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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Astrology of Revolution

History has a way of repeating itself albeit wearing a different garment and carrying a new banner.  As revolution alighted first in Tunisia, now termed the Jasmine Revolution (a country in the northern most part of Africa) and now in Egypt with the Lotus Revolution in full swing, we are globally bearing witness to tectonic shifts in the global community.

In the language of astrology the planetoid Pluto is a symbol for the breaking down of current structures in order to create and build anew.  Pluto is currently transiting the very conventional and bureaucratic sign of Capricorn - i.e. establishment.  Pluto is not known for his manners and will wantonly plummet the depths of any structure, government, and economic systems which are no longer working in order to transmute and transform. 

Uranus is the energy or planet representing quick change, the collective, anarchy, groups, humanity, creative will, and Revolution.  He is also the inventor and creative genius.  In March 2011, Uranus will be leaving behind his former home of Pisces and venturing into the pioneering spirit of Aries....but, his presence is already being pronouncedly felt.

The mid-1960's brought the sexual revolution and these two energies were potent players - Uranus was conjuncting Pluto in the Virginal sign of Virgo and being opposed by Saturn in Pisces.  As nothing exists in a vacuum we have a similar set-up moving fatefully and determinedly into place called  Uranus square Pluto.

The uprising in Tunisia began with a fruit seller being slapped by a police officer.  This particular fruit seller was an educated computer science graduate with no opportunities for employment and to keep bread on his family's table (7 siblings) took to the marketplace.  Mohammed Bouaziz, 26, was ordered to pack up his street cart and he snapped.  He went to the governors office and demanded an appointment threatening to set himself ablaze if the governor did not meet with him.  He was turned away and took out his threat on December 17th.

Millions of angry Tunisians responded having been long sufferers of youth unemployment,a brutal and corrupt police force and soaring inflation.  A revolution was started fueled by a steady stream of text messages, Twitter and Facebook updates.  Did I mention Uranus also rules technology?  Dictator President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali fled the country.  The people had endured, spoken and acted.

Revolution is rare in the Arab world as it's authoritarian leaders have been in power for ages.  Now the rolling waves of human anguish is squarely focused on the Pharaoh Leadership of Hosni Mubarak who has been in power for 30 years.  40% of Egyptians live below the poverty line and when you live on the US equivalent of $51 dollars per month you become a beggar or a thief.  And please note the absence of female activists.  In the much smaller demonstrations held previously in Egypt, the women who did take to the streets were rudely exposed to groping and fondling by the police.   

At this writing Mubarak has fired his cabinet and appointed a new (and first) Vice President, yet the people are not quelled..."we want you gone" is the sentiment of millions of Egyptians, when only months before seething emotions were held back and choked down in fear of retaliation from the brutal police force.

Times are a' changin through the human desire and need to live a better quality of life.  The collective voices of millions are backed not only by action but a solidarity the likes of which have not been seen in the region for many years.  The collective energy of the human spirit is demanding expression, opportunity and a deeper more authentic quality of life.

Uranus is all about "Power to the People," and is squaring his proverbial shoulders and planting his feet to give the "This is the way things are" Plutonic energy a profound wake-up call.

Jean Wiley is an astrologer who works with individuals in Kitty Hawk, NC and by telephone with clients throughout the US.  Visit her site at www.jeanwiley.com or call 252.655.1300.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, January 21st

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell

Astrology and Human Development Services

Fast starts, jumping in without thinking things through, confidence, brashness, action merging with spiritual intention and fresh initiatives that leave your heart smiling in relief, are all possibilities with Jupiter's movement into the sign of Aries on the 22nd.  Jupiter is a planet that represents opportunity, growth, expansion, blind confidence, exaggeration and over-indulgence, and travels VERY quickly through the sign of Aries from January to June of 2011 (Jupiter usually spends one year transiting a sign but not this year)!  Mindful action coupled with fast moving opportunity is the mantra with this fiery and energetic transit.

Disciplined Saturn, the teacher of life lessons and pragmatism will be retrograding on the 25th to slow things down in order for us to integrate the knowledge we have attained while Saturn was moving direct. We are experiencing a moon that is waning after the Full Moon on the 19th...so, handle what was initiated around that time and deal with what is already on your plate.  

ARIES:  Lucky you!  Jupiter is your house guest for the next 6 months.  Your levels of confidence will increase with the planetary visitor presenting you with more opportunities and self-belief (which, is really half the battle isn't it)?  Meeting beneficial "others" who support you and your projects is a welcome bonus.  Saturn quiets down in the area of "others" in your life leaving you with the feeling that demands and needs on behalf of and for others are now easing.

TAURUS:  Benefic rays flow down to embrace you in your inner world of dreams, spiritual development and retreat.  Broadening your experience and receivership of the higher forces at work on your behalf for your growth and development can be palpable now - think "angels sitting on your shoulder shining sweet rays of protection."  Your work load is slowing down with Saturn's retrograde movement...ahh, that's better now isn't it?

GEMINI:  Look for opportunities coming your way from your friendships, groups you belong to and associations you are aligned with.  Jupiter graces your connections and positive developments can unfold with the social others in your world.  Take it easy on the 26th when your thinking may be clouded with pessimism.  Saturn's lazy slumber sedates responsibilities around children and creative endeavors.  The next round reappears again in June.

CANCER:  Golden boy/girl rays shine down on your career and public standing.  Geez, you're getting so popular!  But with that increased popularity comes responsibility too so please don't grow out of your hat size.  This is your time to shine in your career, receive more support from authority figures and in your community.  You are appreciated and this can be an extremely validating time.  Heaviness surrounding family issues, snafus within your home, parental responsibilities and emotional discomfort now eases with Saturn's backward movement - time to integrate what you have learned.

LEO:  Getting the travel bug Lion?  Or perhaps your yearnings lean more towards the literary or higher learning avenues.  Retreat to Tibet anyone?  The next 6 months are opportune times for travel, getting that book published...finally, Masters Degree Programs, settling pesky lawsuits, vacationing with the in-laws and increasing your view and philosophy of the world around you.  If you've been feeling mentally burdened, harsh in thought and speech, or dealing with problems traveling from point A to point B, expect these areas to lighten up over the next few months.  

VIRGO:  Jupiter exits stage left from the area affecting partnerships and moves into another area affecting relationships....:).  This energy deepens your experience with others and expands your ability to engage in a more intimate level of relating - trust, true emotional partnership, sexual expression and money.  Your partner may be earning more or developing a new line of income.  If you've been seeking a loan the universe is becoming increasingly supportive over the next 6 months.  You may also partner up with others who can lend and share their resources with you be it emotional, financial or experiential.

LIBRA:  The path of self-growth, discipline and focus is widened a bit as Saturn turns retrograde.  You are the special recipient of this planets lessons of self-sufficiency, increasing self clarity and practical and "real" self-renewal.  It's all good as you are laying down and building more solid foundations both emotionally and physically.  Partnerships are set to expand with Jupiter's entrance into your 7th house of relationships.  You've been slogging it out alone, in many ways, for the past few years and now things are set to change.  Acknowledgment and support from others are your bedfellows for the next 6 months, so please be sure to get out of the right side of that bed on a fairly consistent basis.  Interactions with  the public should increase, as should your client base and beneficial opportunities for partnerships as well as positive expansiveness if you are currently in partnership.

SCORPIO:  You are finishing a 30 year cycle with Saturn's transit to your 12th house.  Some things have dropped by the wayside including friendships, associations, goals and situations that no longer serve you.  Some of these areas have been painful and uncomfortable.  Please know you are metaphorically emptying your cup in order to have it renewed by things and people that will more aptly reflect the changing you that you are becoming.  Work expands and you find those in the workspace supportive and helpful.

SAGITTARIUS:  Saturn is "requesting" a tightening up of your goals and plans.  He has also sifted through some friendships and associations that are obsolete in some fashion and form, you may also be experiencing more responsibility within groups.  You are teaming up with wiser and perhaps older people in an effort to gain more wisdom.  Your ruling planet Jupiter pops into the fellow fire sign of Aries for a quick romp over the next 6 months.  Opportunities for romance, creative projects and play are opening wider for you now.  Children may bring you unexpected joy and uplifting experiences.

CAPRICORN:  Your ruling planet needs a breather and hence you are the prime beneficiary of his R&R.  Your career has brought both limitation and perhaps added responsibilities and slog.  A respite is due and the next 6 months allows you some much needed time to handle what is already on your proverbial plate without the dishing out of yet another heaping plateful...translation?  Build in more relaxation and time for reflection.  Home is where the joy and expansion is so eat it up and enjoy.  Moves, family additions, and more frequent house guests are part and parcel of your happy and expansive inner experiences.

AQUARIUS:  You've been coming face to face with some of your more self-defeating attitudes with Saturn transiting an area ruling your life view and philosophy.  Hopefully, some new deeper studying has emerged urging you on to explore less superficial depths.  You feel a lessening of the pressure and the need for reprieve in order to integrate into your "being" what you mind has been absorbing.  More faith based learning is coming your way with Jupiter visiting your day to day thinking and communications.  Writing, reading, and increased communications with your tribe are expansive and uplifting.  Time to start and write your very own blog!

PISCES:  Did you know that Jupiter used to be your sign's ruler and then Neptune was discovered in the mid-1800's and the planet was then assigned solely to Sagittarius?  But, don't worry, us astrologers with some nostalgia still link the massive planet to your sign.  You old ruler IS leaving your sign where he has expanded your perception of self, brought you exciting opportunities and massive support.  Now he wants to increase the size of your coffers - both emotionally and financially.  Lucky you!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Week Starting Friday, January 14th

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell

Astrology and Human Development Services

Thoughts and feelings are illuminated on the FULL MOON Wednesday the 19th and falls in the final degree of Cancer.  There is a sense of completion at the Full Moon with fresh starts showing up at the NEW MOON Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 1st.  While NEW Moons are fairly introspective, FULL Moons are public in nature and expression.  Feelings can come spilling out in surprising ways but the truth is that these emotional stirrings have been percolating for some time.

Assertion styles shifts from the corporate regulated energy of Capricorn and transitions into the intellectual and humanity minded sign of Aquarius on the 15th.  The Sun follows suit on the 20th.

ARIES:  The hard working serious style that has focused on career aims now shifts into a more detached and intellectual orientation around your future goals, friendships and the group "mind."  Technology may play a role in these activities.    The FULL MOON illuminates situations around your family, home life and emotional foundations.  A balance is needed between your working life and your inner world.  

TAURUS:  Have you been restless the past couple of weeks Bull, seeking more than the mundane from life and it's seemingly daily demands?   Paperwork, running errands and coping with Chatty Cathys may feel larger than life around the FULL MOON.  Handle what's on your plate in the spirit of freeing up your time for more joyful and heart filled activities.

GEMINI:   What makes you comfortable?  What's yours and what's mine?  Intimacy, your own well being and the division of money are highlighted on the FULL MOON.  This lunar event is about what gives you pleasure and fills you with comfort.  Power issues may have been an on going issue over the past few weeks and it's now time to balance the division of power.  Mars and the Sun shift into an easier spot in your chart bringing opportunities for long distance travel, a widening of your world view and higher learning.

CANCER:   Putting your needs first but with respect to others is on your FULL MOON plate.  Things have been feeling too "other" oriented lately and there is a feeling of "hey, what about me?"  You've been in a long term learning cycle regarding the art of relationship...all kinds of relationship.  What is fair and mutually beneficial for both parties?  Your lessons "start" to conclude by the end of this year.  

LEO:  If you are feeling an overwhelming need to be alone around the FULL MOON honor that need.  Sensitive inner mechanisms are at work and having some introspective time can help you to acknowledge and assimilate these tender emotions.  It's time to balance your life with some "down time."  Your partnership area heats up with the move of both fiery Mars and your ruling planet the Sun into your 7th house of others.  Fighting them all the way won't help and some deferment on your part is required.   

VIRGO:  Validation from friends, co-workers and the groups you align with is your need right now.  You "feel" the need for some recognition around the FULL MOON.  One of the highest gifts we can give to another is validation and you the are front and center receiver of that truism.  The role you play in others lives is an important element of your happiness.  Work and daily tasks become more demanding for the next month or so.

LIBRA:  You've been working hard and feel the need for some recognition from your efforts.  With Saturn in your sign for the long haul, the need to tow the line resulting in a stronger resolve and belief in self is emerging.  The FULL MOON thrusts you into the spotlight and the need to perform with both competence and grace is best.  Creative projects and your passion for life comes to the fore with the movement of Mars and the Sun.  A time for romance and fun.

SCORPIO:  Your adventurous side is pushing out and seeking attention.  Travel, publishing projects and even your personal beliefs are highlighted under the FULL MOON.  Attention has been given to daily tasks and follow up but you now feel the need for some life affirming adventure and fulfillment.  Home and family is a growing area of energy and focus over the next few weeks.

SAGITTARIUS:  What makes "you" feel secure needs to be balanced with other people's needs.  The FULL MOON illuminates the balance between give and take.  Some of your debts may need to be handled...financial and otherwise.   Marching up in a demanding fashion, the need to pay out a large outlay of cash can unfold now.  Day to day communications and trips around your community increase.

CAPRICORN:  Like Cancer, you too have been in partnership training for the past year and the FULL MOON once again highlights the areas of you vs. others.  Give important people in your life their due and allow them to shine.  The New Moon last month was all about you but now it's time to let someone else bask in the spotlight - honor and validation.  Drive, ego and energy surround your earnings and self-esteem.

AQUARIUS:  Energy, initiative, and increased self confidence (sounds yummy eh) is yours for the taking with both Mars and Sun gracing your sign.  The time you've spent on your own and in introspection starts to become externalized now.  You're feeling "ready" to make some things happens and to lead the way.  The FULL MOON may find you implementing new health regimes, dropping bad health habits and making positive changes to your routines.  Don't blame others if there are feelings of discontent as it's all really an INSIDE job.

PISCES:  Work may have been demanding recently and you are ready for some creative and pleasure seeking outlets around the FULL MOON.  A creative project may come to a higher level of awareness as might a love affair or situations concerning your children.  Mars and the Sun are moving into a very introspective and behind the scenes area for a time.  Over the next few weeks you may be dealing with limiting belief systems (largely inherited from your family ancestry), and a lowered energy reserve resulting in the need for some compassionate and reflective down time.



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meanings of dreaming of BABIES

Photo Courtesy of Berta Campbell 

Astrology and Human Development Services

Dreaming of babies can happen at any age. They often appear in dreams when you are exploring new thoughts, experiencing new attitudes or initiating new projects and/or relationships.

Dear Jean,
I had this dream last night that I got pregnant. I am not sexually active so it is not a possibility at this point. What does this dream mean?

Dear Dreamer,
This is not a literal reference. Getting pregnant indicates creating new thoughts and ideas. Pregnancy as opposed to giving birth reflects that a project or goal is still in the "gestation" phase i.e. the thinking stage. If or when you start dreaming of "giving birth" that is a sign that you are ready to act upon, launch and to bring into fruition your dreams and goals.

Dear Jean,
I had a dream that I had a baby and I kept dropping or hurting it but it didn't cry. Please tell me what my dream means.

Dear Dreamer,
Dreams of hurting your baby can indicate that you are not paying the necessary attention and/or consideration to some project or relationship in your life. Your dream is asking you to be more conscientious of what is important to you and to treat those "things or people" with loving care.

Dear Jean,
I have this dream every night that I am in a building and some guys are after me. I am not alone, there is a cook and I have a baby with me. We always try to find somewhere to hide from the men. But the weird thing is that the baby never makes a noise.

Dear Dreamer,
Being chased is showing a fear that there are people in your life who may not have your best interests at heart. Having a cook with you indicates a situation in which you are receiving or giving nourishment from or to others. Also, "cooking" up a plan. Perhaps you have some plans or goals that you are keeping from others�probably with good reason. The baby being quiet indicates that you are not letting the "cat out of the bag" about your intentions. You are trying to be discreet and to not be caught unprepared. Good luck to you.

BLESSINGS...please share your baby dreams with our readers!

Dreaming of TEETH..what does it mean?

FB - OBX Astrology and Sea of Dreams

Astrology and Human Development Services

Dreaming of teeth represents issues surrounding responsibility and maturity. Teeth also portray the manner and style in which you communicate.

Dear Jean,
Sometimes I have dreams that my teeth are falling out and it scares me. Please tell me what it means? -Julia

Dear Julia,
Dreams of teeth falling out can indicate that you are feeling fearful. Often this fear correlates to new responsibilities and life changes. Just as you lose teeth through childhood, symbolically this indicates a process of maturation. People frequently dream of teeth falling out when facing new chapters in their lives such as marriage, buying a house for the first time and having a child. I wish you the confidence and fortitude to prevail through the new responsibilities facing you at this time.
Jean Wiley-

Dear Jean,
I dreamed that I desperately needed to see a dentist. I needed to have my teeth lightened and to wear a brace that kept my mouth closed. I have white and straight teeth what could this possibly mean?

Dear Sara,
Needing a dentist often refers to verbal communication and how you articulate your thoughts. Needing your teeth lightened can indicate the need to express yourself in a more positive manner and this imagery is supported by the symbolism of a mouth brace. "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything". This could be your subconscious providing a friendly warning to be more cognizant of what you say and how you say it.
Jean Wiley-

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week Starting Friday, January 7th

Photo courtesy of Tisch Perry
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FB - OBX Astrology and Sea of Dreams          

Faith, opportunity, technological innovation, fast decisions and a little luck co-mingle with the Conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in Pisces which are in orb all month (these two planets combined in Aries during the summer of 2010).  This planetary combination can be about taking risks, showing up in an individualistic way even when it feels scary to stand in one's authentic compassionate.  At it's highest vibration Pisces seeks to transcend ego and engage with the larger whole.

Where the conjunction falls in your horoscope indicates areas of life where you may be ready to take a chance and a leap of faith.  Venus FINALLY shifts into the sign of Sagittarius on the 7th and out of the sign of Scorpio where she has been visiting since September of 2010!

ARIES:  Seeking to explore your true inner nature is the flavor of the Conjunction in your 12th house. Getting in touch with your inner "truth" will enable you to manifest "out there" in the world.  Venus graces your experiences, enhances and softens your world views, and philosophies.  Marketing, travel and teaching are well favored now.

TAURUS:  Expanding your social circle and group associations may be areas that the Conjunction favors.  Unusual alliances (unusual to your usual that is..) may spring up in an effort to expand your beliefs and goals.  Your ruling planet Venus dances out of your partnership zone and sashays into the areas affecting commissions, debt and how much others are willing to share with you. 

GEMINI:  Feeling ready to take a faith based risk with your career?  You are seeking invigoration and passion through your work - what's the next step?  Your ruler Mercury is activated and functioning much more clearly after it's sleepy retrograde last month.  You'll feel like making real progress when Mercury moves into Capricorn on the 13th.

CANCER:  Are your belief and thought patterns outmoded, obsolete and worn?  The Conjunction is asking you to open up to a space of broader and more optimistic thought.  Travel can be an expanding experience now as can study and signing up for classes.  Anything that grows your mental world is highly encouraged!  Communications deepen and expand with partners when Mercury travels into Capricorn on the 13th.

LEO:  The Conjunction flavors those things that are beyond your control.  Growing through awareness and a deep and abiding belief that "all is as it should be" can deepen your faith and understanding....growth is the result of awareness when undergoing transformation.   Venus puts the fun in fun on the 7th when she glides into your 5th house of play, risk, self-expression, creativity and kids.

VIRGO:  Exploring the unknown in your relationships and with the public are risk favored areas that the Conjunction is affecting.  Breaking out of your habitual relating patterns can bring a transformative effect to your experience of others and self.  New "others" may be the bearers of out of the ordinary experiences.  Your mind is ticking along quite nicely this week - cogent communications.

LIBRA:  Seeking change in your work and day to day habits benefits you now.  Trimming the fat, health, well-being and work patterns are seeking to be revitalized.  Some familiar comforts may need to fall by the wayside in order to free up your time and efficiency levels.  Your ruling planet Venus FINALLY slips out of your self-esteem and earned income sector.  Your pleasant focus will now move to you neighbors, community and communication.

SCORPIO:  It's time to explore your creativity, kick your heels up with childlike glee, and unleash the creator within.  The Conjunction wants to liberate you from some self-imposed habits of propriety.  Who cares?  Embrace more joy and faith in your creations, love life, self-expression and children.  Alas, you are no longer the fairest in the land now that Venus moves on from her 5 month visit BUT, you are well positioned to be earning more moolah - not a bad trade off eh?

SAGITTARIUS:  Time to deal with old behavior patterns Archer.  The Conjunction seeks to liberate you from habitual family imprints and beliefs, and to transport you into a far more satisfying emotional landscape.  Take the risk.  Venus slides into your sign on the 7th blessing you with stronger attraction levels...think Law of Attraction too.  

CAPRICORN:  Embracing new technologies, communication techniques/styles, and "how and what" you think about are due for revitalization - embrace them, lord knows you need some fresh air flowing between those ears.  The Conjunction seeks to light a mental fire and to expand your ideas of what can be.  Some introspective time is well favored with the Venus transit to your 12th house.  Solitude is a welcome friend now.

AQUARIUS:  You are seeking inspiration and fresh value in what you deem to be important to you.  Some long held values and material ideals are seeking transformation.  You are not "what you own."  You feel the need for fresh avenues of activity and engagement to feel fulfilled.  Love and friendship is spotlighted with Venus skipping into your 11th house.

PISCES:  The time is here to take a risk in your self-expression.  The Conjunction is offering you an outlet to externalize the changes that have been occurring at the internal levels.  A time to stand up "with" your beliefs and express who are you as an authentic individual.  Venus showers you with support from those who count and you're extra appealing in your work arena - a good time to ask for favors.


Monday, January 3, 2011

New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 4

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FB - OBX Astrology and Sea of Dreams         

New Moons are phenomenons that happen every month and are believed to be propitious times for initiating and setting intentions.  It is a time when the moon is in direct opposition to the sun which symbolically heightens our sense of "awareness."  This is the last in a series of Eclipses (for the past 18 months) that is providing us earth folk with a compelling energy and focus on the Capricorn areas of experience.

Commitment, achievement, ambitions - what do you want to experience in the physical world, and practical steps needed, all fall under Capricorn's domain. 

Solar Eclipses often manifest as external events (unlike Lunar Eclipses which are much more internal and emotional in tone) and really reflect what we've been creating and focusing on internally for some time - your inner world creates your outer mansions.  The Law of Attraction is heightened and experienced with Solar Eclipse events - you reap the rewards of your imaginings but often in a surprising and swift manner.  Something is "eclipsed" to block out, make room for, highlight a fresh set of circumstances and create change.

This is one of the stronger New Moon's in which to seriously commit to your intentions.  On the day of the Eclipse another energy system is moving into place called Jupiter conjunct Uranus - on the same day (a repeat from 2010) and influences the whole month!  The last pairing of these two in Pisces was in the 1300's (just providing some perspective folks). 

Jupiter is about expansiveness, spirit, and opportunity (also exaggeration and over-doing).  Uranus symbolizes the inherent genius in all, innovation, rebelliousness, upsets, out of the blue opportunities and technology.  The combination "can" point to unforeseen advance and insights, as well as startling new circumstances that make way for situations that more aptly reflect who and what you are in the process of becoming.

Read my weeklies this Friday for information on where the conjunction manifests in your chart.

Love, Jean

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where the Heck do Dreams come from?

Dreams are mysterious, fun, interesting and sometimes even scary. Where do they come from? Why are our dreams so strange and weird? What do they mean?

Dreams originate from our subconscious mind...period! Not the television show watched prior to bedtime or from some nefarious source.
Although we do tend to insert "symbols" borrowed from the days events, the actual plot and flow of the dream originates from you!

The brain processes 400 billion bits of information per second but we are only "consciously" aware of about 2000 of those - information connected to the environment, bodily functions and time. Often, we don't have the capacity to integrate all of this information...BUT the "subconscious" mind does! The subconscious mind is your personal treasure chest holding all of the information in your lifetime regarding thoughts pondered, words spoken and actions taken.

Pretty darn impressive eh? Amazing really. Our mind has functioned as a supercomputer long before the term was ever coined.


Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, a pioneer in dream work and research states, "Images produced in dreams are much more picturesque and vivid than the concepts and experiences that are their waking counterparts." Why is that? During Rapid Eye Movement (REM), the phase of sleeping were we engage in dreaming, the most active part of the brain is the limbic system which controls emotions. The prefrontal cortex, which handles logical thinking - prevalent in our waking hours, lies more dormant in our sleeping hours.

Jung goes on to say, "In our conscious thoughts we restrain ourselves within the limits of rational statements. Statements that are much less colorful because we've stripped them of most of their psychic associations." In other words, our conscious mind can't "handle" all of the rich and varied information coming at us in our waking hours but the subconscious mind can!!

"Pictorial language represents the world of instinct. It's the difference between controlled thoughts we have in waking life and the wealth of imagery produced in dreams." Jung is saying that something "more" is needed to bring certain things home to us effectively enough to make us change our attitude and our behavior - that is what dream language does!!

It's symbolism has so much psychic energy that we're forced to pay attention to it. We are problem solving in our dreams, venting socially unacceptable emotions, and manifesting and reviewing our future!