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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, October 21st

Brantingham Lake, NY ~
Photo by Becky Green Wenner

Pluto, the transformer and major player in the Occupy the Planet movement, began moving forward in mid-September. Earlier this summer, while in retrograde, he made a flowing and comforting aspect to the planet Jupiter, which represents growth, education, and opportunity. Pluto is now moving direct and Jupiter is in retrograde.

Think back to early July for clues to the trine that will be exact again during the last week (the 2nd of 3) of this month. This trine will carry a stronger and more supportive imprint than its first contact in July.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 26th at 3 degrees will oppose Jupiter and sextile Pluto, bringing intuitive insight and a deeper sense of wellbeing. Mars makes a challenging connection to Venus and requires us to take action. There is the strong possibility of incongruity between our desires, resources, and possibly even relationships.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd and positively connects to healing Chiron the following day.

ARIES: The New Moon points to fresh initiatives in resources and financial management. The moon connects with Pluto in your 10th house of career and suggests that the resources of others are involved. There is a strong possibility for earned income through your reputation, career, or community involvement. You are required to problem solve issues that come up involving children/creative projects and shared resources. Jean Services and Fall Reports

TAURUS: Supportive energies align in your desire for adventure. Partnerships must be taken into account as the planets gather in your house of others – this is not the time to go it alone, nor do you want to. The New Moon provides further support in relationship dynamics, but on the same day your partnerships are challenged to incorporate and acknowledge your personal needs and sensitivities. Jean Services and Fall Reports

GEMINI: The New Moon emotionally prepares the way for the Pluto/Jupiter trine, which touches off fresh energy in daily routines and health. This brings awareness to the idea that what you think and feel is what you create. It also brings the knowledge that the instinctual funneling of wellness enhances your psychological empowerment – you can see how all the elements combine to build stronger internal foundations of security. Your mental attitude is being challenged to align with these powerful energies. Jean Services and Fall Reports

CANCER: Once a year you are given extra support in beginning new creative projects, aligning to the child within, and enhancing romance. The New Moon highlights a time to engage with your joy and to deal with any self-esteem issues that come up – acknowledge and clear, acknowledge and clear. Mars is pushing for an internal change to raise your sense of self to a higher level. The Jupiter/Pluto trine will manifest as powerful allies surrounding you to evolve your sense of self. Jean Services and Fall Reports

LEO: Increased comfort and emotional healing are the messages of the New Moon in your 4th house of the inner home and family. The need to make changes in your home is strongly felt at the New Moon as Mars in Leo squares Venus in Scorpio. This pushes you to increase the value in your living space. Life direction, health, and daily regimes will benefit from the changes you make over the next few weeks. Jean Services and Fall Reports

VIRGO: A very compatible New Moon commences and heightens your communicative power and intellectual acumen. The irritating force that Mars brings to the table on the same day is a directive to face your fears on speaking out and telling it like it is. You are supported. The empowering energy of Jupiter trine Pluto will prove that your creative instincts are indeed ready for a broader audience. Jean Services and Fall Reports

LIBRA: It’s the next level of internal integration. You acknowledge your hard-won sense of self-esteem regarding your talents and abilities. The valuable skills you’ve developed have the staying power to go the distance. The New Moon helps you to truly accept how far you’ve come. Family, home, real estate, resources, and psychological health are elevated as the month progresses. Jean Services and Fall Reports

SCORPIO: Happy Birthday Scorpio – the Sun will enter your sign on the 23rd followed by your own personal New Moon on the 27th. Pluto’s transit is uprooting obsolete beliefs and attitudes, and continues to influence health practices and work routines. Your appreciation deepens for your relationships, bringing levels of validating communication to your most important connections. It’s a flowing energy that changes your reality, faith, and self-validation. Jean Services and Fall Reports

SAGITTARIUS: Peace, inner connectedness, rest, and valuable insights are the messages of the New Moon in an area of your chart that embraces your inner spiritual life. The Scorpio energy catalyzes your developing value system and self-worth. Awareness about the true nature of how mind affects health and daily living grows stronger and lifts your understanding to the next level of personal development. Jean Services and Fall Reports

CAPRICORN: A personal goal tied to your creativity may advance over the next few weeks. The New Moon highlights authenticity, dreams, and creative expression. This flowing aspect between your evolving sense of self and your need for genuine avenues of expression are opening wider and increasing the flow. Psychological tension may play a role in your next steps. Jean Services and Fall Reports

AQUARIUS: Your past, perceptions, and family inheritance (think behavior patterns and belief systems) are under Pluto’s transformative hand. He is playing a role in redefining your mental habits and modalities of thought. Jupiter is interested in helping you educate yourself on how to feel more secure in this tumultuous and ever-changing time. Expect a period of “connecting the dots” in a way that is accessible and integrating. A partner’s demands or desires play a role. Jean Services and Fall Reports

PISCES: The New Moon highlights the bigger picture of life’s adventures while opposing the educational and publishing planet Jupiter in the area of unique self-expression. Pluto’s long-term agenda is to transform your goals and dreams. Something is coming together in the near term that is very dear to your heart. This is a goal and cherished desire that most definitely has staying power. Jean Services and Fall Reports