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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, August 5th

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The lowest domestic spending since the Eisenhower era is just one of the results of the budget deal announced by President Obama Sunday evening at 8:40 p.m. EST. Per what should be expected during a Mercury Retrograde cycle, it was also announced that a bipartisan committee will be formed to put forth a proposal with further cuts by November 23rd.

The US is a Cancer-ruled country and Mars entered the sign of Cancer on August 3rd. He will be hitting the Cardinal Cross points during the first half of the month. Mars is not terribly happy in Cancer. His prowess and assertion get dampened in this cardinal sign’s watery and emotional realms, creating a potent combination for simmering anger and frustration.

Mars squares Uranus in Aries on the 9th, pointing to an energy release that can express itself in surprising ways. Remember, Uranus is revolutionizing and shaking up the voice of the individual, aka the “little guy” who has had enough, thank you very much.

Mars opposes Pluto on the 11th and suggests a few days of being über aware of your ego drives. It’s a time when people can feel blocked by authority figures but it can also be a powerfully fruitful period to get in touch with your own internal-limitation tapes: what are you “not enough” of and in what ways do you give away power?

Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius for the remainder of the year, asking us to revisit the lessons of compassionate detachment. This is a very empowering orientation. Can we love that which we don’t personally vibe to? Can we co-exist with others’ choices and preferences without slamming down judgment?

Venus and the Sun are traveling partners in Leo throughout the month, bringing a festive and heartwarming energy to relationships and gatherings.

ARIES: Your ruling planet Mars has moved into a sign that favors emotional expression and acts of nurturance. He is going over some ground that the Sun highlighted last month. Your home, career, identity, and partnerships are being energized. You are motivated in the area of home and living situations, perhaps even aggrieved as well. It may be helpful to remember the adage “act in haste, repent at leisure” (well it’s really “speak in haste” but hey, you get my point). Mercury is retracing his steps and you have the opportunity to rethink your approach to matters of the heart, your children’s affairs, and creative projects. There is more to be learned and additional information to be gathered. The Sun and Venus ensure a month peppered heavily with socially good times. NEW Summer and FALL report for the ARIES year 2011 - $14.99

TAURUS: Your home, emotional security, and family are focal points over the next few weeks. Mercury is retrograding in your 4th house as well, suggesting a time for information gathering, pondering, and getting in touch with your instinctual nature. Long-lost family members may pop up this month and awaken memories from the past. Interactions with others may be testy this week as Mars transits your 3rd house of communication with those in your environment. Examining your belief systems as well as your anger can help to release some simmering resentments. Anger is an emotion that does not glean much social acceptance, but being aware and exploring a healthy and “real” avenue of expression is probably necessary now. This is not a fortuitous time for launching new sales and marketing campaigns. Patience and focusing energy on your communication planning will bring rewards in September.

GEMINI: Mercury is retrograding in your house of “thinking.” This is the everyday, how-what-where kind of thinking. Give yourself plenty of time this month, Gemini. Time to travel from point A to point B, time to revisit your thoughts on various matters, and time to really enjoy some of the folks in your local environment. There is a lot of love available for you from the people you see on a regular basis. Presentations, teaching, and writing are all favorably influenced by Venus and the Sun too. If you are in the selling industry go back to your rolodex and contact prospects and former clients. People from the past are your strongest options for commerce and trade. Mars ramps up the ego energies related to your income, material possessions, and self-esteem. You may be keen on acquiring objects of value or fattening your coffers. Carpe diem!

CANCER: Mars energizes your very being and commences a fresh two-year cycle regarding your wants and desires. Physical exercise, working independently, and starting fresh personal initiatives are all highly encouraged. You may feel hemmed in if working in an environment with too much oversight, so feeling micromanaged is a possibility. The warrior god can do just that: bring out the warrior in the Cancer native. So choose your battles consciously and carefully. Expecting some opposition from partners and authority figures may help you strategize more effectively. The areas of financial income and showcasing your talents and abilities are well favored with Venus and the Sun traveling through your 2nd house. Mercury is also in residence and moving at a leisurely backward pace. Revisiting former sources of income may bring some added money your way.

LEO: Happy Birthday, Lion. Your energy systems are beginning to perk up as the Sun and Venus travel hand in hand all month. Mercury retrograde is affecting your sense of self and identity. Some revisions are at hand which deal with your very own personal sense of purpose and meaning. Give things time to simmer. When Mars moves into your sign on September 19th you will be ready to take action on what the Sun and Mercury have cooked up this month. Ask for what you want—while Venus transits your sign she is ensuring that you are on the receiving end of some pleasant and helpful attention. Mars continues to stir up some self-defeating beliefs and behavior. You are finishing up a cycle that is asking you to release emotional and psychic baggage from the past. Take additional rest breaks as needed.

VIRGO: You are finishing up your yearly solar cycle, Virgo. The Sun and two planets (Venus and Mercury) are ensconced in the sign just prior to yours, which suggests a time of rest, rejuvenation, and as much soul nourishment as you can make time for. Mercury is retrograding through your 12th house, suggesting a time for inner listening and allowing for the human to simply “be.” If your energy levels feel low and the proverbial tank is running low on gas, trust the wisdom of your body. Mars energizes your planning for future endeavors and the people playing supporting roles. One or two of these may give you pause for thought. Neptune retrogrades out of your 7th house and back into your 6th house for the remainder of 2011. Lessons are reviewed regarding your work environment and how you construct your daily regime Practice detached compassion.

LIBRA: Who stays, who goes, and who needs to be beckoned into the fold are themes this month. Your ambitions are aroused with Mars heating up the areas of reputation, career, and life direction. With Cancer on your mid-heaven these areas tend to be a bit emotional, so keep your inherent intelligence sensors flipped on as you move through the landscape of August. Mid-month brings situations that will point the way for months and perhaps years to come. The Sun and Venus encourage increased social activity while Mercury suggests reviewing your goals and what juices you. Folks from the past pop up. Neptune’s transit back into your 5th house reminds you of the lessons of practicing compassion while staying present in the realities of your loved ones. Expect a few challenges from the others in your world, especially on the 9th and 11th when Mars makes challenging aspects to Uranus and then Pluto. Breathe deeply and adopt a wait-and-see approach.  NEW Summer and FALL report for the Libra year 2011 - $14.99

SCORPIO: The Sun, Venus, and Mercury (from the 8th onward) are raising your visibility in the area of reputation, career, authority figures, and life direction. You are well received by important others this month but expect a few communication glitches with Mercury retrograding through the 10th house. An excellent few weeks for your very own public relations campaign. You have the space to review some of your career and community goals knowing that you will have the green light in September for advancement. Mars is energizing your learning sector of the higher mind and you will want to include and experience more in your world. Issues of health or conflict with your work schedule can crop up around the 9th when Mars squares Uranus. Weigh your words and responses carefully when Mars opposes your ruling planet Pluto on the 11th.

SAGITTARIUS: Desire for adventure and growth (of the higher mind kind) are alight with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury traversing your 9th house. Trips, expanding your consciousness, and learning are very real needs this month. Mercury moves back into this area on the 9th suggesting a revisit, figuratively or literally, with folks and places from the past. Mars is working on a deeper level in the 8th house of psychological transformation and resources shared with another. A financial issue may arise around the 11th and bring a somewhat uncomfortable awareness to earnings, loans, or debt. A surprise awaits around children, love, and creative projects in relation to available resources. This may bring information to you regarding a lover’s motivations and financial situation.

CAPRICORN: A financial, psychological, or emotional situation is not quite resolved. Mercury slips back into your 8th house of the inner and personal on the 9th to provide the space and time to review some very personal areas of operation. The Sun and Venus are also transiting this area of life experience and are supporting your growth, both emotionally and financially. Mars blazes into the area of others and ramps up the interaction levels with partnerships and relationships. You can safely expect some spirited interactions. The dates to make note of are the 9th and the 11th when Mars picks up where the Sun left off last month. Neptune retrogrades back into your 2nd house of values and earnings for the remainder of the year, finalizing the lessons surrounding compassion and the talents you have to offer to the world.

AQUARIUS: Neptune retraces his steps and moves back into your sign for the duration of 2011. When a major player revisits a sign it’s an opportunity to review and finalize our lessons. What has Neptune taught you about sensitivity, compassion, universal love, creativity, and keeping the beauty alive while remaining grounded? All relationships/partnerships and “others” are the focus for you over the next few weeks. Venus is ensuring a pleasant and heart-filled exchange (Sun) while Mercury’s transit back into this area on the 8th is allowing for extra time and space to review your thoughts about a certain association or two. Mars is keeping you busy this month as he transits your 6th house of work and daily schedules. Your health, both physical and psychological, is seeking integration, leading to a higher level of wellbeing. Challenges around these areas may appear around the 9th and 11th when Mars squares Uranus and then opposes Pluto, which brings tension into your work, attitudes, and spiritual orientation.

PISCES: You’ve received a taste of Neptune in its very own home sign—yours—for the past few months. He now slips out of the area of personality and actualization and back into the 12th house of the soul. See this transit as a finale (for the rest of the year) around the sensitization and awareness of Source energy. Source energy can be described as tuning in to the higher energies that are active and available to all when the choice is made to “plug in.” Dreams, intuition, and escapism all fall under Neptune transiting the 12th house. Work, daily schedules, and health are all busy areas this month with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury retrograde into your 6th house on the 8th. Co-workers, employees, and your physical body are the focus. Allow more time for office tasks and personal to-do’s while Mercury retrogrades and slows down efficiency levels. Mars enlivens the areas of pleasure, social, and leisure activities as well as affairs of your children. There is some tension present between your desires and others’ expectations. Take your time responding while staying as grounded as possible.