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Monday, September 5, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, September 9th

While the East Coast cleans up and dries out post Hurricane Irene, Mercury re-enters Virgo and immediately passes the shadow point period of retrograde last month while opposing Chiron on the 10th. Oppositions are about awareness and this one takes place on the Virgo / Pisces axis. Many issues may be in the frame, including health, cleaning, organizing, work, employment (or lack thereof), the care of animals, and the mind/body connection.

The aftermath of crises often allows people to step into their highest and best self.  The heart opens and compassion expands as people are drawn into an experience of such magnitude that both fuels and ignites deep caring and empathy.  At it's highest Virgo is the sign of service and humbleness, stepping forward to provide earnest help through organization and practical skills.  It reminds me of the good auntie who moves in while Mom is sick to cook and clean for the family.

As we engage with this Virgo energy be aware of cues and urgings. Mars will be transiting this area for a significant period in November (until July 2012) due to his retrograde in January. Mars is the henchman for the Sun and acts upon the ideas and experiences that the Sun connects with during the month.

The Moon grows Full at 19 degrees Pisces on the 12th while squaring the Lunar Node in Sagittarius. Tension surrounds our intuition and beliefs, awakening the need for integration.

Venus slips into its home sign of Libra on the 14th while Mercury trines faith-based Jupiter.

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ARIES: September is your month to focus on work and health. Tidy up your office, get your annual checkup, and streamline your schedule. The Full Moon brings awareness around personal longings and the need for a restful few days. Mars is spending his last full week in your 4th house of home and family. Venus enters your partnership house, caressing the affectionate quality of your interactions with others.

TAURUS: The personal planets are in harmony with your earthy nature this week, showing support and practical help with your creative projects, your children’s needs, and your romantic alliances. The Full Moon brings closure concerning one friend in particular. Venus slips into the workaday area of your life on the 14th smoothing interactions with co-workers, employees, and health concerns.

GEMINI: With your ruler Mercury now operating on all cylinders you have the green light to move forward with home projects. This month favors a nesting cycle intended to strengthen your inner foundations and emotional wellbeing. The Full Moon sees you in the limelight for a few days, highlighting a period of closure surrounding your reputation and career. Venus enters the playful 5th house and urges you to kick back and enjoy some much needed social interplay and leisure.

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CANCER: Your need for exchange, feedback, and expression are fueled this month with the planets gathered in your 3rd house of day-to-day attitudes, siblings, neighbors, and community folk. Writing, teaching, presentations, and local locales are the recipients of your verbal energy. The Full Moon heightens your social activities and relations with children. Venus snuggles into your 4th house of home and family.

LEO: At this time of year your attention turns to money, earnings, and your “stuff.” Your mind clears and planning can take form as Mercury moves along unencumbered through your 2nd house of what you value. Mars continues to slosh through your 12th house of the past and fear-based thinking. The Full Moon shines the flashlight into your intimate relationships, things you share with another, and endings. Expect some closure mid-month. Venus graces your speech, so talk with others this month and ask for what you want.

VIRGO: Happy Birthday. Full steam ahead, right? Keep track of your “doings” this month and sort through what is important to you and what is decidedly not. You will be building on this come November and well into 2012. Your partner’s activities are important mid-month at the Full Moon. Venus moves out of your personality house and into the area of earned income and pretty things – go for it.

LIBRA: “They” say relationship with self is the most important connection that determines the quality of our external relationships. Consider yourself poised on the long-term and in-depth track of excavation, as the 12th house of your spirit, fears, intuition, and introspection will be the focus of healing and clearing through 2012. Venus enters your sign and encourages you to poke your face up and out of the self-reflective mirror and to share a little of yourself with others.

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SCORPIO: Future planning, work goals, pals, and associates are making more sense now that Mercury is no longer driving with his brakes on. You need interaction and input from others this week, and when the Moon grows Full in your 5th house of fun and games your understanding deepens further. Venus slips into your 12th house, bringing pockets of pleasant rest and solitude.

SAGITTARIUS: Jupiter is now retrograde until December 31st in your 6th house of health, daily schedules, work, pets, and employees. Jupiter loves for us to learn and embark upon education in the house it transits. Now is the time to go deeper into your areas of services. The Full Moon lights up your 4th house of home and family, indicating some overdue personal time mid-month. Venus kicks up her heels in your social 11th house.

CAPRICORN: The planets gather in your 9th house of the higher mind, publishing, travel, and the “big picture” and broad your sensory awareness of what can be. Exciting thoughts and ideas may be coursing through your inventive mind – please know there will be much more to come in the areas of expansion in November. You are a busy communicator at the Full Moon, which falls in your 3rd house. Venus shifts into your 10th house of glamor and reputation, while people in authority notice and grant you favors.

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AQUARIUS: The planets are gathered in an area of your chart associated with psychological health, sharing with others and others sharing with you, debts, loans, investments, and intimacy. Some of these areas become clearer in your mind as the ability to organize and consolidate flows in an easier manner. Your earnings, values, or movable objects are highlighted at the Full Moon – earning potential finalized? Venus shifts into the big picture 9th house, highlighting travel, education, and writing.

PISCES: The energies are gathered in the area of your chart associated with others. Deferring to partners is your modus operandi this month with the exception of the Full Moon in your sign – a time when a very personal situation/desire reaches a climax and then closure. Venus ensures good luck in the shared financial resource area after the 14th.