOTT ANNA~

ARIES: Mercury retrogrades in your sign on the 12th. The days surrounding its station can be the most problematic, so build in extra time and patience for virtually everything. Allow yourself the space and intellectual room to change your mind over the next few weeks. After the first week of April—but not before—things will become clearer, opening the path forward for decisions, purchases, and personal agreements. This week a strong energy is in place which allows for flow, open hearts, support and a feeling of abundance. This manifests in the areas of money, earned income, talents, self-esteem, work, health, adventure, travel, promotions, and education.

TAURUS: You are the toast of the town as Venus aligns with planetary benefactors in the areas of personal growth, education, creativity, romance, positive developments with children, travel, public relations, higher education, and the higher mind. This is all about flow, so just be open and aware in order to receive and appreciate. Mercury retrogrades on the 12th in the areas of privacy, working in private, confidential discussions, dreams, meditation, and the health of self and others. Take time to review the past and hold off on any set judgments and actions as the energy shifts and changes over the next few weeks. Mark the second week of April as the time for thoughts and imprints to gel.

GEMINI: Friends, associates, and former team members may pop up during the Mercury retrograde in the areas of friends, associates, the Internet, and networks. Hold off making social and business agreements until the second week of April. Remember, simple is good, though it may feel elusive now. Consider this an opportunity to be clear. A very supportive energy aligns this week and provides foundational flow in the areas of spirit, subconscious work, self-esteem, comfort, ease in the home, financial gain, intimacy, trust, and psychological wellbeing.

CANCER: As the Sun continues to transit the areas of life symbolizing the higher mind, big picture, and education, Mercury is transiting the slice of life that relates to your life direction, career, reputation, and authority figures (also Mom or Dad). Mercury goes retrograde in this area on the 12th and is a time for you to review where you are headed. Take time to think things through before attempting to articulate thoughts to those who can influence your future. Also, avoid big purchases and back up your computer. Strong yet flowing energy has a positive effect on the social aspects of your life. Support, advice, alliances, good times, romance, mind-expanding experiences, and goodwill permeate your heart and mind. Keep the channels open.

LEO: As the Sun continues to pull attention inward on matters of a private, sexual, financial, and psychological nature, Mercury stirs things up in the area of life regarding travel, adventure, education, and big picture stuff. Until the second week in April allow for miscues, misunderstandings, travel glitches, and other mundane situations to slow you down and trip you up. Build in extra time for virtually everything and you'll be ahead of the game. Elsewhere in the solar wheel a very fortuitous alignment unfolds and supports you in the areas of career, reputation, Mom or Dad, money, earning ability, showcasing your talents, health, co-workers, and the everyday schedule. This presents a little magic and perhaps a miracle or two. Some faith restoration is coming your way.

VIRGO: The good, the bad, and the confusing? A mixed bag perhaps but not if you prepare. Finances, investments, commissions, bank loans, sex, trust, sharing, and inheritances may be areas of confusion and rethinking while Mercury does the backward slide. Please do not sign binding agreements until the second week in April at the earliest. This is a good time to investigate any inconsistencies in the money area—be a financial sleuth. Yet, another energy pattern is intent upon bolstering your self-esteem, purpose, creative and romantic juices, power to influence, education, travel, and public relations activities . Drink in the validation. You do indeed deserve it.

LIBRA: Just what you need—more energy coming at you from across the hall of partnership. With Uranus settling in for a long stay, Mercury is preparing to turn retrograde on the 12th in the house of partnership, suggesting a few weeks of renegotiation is upon you. Please do not sign business contracts or make personal commitments. This is the time to review, listen, and learn from the others in your world. After the first week in April you will be in a much clearer space to make those “people” decisions you like to think about. A very supportive energy aligns this week which positively effects your personal life, home, comfort, parents, psychological health, finances, trust, intimacy, sexual connections, subconscious mind, dream work, the past, rest, and rejuvenation. Drink in the subtleties and the extreme sense of wellbeing.

SCORPIO: Mercury is retrograding on the 12th in the areas of your life that affect work, office gadgets, daily schedule, health regimes, pets, and those you work with. Allow for glitches, machinery breakdowns, misunderstandings, and inaccurate communications (hey, I'm just helping you to set expectations over the next few weeks!). Look to the second week of April for a semblance of normality to reappear. At the same time, an energy aligns that promotes your writing, education, and speaking abilities with partners, business associates, groups, associations, friends, the Internet, and your goals (the kind of goals and dreams that make your heart go pitter patter). What comes your way easily and devoid of much effort is the “gold” this week.

SAGITTARIUS: Mercury retrogrades in the areas of life that concern your creative projects, children, romantic partner, and your heart! Your creations need a little spit and polish and will be ready to be unleashed, loved, and revealed in all their splendor in the second week of April. Take the time now to be extra clear and thorough. Another energy alignment this week positively targets the areas of income, talents, work projects, co-workers, daily schedule, health, life direction, career, reputation, and those in authority. Expect flow, praise, monetary gain, and validation for your efforts.

CAPRICORN: Seek and ye shall find. Actually, you won't really need to seek anything. Support for you is already in place this week. It takes the form of creativity, personal power, positive exchanges with children, lovers, foreigners, students, teachers, PR folks, travel destinations, and the big picture of things. It feels good and looks good so drink it in. Mercury's retrograde, on the other hand, may give you reason to pause on and around the 12th as he stations in the area of your life ruling your home, parents, self-esteem, private affairs, and personal comfort. Keep your options and mind open until at least the second week of April when your emotional scuba dive ends and you come up for air.

AQUARIUS: The next few weeks place emphasis on your communications, contracts, daily travels, neighbors, siblings, educational activity, writing, and speaking. Mercury retrogrades in the 3rd house—the area of your life it rules—placing double emphasis on what you say and how you say it. This can be a time of missed signals, miscommunications, and misunderstandings. Take your time with communications, knowing this is a three-week period where you need to be extra clear. Please get your car checked too. Back at the homestead, an extra pleasant energy unfolds in the areas of life related to sleep, dreams, private work, home, those you live with, parents, renovations, psychological well being, intimacy, sex, and trust. Expect a foundational level of well being to permeate your days at the deepest levels.

PISCES: While the Sun continues to highlight the start of your solar year, Mercury retrogrades in the areas regarding earned income, buying and selling, and your talents and abilities. Avoid making agreements, signing contracts, and starting new employment situations until the second week in April. Remember that more facts will unfold as you move into April. Simultaneously, a beautiful energy is in place this week that enhances the areas of communications, siblings, neighbors, local travel, contracts, writing, speaking, partnerships, business relationships, friends, networks, the Internet, and associates. Good stuff. News and support travel your way this week, warming your heart and your mind.