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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, January 20th 2012

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The Sun heads out of realistic and ambitious Capricorn and into individualistic and inventive Aquarius. Over the next four weeks we seek to express our individuality and uniqueness. The New Moon occurs on Monday the 23rd at 2 degrees of Aquarius squaring expansive Jupiter, and sextiling Uranus, Aquarius' ruling planet. This lunation encourages a freeing from convention and social conditioning while initiating one's personal freedom. Equality and fairness are the hallmarks of the upcoming month.

Ceres, the asteroid symbolizing nurturing, mothering, love, parenting, grief, despair, depression, and agriculture, is transiting the sign of Aries until April 10th—just prior to Mars moving into direct motion. 

Mars moves into retrograde from January 23rd until April 13th . This heralds a time of slowed outward action and assertion as Mars delves more deeply into the house affairs it is currently transiting. Progress may feel sluggish, but consider this an 11-week period of due diligence, information gathering, and getting clear about motivations and desires. Many will require more rest. Also, be aware of obsessing over details that really don't matter.

The Mars retrograde finds your daily schedule easing after a prolonged period of consistent busyness.  You now have the space to assimilate all that has transpired since last Fall and to ponder your next steps. This period is advantageous for vetting any physical problems and applying yourself in the mending of mind/body health. Ceres accentuates a period of self-care as well as involving yourself in the care and maintenance of others. The New Moon highlights goals, self-actualization initiatives, and activities within groups and social circles.

This is a time to go deeper into your creative leanings, undertakings with children, and your romantic life. There is a learning involved which asks you to more fully engage with what you want and what truly juices you. The New Moon indicates fresh energy in your public life and career. The group mind is important now. Ceres offers a time of healing and the releasing of your past actions, family imprints, and any guilt you may be hanging on to. Dreams feature strongly, helping you to identify and clear self-defeating patterns.

Life has been busy with home affairs, parents, moving, selling, working from home. Some have been dealing with aggressiveness and anger. Obsessing over who was wrong or right may have taken up psychic energy but the slowing of Mars alleviates the internal pressures and allows for more space in the integration process. Ceres transiting your 11th house indicates nurturing and mothering from and for your important associations and team involvements. You may be grieving the end of a friendship. The New Moon encourages inventive initiatives in marketing, teaching, studies, publishing, and travel.

Ceres transits your most public house of career and reputation.  Discipline and responsibility are important in your avocation. A mentor may be encouraging and “parenting” you on career objectives and professional ethics.  You may be caring for a parent, authority figure, or supervisor. Mars retrograde slows the rate of your communications and signals a time when your thoughts pull inward for review and revision. Not an advantageous time for new contracts or selling initiatives. Stay with already known quantities and prospects. The New Moon heralds a time for financial restructuring, investments, bonuses, commissions, heightened sexual expression, and intimacy.

Both personal and professional partnerships are infused with energy at the New Moon in your 7th house of relationships—the quirkier the better. New life can be injected into ongoing associations as more people populate your world.  Outward energy slows in the area of finances, earnings, income, and personal belongings. You are pondering the value of things now as well as YOUR value in the marketplace. Consider this time well spent.  Ceres influences people at a distance, travel, legalities, education, and publishing. Any discomfort around these areas is seeking to be healed. Projects may involve spiritual journeys, volunteering, and the love for acquiring more philosophical knowledge.

Please do not lament the slowing of energy and outward progress.  Wisdom is contained in the retrograde movement of Mars in your sign. This is a time for additional rest and for personal reflection and revisions regarding your personal goals and agenda. The New Moon ushers in a time for stronger health care regimes, work practices, and organizing your day-to-day schedule. Ceres influences shared finances and powerful intimate exchanges.  Grieving and the need for stronger fiscal responsibility may be elevated now.

Ceres expands your desire to nurture through relating. This is a good time to work with the public, since sincere motivation to nurture others in a diplomatic and graceful way is evident. Relationships are especially healing and loving now. The New Moon kicks off a four-week period of increased pleasure with children, creative projects, and in your romantic life. Mars’ backward slide suggests a time to be extra aware of health needs, sleep, and rest. You are thinking over your private desires, needs, and how to effectively assert your self.

The New Moon brings focus to your home, personal life, and family.  Fresh initiatives are possible now, moving along personal comfort and new starts within your domicile. Ceres influences your work life, health, care of pets, and co-workers. Some may be grieving the passing of a beloved pet. Others may be a supportive influence for people experiencing a personal loss. Nurturing and care are indicated in your interactions with employees and co-workers. Your ruling planet Mars ((co-ruler) slows down the engagement and, in some cases, anger with friends and group involvements. An effective time to review goals and personal desires is at hand.

With Ceres transiting the area of all things love related you will enjoy generously nurturing your loved ones and children. Any grieving you are experiencing may be due to the misuse of money shared with friends, conflicting values, or custody battles. You feel nurtured by receiving attention and you feel comfortable creatively expressing yourself. The New Moon encourages contracts, communication projects, writing, and increased interaction with siblings and neighbors. A re-think is happening with Mars retrograding in the area of authority figures, career, and life direction. Ambitious projects may take longer than anticipated. Any contentious exchanges with parents or authority figures recede as people review their assertiveness and aggressiveness.

Home and family are important now as Ceres transits your 4th house of housing, parents, and emotional well being. You give and receive nurturing in your personal life. Real estate and home moves may be highlighted over the next two months. The New Moon encourages focused energy on earnings, buying, selling, and the cultivation of your talents and abilities. Mars slows down travel, teaching, studying, lawsuits, and public relations. Go deeper with what is already evident and on your plate.

Your solar year begins this week, reviving your desires, identity, and personal goals. The New Moon in your sign reaches out to your ruling planet Uranus, which is now transiting your 3rd house of mental habits, communications, travel, contracts, siblings, and neighbors. Ceres is also transiting this very area, suggesting a time of healing in your self-talk patterning and habits. What “not enough” tapes are evident and how can you change them?  This is a time to heal limiting beliefs and to engage in nurturing discussions and exchanges with loved ones. Mars slows in the area of sexuality, intimacy, finances, and psychology. You go deeper in these areas to gain more understanding of self and others.

The New Moon suggests that this a time for additional rest, introspection, healing, and meditation. Lighten your schedule. Mars retrogrades in the area of partnerships, easing the demanding dynamics from others. Since last Fall you have been under pressure from the others in your world. You now have some time and space to ponder other people’s motivations, desires, and agendas. The Ceres transit opens pathways of enjoyment regarding material possessions, skill building, and income. For some, this may be a time of grieving around issues of self-esteem or income.