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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, January 6th 2012

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The first three weeks of the New Year are unprecedented in that all the planets are moving forward. Typically, we have at least one or two in retrograde motion. In translation this means that now is the time for change, to make decisions, and to initiate action. Action will now have staying power devoid of hold-ups, miscommunications, and glitches. But there is one caveat: the energy ruling desire, willpower, ego assertion, and physical energy is slowing down. Mars, which usually moves forward a degree every two days, will now take five days due to his imminent retrograde on the 23rd. He will be lingering between 20–23 degrees of Virgo all month.

So, for planning purposes, be aware that what is initiated in the area of your chart that Mars is transiting will have the GREEN light but a sense of completion around these very areas may take longer than you anticipate. Mars will turn retrograde on the 23rd (although we are now feeling a slow down) until mid-April. There is more to your “assumptions” than is currently shown. Inward attunement, contemplation, and thoroughness will be the energetic modality over the next 11 weeks.

Mercury is exceptionally active this week, highlighting conscious awareness, contracts, agreements, and increased communications and travel. Saturday aligns both the ideal and real in our decision making as Mercury reaches out to both Saturn and Neptune. On Sunday, he moves into the pragmatic and foundation laying sign of Capricorn. On the same day, he trines uplifting and educational Jupiter; followed by surprising information that arrives courtesy of Uranus.

Monday brings the Full Moon in the emotional and home-oriented sign of Cancer, which reaches out to Mars in a growth-oriented aspect signaling energy and initiative. Mercury again is in operation as he sextiles healing and understanding Chiron.

Saturn is trining Neptune this month - to review where you can make the "ideal real" please visit your monthly videoscopes here

ARIES: You will feel relief as the intense pace of your day-to-day schedule slows. You at in the “end game” of all of the relationship lessons that have been part of your life for the past two years. The rest is just tweaking and refining. Affairs of the home, parents, and family culminate at the Full Moon. A-ha moments are followed by action. Practical planning, career discussions, and goodwill from your friends and associates all increase.

TAURUS: Any intensity that you have been dealing with in affairs of the heart and/or with your children will lighten as Mars slows down in your love and pleasure sector. Reviews are in order, encouraging an inward pull and keeping your own council. You are busy at the Full Moon with contracts, siblings, communications, and writing projects. This is a creatively inspired time. Venus continues to galvanize your allure and public reputation.

GEMINI: Partnership discussions, arrangements, and agreements are all ending on a high note this week. Finally, some closure and increased understanding between parties is experienced now. Your earned income, stuff that you own, and the state of your self-esteem is highlighted at the Full Moon. Decisions and activity flow within your home and with family. The next couple of weeks are ideal for reviewing finances and investments. Work in and around the home slows, allowing for more emotional rest and recuperation.

CANCER: You are personally spotlighted at the Full Moon. This time indicates a personal culmination and/or awareness of your priorities. Your speech, community activities, sibling interactions, and writing/speaking projects are strongly and positively interwoven at the Full Moon. The next couple of weeks also heighten your engagement with important others, encouraging the development of partnerships through enhanced communications. You are blessed with support from others, both emotionally and financially.

LEO: The outpouring of cash and purchasing activity should ease as Mars slows down in your money house. You are entering a time to save more, spend less, and plan for future financial adventures. Partnerships continue to thrive, basking in the warm glow of Venus. Planning and communication increase in the areas of work and health, encouraging decisive decision-making. Lightening your schedule at the Full Moon is suggested since you will need time for additional rest and reflection.

VIRGO: Personal initiatives and activity slow as Mars gets ready for an 11-week review of your desires and personal plans—so please don't get frustrated. Change your orientation to one of “the slower I go the more thorough and long lasting the effects of my actions.” We're talking staying power, okay? Yet, a culmination and positive goal is reached at the Full Moon, which will be well served by constant application rather than fast and quick conquests. Mercury brings pleasant and healing closure to your home and family situation before moving on to the area of creativity and pleasure.

LIBRA: If sleepless nights, anger, and free-floating anxiety have been a problem, expect the static to clear and slow as Mars eases up in the areas of subconscious activity and family imprints from the past. You now have some “psychic” space to work through any self-defeating thought and emotional patterns. Issues of career and life direction are highlighted at the Full Moon. You are supported by others in your world, albeit quietly and behind the scenes. Venus continues to infiltrate your world with much needed fun, love, and creativity. Decisions regarding home and family are still a focus throughout the month.

SCORPIO: The Full Moon brings levels of completion, awareness, and culmination in the areas of study, travel, writing/publishing, lawsuits, and international contacts. A plateau is reached and energizes the area of future goals and networking activity. Mars begins to slow down the passionate engagement with others as you acclimate changes recently made in your social circles. Venus continues to warm your heart at home and with family.

SAGITTARIUS: Resources, shared finances, intimacy, and your psychology are illuminated at the Full Moon, bringing awareness and understanding surrounding intimate others and emotional involvement. Money is highlighted in relation to career, so follow up on professional possibilities. Relating continues to encompass the sweet and sublime as Venus moves through your relationship sector. Your ability to make decisions and reach agreements is nicely highlighted over the weekend.

CAPRICORN: You are surfacing now that your birthday month is underway. Thinking moves out of the subconscious and into the accessible conscious mind. Mercury moves gracefully into your sign this week, providing flowing energy in the areas of earned income and contract negotiation. Partnerships are highlighted at the Full Moon encouraging the sharing of creative energies and any matters concerning your children.

AQUARIUS: Attraction is the name of your game as Venus transits your sign and brings what you desire and perhaps even need. Ask for favors, as folks are more prone to grant wishes and help you along in your goals. The Full Moon highlights your day-to-day schedule, work, and health. You may be extra busy these few days or receiving some much needed information about how to increase your health and well-being. Mars slows down in the areas of investments, psychological health, healing and a partner’s resources.

PISCES: Activity within partnerships has been spirited, more active, and in some cases contentious. Expect others' needs and wants (and demands) to slow, allowing you to catch up with, process, and step back from overt challenges and conflicts. The Full Moon highlights matters with your children, creative projects, and romance. The OTHERS in your world support these activities, so embrace the acknowledgment.