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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, Nov. 18th, 2011

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Mercury—the planet that rules over our thoughts, articulation, travel, cars, communications, and commercial transactions—is retrograding on November 24th (Thanksgiving Day) at 20 degrees Sagittarius. The energy pulls inward and favors introspection, planning, review, servicing cars and equipment, editing activities in writing and presentations, and revisiting former sales prospects.

What is NOT favored during Mercury retrograde periods are large purchases (electronics, cars, homes), the signing of new and binding contracts, initiating lawsuits, and new marketing and public relations campaigns. Back up your computers, send cc’s when emailing, and repeat yourself often and simply, knowing that the communication process between people is skewed and irregular. This is a time to gather additional information and remember that we do not have all the facts with which to make knowledgeable decisions. Mercury will begin to inch forward on December 14th.

The Sun shifts into Sagittarius on the 22nd followed by a square to Chiron (as Venus and Mercury did earlier this month). This highlights sensitivity within our identity and ego needs. The Sun then trines Uranus, allowing us to swiftly adjust to next steps. Mars trines Pluto on the 23rd, supporting mindful action and the right use of power. Resources flow under this alignment.

ARIES: The past month of endings, inheritances, loans, real estate, and psychological concerns now shifts and encourages you to think “big picture.” Through mid-December review plans related to travel, publishing, higher education, and your world view. Although the Eclipse on the 25th will encourage confident forward movement, wisdom dictates that the slower you implement and plan, the better. Work and career blend beautifully on the 23rd.

TAURUS: As you go deeper with your intimate connections, what you think you know will shift and change over the coming Mercury retrograde phase. Please allow this. You will seek ultimate truths and trust, but the process is still in the process of manifesting. Rethinking loan arrangements, real estate transactions, and shared resources is time well spent. Wait until after mid-December to move on new agreements and conditions. Health and work place agreements are strongly supported on the 22nd when Venus sextiles Saturn.

GEMINI: Partnerships, relating patterns, and new alliances involve information and people from the past. The familiar seeks to merge with new starts in relationship dynamics. Agreements may be acted upon over the next few weeks only if the person or business involved is already a known quantity. You are encouraged to be extra diligent, thoughtful, and introspective around all your partnerships and your evolving manner of relating with self and others.

CANCER: Work, health regimes, and your daily schedule are up for review over the next three weeks of Mercury retrograde. If you are dealing with a niggling health issue, this is a time to gather information and revisit diagnosis. Those of you in the work place may find that the usual running of things becomes skewed, as deadlines and office machinery stage a revolt. Former coworkers may pop up and remind you of information that will help you with your job performance and scheduling. Fresh starts await, but inner knowledge and insights must be incorporated for the best results.

LEO: You are riding a creative wave as the Sun shifts from home and hearth into your 5th house of creativity, passion, and unique self-expression. Your earnings, talents, friendships, and network are part of the forward motion. Romance needs time, as communication between lovers slows down. Children and younger people play a role in your leisure activity over the next few weeks. Creative projects benefit from this slowing approach, and you take comfort in knowing that good things come in time – not necessarily in your time but at the right time.

VIRGO: Mercury retro periods tend to affect you more personally than most, as this tiny planet rules over your self-expression and outward reputation. That being known, take heart that this Mercury cycle focuses on your inner life – emotional wellbeing and family dynamics. New starts are indicated here, but known conditions, agreements, and intuitions must be part of the “new start” equation. Although you may feel rushed or anticipatory, you will be better served to slow the pace and know that more awareness is flowing your way for incorporation and integration.

LIBRA: The very core of your communication style has been—and continues to be—revamped and in a state of evolvement. Another level of development is upon you, but while the Solar Eclipse encourages the initiation of fresh projects, Mercury says “hold on.” Trust and allow the process unfolding over the Mercury retro period. You are in a developing stage of mental awareness and organization which still needs time to gel. Take notes, write, plan, and be the gatherer. Take extra time with your writing and communications, as Mercury affects your intuition, foreign contacts, and big picture.

SCORPIO: New opportunities in earnings are in the making and are laced with people and projects from the past (folks and situations you are familiar with). Please do not sign new employment contracts until after mid-December, since you simply do not have all the relevant information. If you are seeking to sell personal items, plan to have your garage/house sale after Mercury’s station. This IS a good time to continue with skill development and financial planning.

SAGITTARIUS: Happy Birthday! You are the recipient of both the New Moon Solar Eclipse and the Mercury station. You have been remaking, evolving, and shedding layers of skin, and now a new sense of self (think authentic) is emerging. Another layer of development is upon you, but Mercury suggests that you take the time to review your personal and relationship goals. Strong forward movement and change will come rapidly when your ruler Jupiter stations direct at the end of December. For now, trust that there is a purpose for the slowdown in communications with others (Mercury rules your house of partnership). Be extra diligent with your schedule, meetings, business agreements, and clients.

CAPRICORN: Ostensibly, the next few weeks show a quieting of outward activity as you enter the final month of your solar year (only to begin again in January). Yet, strong rumblings, inner movement, and a sense of stronger inner connectedness grow and evolve. A spiritual awakening? The next few weeks suggest a brilliant time to review your teachings, readings, and meditations regarding your connection to the energetic world. Studies in Law of Attraction serve you well, as your manifestation powers are bridging the gap of the unconscious and conscious mind. Review, revise, and clarify your desires and intentions – magic lies in wait.

AQUARIUS: My goodness, you are a social butterfly this month! Friends, networking, groups, teams, and socializing become extra active. Folks from your past will be popping up, too! Your goals and personal desires are burning for creative outlets and invigorating expression – go for it! But wait until after mid-December to launch new initiatives. Save yourself the time and energy, knowing that you haven’t got all the social contacts and creative facts in place quite yet.

PISCES: The holidays tend to be a busy time for you, both professionally and publically, and this year is no exception. A dizzying array of obligations and work commitments may be demanding your attention. Communications in these areas are open for miscommunication and misunderstandings, so the slower you process and respond, the better. New career avenues are opening up and involve people from your past or folks with whom you are acquainted. The past and future are uniting to move you forward to your next professional level of development.