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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, September 30th

"Beauty Within" by Scott Anna
We are operating on the energies of the Libra New Moon on the 27th that was fraught with creative and developmental tension. The Sun and Mercury checked in with oppositions to Uranus and squares to Pluto suggesting a time of evolving awareness and action that is focused on personal emancipation and activism.

The planets in Libra got up close and personal with the Uranus/Pluto square – the two planets that have been and continue to be the “transformational teachers” of our personal development over the next few years.

Venus conjuncted Saturn on the 29th where her affectionate energy was focused and tempered. Deeper commitments may have developed at this time between partners and conversely, others may have decided/felt that current alliances feel far too limiting.

Mercury is next in line for his pow wow with Saturn on the 6th evoking a day of serious thinking, long term planning and focus.

Big plans, exaggerated displays and confidence are in evidence on the 30th when Mars squares up to Jupiter in Taurus.

ARIES: This is the time of year when you have less control than at others times. Other people hold the energetic strings now and you are learning to acquiesce and to balance your independent ways with the needs of your partner. The New Moon requires more of your time and attention to partnership and relationships. Be careful with your financial resources on the 30th when lovers and children may need more than you have to give.  Aries 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

TAURUS: Work, schedules, co-workers, health, and mind-body connectedness is super energized now. Take this opportunity to learn, act upon and to engage with these areas of transformation and evolution. The family demands may trigger your good nature on the 30th. The conjunctions to Saturn require attention to detail on the job and responsibility for the maintenance of your health.  Taurus 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

GEMINI: Romantic alliances may move to a deeper level of commitment this week or a decision may be made that this is not an avenue that meets your needs. Serious talk takes place on the 6th when your ruler follows up where Venus left off. Your creative leanings and talents can morph into a full time money making venture – consider the possibilities.  Gemini 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

CANCER: Money and shared resources are the focus of this week’s planetary line-up. Responsibility is needed in regard to your commitments to and with others. Your financial and emotional situation may move to a deeper level of sharing or this may be the week when you discover what you thought was being shared with you is no longer available.  Cancer 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

LEO: Much is afoot in your communications with others this week. Responsibility as well as restriction is evident with your siblings and in your neighborhood. Your mood and as a result, you’re thinking appears a little dour during this week’s planetary alignment. Remember to restrain your speech when ugly toads are dancing on your tongue and let the mood passes, you will be very happy you harnessed them.  Leo 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

VIRGO: This week can present opportunities and firm agreements around money making ideas and offerings. The New Moon has presented you with one of your strongest financial cycles this year. Don’t hesitate to put in the work hours to see one or two of your dreams begin to materialize – think long term financial sustainability. Circle the 6th as the day to sign on the dotted line.  Virgo 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

LIBRA: The convergence of planetary energies in your sign signals a powerful period of movement in your personal life. Awareness surrounding your commitments, professional abilities and family responsibilities are unfolding at a rapid and solidifying pace. Keep plowing through no matter how tired you may feel as you are much supported to carve out your very own world and niche in which to function and ultimately thrive.  Libra 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

SCORPIO: As the Sun, Venus and Mercury occupy your spiritual 12th house you awareness levels are being fine-tuned and clarified. Substantial or perhaps tangible evidence appears surrounding the existence of your soul, the unseen but constant energy source that is available to you and the development of mastering your manifestation abilities. Creating your inner landscapes are what manifests outwardly with people and situations. Powerful stuff! Scorpio 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

SAGITTARIUS: Commitment to friendships, professional groups and your very own personal dreams is important now. One or two of your desires is due for physical manifestation this week. Some associations have worn out their mutually beneficial energy exchange as you release a relationship or two that no longer serve you. A male at a distance may be pressuring you for more assistance than you can currently provide.  Sagittarius 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

CAPRICORN: You public life is teeming with energy. Commitments made in career are apparent now as is the releasing of limiting thoughts, people and desires. The New Moon signals a 4 week period of energy (some of it challenging) flowing through your reputation and avocation.  Capricorn 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

AQUARIUS: Travel, education, adventure, and promotions are super highlighted now. Some opportunities are finalized while others are released. Travel concerns are centered on a female and may be challenging on the 6th. The New Moon signals a time of serious effort applied to your educational and publishing endeavors.
Aquarius 2011 Fall Report - $10.99

PISCES: Jointly held resources, loans, commissions and support are finalized this week. Some limitations are evident in your resources held with another but overall the New Moon supports positive financial movement and support. Your powers of insight are “off” on Monday when Mercury clouds your perceptions. Hold off until the 6th when your attention to detail becomes more clear and precise.  Pisces 2011 Fall Report - $10.99