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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, December 2nd 2011

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Expansive understanding and avenues for combining the real with the ideal are possible as Jupiter reaches out to Chiron in sextile at the cusps of Taurus and Pisces. The energy ruling education, expansion, and faith makes contact with the compassionate teacher and healer.

In addition, the Sun and Mercury bump up against assertive Mars, suggesting tension around our communication and identity. Thinking about how you handle anger and what you bring to the table of conflict can be useful over the weekend. Both retrograde Mercury and the Sun are transiting through Sagittarius—the sign that symbolizes religious beliefs and ideology. This may be a time to review our personal stakes (supposed and real) in any conflict or debate that arises.

ARIES: Events, feelings, and imprints from your past are brought to light in the form of your personal values, talents, and gifts that you often take for granted. Awareness unfolds, planting seeds for development through the first half of 2012. Your abilities and earning possibilities are due for some much-needed growth. Professional development may be part of the picture.

TAURUS: Softening and “flow” occur within your friendships and networks, which can flower into fresh directions and personal goals. Restoration and renewal are born from ancient wounds and social discomforts, which begin to dissolve in the light of day. Clemency is the gift we give ourselves when grace is present.

GEMINI: A solidifying effect comes to pass between your life direction and your sense of inner knowing and perhaps even longing. You will understand on a deep level that you are on course and on track. Trust that any blockages or “do not enter” messages concerning your career are there for a reason. Make the shift you know you need to make.

CANCER: You are in the process of blending ideals with personal goals. This allows you to apply wisdom to your like-minded groups and team activities. Soothing messages, travel, writing projects, and connections flow and deepen an inner healing and desire for graceful expression.

LEO: Your reputation and life journey are well blended with your psychological landscape. You are buoyed by events this week, confirming that your instincts and trusting nature were indeed well founded. Your heart is opening. Trust that it knows the way forward.

VIRGO: Vulnerability can hold strength. You grow to understand that real power is located inherently within. This week you give your knowledge to others in your world, offering words and tools of support, which in turn lift you to another level of self-development.

LIBRA: Your psychology is deepened through your contact with and commitment to health, healing, and being of service. You may be the recipient or giver of compassionate understanding and support. Embrace the continued process of healing integration.

SCORPIO: Relationships reach a deeper and more honest level of exchange. Help is available to you through others in your life. Awareness about your children’s motives and wounds are brought to light and discussed with an individual who can be of service. Sharing your vulnerabilities with a trusted source is encouraged.

SAGITTARIUS: Uncomfortable and sensitive situations at home or with your parents are supported by practical solutions. Routines and habits need to shift to allow for a smoother flow and schedule. This is a good week to explore health solutions and further develop your service offerings.

CAPRICORN: Matters of the heart are supported by partnerships and counselors. Wise words are offered, deepening your sense of wellbeing and self-esteem. Your creative projects are acknowledged and solidified.

AQUARIUS: Your home and inner being are flowing with your compassionate self-esteem. The talents you offer to others are highlighted with the light of growing awareness. Solidification is occurring at your very core, planting the seeds of evolution.

PISCES: Understanding is dawning, tying the cognitive cord between your vulnerability as a human being with the manner in which you communicate. Some wrongs can be righted but ask you to make the connection between strength and vulnerability in yourself and in others.