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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, November 4th 2011

Lunar Rainbow ~ Berta Campbell

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Mercury and Venus are close traveling partners. They have now moved into Sagittarius after working through some deeper emotional elements while transiting Scorpio. These two energies suggest the uniting and congruency of heart and mind – very special! One is not beholden to the other as they align and create a clear bridge between our thoughts and feelings. Sagittarius is an energetic sign which appreciates and values the big picture, philosophy, and spirited playfulness. Education is especially favored, as the inflow of information is more easily digested and instinctively applied.  Note the Occupy Colleges movement in the Occupy Updates link below.

The Sun continues to transit through Scorpio until the 23rd and will bring greater conscious awareness, and desire to act when he moves into Sagittarius. Consider Mercury and Venus to be on a mission to gather knowledge and feelings. They will bring this information to the Sun (your identity) to be acted upon at the end of November. Your mind and heart will be asking for action—but there is a caveat. Mercury will be moving into retrograde on the 24th for a three-week snooze. JUST when you think you’ve gathered all the relevant information the Universe suggests that, no, there is more gathering to be done. Circle the third week in December for the jigsaw puzzle to begin to make sense.

Both Neptune and Chiron turn direct at the Full Moon in Taurus on/before the 10th. Luna’s fullness is not encumbered as she was last month by Saturn and is free of any stressful aspects. Culminations and awareness are experienced surrounding your values, money, and resources.

Neptune is finishing up his transit in Aquarius. This is an important time which tests and questions our developmental learning regarding humanity and compassion - Occupy Together Updates.  Chiron begins to gain traction in Pisces. This transit will last until 2019 and beckons us to become one with the whole. What we say and do individually has an effect on the collective, as energy is constantly in vibrational motion. Chiron requires us to heal our psychological and spiritual wounds. When we raise our vibration through healing and wellness we directly contribute to others in our world.

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ARIES: Earnings and stuff that you own are highlighted at the Full Moon. Caution is advised on the 7th when Mars is surrounded by Neptunian fog, putting a haze over your goals and love life. Mercury and Venus are reveling in your 9th house of foreigners, education, travel, and publishing. Make hay now, since planning in these areas will become a one-step-forward, three- steps-back process towards the end of the month.

TAURUS: Luna reaches fullness in your sign and illuminates some home truths regarding your needs and identity. Venus and Mercury shift the focus from the needs of others and retreat into your 8th house of psychology, sex, and investments. This will continue to be an area of great change later this month…go while the going is good.

GEMINI: Energy begins pouring into your 7th house of partnerships, others, and the public. This is a power house area of playful banter (Venus/Mercury), confusion (Mercury retrograding), and new dynamics within relating patterns (the Solar Eclipse). Ready?

CANCER: Friends and networking activities take center stage at the Full Moon. Perhaps a dream or two is actualized then, too. Work, health, pets, and co-workers are the super charged areas for you this month. Mercury and Venus snuggle in to see you communicating more frequently and making nice with your cubicle cohorts. Get important deadlines out of the way before Mercury moves into full-fledged dysfunction.

LEO: Kids, relations with young people, romance, and your creative projects are floating on fluffy air for the first half of November, but then things get a little haywire. Expect that you will be redoing and revisiting issues, people, and projects that “you” thought were completed. Nope! The Full Moon brings closure around career and life direction.

VIRGO: Travel, teaching, lawsuits, publishing, and contacts with foreigners come to culmination and awareness at the Full Moon in your 9th house of Taurus. House, home, parents, and comfort warm up as Mercury and Venus ensconce themselves. Enjoy now, as this area is up for change, review, and surprise developments towards the end of the month.

LIBRA: Talking, communicating, writing, mini-trips, neighbors, siblings, and local community are the areas of much exchange and warmth. Another round of broadening your communication style and skills is upon you, but wait until mid-December for all of these energies to really begin to align. The Full Moon highlights sex, intimacy, inheritances, loans, psychological health (or illness), and investments.

REDUCED! All About You AND Your Partnership Service

SCORPIO: Money makes the world go around, the world go around, the world go around – your mantra this month. Value is important to you now, as is showing the world your unbridled creative talents. As the month unfolds these areas will become less certain, encouraging you to gather information and ponder your next steps. The Full Moon shines on your partnership house when agreements, commitments or endings are finalized.

SAGITTARIUS: You are still resting, Archer, and preparing for the Solar Eclipse in your sign at the end of the month along with the beginning of your new solar year. Yet Venus and Mercury are beckoning and promising humor, attraction, love, and the ability to manifest what you want. You are in re-do phase through mid-December – gathering information from the past that will coincide with the Solar Eclipse. The Full Moon signals a busy couple of days as your to-do list grows.

CAPRICORN: Rest, solitude, and connections with the divine and your evolutionary past are magnified over the next few weeks. Health and work concerns—either yours are another’s— may be soaking up your energy too. But the Full Moon promises a couple of joyful days as she illuminates your creative 5th house.

AQUARIUS: Friendships, alliances, personal goals, career, money, and invitations are pouring in as Mercury and Venus romp through your social 11th house. The 7th is not a day for clear understanding and confident action surrounding goals and friendships, so just wait. The Full Moon highlights your home, parents, and emotional comforts as awareness expands.

PISCES: Ready? Mars is entering your partnership house on the 10th for eight interesting and sometimes intense months. How do you get what you want through your relationships? This summer, your answer will be very different than it is now. Copious amounts of data may be flowing your way on the Full Moon as phone calls and emails come pouring in. A writing/teaching projects is coming to closure too.