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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, March 16th

~Photo Courtesy of Stacey Hinkle~

ARIES: Retrograde Mercury conjuncts inventive Uranus in your sign as he did on March 6th and will again on April 21st. The energy of the mind works well with genius Uranus, as they both hold sway over the mental functions of reason, creativity, and conceptualization. You are undergoing a personal revolution on the intellectual level which will forge new pathways. But give this time to evolve, as the final conjunction occurs briefly after your ruler Mars moves into direct motion in mid-April as well. There are no accidents, merely cycles and signposts. Your solar year begins on the 20th at the Spring Equinox just after a growth aspect occurs in the areas of work, health, and your evolving sense of the big picture and the world around you. Women, the state of your relationship, marriage, and issues of equality are important to ponder now.

TAURUS: The energy that signifies love, desire, and pleasure has been traveling backward since February 10th in the area of self-expression, children, and romance. Eros is now moving forward, suggesting that your desire nature will be feeling more aligned and motivated as well. The possibility of turbulence within yourself and with a parenting figure is prominent mid-week. Allow any chaotic feelings and occurrences to settle down before acting. Venus continues to contribute to feelings of well-being and affection.

GEMINI: If you are feeling that you are in some sort of surreal time warp in relation to a goal, group, or friendship—well, you are! But there are flecks of genius and innovations attached to your communications and activities with others. Circle April 21st as the energetic day for conclusions and dependable future planning. A friend may experience some upsets around parenting or parents mid-week. The Spring Equinox shifts your focus from life direction to goals, dreams, and social connections. There is a strong possibility that a comrade from your past will pop up for a visit.

CANCER: Passion and pleasure return more strongly in both your inner dialogue and in your exchanges with others, lending to self-realizations that are nurturing and supportive. However, this is a prime week for a little chaos to unfold around authority figures and parents, as Ceres and Eris conjunct mid-week. There are also interesting developments in the area of career as Mercury conjuncts Uranus for the second time while in retrograde. Plan on seeing firmer foundations and clearer signposts (life direction) unfold as you move into April. The third and final conjunction between these two planets of the mind occurs on April 21st just after Mars, ruler of your 10th house, moves into forward motion again. Have some patience.

LEO: The Spring Equinox heralds the Sun into fellow fire sign Aries on the 20th. This is followed by an awareness of sorts around your personal belief system as the Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 21st. Remember, if you are traveling, teaching, or promoting there will be glitches and patience is your friend. What you think you know is due to shift over the next few weeks, so be okay with not having fixed ideas and directives. A growth aspect this week takes place as the areas of your values, self-worth, and income feel challenged by your need for pleasure, children's needs, creative projects, or romance. Ponder the affirmation: “I am always valued and honored by others in my relationships.”

VIRGO: Be gentle with self and others as Mars makes a growth aspect to the North Node and Juno conjunction, signifying a time when you may not feel valued in your home and relationships. Mars then opposes Chiron on the 21st and 22nd.  Understanding and compassion may become more accessible as awareness arises regarding your relationships and relating patterns. A week of learning for sure. Your ruler seeks to liberate you from worn out patterns and psychological dross from your past. This process brings intellectual awareness and a stronger sense of freedom within your financial and emotional involvements. A stronger sense of  clarity will be revealed in mid- to late April. Exciting possibilities can be trusted and acted upon.

LIBRA: The Spring Equinox heralds the time of year that is all about the others in your world. Compromise and taking into account the feelings and needs of partners, clients, co-workers, and significant others will be prominent now. Interesting developments and agreements may resurface as Mercury again conjuncts revolutionary Uranus in the area of others. Bide your time with formal agreements until the first week of April (at least). Mark April 21st of as a time for clarity and the willingness to move on things when mental and communicative Mercury makes its final conjunction to the higher mind of the Uranus energy. Mars makes a growth aspect from the house of intuition and soul to the North Node in the house of mind. Areas of equality and committed relationships may take on an aggressive tone. Wait for the dust to settle.

SCORPIO: Sensitivity is rising surrounding your desires, goals, and friendships vs. your children, creative ideas/projects, and romantic environment. Mars once again opposes the maverick Chiron, suggesting a time for inward attunement and identification of what hurts and why. This is a useful exercise intended to bring into awareness that which needs to be healed and integrated. The Spring Equinox heralds a time of increased focus on the job, with co-workers, pets, health professionals, and managing the daily schedule. You may be implementing some innovative methods as Mercury conjuncts the techno wiz Uranus on the 18th. Give any new health regimes and practitioners time to prove their mettle. Note April 21st as decision time. 

SAGITTARIUS: Mars aspects the North Node currently transiting your sign, suggesting an assertive time with authority figures, parents, career, and your sense of evolving identity. Fairness and feeling honored within your relationships may be part of this environment as well. Additional awareness bubbles up as Mars aspects tender Chiron, engaging you to heal limiting beliefs regarding your worth and self-esteem. The Spring Equinox ushers in a time for more fun, play, sport, leisure, and creativity. The energy shifts from personal and home life into the arena of children, play time, and romance.

CAPRICORN: There is an inward focus as The Spring Equinox on the 20th pulls the focus to the more personal areas of your world, including home, family, the soul, and your emotional security. Your ideas, beliefs, and philosophy of the world around you has been a focus since November of 2011. Mars makes a challenging aspect to the North Node currently transiting the area of soul, universal consciousness, and the ability to manifest desires. Additionally, your home life is sparked by plenty of innovation and perhaps surprising communications.  Wait out any final decisions until Mercury makes its final conjunction to Uranus on April 21st. Issues over parenting needs may be highlighted, including your parental imprints and the influence they made on your ability to nurture self and others.

AQUARIUS: Your beliefs, communication style, and habits of thought have been the areas of revolution and emancipation (hopefully) for some time now. The Spring Equinox brings additional focus to and around your communications, siblings, neighbors, car, computer, writing, and speaking projects. Additional sparks of creativity and perhaps even genius are available as Mercury, the planet of mind, and Uranus, your ruler and the energy of higher mind, unite on the 18th. Give changes and developments time to gel until April 21st when Mercury and Uranus meet again but this time with Mercury's full winged strength of planning and negotiations. This week may also be a time of concern regarding siblings, parenting, and some temporary chaotic discord.  Again, take the path of wisdom and use a wait-and-see approach. 

PISCES: Although Mars has been retrograde in your partnership house since January, another level of awareness is accessible this week as he opposes healing Chiron currently transiting your sign. A great deal of energy and movement has occupied your relationship axis since last November and another learning point is upon you. This energy is encouraging you to identify the areas and imprints within self that have affected your sense of self-worth and what needs to be healed to open the pathway to mutually loving and healthy relationships. Mercury and Uranus are supportive, encouraging an increasing level of integration between your past, your value, talents and creative genius.