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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, February 3rd 2012

Outer Banks, NC ~ Photo Courtesy of Stacey Hinkle

Cloudiness, idealism, imagination, nebulousness, sensitivity, psychic, drugs, alcohol, the arts, creativity, compassion, and intuition are just a few descriptors of the planet Neptune. Since 1998 Neptune has been transiting Aquarius, the ruler of technology, astrology, the Internet, and brotherly love. On Friday, February 3rd Neptune ingresses (moves into) its home sign of Pisces for a transit that will last until the year 2025.

New navigation skills will unfold as we get acquainted with this energy shift in the sign that swims in the waters of feeling and intuition. In Pisces we are encouraged to develop stronger empathy and intuitive connectedness. In Aquarius Neptune prompted connectedness through technology, social media, and the digitization of music and art. In Pisces Neptune beckons us to connect through our spirituality and compassion. We are reminded that we are all in this boat called humanity, making our way through our collective and individualized journeys.

Neptune can also be experienced as confusion, fuzzy thinking, a need for self-medication, and disorientation so please make allowances for this personal energy shift while implementing grounding practices as you adjust to this influence.

Saturn moves into retrograde on February 7th until June 25th – just in time for the Pluto Uranus square this summer. It is interesting to note that both Mars (ruler of Aries and host to Uranus) and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn and host to Pluto) are in retrograde now, suggesting a time to review the changes that continue to be born within. We will be ready for the externalization into fresh life chapters initiated by the exact square between Pluto and Uranus this summer.

The Leo Full Moon also falls on the 7th at 18 degrees while conjuncting Mercury, the planet of communication, the mind, and commerce. Venus slides into “victor take all” Aries on the 8th, suggesting an assertive flavor in our relationships and finances.

ARIES: Your dream life, hunches, intuitions, and spirituality are enhanced with the entrance of Neptune in your 12th house of the subconscious and generational history. Allow time to receive and adjust to the influences that Neptune brings. Saturn slows in the area of relationships, allowing for the space to review and integrate the lessons of partnership and/or the lack of partnership in your life. Trust that there is a time and season in the cycles of living. Venus enters your sign, enhancing your appeal and attraction energy. Attract to you what you desire through intentional thought and internal focus. Happy “aha” moments surround your children, creative projects, and romantic alliances at the Full Moon.

TAURUS: Personal goals, desires, money earned through career, friendships, and group activities are under Neptune's influence. You may increasingly be drawn to spiritual people, the glamour industry, and those who selflessly work for the benefit of others. Some sacrifice may be experienced in relation to your friendships. One or two may fall deeper into addiction and it will be up to you to decide what role, if any, you are willing to play in helping to save them from themselves. Venus slides into the quieter psychic 12th house, encouraging pleasant hours alone meditating, resting, and working behind the scenes on creative projects. The Full Moon brings culmination in the areas of home and family.

GEMINI: Selfless service, fashion, photography, art, spirituality, and the water industries are just a few areas to ponder in relation to your work, avocation, and life direction. For some, a growing sense of confusion or deception in the work place may be experienced as Neptune ingresses into your 10th house of career and reputation. For others, reputation will be enhanced by Neptune’s glamorous influence. Your communications, contracts, commerce, cars, technology equipment, and sibling-like relationships are positively affected at the Full Moon as clarity refines your perceptions and speech. Venus promises a good time with friends and in group activities.

CANCER: Neptune's transit into fellow water sign Pisces begins a cycle intent upon softening your world view, religious beliefs, and global participation. Foreigners and foreign countries may become sources of inspired activities as your compassionate desire nature seeks a broader experience of planet earth. You may embark upon educational interests involving water, spirituality, photography, and the arts. Your mind and belief system is now under Neptune's dissolving domain in any areas that have become too rigid or dogmatic. The Full Moon highlights your values, income, and talents – communication and commerce are part of the picture. Responsibilities within home and family lighten as Saturn moves into retrograde. It’s time to make sustainable change at home and ponder emotional needs.

LEO: Your personal annual Full Moon on the 7th highlights personal matters of importance – a sibling, child, or younger person may be important at this time. Saturn slows down to afford you the time to review your mental habits and ways of communicating. What ideas and communication styles serve you and what decidedly do not? Neptune's influence floats into the areas of shared resources, psychological health, emotional intimacy, and sex. Please be careful who you trust with your resources (emotionally, financially, and otherwise), as confusion and deception can be part of this planet's teachings. Be hopeful but let the test of time determine what and who is trustworthy. A pleasure trip, a PR campaign, educational pursuits, and publishing are all favored as Venus ingresses into your 9th house.

VIRGO: Relating patterns, archetypes, partnerships, clients, and the public are all areas that will be touched by Neptune's ingress into your 7th house this week. This is a long transit that will take many forms as the years unfold. If your partnerships are feeling particularly confusing, know that Neptune's mists are dissolving any rigid patterns that have solidified in your relating dynamics. This is a time to hope for the best but to be as grounded as possible in both working and personal partnerships. Compassion is encouraged but not at the expense of your personal boundaries and well-being. Venus blesses finances, investments, commissions, your partner's money, intimacy, and sexual relations. The Full Moon encourages more rest and will bring to light some new information.

LIBRA: Health, the services you offer, pets, daily routines, productivity levels, and your everyday environment are now under Neptune's domain. Some confusion may unfold regarding all of the above. In regards to health, unusual or hard to diagnosis conditions may appear. Emotional well-being is of the utmost importance, as the mind is directly connected to physical health. You may also find that your way of working softens and deepens in a compassionate and more selfless manner. Venus moves into your 7th house of partnering and the public, encouraging a loving and affectionate time with the important others in your world. Saturn moves retrograde and allows you time to integrate the changes you have experienced. Friendships, networking, and personal goals are highlighted and culminate at the Full Moon in your 11th house.

SCORPIO: This can mark the beginning of a highly creative time as Neptune moves into your 5th house of creativity, children, and romance. Creativity means many different things to different people and everyone has that spark of genius within. Now is the time to go with that inspired flow. This is also a time to be cautious in the romance department. Your new paramour may be a spiritual and evolved partner, but give romance plenty of time to prove itself. Venus brings pleasure and affection to your everyday and work environments. Co-workers are supportive and helpful. The Full Moon brings closure to a work, career, or life direction or an authority figure’s influence.

SAGITTARIUS: Changes, disappointments within friendships, and group responsibilities slow as Saturn turns retrograde, allowing you to process and integrate changing dynamics with friends, networking, and group involvement. Neptune's watery realms shift into the area of your chart ruling the home, family, parents, and emotional security. Initially, there may be some confusion about your past and with family members. Some Sagittarians will deal with addictions in the home and those you live with. Others will seek homes near water. And some will idealize family members or need to sacrifice on behalf of the family. Spiritual pursuits and the love of beauty may be a driving force, enhancing your comfort and well-being. Venus kicks up her heels in the areas ruling romance, pleasure with children, and your creative spark. The Full Moon brings closure around travel plans, education, marketing, or publishing.

CAPRICORN: During Neptune's transit to your 3rd house you will come to rely on your intuition and instincts. Keeping appointments and getting from point A to point B may be a challenge as time feels more challenging to manage. Keep track of car and equipment maintenance. Inspired and creative writing, teaching, and speaking projects are encouraged. Your ruler slows down for a winter slumber in the area of career and life direction – you will enjoy the time to refine and polish your goals. Venus brings pleasures and good times in the areas of home and family, heightening your sense of well-being and emotional security. The Full Moon brings culmination in the areas of shared resources, trust, intimacy, investments, other people's money, and commissions.

AQUARIUS: Your talents, abilities, earning capacity, and self-esteem are areas for creativity, confusion, imagination, and inspiration as Neptune ingresses into your 2nd house. If work is losing its appeal or profit margins are sinking, this is an opportune time to go within and ask what juices you? Some Aquarians will change the way they earn their living, seek to harness their creativity in new ways, or change careers altogether. Work in and with water, photography, painting, film, medicine, or with non-profits may appeal now. If your self-esteem is not up to muster, this is a time to review past wins and successes and to keep the self-talk in check. Venus enhances communications with siblings, neighbors, writing, and teaching projects – your ideas are well received now. The Full Moon brings awareness and some closure surrounding relationships.

PISCES: You are in a sensitizing process with Neptune moving into your home sign. Your emotions, mind, body, and soul are all in a dissolving process intended to melt rigidity and dogma based on your beliefs of who you are. Practicality can dissolve now as your life takes on richer tones of impressions. Write things down, ask things twice, and review your calendar and appointments to help keep things on track. You may need more rest and floating time too. Please be careful with your health and follow practical regimes to keep your immune system in shape. Saturn's retrograde in your 8th house of psychological health and financial responsibilities, including debt and shared resources, slows down any burdens. This allows for some recuperation time, both psychologically and financially. Venus helps bring in more resources over the next few weeks through income, buying and selling, and artistic endeavors.