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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, Dec. 9th

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We have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happening on the 10th at 18 degrees Gemini. It’s always a wise rule of thumb to wait a week after the Eclipse before making major decisions. Mercury is in its final week of retrograde, which provides an even stronger need to hold off on final commitments, large expenditures, and long-term planning until after the 14th.

Uranus moves direct at 0 degrees of Aries on the 10th, where it has been in retrograde since July 9th. Forward movement will reengage in areas that are in need of dynamic movement and personal revolution. The Occupy Movement will pick up steam in preparation for major breakthroughs this spring, which will affect change in law making in the financial and political realms - especially in the mortgage area.

ARIES: The next stage of rebirth is upon you. Needed change, desired change, and surprising change is once again cued up to move you along in your personal development and identity. Communication changes, culminations, and project completions arrive at the Lunar Eclipse and over the next several weeks. Give yourself time and space to adjust and release obsolete patterns of relating within your relationships and in your community.

TAURUS: Another level of progression on the inner planes of spirituality, dream work, getting “real” about your family’s imprint on your psyche, and the development of your intuition arrives with Uranus stationing into direct motion. Some divinely guided inspiration is headed your way. Financial avenues and income may be finishing up and changing over the next few weeks. A level of completion has arrived regarding your skills and development.

GEMINI: Areas of a very personal nature are winding down and moving towards culmination at the Lunar Eclipse. Don’t rush this process. Business agreements, client activity, and relationships dynamics are still in the percolating mode as Mercury prepares to turn stationary direct in your seventh house. This is a time to be aware and pay attention but to hold off on definitive activity until the 3rd week in December when the dust settles.

CANCER: Career change, innovations, and, yes, areas of ”revolution” needed in your life direction and avocation will start picking up speed as Uranus moves direct on the 10th. The next level of creative development is upon you in areas of reputation and public life. Secrets and things hidden below the surface of conscious mind are highlighted at the Lunar Eclipse. Work and daily scheduling returns to the semblance of normalcy over the next few weeks.

LEO: Confusion and mixed message begin to abate in your creative projects, with your children, and in affairs of the heart. Let the information float to the surface before making final decisions. An acquaintance or friendship may be developed further or completed at the Lunar Eclipse. Social relationships are changing and culminating. Uranus starts igniting your need for adventure (again) and travel plans. A brilliant time for publishing, teaching, higher education, and international moves and contacts.

VIRGO: You are finishing up a career directive and reaching for understanding and revisions in your life path. Mercury’s forward movement on the 13th will help clarify your needs. Be clear as to your emotional intent. Wait things out and let the fog dissipate—the way forward will be revealed over the ensuing weeks. Changes in financial arrangements and your “psychology” shape shift and surprise you with Uranus moving forward on the 10th.

LIBRA: Avoid major decision making regarding publishing, teaching, and international contacts until after the 3rd week – you don’t have the clarity of vision to make educated plans. Your communication devices and daily activities begin to normalize after the 13th. Partnerships and your relating style begin the next leg of development with Uranus moving forward in your relationship house. Innovative solutions and developments occur with the others populating your world—relationships, clients, and the public.

SCORPIO: Finances and intimacy are highlighted at the Lunar Eclipse. Awareness and eureka moments provide much needed information, insights, and culminations. The awakener moves into direct motion and encourages cutting-edge techniques in the work place and application of your special brand of genius. Avenues of earnings and clarity around your self worth and talents become more clear and definable.

SAGITTARIUS: The ability to draw stable conclusions, make personal decisions, and move things along will engage as Mercury turns stationary direct in your sign on the 13th. Uranus signifies creative breakthroughs and desired changes regarding children, romance, and labors of love—the more authentic, the better. The Lunar Eclipse spotlights relationship culminations, decisions, awareness, and developments regarding significant others, clients, and the public.

CAPRICORN: The changes you have pondered over the past few months will now become realistically doable as Uranus moves forward in your house of personal life. Home, changes in living arrangements, and moves are now supported bringing fresh perspectives and exciting developments. Mercury shifts forward in the house of spirit and your subconscious and those hazy messages will gain clarity and insight. The Lunar Eclipse opens up avenues of awareness and release regarding your health, work situation, and mind/body connectedness.

AQUARIUS: Your ruler is awakening after a five-month slumber, suggesting that you are awakening too. Concepts, ponderings, and communications of all types will benefit from the revolutionary energy of Uranus. Creative problem solving and genius insights are heading your way, clearing the path of confusion and ambiguity. Mercury aids this effort when he turns direct in your friendship and networking house and helps to clear up misunderstandings between friends and associates. The Lunar Eclipse highlights hidden areas around romantic affairs, your children, pregnancies, and creative projects.

PISCES: Mercury’s retrograde has tangled and confused professional activities and communications. His forward movement on the 13th will help to detangle vocational problems and misunderstandings. Uranus moves forward and shoots your goals forward in earned income and professional development. The green light turns on for those seeking employment and using their talents in new and authentic ways. The Lunar Eclipse suggests changes in the home, with parents, and in living arrangements. Some will be moving, selling, repairing, and seeking therapy.