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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, March 30th


ARIES:  Just one day before Mercury's direct motion on April 4th, Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, enters your third house. She will be here for an extremely long stay due to her retrograde motion in May.  Venus enters the house that Mercury rules, suggesting an invitation to a rare and powerful dance of the mind. How you think and where you focus attention is highlighted. Mercury's forward movement in the area of life concerning the soul and inward focus enhances the message that what you think is what becomes manifest in your outer world. Daydreaming is encouraged, and the more authentic, loving, and abundant the dream, the stronger the external shift.

TAURUS:  Your talents, abilities, and hence your self-esteem are scheduled for an upgrade, compliments of Venus. Her transit to your second house softens your beliefs regarding what you can and cannot accomplish. Mercury's direct station in your house of dreams on April 4th adds to the emotional fuel that seeks to take you to creative and empowering places of self-belief and pleasure.  Abundant beliefs lead to an abundance of resources.

GEMINI:  As the energy symbolizing your core identity and conceptual process moves into direct motion on April 4th in the area affecting your life direction, reputation, and career, Venus, the feminine principal that rules attraction and beauty, moves into your sign for a four-month stay. Consider this an invitation to believe that you can live in a space of creativity, beauty, inspiration, and abundance. A rare opportunity to step into your highest ideals is unfolding. This will transport you to a place of deeper peace, relaxation, and wonderment. Trust in the highest ideals possible and allow outward events to align to meet your ideals and surpass them.

CANCER:  Ideas, possibilities, adventures, and faith are unfolding from a space of apprehension and confusion.  When belief systems are breaking down it's easy to feel the sensation of chaos and disorder. But see time as a deconstruction of old ideals no longer relevant to where you are headed.  You are entering a fruitful time during which you can understand that you are a divine spiritual being here to have an earth plane existence. Remember that you come from source energy. Your decision on how to use your energy empowers you to be the author of your life.  Focus on the highest and the best, trusting that energy will align to meet and partner with your intentions.

LEO:  Your mind has been taking you back to imprints of the past concerning trust, sharing, and life's mysteries. More psychological understanding may be floating into your consciousness as Mercury moves into direct motion on April 4th.  A long period of development regarding your dreams, friendships, and personal goals begins this week. Believe that through your emotional and mental intentions you can attract what and who you need to live in a warmer and emotionally more satisfying space than you have ever occupied.

VIRGO:  As miscommunication and confusion begin to unfurl as Mercury moves stationary direct on April 4th in your house of partnership, another area that Mercury rules, your tenth house of career and reputation, is the recipient of a very special guest in the form of the loving attractor Venus.  For a little over four months your mandate is to create a career and outward life that embodies everything that is abundant and beautiful to you. Trust that you can attract the resources you need to build a life and avocation that satisfies you to the core.

LIBRA:  As functional processes begin to return to normal with Mercury’s direct station on April 4th the Goddess of Love and Beauty enters the area ruling the higher mind.  Venus will be visiting your ninth house until August, beckoning you to raise your visibility and reach out to a larger audience. Some may be penning a novel while others will plan a beautiful foreign vacation. Some will sign up for spiritual classes that broaden the mind while others may be teaching them. Whatever the outward form, you are on notice to let the flow of refinement and creativity encompass your mind on a deeper and broader level than ever.

SCORPIO:  Psychological healing, the acceptance of that which was once unacceptable, deep sharing, forgiveness of self and others, trust for another, graceful endings followed by beginnings, and financial protection are flowing in for a four-month cycle.  This time ensures the space and support to recover from any setbacks and breaches in trust. Others in your world are willing to share with you now – emotionally, financially, or sexually.  Prior to the second week in May is an advantageous time to review investments, insurance, health benefits, commission structures, and loan agreements as you are apt to cut a better deal or plug in to stronger opportunities.

SAGITTARIUS:  Any losses, changes, breakups, or restructuring around partnerships are due to receive a long and unprecedented boost as Venus enters your seventh house of relating. The past 14 months have been a time of evolving change and upgrades to your sense of identity and relating patterns.  Rewards are now on hand to enhance both the internal and external work of the past year or so.  Through August is a time to reap some well-deserved rewards, support, commitment, and love.  Tend to your intentions through holding the best possible vision of what life can feel like in a mutually beneficial and loving alliance. Business partnerships, clients, and the public are all possible sources of beneficial and possibly financial activity.

CAPRICORN:  Confusions and missteps will begin to straighten out in your communication sector as Mercury turns stationary direct on April 4th. In addition, after the third week of April stronger mental exchanges and contracts gain additional footing.  Home and family are still the focus, yet a pleasing energy flows in as Venus enters the area of life concerning health, healing, daily work, co-workers, pets, and to-do lists.  A beneficial time is unfolding, encouraging you to create a practical day-to-day schedule that is softer, flowing, more pleasurable, and ultimately life enhancing – the divine is in the details now.

AQUARIUS:  If payments, work agreements, or employment situations have been slow to arrive, vague, or stuck, expect to feel forward movement at Mercury turns stationary direct on April 4th in your house of earnings and talents. Additionally, a beautiful energy begins this week that expands your creative self-belief, projects, children’s welfare, and your love life.  As Venus enters your fifth house of pleasure and authentic creativity expect to feel lighter, more relaxed, and inspired.  All that is required now is an open heart and the faith to believe in yourself.

PISCES:  The opportunity to be clear in your messages and communications is especially important now as Mercury turns stationary direct in your sign on April 4th.  The days surrounding the 4th can be especially flighty so allow plenty of time to get it right.  After the 21st you gain the feeling that everyone's mind (including your own) is finally reaching some semblance of normalcy.  Home, healing, and family situations are the recipient of Venus’ entry into Gemini – your fourth house.  Pleasures and love are found on your doorstep through August, and the goddess of love and beauty wants you to find extra comfort within self, with close others, and in all things foundational in your personal life.