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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, November 11th 2011

Outer Banks, NC ~ Photo Courtesy of Leticia Perry

Chiron is stationing direct on Friday the 11th. We are entering a long-term energy cycle of identifying hurts and wounds associated with our emotional experiences here on earth. Often, these imprints are buried within our consciousness and affect us in ways that are operating below the surface. Chiron’s transit of Pisces asks us to be aware of those wounding conditions in order to integrate and heal. We have a long time to work with this evolving awareness.

Mars opposes Chiron on the 12th and brings clues about the first leg of our Chiron journey. Being aware and available to receive the information this combination brings may help shed light on areas of wounding you’ve sustained during this incarnation.

Serving as a bridge, on the same day Saturn quincunxes Pluto. This creates tension between the need for security and caution and the simultaneous pull towards deep change and transformation. Pluto and Chiron will work in tandem to encourage the inner changes and healing being asked of us. This week is a time for sensitive awareness and self-compassion.

ARIES: As Chiron embarks on his forward movement through your house of the soul, hidden wounds, and the long-ago past, Mars brings flashes of insight. Look to your daily routines and health to ponder how your emotional climate intertwines with your physical health. Mars will transit the area of mind/body connectedness, co-workers, pets, and dependents. Identifying where you were imprinted through the “lack” of love and understanding correlates to your treatment of and relationships with those who work for and with you, as well as your levels of healthy self-care.

TAURUS: The wounded healer embarks upon his journey through your 11th house of wish fulfillment, social activities, and those you call friends. Have you sublimated some cherished dreams or ideals for fear of others’ judgment or critique? Mars move into an area that seeks authentic self-expression and creativity as his eight-month journey energizes your desire for individuation and heartfelt relating. Some of your associations will change, end, and bring into your experience compassionate “teachers.” Channel healthy ego expression.

GEMINI: Chiron alights in your 10th house of reputation, honors, and direction in life and career. This area of experience is deepening, unearthing, and fleshing out areas of discomfort and pain. Mars will help the process along by stirring up imprints and irritations from childhood. This is an excellent time to seek therapy and counseling and to lighten your load once and for all. Career directions that are no longer satisfying will be abandoned (forcibly for some of you). Chiron’s transit may see many Geminis moving more deeply into in the teaching and healing realms.

CANCER: Your mind, belief systems, and desire for taking in more of life are all under Chiron’s “get real” influence through 2019. The get real part has to do with philosophy and assumptions that cause discomfort and pain. Where they learned? What rings true for you? What needs to be left by the wayside? Mars is energizing your daily mind, communications, and thought patterns. Expect a moment of uncomfortable clarity this weekend, but go deeper and explore. You may come to understand that thoughts and ideas are simply that, constantly pulsating and moving.

LEO: Deep insights will unfold through the next decade as Chiron moves through your 8th house of psychology, how you approach intimacy, death, shared money/resources, and sex. Your ability and desire to partner may go through a number of stages – fear, tentativeness, desire, and ultimately the strength of vulnerability. Sound oxymoronic? It takes courage to be passionate and to honestly reveal ourselves to another. This can be an immensely healing time, especially for those seeking therapy and counseling. Mars is helping this energetic cycle unfold as you engage with your feelings of self-esteem, worth, the money you make, and things that you own. Pay attention to the connections.

VIRGO: Chiron moves forward in your partnership zone for a long, long visit. Partnerships can fall into the categories of personal, business, consulting, and “public.” Learning and evolution unfold around wounding and the others in your world. This is the area where people often project their own unacknowledged wounds unto others. Relationships are a mirror for our state of consciousness – who surrounds you and why? Mars stirs your ambitions and desires as he moves into your sign of identity, self-expression, and physical health. Look to this weekend for clues to where the need for healing is manifest.

LIBRA: The care of your health—both mind and body—will be a theme during Chiron’s transit. Interest in holistic healing is a strong probability too. Your services may involve healing, teaching, and holistic training. Additionally, some Scales may need to look to the wounds behind unhealthy behavior and addictions – this is a time when you can clear them up from the roots upward. Mars enters the area of working behind the scenes, family history, subconscious, and spirituality. You go “deep” in many ways during this eight-month period and are called to be of service.

SCORPIO: Your creative energy will be particularly affected by the Chiron transit through your 5th house of children, romance, and authentic passion. Pisces flows well with your sign, but through 2019 you are encouraged to get in touch with your childlike self – the passionate, open, honest, and divine self that suffered wounds in the areas of self-expression and receiving love. Romantically you may be attracted to people who carry these same wounds. Through July 2012 Mars will energize your beliefs and desires to influence friends and associates.

SAGITTARIUS: Our upbringing is a strong indicator of how confident and loving we grow to be in adulthood. If your family imprints and the parenting you received were less than ideal (true for many), Chiron’s transit will help you to bring to the surface those formative imprints in order to heal them. You may be dealing with family members going through their own addiction or painful issues. Mars is super charging your career ambitions and can help you to achieve a great deal over the next eight months, pay attention to what success means for you - not your parents or society but you!  Explore early upbringing and the influences that limited your beliefs around passion, job, career and community participation.

CAPRICORN: Your thoughts, mental habits, attitudes, relations with siblings, neighbors, and community will be deepened and changed by Chiron’s eight-year transit. The first leg of your journey may involve some wounding thoughts and communications, but as you raise your awareness and relate to your internal dialogue, transitions can occur. Where did the negative beliefs originate and why? Beliefs frequently do not reflect truth. Your mandate is to expand your beliefs to include loving compassion for self, first and foremost. Mars raises your ambitions and activities around promotions, marketing, teaching, healing, and travel.

AQUARIUS: Frequently, abundance issues are directly tied to self-esteem issues. If you hold beliefs that you are somehow unworthy or lacking in abilities, the result is a feeling of lack. Chiron is asking you to explore these areas reflecting your being “not enough.” When and why were they formed? Through your awareness you are given a special opportunity to clear the negatives and to connect with your innate abilities. These abilities are present and are waiting for you to compassionately step into them. Abundance flows through this grounded connection and acknowledgement. Mars works on the inner levels of psychological health and trust, unearthing areas of anger. Allow this to surface in order to clear it once and for all.

PISCES: Your very being will be affected by Chiron’s eight-year transit of your sign. Consider this a gift, although it may not feel especially benefic in the beginning. Your job is to heal and to transmute your personal experiences, especially those having to do with being hurt and wounding others in the process. As you move through this emotional landscape, compassion for self and forgiveness for the past are your anchors. Mars provides plenty of mirroring from others for the next eight months. How do you handle anger? What do you bring to the table of conflict?