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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, September 16th

Granada, Spain.  Photo by Scott Anna
For the past five months Pluto has been in retrograde (think back to early April when Pluto stationed retrograde). Pluto tends to shake things up when he stations and he is stationing at 4 degrees Capricorn on the 16th.  Expect a few rumblings as this transformative energy starts lumbering forward in the area of your chart representing deep-seated and long-term change.

Shortly thereafter, on the 18th , Venus in her home sign of Libra squares up to Pluto, suggesting a time of tension and struggle surrounding love, money, and personal values.

Since early August Mars has been transiting the water sign of Cancer. Mars now moves into a more receptive energy when he enters Leo on the 17th. Expect the planet of desire and assertion to be less hesitant and more demonstrative in the sign of playful Leo. This same day Venus is awakened by an opposition to Uranus, indicating a status quo change. 

The Sun enters airy and intellectual Libra on the 23rd while Mars makes a positive trine to Uranus, both of which are positioned in brave and assertive fire signs.

ARIES: You feel lighter and more energetic as Mars shifts from the personal and emotional depths of your 4th house into the area of fun and games in your 5th house. Expect some tremors in the area of career, marriage, authorities, and life direction as Pluto awakes from his five-month slumber. Partnership and work bump and grind on the 18th as Venus gets settled in your 7th house of partnership. Your independent needs vex the goddess on the 17th as the quest for personal autonomy upsets the others in your life. 
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TAURUS: Venus exits fellow earth sign Virgo and moves into her “other” home sign of Libra which rules your 6th house of work, health, daily schedules, and co-workers. This area continues to be a force of learning, structuring, and discipline lessons for you throughout October 2012. Venus occupancy helps to personalize and soften the lessons. Pluto catches her attention, reminding you of the need for attentive self-care while demands (and possible power plays) ring out from a distance or in relation to publishing or education.  Order your TAURUS Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

GEMINI: As Pluto prepares to move forward on the 16th prepare for changes regarding your shared resources and financial planning. If you have felt in a “holding” position, expect to feel that fresh opportunities and ways forward will be available to you over the next few months. As Venus touches the mighty outer planets surprises around goals and friendships manifest on the 17th while finances involving love and children yank your comfort chain on the 18th. Keep your cool and allow situations to settle in. Order your GEMINI Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

CANCER: Mars gallops out of your sign and into Leo, which is the area of your chart affecting earned income and your talents. For some, more money will be going out the door; for others, you are set to get much clearer on your value and worth. Your home life and family is being tested as Venus opposes Uranus in your 10th house of work and reputation and then squares Pluto in your 7th house of partnership. Pluto’s shift into forward motion unleashes some pent up power issues around your emotional security and relating skills. Remember, when the others in your life are engaging in heavy handedness it’s a reminder to mind your own energy and to not engage—right?  Order your CANCER Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

LEO: Mars enters your sign on the 17th kicking off a six-week period of increasing energy (feeling like you can cope once again), confidence, and assertiveness. You have support for any projects you wish to undertake and will have the drive to carry forward to necessary conclusions. Venus shifts into compatible air sign Libra which rules your local neighborhood and sibling relationships – things become more supportive and loving with those in your day-to-day world. But before peace and affection prevail Venus tussles with first Uranus (9th house of higher mind) and then Pluto (6th house of health and work).  Order your LEO Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

VIRGO: As Mars shifts into the sign just prior to yours a lowering of energy and the need for more privacy and rest may be expected. Venus slips out of your sign and into Libra, which is the sign ruling your 2nd house of values, talents, and earned income. Money is in the frame (the Sun will join Venus on the 23rd) and Venus suggests that more is coming in but not before a surprise from Uranus (in your 8th house of shared resources). Then power-hungry Pluto (moving direct in your 5th house of children and romance) rattles your plans and expectations. Let the dust settle.  Order your VIRGO Fall 2011 Report - $10.99    

LIBRA: Your ruling planet Venus gets shaken and stirred on the 17th and 18th. First a surprise is delivered from an “other” in your life and then a family member may be in manipulation mode the following day. Modus operendi? Don’t engage and let others employ whatever tactics they deem necessary without your direct participation. Mars exits your career, parent, and reputation sector (things have been quite demanding since August) and moves into the copacetic 11th house of dreams, goals, and friendships.  Order your LIBRA Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

SCORPIO: Your ruling planet Pluto starts lumbering forward on the 16th in your 3rd house of mental attitudes, communications, and local environment. You will find that your mental acumen grows and gains in strength – writing, teaching, and community projects begin to gain traction once again. Mars is energizing your career and reputation for the next six weeks, supporting advancement and assertion in your life direction. Please do be mindful of authority figures during this time as their sense of balance is tenuous at best.  Order your SCORPIO Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

SAGITTARIUS: Friendships and personal desires create sparks early this week as Venus enters your 11th house of goals and associations and opposes Uranus in your 5th house of authentic creativity. On the 18th she squares up against Pluto in your 2nd house where group planning and monetary earnings take on a manipulative cast. Bide your time Sag. Mars enters fellow fire sign Leo on the 17th and energizes your 9th house of beliefs and philosophy. The next six weeks may find you preaching from your mountain top as well as traveling. Pluto’s forward movement shows your earnings moving forward too.  Order your SAGITTARIUS Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

CAPRICORN: Pluto stations direct on the 16th at 4 degrees Capricorn. As the transformer begins his forward movement so can some of your personal desires and goals. If health has been an issue some relief and resolve may be on its way during Pluto’s forward movement. Keep an eye on ego and power issues when Venus squares Pluto on the 18th suggesting manipulative behavior either from you or directed to you from your house of reputation and career. Mars stirs up psychological issues and shared financial relationships as he enters your 8th house of “other people’s money.” Order your CAPRICORN Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

AQUARIUS: Mars moves into your partnership house on the 17th as he enters Leo. Expect a “spirited” few weeks with others seeking to dictate terms. Pluto moves forward this week in your 12th house of soul urgings, rest, the past, and dreams. The subconscious has been working on clearing out and transforming family inheritances (think emotional imprints). This process gathers additional energy and resolve as Pluto rumbles direct. Venus sweetens your communications, education, and travel sectors.  Order your AQUARIUS Fall 2011 Report - $10.99

PISCES: Pluto’s direct movement in your house of friends, social connections, and personal goals will gather energy, as will your hopes and wishes. You will make headway over the next few months in experiencing a personal goal or two. Important others populate your social scene, making powerful imprints on your future planning. Mars shifts into your 8th house of loans, debts, shared resources, insurance, and inheritance. One or more of these areas takes on additional importance over the next few weeks.  Order your PISCES Fall 2011 Report - $10.99