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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, October 14th

Photo Courtesy of  Jonathan Clark


As the numbers continue to grow well into the thousands I think we can safely assume that the American “Spring” has sprung. The first official statement of the protestors in Zuccotti Park in NYC was accepted by the General Assembly on September 29th (see the statement here: Declaration of the Occupation in New York City). Disgust can be a strong motivating force, especially when justice is on your side.

Steve Jobs’ passing last week is a strong reminder to embrace the authentic and find the way to live with your inner passions and, yes, as is so often quoted, “shrug off dogma.” Living a life whose foundational base is built on fitting in and living up to family and societal expectations is draining – for the mind, heart, frequently the body, and the Soul. He is an icon for this time of individuation and truth.

Where do your personal truth, passion, and authenticity lie?  Inner peace and the expanding energy of love are part of this equation too. Many are in this stage of inner exploration, pondering, and experimentation. The inner litmus test is what feels powerful, truthful, and loving for you.

Two weeks ago I was preparing for a client call and discovered I had inadvertently turned on my digital recorder prior to the client session – I discovered my error and turned it off. When I played the mistaken recording back I heard a man’s voice on the recording very clearly repeating the word “hurdle, hurdle.” There was no one else in the room with me – well, not that I could “see” anyway when I had accidentally turned my recorder on that morning.

This is an apt reminder as we engage with the Scorpionic energies that those veils, which seemingly divide us from Source, spirit, and angelic energies, are thinner than we think. Gary Zukov calls it the multi-sensory, which is engaging with our inner senses and remembering who we are – divine and loving creators connected with energy that is constantly flowing. This energy is ours to use and align with when we are awake and aware.

Mercury moved into Scorpio (with Venus) on the 13th. The energies of communication shifted from the outwardly relationship-oriented to the hidden, intuitive, possessive, and, for some, suspicious. Eros (Cupid) the asteroid representing desire, lust, sex, passion, and creativity eased into Cancer on the 11th where the embers burn nurturing hot until mid-November. Over the weekend Mercury meets with Pluto, providing problem solving acumen, insights, and the potential for positive financial planning and movement.

ARIES: The asteroid Eros moved into Cancer on the 11th (and will stay there through mid-November) in the area signifying your home and whom you call “family.” Eros or “Cupid” transits point to expressions of sexuality and creativity and when in Cancer display a nurturing and caring connection with partners. Planets are also gathering in the stimulating 8th house of your chart, suggesting deeper connections with your passions and desires. Money and contracts are active over the weekend as Mercury makes contact with Pluto and then Jupiter. Fall Written Report for Aries - $10.99

TAURUS: Pay attention to your relating patterns within partnerships - you now receive a great deal of insight as to how thoughts and intentions lead to external results when relating to others. Venus warms up other’s responses to you now and Eros may evoke discussions of a very sensual nature. Circle the 20th, which is when the asteroid of desire aligns with Jupiter in your sign to expand all forms of self-expression relating to creativity and passion. Fall Written Report for Taurus - $10.99

GEMINI: Your passions are high regarding the things you own, your talents, sexual self-esteem, and money earnings. As Eros transits your 2nd house she aligns with energies operating in your 6th house of health, mind/body connectedness, and work. Money and sex may be passionate bed partners over the next few weeks. Resources of another nature are highlighted when Mercury opposes Jupiter on Monday – believing in flow, guardian angels, and the power of intention empowers your faith. Fall Written Report for Gemini - $10.99

CANCER: Hey lover boys and girls! You are oozing sex appeal through mid-November while Eros transits your sign. She is providing an “easy flow” to your romantic inclinations and encourages you to step into those passionate and creative waters. A friend may be conjuring up images of tempting interludes as Eros sextiles Jupiter. Additionally, a goal you feel passionate about may come to fruition now as creativity and self-identity align. Communications with lovers and kids are well supported this week. Fall Written Report for Cancer - $10.99

LEO: Home and family activities are elevated with Mercury and Venus transiting your 4th house, ensuring a time of communications and more comfort and pleasure at home. Eros transits your 12th house of the subconscious mind, dreams, and inner connectedness. Now is a great time for focusing on your intentions, which eventually lead to manifestations – if it involves sex, desire, and creativity, allow yourself the luxury of indulgence. Some Leos may be involved in a private and secretive liaison. Fall Written Report for Leo - $10.99

VIRGO: Feeling passionate about your group activities and desires? Do you desire one group member specifically? Eros heats up your casual alliances and acquaintances and elevates your passion for teamwork – no man is an island. Mercury aligns with Pluto over the weekend, encouraging satisfying exchanges with lovers and in creative expression. On the 17th Mercury opposes Jupiter and carries a warning not to take on more than you can handle. Travel, teaching, and writing may be areas of over-exaggeration. Fall Written Report for Virgo - $10.99

LIBRA: Pouring passion into your career aims and community activities? Eros approves. Or perhaps someone in a position of authority is in your sites. Money, resources, and income are flowing well and the weekend may bring additional opportunities, which could be related to property or family holdings. Please don’t overestimate your financial resources on the 17th when Mercury opposes Jupiter in your house of shared assets. Fall Written Report for Libra - $10.99

SCORPIO: You start your new Solar cycle when the Sun moves into your sign on the 23rd. Mercury and Venus are opening your receptive channels and prompting ideas and dialogue (if only internal) this week, bringing your desires to the surface. Mercury sextiles Pluto on Sunday, urging deeper formulations and exchanges. Contracts may be in the picture too. The 17th suggests you take a wait and see approach when Mercury opposes Jupiter in your house of others. Fall Written Report for Scorpio - $10.99

SAGITTARIUS: Eros recently entered your 8th house of psychology, sexuality, and sharing yourself with others. Passions burn bright over the next few weeks, especially when Eros joins your ruling planet Jupiter on the 20th and supplies ample energy around your most personal desires. Creativity in the work place and with shared finances is supported. Mercury and Venus allow you to go deeper within your motives and unconscious drives as they settle into your 12th house of universal connectedness. Additional rest is suggested over the next few weeks leading up to your new solar cycle in December. Fall Written Report for Sagittarius - $10.99

CAPRICORN: Eros, the asteroid ruling desire, sex, and passion, sashayed into your 7th house of others last week. If your relationships could use a little zip, expect some re-awakening. Mercury and Venus are traveling partners in the area of your life that represents personal dreams, goals, and being your authentic “self.” Your social groups respond well to your unscripted interactions, especially on the 16th when Venus aligns with Pluto transiting your sign. Female alliances are in the frame. Fall Written Report for Capricorn - $10.99

AQUARIUS: As Venus and Mercury take up residence in your outer life it’s a good time to show ‘em what ya’ got. You can attract benefactors and influence people to see your way of thinking since you are extra charming and articulate. The Sun will soon join this duo, further lighting your path and providing you with well-deserved praise and growing confidence. Eros in Cancer hints at passionate displays with your work, with a co-worker, and within your sense of physical appeal. Fall Written Report for Aquarius - $10.99

PISCES: As the personal planets move into your fellow water sign of Scorpio it may feel as if you are rising above the personal and psychological dilemmas that have dominated your days these past few weeks. A broader and more philosophical process is available now. You will be able to integrate the deeper chasms of issues around money, sex, and psychological healing. Eros whispers of passions growing in your 5th house of playmates and creativity. Fall Written Report for Pisces - $10.99