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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, March 2nd

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ARIES: Uncommon fortitude is available now. Like the adventurer coming back from the depths of deep water exploration, you can share some of your thoughts and experiences. But do so in a way others can digest – feed people bite by bite. Additional resources are due to flow your way, enhancing your self-esteem and perhaps your bank account. The Full Moon nudges your ruler Mars on the 8th, highlighting insights and activities surrounding health, co-workers, pets, and managing your daily schedule.

TAURUS: A very special alignment is unfolding and will be in full bloom come mid-March. Yet, the possibilities are already starting to flow, as Venus reveals when she enters your sign on the 5th. This has everything to do with thinking big, creative, harmonious, and loving thoughts – begin preparing internally. The Full Moon on the 8th is another harbinger of the creative energy coming to light in all things heart centered. Believe that dreams can and do come true while stoking the internal flames of reverence deep within.

GEMINI: Dedication to your dreams for the good of the whole is nurtured as Mercury joins Vesta in your 11th house. You enter a brilliant time for planning and discussions. The time for action will come once Mercury moves direct on April 5th. There is no rush. You have time to plan and coagulate wisely knowing that timing is everything. Rest and relaxation are encouraged over the next few weeks. The Full Moon on the 8th brings additional information and a measure of closure surrounding private and home life.

CANCER: Career and public life intensify as Mercury enters the areas of authority figures, career, and reputation. You feel a high level of dedication, but take time out to recharge as needed. This is a month to think things through. Your social life and group activities receive a warm glow of mutual appreciation as a female may go the extra mile for you. The Full Moon on the 8th brings positive developments that will solidify mid-month in the areas of messaging, partners, teams, friends, networking, and dreaming big. Opportunities come through people you know as well as through new faces.

LEO: Practical planning combines nicely with your dreams of adventure. As the Sun continues to transit the deepest areas of your thoughts, desires, fears, and finances, know that you are in good shape to build foundations surrounding your talents, income, services, and life direction. Venus raises your visibility in attractive ways and the Full Moon on the 8th encourages clear awareness about what you have to offer and how much you are worth. Ask for favors, raises, interviews, and meetings.

VIRGO: The Full Moon in your sign on the 8th highlights a personal, deeply important culmination. A very special energy alignment taking shape will allow more flow around your creativity, authenticity, validation for the evolution you have been engaged in since November, and exciting possibilities on a broader level. Venus brings additional well-being and a belief that things are moving in the right direction. You will know this for sure come mid-month. Investments, your psychology, and important others receive your full attention over the next few weeks.

LIBRA: Proverbial arms are wide open as Venus moves into your 8th house of shared resources, loans, investments, commissions, your partner's money, psychological healing, and intimacy. This area has been a point of focus for some time and Venus deepens further bonding, trust, and sharing levels. Events are building to a condition that supports commitment, the laying of foundations of comfort, and the healing of limiting thoughts of the past. The Full Moon highlights life direction, partnerships, and spiritual attunement. Partnerships, agreements, and contracts engage your dedication.

SCORPIO: Work, communications, planning, and health all intensify. Your passion and dedication are admirable and are noticed by others. As Venus joins Jupiter in your 7th house of partnership a very supportive energy aligns and comes to fruition mid-month. This has everything to do with supportive relationships, business alliances, commitments, and agreements. Hold in your heart the highest and best possible outcomes and let the energy unfold. The Full Moon brings culmination and enthusiasm in group activities, much needed support, and future possibilities.

SAGITTARIUS: Real possibilities align and move into place regarding money, the services you provide, and life direction. Work environments are extra pleasant as are the people you work with and for. More money should become available as well. Concentration and planning are shown around the areas of creative endeavors, children, and romance. The Full Moon highlights possibilities that will unfold mid-month. Keep your mind focused on the best possible outcomes and avoid negativity.

CAPRICORN: You are sitting pretty, Capricorn. Not feeling it? You will, you will. Home is a current area of concentration, focus and communications. Improvement will require time and patience so please go with the flow. Your creative juices, love life, and perhaps children will be sources of pleasure and ease over the next few weeks. The Full Moon highlights a situation that will continue to expand and support your evolving sense of identity, authenticity, higher mind, and supports legal, promotional, publishing, teaching, or traveling opportunities come mid-March. Keep your eyes and heart open with loving patience and use your ability to receive.

AQUARIUS: Communications, contracts, agreements, situations with siblings or neighbors, teaching, and studies are areas of focus and needed patience. Please take your time with assumptions, contract signing, and all of the above for the next few weeks. Home is where it’s at anyway – much healing, love, and positive developments are evolving. The Full Moon highlights sensitivity and awareness regarding your intimate bonds, finances, corporate money, psychological situations, and endings. Something needs to be released but more fulfilling circumstances with a future of substance are on the way.

PISCES: A partnership situation reaches a culmination at the Full Moon on the 8th. This paves the way for supportive conditions which will embrace positive thoughts, feelings, exchanges, wishes and dreams. Dream big, Pisces, knowing that energy is aligning to make things happen in a flowing and foundational way. Please take your time with earning agreements, and explore the possibility that a former income avenue may come your way again. Promote yourself to those already familiar to you.