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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, April 22

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell

The Sun is the first of the personal planets to exit stage right out of Aries and into the grounded sign of Taurus.  The past month has filled us with visceral insights and impulses.  The Sun's ingress into Taurus is helping to "ground" those impulses in order to develop practical application.  

We're being jolted out of our emotional comfort zones and dislodged from habitual thought patterns.  But, what now?   Mercury begins its station forward on the 23rd and we process all of the changes that have taken place.  Mid-May will see us mentally getting a real foot-hold on the "hows" of implementing these changes.  The Sun in Taurus helps us to get grounded and centered on the impulses we received while he was transiting Aries.

Venus sashays into the warrior sign on the 21st and helps us to smooth over and to make compromises with what Mars and Pluto have yanked apart.  When Venus conjuncts Uranus on the 22nd fresh insights can be born regarding these old blockages.  The planet of love and money is challenged by Pluto on the 27th (just as Mars was on the 11th) where we find yet another situation demanding the need for adjustment, this time around our values and financial resources.

An Easter morning Moon VOID eases the pressures and we experience soothing moments of understanding with the Sun sextiling healing Chiron.

ARIES:   Venus lends a softening effect to your thoughts and actions.  Your central nervous system has been in a smash and grab environment with the energies working in an attempt to help you make change.  Your mental clarity gains a stronger foothold as Mercury begins to inch forward and the Sun's shift into practical and plodding Taurus will help you to integrate and "ground" some of your experiences.  Think of this as a window that has been left open and strong winds have blown the papers around in your room of "self."  The papers need to be re-organized and arranged into a better filing system, one in which you can more easily access your mental genuis and interpret your past.

TAURUS:   The Sun shifts into your sign and signals the beginning of your birthday month.  Venus (your ruler) leaves the soothing waters of Pisces and darts into the action oriented sign of Aries.  The awakenings and internal discomforts you have been feeling will receive a softening as well as a helping hand from Venus.  Chances are the past few weeks have been difficult for you, leading you to believe that you are lacking in some sort of fundamental way.  May I suggest that this internal audit has unfolded for the express reason to free you from some long held beliefs that are not aligned with the authentic truth of who you really are.  Venus reminds you that you are love, you are lovable and you are loving.

GEMINI:  You have experienced some upsets around shared assets and available resources.  No doubt this has upended some of your goals and planning.  Perhaps an association or two has been shaken up around issue over money or intimacy held with another.  But, the deeper message is to shift your view and know that there are additional and unexplored avenues in which to help you achieve your goals and to meet your needs.  Your ruling planet Mercury is starting to inch forward again and you will begin to see some fresh and uplifting possibilities unfold.  The month before your birthday is always a time for some additional rest and and creative introspection. 

CANCER:   No one would blame you for retreating into your shell and waiting for this topsy-turvey month to blow over.  Your career has caused you to question if one or two of your associations is worth holding onto.  Perhaps you have been the unlucky recipient of a power play or two.  But, rest assured that any altercation has the means to provide you with a stronger sense of your value in this world (however, "they" didn't intend it that way).  The Sun shifts out of the area of vocation and starts to shine it's life giving force in the area of friendships and support.  You will begin to make some sense out of all of these "doings" come May.

LEO:  Your day to day habits, routines and employment picture delivered a blow to your desires for adventure, travel and internal longings for a better life.  What needs to shift in order to open up the avenue of self-actualization?  With Mercury just starting to straighten out, and ruler of your mental processing, you will begin to see the bigger picture and how to implement your plans.  The life giving planet the Sun, is shifting into the area of your vocation and career.  What you do out there "counts" and your reputation depends on it. 

VIRGO:  Mercury will begin to crawl forward and so will your understanding of those mysterious "things" you have been pondering.  Your self-expression and heart (love) energy has been pulled to and fro by you own unacknowledged yearnings.  The desire you have for reinvention may actually be pointing in an altogether different direction than you have every previously considered.  Money and security is tied up with this too.  The Sun's shift into the area ruling over you higher "mind" will help you too engage with the "bigger" picture. 

LIBRA:  The area of partnerships is due to receive some healing missives from your ruling planet Venus when she shifts into Aries and your partnership house.  You've experienced some heavy-handed energies from the "others" in your world and it has shaken up your sense of security.  But, as you are learning with Pluto transiting your 4th house of emotional foundations, security is really within as is your sense of home.  Dealings and agreements with others will begin to soften and smooth out but not until or after the 27th when you begin to fully realize your value in this world.  It's all an inside job.

SCORPIO:  Pluto has been meting out some harsh directives affecting the areas of communications and the work that you do.  Power struggles may have occurred around the 11th and "thinking" your way clear of this conflict has eluded you.  But, please be assured that you will begin to understand and integrate these needed changes in a way that will ultimately serve your communication ability and any emotional adjustments that are needed.  Perhaps you will even discover  a "gem" of understanding around your value in the work place and in your day to day living.  The Sun's shift puts a focus on your partnerships. 

SAGITTARIUS:  An old wound has been agitated.  View this as a gift.  The gift is to clear up old dogma around your value, self-esteem and your earning power.  Your children or perhaps a love or creative interest was the deliverer of the "message" that once again set you back on your heels.  This is coming up again in order to be cleared!  The truth of your value is a journey in which you are still uncovering in order to discover a beautiful area that has been hidden from you due to your beliefs.  As Mercury glides forward  your heart and love energy is being revealed to you in such a way you have never experienced before.  Venus moves in to aid you in discovering these ultimate "truths."

CAPRICORN:  The tension you are experiencing between the "you" you believe yourself to be and the "you" that your divine self is asking you to acknowledge is lodged in your past.  Those old family imprints are powerful task masters but trust that you have plenty of help and encouragement to release that arsenal of of self-limiting beliefs that have been dogging you.  The tension is your soul seeking to break down those long held structures and to pave the way of stepping into the powerful you that you are.  Venus aligns with this lesson to help open the window to self-empowerment and love.  The Sun asks you to to align with your child self, the side that embraces feeling good and self-expression.

AQUARIUS:  Okay water bearer.  Think of a root cellar and there is a large scary monster down there rattling the shelving and the door.  Now, ponder the way in which you meet life through your attitudes and communications.  Imagine that the scary monster is is shooting fearful rays into your mind and telling you that terrible things are and will happen soon!  A pleasant little children's story eh?  For you, this story has been playing out in some fashion.  Time to change the story!  The NEW story is about acknowledging the way in which your family mishandled power and that YOU do not have to carry on the legacy and live that way.  The reason those fearful thoughts have been coming up so loud and clear is to instill the necessary drive in which to clear them.  The root cellar needs cleaning and that is all.  You do not "have" to live the beliefs and fears of your family inheritance.  Acknowledgment is half the battle and reinforcements are on the way.

PISCES:  Neptune has JUST started a visitation of it's home sign - yours!  Neptune seeks to break down barriers and open us up to the divine.  But, often, at first, people experience this as a confusing sensation of where do I stop and where do others begin?  Feeling clear around the boundaries of your personhood can feel a bit elusive now.  Neptune backs out of your sign for a re-visitation to Aquarius this summer giving you time to process this land of "self vs. others"  Friendships and associations have been delivering powerful blows and insights to your sense of self-worth and esteem.  Pluto likes to clear house of anything that no longer adds to your soul's learning.  Some associations are no longer contributing to the next level of evolution you are embarking upon. You understand that nothing in life is static, not your friendships or your goals.  Embrace change. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week Beginning April 15th

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell

Luna grows full on Palm Sunday at 10:45 p.m. in Libra.  Libra is about relationships and we will see a  "peak" of events surrounding unions and partnerships.  The planet of aggression receives a steadying hand from the restrictive and disciplining energy of Saturn on the following day.  Mercury conjuncts Mars on Tuesday supercharging communications with the need to vent and release feelings of frustration.  

Mercury is still in retrograde so his connection with the planetary energies in Aries is for the purpose of integrating information and experiences from the past.  If you're feeling frustrated and angry examine what events in your life have brought you to this current situation and set your intentions on the change that you need.  Mars is about assertive action and Mercury is helping you to better understand your needs and wants.

The cosmic soup suggests an apropos time for working on your relating skills.  What do you bring to the table when in conflict?  Conflict when approached from the desire to better understand another's viewpoint can be a cleansing and ultimately strengthening experience.   

Wednesday brings a softer perspective with the Sun making a pleasant alignment with compassionate Neptune.  The sun then slips into grounded and luxury loving Taurus on Thursday just before Venus joins the party in Aries on Friday the 21st.

ARIES:  You may be very occupied with personal projects and goals.  The Full Moon asks you to spend time with your partner and work out any missed signals that may have arisen while you've been so involved well, with you!  Remind yourself that you are still gathering data this month and will have the go ahead in May for new initiatives.  Change is needed.

TAURUS:  Full Moon fever illuminates the area symbolizing your work, your health and well being. Heightening your levels of self-care is a good idea this week as you may find yourself energetically run down.  Take the time to investigate re-occurring health issues and commit to making self-care a priority.   If work feels frustrating remember that this too shall pass and renumerate on how you can contribute to a healthier functioning work place or, if needed, to find another position that allows you to fully contribute your talents and abilities.

GEMINI:  Friends from the past may be popping up in your "now".  One friendship or group association may give you pause for thought around the Full Moon and present some sort of fear based dilemma.  This is about your self-confidence and is a time to engage in high levels of self-care.Take comfort in knowing that any reservations you have will smooth themselves out by mid-week.  Expect energetic exchanges mid-week when Mars supercharges your communications.

CANCER:  Any blockages you are experiencing around family relationships requires a different and innovative move on your end.  There is some fear around this so push through those self-limiting belief habits, open your heart and engage with the problem from a healthy stance of seeking compassionate resolution.  This feels very emotional for you Crab.  Take it easy on yourself and others.

LEO:  Limiting habits of thought are at the bottom of your current dilemma.  You want love, excitement and adventure, but your outcomes are reflecting your mental thought patterns.  A shift is needed here. You can't continue with the old limiting beliefs and expect to be the recipient of wild hair raising expansive opportunities.  Design your fantabulous life Leo but remember that your inner environment reflects the outer...not the other way around.

VIRGO:  Innovative approaches are pulling and pushing at you in the areas of financial arrangements including loans, taxes, debt and business deals.  Your need is to keep all income sources secure but "know" that there are creative options out there calling out for change.  More information comes your way at the Full Moon but take your time implementing.  Plan for May as the time for definitive and binding agreements.

LIBRA:  Feeling a little overpowered by others Scales?  You have a veritable platoon in your opposite sign of Aries.  This can feel like "pressure" from others who may not have your best interests at heart.  Perception is everything and viewing this from the stance of strengthening your commitment to self and what you know to be true is advised during the Full Moon in your sign.  The pressures start to dissipate this week but please do engage in high levels of self-care during this challenging period.

SCORPIO:  Things happen that are beyond our control and can add a level of anxiety to our day to day well being.  During this Full Moon cycle you are encouraged to balance your need for rest, downtime, and reestablishing a sense of peace, with the demands of your workplace and others needs.  Work IS invigorating and unpredictable but you also need the reprieve of retreating to your favorite "safe place" for a little spiritual R&R.

SAGITTARIUS:  The energy ruling your partnerships is in retrograde dangling appealing tidbits your way.  By May you will have a clearer idea of which tasty morsels are to your liking and which ones are not.  View this month as a priming the well period that will yield more reliable sources of water next month.  A leadership opportunity may be available at the Full Moon if you can keep your equilibrium and sense of decorum on balanced footing.

CAPRICORN:  Is contention arising amongst the family ranks?  You know change is needed in your important familial relationships but there is a fear that is dogging you.  Baggage is a term used when we have unresolved issues from the past that are prohibiting joy in our now.  What needs to be brought into the light of day and cleared out to allow for a happier existence?  That is the question as the Moon grows Full.  Do the legwork and emancipate yourself.  The sun's move into Taurus provides a mellower vibe in which to clear out those snarly cobwebs.

AQUARIUS:  Please do take it easy this week as you are moving from point A to point B.  There is a great deal of energy gathered in your transportation and communication area which sometimes lead to distractions resulting in parking and speeding tickets.  Take it slow and easy when traveling. On a deeper level you are experiencing some frustrations or obstacles around your beliefs and communications with others.  Your plans may need further refining or you may need a different avenue in which to deliver them.

PISCES:  Deep inner movement is taking place for you under the surface at a level that leaves others unaware.  The blockage that you feel between your self-esteem and values is in direct conflict with what you perceive to be your partner's needs and wants.  This can also manifest as commissions being withheld or income tax payouts that exceeded your original assumption.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week Beginning April 7th

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell

The energy ruling big money, the "markets," power in it's rawest form and transformation turns retrograde on the 8th.  We have until September to process and integrate the changes that Pluto has implemented and in some cases stunningly so!

Jupiter rules expansion and opportunity and is moving VERY quickly through the sign of Aries (until June), about half the time it usually spends in each sign.  Hence, the reason I am reviewing your areas of "luck and expansion" this week so you can be sure to capitalize on this cycle.  On average, Jupiter visits your sun sign once every 12 years.  Taurus will be the recipient of Jupiter's largess in June.

Mars is squaring Pluto heightening the omnipresent tension between old and new paradigms.  We are seeing this manifest quite brutally in the Middle East and at this writing we are waiting to see what transpires in the halls of government which ironically coincides to the "day" of Pluto's retrograde on the 8th.  Who will suffer?  We will.  Will our lawmakers be suspending their own salaries should the shutdown occur? 

Mercury is still in retrograde motion until the 23rd but does not harness it's full operational power until mid-May, please plan accordingly.  We spend time interacting with the past this month in order to explore and process answers in our present.

ARIES:  When Jupiter transits a sign it is an opportune time to "enlarge" your scope on all levels.  Some folks also gain weight (due to Jupiter's expansive energy) during this transit but don't worry, it will melt off again once July commences.  Hopefully, your confidence levels have risen and you are meeting people who are more than willing to help you.  You are feeling fresh levels of exuberance and excitement and furthering your ambitions should be more easily achieved during this transit.  The other side of the coin can also be felt as overindulgence and a feeling of entitlement.  Keeping your ego in check ensures a very productive and uplifting time.

TAURUS:  My hope is that you are blissfully waiting in the wings for your turn to be the recipient of Jupiter's expansive energy.  Yet his visit to your house of behind the scenes dealings, and inherited patterns of thought and behavior, should all be receiving a compassionate, sensitive and expanding influence.  A useful time to review family imprints in the spirit of weeding out dogma.  The process?  If it feels good expand it.  If a belief does not feel good allow it to clear out of your memory bank completely.  Dream and volunteer work can be deeply satisfying now.

GEMINI:  A time when you can pretty reliably count on your friends to help you with your dreams and goals.  Broaden your goals and "wishes" for self, especially those that fall outside of your usual comfort zone.  Group involvement can provide the avenue in which to realize your goals and some friends are providing you sage advice.  Reaching out beyond your "usual" social circle is encouraged.  Income from your work may increase during Jupiter's visit.

CANCER:  Jupiter's placement in your 10th house is a very fortunate position for gaining increased popularity and prestige in one's profession.  Some get married under this influence.  Possibilities also include: a promotion, new and improved career opportunities, heightened productivity and career success.  You enjoy more freedom and are cultivating a very favorable opinion from those in authority and in power.  The more willing you are to put yourself "out there" the higher the chances for success.  Be mindful as your integrity (or lack thereof) is on display.

LEO:  Your view and philosophies of life should be broadening.  Opportunities to travel and enrollment in self-development classes are viable options as you are very open to intellectually driven topics and experiences.  Success in career can come through foreigners and others at a distance.  Writing, teaching, advertising, marketing and sales should yield positive results.  Your mind is more expansive and tolerant of different beliefs and teachings.  In June, this influence shifts into the areas affecting career and profession!  Legal matters tend to work in your favor during this time period.

VIRGO:  This "should" be a time of increased emotional understanding and intuitiveness.  Intuition is highly "underrated" in this society but can be the high-test fuel for beneficial business deals, investments and a deeper sense of connectedness with your partner.  You are feeling more optimistic regarding intimacy and sharing.  If you've managed your resources well this can be a time of increased options and wealth.  Financial opportunities come through partnership and/or your partner may be experiencing a financial increase.  

LIBRA:  Your area of expansion comes through "others."  A time when you are more apt to strengthen and solidify partnerships.  Your dealings with the public are increasing providing you with approval and elevating your self-confidence.  Working with advisers and consultants may increase and conversely, you may play a stronger advisory role with others.  Any troubled relationships can be ended on a positive and amiable note.  The legal, teaching and publicity professions may increase in importance.

SCORPIO:  Day to day habits, work environment, co-workers, your health and pets can be areas of positive developments, support and growth.  Sometimes, people gain a few pounds during Jupiter's transit to the 6th house of health....wait it out and you'll have an easier time dropping weight after June.  Your ability to handle increased detail work is easier now and others recognize the good work you are doing.  Honesty and integrity that you bring to your services are rewarded.  A time to take pride in your work.

SAGITTARIUS:  I hope you are letting your hair down and having a good time.  Social opportunities, dating, fun outings, creative development and the positive development of children's activities enlarge now.  It's a time for creative original expression, and projects.  A favorable time for pregnancy and childbirth.  Responsibilities don't feel as binding now allowing you the opportunity to engage in more creative play.

CAPRICORN:  Family, your home, emotional state, parents and home life should all be areas of pleasure for you.  You may have moved or will be moving house which will provide an increased environment of peace and joy.  Opportunities for buying or selling real estate should be beneficial.  You are seeking long term emotional and financial stability and Jupiter's transit should provide you a measure of success.  A time to feed your inner well being.

AQUARIUS:  "Knowledge is power" may very well be your mantra now.  Areas of expansion can include:  teaching, writing, and class enrollment.  You are very open to enlarging your intellectual spheres of interest and learning.  Siblings may play a helpful role and healing energy is available should there be any rifts to mend.  Sales activity increases now, and the buying and selling of services and products is encouraged.  A time to develop and maintain supportive beliefs and mental habits.

PISCES:  Jupiter should be providing a profitable and productive time.  Financial problems from the past can be handled well and your self-esteem is probably strengthened as a result.  Earned income can increase through a new employment opportunity or you may be the recipient of a raise.  A stronger sense of self-worth attracts abundance in all areas that are important and of value to you.