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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, February 10th

~Photo by Scott Anna ~

Neptune's shift into Pisces receives reinforcements in the form of Mercury, planet of the mind, and Pallas, the asteroid of intelligence, achievement, and solving problems through identifying patterns in one's life. Areas of foggy confusion receive an injection of clarity, which helps give form to our impressions and feelings.

Mercury trines stabilizing Saturn on Monday, providing grounding to our relationships and planning. Mercury shifts into Pisces on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day) and makes a conjunction to inspired, romantic, and sometimes delusional Neptune. A healing alignment between Jupiter and Chiron is also in evidence, heightening our compassion, ideals, educational and travel goals.

Take care on Wednesday as Venus crosses paths with Pluto, suggesting the possibility of conflict in love or money. Venus will travel through Aries until March 5th.

Mercury brings conscious awareness to the Jupiter/Chiron sextile on Thursday, conjuncting Chiron while sextiling Jupiter. 

ARIES: Your inner world, spiritual leanings, and intuitiveness are heightened. This brings the ability to process your inspired visions into an accessible experience of awareness. This is an apt time to pay attention to your dreams, as you are beautifully poised to solve problems and focus on the manifestation process. Venus’ transit urges you to attract what you need through focus and attention. Money and needed resources may come through teaching, holistic activity, or organizations.

TAURUS: Your groups are flowing positively and reaching out in an uplifting manner around your personal growth and identity. Benefits are flowing your way in a healing manner. As Venus transits your 12th house remember to use the power of focus and meditation to attract circumstances that add to your experience of abundance, love, and prosperity. Wisdom and learning are highlighted within groups and friendships.

GEMINI: Focus is centered on your public roles within community and career. Intelligence and the ability to formulate strategic planning are highlighted. Using your intuition in combination with outward vocational goals works well for you now. Friendships and increased social activity inject pleasant and supportive energy into your life.

CANCER: As more energy flows into the area of the higher mind you are encouraged to embark upon a journey that expands your thinking, juices your desire for learning, entices you to travel, and encourages a personal Renaissance centered on expanding your ideas of the world and your place within it. Personal goals, desires, and friendships can help draw you into a state of spiritual and philosophical healing. This is also a brilliant time for media campaigns, higher education, legal pursuits, and foreign connections.

LEO: Conscious information is surfacing in the psychological, financial, or relationship areas. Give this time to simmer as you process next steps. Money and investments are important and are related to adventures and educational, media, or traveling goals. As you reach some fundamentally positive conclusions you will be guided to next steps and situations that will enhance your life and future possibilities.

VIRGO: As Mercury exits the area of work he makes a final connection to the planet of stability and sustainability. This has direct bearing on a work or health situation. Manageable solutions will be made available that carry over into your important relationships. Creative exchanges and knowledgeable advice is given and received, allowing for increased satisfaction in working partnerships.

LIBRA: Planning and negotiations in the areas of work and health are important over the next several weeks. Sensations that were only impressions are now being formed and molded at the mind level, bringing a firmer grasp of the way forward and next steps. A partnership and housing situation may hit a road bump and involve an angry exchange mid-week. Wait things out and look for solutions that will point the way forward as Venus continues her forward movement through the area of partnership.

SCORPIO: Creative planning, children's affairs, education, and your creative projects are positively highlighted over the next several weeks. As you engage with inner levels of inspiration you'll find that the mind follows suit, bringing workable intellectual planning to bear and enhancing partnerships and agreements.

SAGITTARIUS: Your emotional well being and personal life are being injected with insight, planning, and avenues of communication that will enhance your day-to-day life, work schedule, and health regimes. Working from home and laying down infrastructure that supports a home-based business may be options.

CAPRICORN: While a family matter arises that challenges you, the areas of communication, writing, and education are positively supported this week in a fashion that expands your creativity. Wisdom is evident in the manner in which you choose to respond and convey important information and messages.

AQUARIUS: Inspiration strikes at many levels. Often an integration period is needed to give ideas time to align and unfold. This week your instincts become aligned at the mental and intellectual levels, opening up pathways for planning and wisdom surrounding your talents, abilities, and money making ventures.

PISCES: You've spent some time in quiet thought pulling in your energy to ponder and review. This week your desire and interest in outward communication engages as you articulate personal desires and a personal process – this is a healing experience and a highly creative time.