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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, December 16th 2011

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It's "Time"

Planetary energies slow, station, and turn direct and symbolize a process unique to each individual. Mercury, gathering speed from its recent retrograde motion, turned direct at 3 degrees Sagittarius last Tuesday, signifying a time to pause and assimilate information that was on hold, skewed, and not communicated or received. Uranus is now moving in direct motion and Jupiter will follow on the 25th, providing the sensation of popping through limiting situations.

Venus is making a number of aspects this week as she moves into Aquarius on the 20th. Feelings of limitation—financial or romantic—may be felt on the 18th when the lover of beauty squares Saturn, the planet of restriction. Pay close attention to any “not enough” feelings that arise. The Sun will help to resolve and mediate on Monday when he sextiles Saturn in a problem-solving stance of awareness.

As Venus slides into Aquarius on Tuesday she contacts Jupiter—where we seek release and comfort. She hugs Uranus on Wednesday, initiating a time for innovation in love and money. The Sun moves into Capricorn on the 22nd preparing the way for the powerful New Moon on the 24th.

ARIES: Friendships, goals, camaraderie, and merry making are in the mix for you this holiday season. Enjoy the uplifting social energy as you prepare for another round of recreating “self.” The Sun's move into your 10th house of work and reputation suggests a four-week period of recognition and career acknowledgment. Long-range educational, publishing, and international planning begins to take shape.

TAURUS: As Venus occupies your public acclaims house she reaches out to Jupiter, which is currently transiting your sign and providing inspiration and faith. Loving what you do always heightens your ability to achieve. Be the model of abundance and congruency for others by showing how we are meant to be inspired in our work and our world. Intuitive insights are yours this week and help you see the way to your life’s work.

GEMINI: Your mind is in formulation mode, preparing you to work with others in a deeper, refined, and more congruent manner. The pieces of awareness and creativity are falling into place. You are working through inner levels of awareness and partnership as the Sun shifts into the psychologically driven 8th house. Venus encourages your travel, writing, and teaching activities.

CANCER: As Venus in your 7th house squares up to Saturn in your 4th house of family a deadlock and tension is present in your family relationships. Answers and movement will find you when the Sun contacts Saturn and will provide problem-solving insights and the way forward. The Sun then shifts into Capricorn and your 7th house of relating for the next four weeks, highlighting the others in your world. Venus encourages you to go deeper with others and to expect gracious offerings of inner comforts and financial well-being.

LEO: All exchanges and partnerships benefit when Venus shifts into your 7th house of relating. Good things come from the others in your world. The day-to- day schedule gets busier as your solar ruler increases your daily to-do lists and work affairs. Creative ventures, situations with children, and romance begin sputtering forward with Mercury's direct movement.

VIRGO: Decisions and the holding pattern you've been in since last month begin to make sense with Mercury's direct movement in the area ruling home, parents, housing, and emotional well-being. More pleasure and love are coming your way with the Sun's annual movement into your 5th house. Venus ensures an easy flow to your work schedule and health routines.

LIBRA: The feeling of limitation you feel this weekend is not new for you, Libra. It highlights yet another area to be responsibly addressed surrounding issues with family, love, or money. Venus shifts into your 5th house of pleasure and love on the 20th. Expect a fun and playful holiday season as the Sun makes its annual shift into your personal house of family, home, nesting, and privacy.

SCORPIO: The money and what is really of value situation that has been messing with your planning is straightening out now. A breakthrough is due as Venus makes contact with two planets signifying money and value. You are entering a strong period for contracts and negotiations. Hold onto your intention of high esteem and abundance, knowing that what you dream and believe is manifesting externally.

SAGITTARIUS: Confusion and the internalizing of thoughts and communications have started to become unstuck as Mercury inches forward in your sign. Venus is helping the communicative process as she moves into your 3rd house of messaging, calls, and letters on the 21st. There is a lot of love to be found in your everyday environment with siblings and in the community. Money and the stuff that you own is a focus now as the Sun shifts into your 2nd house.

CAPRICORN: The clouds are parting and, yes, there is some sunshine on the horizon as the Sun enters your sign on the 22nd. You are pulled up and out to rejoin the external events of the season. Venus bodes well for money-making ventures and employment possibilities and sets off a season of increasing hope and well-being. The hesitation you feel will be replaced by an increasing sense of self-confidence and clarity.

AQUARIUS: You are finishing up your solar year in preparation for your birthday as the Sun enters your 12th house of rest and rejuvenation. Allow your schedule to lighten. Venus is picking up the pace and bringing with her warmth, pleasure, and a high level of personal comfort as she slips into your sign on the 20th. As she sextiles Uranus in your 4th house of the soul and emotions, the stage is set for a wonderful holiday season.

PISCES: Pressures ease and work a day madness abates as the Sun shifts into your social 11th house, upping the ante with your groups and comrades. Venus slips into your behind-the-scenes house of rest and seclusion, helping to soothe some of the rougher waters you've encountered recently. The Sun's sextile to your ruler Neptune offers up healing help and a softer daily pace.