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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week Beginning Friday, January 13th 2012

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The Sun and Mercury continue to transit grounded and practical Capricorn. Capricorn is interested in structure, growth, and sustainability. When the planet of the mind, Mercury, transits Capricorn we are interested in the bottom line and realistic possibilities that have staying power.

The Saturn Neptune trine in effect all month is also interested in sustainability while incorporating our creativity and idealism. Giving form and foundation to that which fuels compassion and inspiration is strongly encouraged and utterly doable.

The energy ruling love, money, and affections is very active this week as Venus ingresses into Pisces, a sign that supports her desire nature. She is exalted in Pisces. She activates the Saturn Neptune trine and deepens our desire for love and creativity. Her movement further enhances the urge for expression of beauty and creativity.

When the Sun makes an uncomfortable aspect to Saturn on the 19th we are asked to reassess assumptions surrounding partnership and relating patterns, suggesting a time to consolidate and critique.

ARIES: Neptune prepares to move out of the area representing authentic goals and inspired alliances (the first week in February) and grounds the lessons learned over the past 13 years. He rewards your efforts and growth and creates partnerships that are both enlightened and functional. Know that this arrangement has legs and serves all concerned in the highest way possible. Venus shifts into an area encouraging rest, rejuvenation, and private pleasures.

TAURUS: Career goals are manifest now and clearly support your life direction while healing challenges that have occurred over the past two years in relation to work, colleagues, and health. Life direction, mind/body health, and your daily schedule are enhanced and flow in ways that have been alive in your imagination. Venus adds warmth and grace to your social interactions and helps you reach deep in your appreciation of and healing through friendship.

GEMINI: Your creative projects, children's education, travel, and love affairs receive divine inspiration. Practical foundations of continuity and effectiveness are unfolding. Venus moves into the area representing ease and wellbeing in your career and community involvements. You are well received by the public now. Mercury's contact with investigative Pluto suggests the ability to problem solve in the areas of finances, loans, commissions, and investments.

CANCER: The Sun and Mercury continue to heighten your interaction with others, providing much needed clarity. Saturn's transit of your home, family, and emotional wellbeing is positively influenced–emotionally and financially—by the resources of others. This shores up confidence and self-esteem. Venus moves into fellow water sign Pisces and attracts the way forward in travel, education, public relations, marketing, publishing, and with women at a distance. Getting your message out to a broader audience is easy for you now.

LEO: Neptune is finally preparing to exit the area of your life ruling partnerships, clients, the public, and business associations. Confusion and vagueness now morphs into reliable exchange, contracts, and writing projects that are sustainable and supported by others. Work and communications with colleagues continue to be highlighted. Some intensity and financially important exchanges occur on Friday. Venus favors a few weeks of luck with finances, growing intimacy, and the receiving of benevolent help from others.

VIRGO: Venus transitions into your partnership house and supports positive and loving exchanges with others. Your skills, talents, and ways of making money are enhanced. The energy of duration and hard work connects with your service offerings and day-to-day schedule. Your creativity can be transformed to help create fresh money making ideas and business possibilities. Your creativity continues to be developed by Mercury's transit. Affairs of your children are highlighted as well.

LIBRA: Saturn's transit of your sign has been challenging, maturing, confining, and strengthening. There are no new lessons here as Saturn sits at the last degree of your sign. Expect a final ten-month period of refining and integration. His trine with Neptune builds upon your creative ability, relations with children, and romantic life. You can rely on what you experience now since it is anchored in both compassion and realistic opportunity. Venus supports your daily working life and helps to increase income, health, and wellbeing.

SCORPIO: The inner dimensions signifying emotional wellbeing, inherited family patterns, spiritual connectedness, home, family, and parents are areas of growing harmony, balance, and integration. Saturn's transit through the sensitive 12th house has required you to let go of outworn identities, roles, and even status—not an easy process at times. Now you are feeling a sense of wellbeing and calm. Venus urges you to spend time pursuing leisure activities, fun, romance, and quality time with children. You enter a creative period that enhances your self-esteem.

SAGITTARIUS: Stronger community involvement and business activity with friends and associates can emerge now. Contracts can be formed that embrace an ideal or a desired working situation with a colleague. Agreements made now can further your goals and what you envision for yourself in the future. Venus's transit of your 4th house sees you involved in home beautification projects. Relations with parents and family are warm and supportive.

CAPRICORN: A strong period for career and income is upon you. Neptune's transit of your 2nd house of earned income, talents, and abilities has brought a confusion, change, and idealism to your earning capacity and recognition of your talents. Saturn paves the way forward and provides solid avenues of achievement and continuity in your career and life direction. Venus graces your communications, contracts, relationships with siblings, and neighborhood involvements.

AQUARIUS:  This is the end of your solar year which is in preparation for the new year ahead.  Allow more time in your schedule for rest and relaxation.  Venus finishes her transit to your sign and is now aiming her sights on increasing your income and highlighting your talents.  Expect more money to flow your way over the next few weeks.  Saturn and Neptune encourage you to see the big picture and to absolutely "believe" that you can make your dreams a reality - go for the highest and the best.

PISCES: As your ruling planet Neptune reaches out to steadying Saturn, you find sustaining moments of psychological healing and self-driven creativity. Dealings with institutions and organizations can be financially sound and emotionally healing. Venus moves into your sign over the weekend and brings strong feelings of wellbeing and love. Focus on those things that you wish to attract into your life– think of all things abundant.