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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, February 17th

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The New Moon is on the 21st at 2 degrees of Pisces. A New Moon suggests a time for fresh emotional energy in whichever house it falls in the personal chart. People initiate and make decisions when they feel like doing so, and the rationalizations typically follow. Luna sextiles expansive and educational Jupiter while conjuncting inspirational Neptune and healing Chiron. 

The Sun reaches out to stabilizing Saturn on the 18th before making its yearly ingress into Pisces on the 19th. At that point it embraces Neptune in a creative and imaginative conjunction.

The New Moon suggests a time of healing of any illness or “dis-ease” you may have experienced. Emotions align with the inner realms of fantasy and creativity. Daydreaming is encouraged, as we first create internally that which manifests externally. The next decade is a powerful time to work with universal energies to create and direct your life experiences. This life is an inside job and you are meant to receive and work with this truth. Venus ensures a time of ease and affection – she reaches out to the future, entwining your evolving sense of self and the higher mind of travel and education as she trines the North Node in your 9th house.

TAURUS:  The word “goal” can be overused, especially in the astrological context.  But what if I inserted the word “dream” instead? What dreams do you harbor for yourself? What experiences would you embark on if you felt there were no barriers or limitations? The New Moon suggests an apt time to ponder these questions. Taking one step at a time will fuel the actualization of a dream or two. Self-limiting beliefs are just that—beliefs and perhaps not the truth of your inherent possibilities. Your ruling planet aligns with a destiny point that is intent upon fueling your inner resources and helping you to feel the seed of a miracle growing within.

GEMINI: Your emotions begin to catch up to your ideas and professional urgings.  Often we carry a picture in our mind of what we would like to accomplish in life. This week your feeling nature is aligning with the conceptual. I urge you to embrace the energy of what you can now see AND feel. Magic is unfolding in the areas of career and life direction, encouraging you to embrace the highest ideals possible. Mercury suggests that psychological and financial resources are available to carry you to the next leg of your journey.

CANCER: Accessible energy flows your way in the form of beauty and creativity. Creativity is not limited to what we label as artistic, but expands far beyond into the world of senses, daydreaming, and imaginative engagement. Life is ripe with possibilities and the New Moon encourages you to believe that your heart's desires can be made manifest. Miracles happen when you flow with life's energy, experience the wonder that surrounds you, and remain awake and aware. Trust that there are a few miracles waiting for you as you connect more deeply with your higher purpose.

LEO: Cycles of birth and death are all around us—in the seasons and in our desires, experiences, and relationships. The Sun, your mighty ruler, is luring you into the space that allows you to release in order to rebuild. Emotional hints show the way forward in your emotional healing and safety and security. Your awareness expands in the areas of life purpose and direction. A cycle of development asks you to flow with the process of learning whom and what to trust!

VIRGO: Focused energy pours into the areas of relating and emotional connections.  Expect a time of deeper understanding to unfold on an intuitive level as you relate to others in your world. You embark on a month of learning to better understand your relationship needs as well as the needs of others. Progress is made as you move through blockages in the areas of emotional security, family needs, and relationship health.

LIBRA: Relationships hit a strong note of understanding and deep communication as your ruling energy trines the aspect of growth and understanding in your house of discussion and agreements. Emotional insights are prevalent at the time of the New Moon, revealing the deeper nature of your compassion and desire to be of service. This also includes service to your body, mind, and spirit. Honor the need for rest, nutrition, better health regimes, and a manageable day to day flow. You are at the precipice of learning that productivity no longer needs harsh work patterns to be successful.

One cannot give to others what one has not cultivated within self. True love involves high self-regard, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness for mistakes and perceived limitations. This can be expanded to give to others in a compassionate and non-judgmental way. Your heart and childlike self need to know you respect and love the essence of you. From there stems the love of beauty, the appreciation of others, and the freedom to allow the children in your world to grow and develop on the firm foundation of acceptance.

SAGITTARIUS: Emotional connections grow stronger in regard to your home, security, well-being, and comfort. You are entering a long-term cycle where you are meant to create your masterpiece of self, including where and how you live. Inspiration takes root at your core and happily expands into a flowing energy that opens up your daily life. Love deepens your sense of self as Venus reaches out to the destiny point of the soulful North Node in your sign.

Inspiration in speech, manner, and writing possesses you. Good! The world needs a poet, philosopher, and wise mentor. The phrase “words can heal” is apropos. What you think about and your habits of thought are in a state of flowing transformation. Monitor limiting beliefs and realize that beliefs are different from truths. You can reshape your world by reshaping your thoughts. 

AQUARIUS:  Your values are highlighted now. What you value becomes an area of loving focus and development. What is important to you and why? How do you value yourself? What are some of your untapped areas of creativity and appreciation in regards to beauty? What we love we become good at. The artist within you is seeking more expression – allow for fresh aspirations to develop while you feed your emotional well-being and security.

PISCES: Who are you beyond your name, profession, status, and physicality? A deeper awareness and connection unfolds as you ponder these questions and answers. This cycle is intent upon expanding your sense of self and how you identify who you are. Healing the past is, of course, necessary. Cellular memories of past wounds affect the body and mind. Trust that release and integration is possible. This can free up energy for the cycle of rebirth that is unfolding.