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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, August 26th

Photo Courtesy of Carrie Cantrell Browning

My intention was to film and post monthly videoscopes this week but true to Mercury Retrograde form - life and technology was not acquiescing to my intention. So I am planning for September’s Videos to be posted next week knowing this is prime time for the Universe to giggle as we make our plans :).

We also have a Category 3 Hurricane (at this writing) projected to hit the Outer Banks of North Carolina early Sunday morning so the next few days require us coastal residents to be extra aware and fluid.

Mercury is turning stationary direct on Friday at 5:02 p.m. EST at 18 degrees Leo. Please follow all of the usual precautions of buying, selling, and decision making on the days prior and after its station – it’s called the Mercury Storm period for a reason. Mercury will move out of its Shadow (the degree in which it retrograded) on September 10th once it surpasses 1 degree of Virgo.

The New Moon is on Monday the 29th at 5 degrees of Virgo. Virgo is the helper, critic and processor of the Zodiac. Virgo is an earth sign that is interested in discrimination, health, nutritious food, and being of service to others.

Jupiter the planet of opportunity, learning, education and expansion turns retrograde on August 30th until just after the Christmas holiday while retrograding back to the Aries point of 0 degrees before moving direct in December.

ARIES: As the planets exit your 5th house of children and pleasure over the next few weeks and shift into Virgo they turn their focus to your 6th house of work and service. The New Moon heralds a four week period of that is advantageous for health, pets, work, tasks, daily schedules, co-workers and employees. Pay attention to these areas Aries as Mars will be transiting this same 6th house area for an unprecedented 8 month period beginning in November.  Jupiter slows in your 2nd house of earned income, talents and the stuff that you own. Upgrades to your professional skills slow as you go deeper into the learning and implementation.

TAURUS: Jupiter slows in your sign preparing for its retrograde motion throughout the fall. This signals a time of incorporating fresh alliances, life learning and experiences into a deeper level of awareness and integration. Venus is transiting fellow earth sign Virgo in your 5th house of pleasure and creativity. She paves the way for the New Moon on the 29th in the same house of authenticity, passion and childlike self-expression. By childlike I mean the honest and clear energy source within that has the potential to create without fear of criticism or limitation.

GEMINI: Your communications, commercial activities and mental clarity starts to return to a semblance of normalcy, but take your time through the weekend as we are still in the Mercury Storm period of confusion. The New Moon signals fresh starts in your personal life, home, family and parents - which is true for you every year at this time Gemini. Venus is also transiting this personal area bringing charm and comfort to your yearly nesting cycle.

CANCER: The Moons monthly cycles are always important events for your flowing emotional energy. The New Moon initiates a harmonious cycle of increased communications and interactions within your environment as it commences a 4 week influence on the 29th in your 3rd house of daily attitudes. Venus is traveling here as well influencing your appeal factor while chatting people up.  Consider yourself metaphorically kissed by the blarney stone over the next two weeks. Siblings, neighbors and those you interact with on a regular basis make you aware of how much love is flowing and available to you on a daily basis.

LEO: As Mercury straightens out in your sign you will feel some of the fog and internal confusions clearing. This has been a fruitful month for going within and getting in touch with your personal views and orientations. The Lion becomes more extroverted as the days unfold. Jupiter’s retrograde on the 30th expands your time for processing and reviewing your “next steps” in life and career direction. Look to 1st quarter 2012 for the signs of utward movement and expansion. The New Moon creates opportunity around earned income and the sharing of your special skills. Venus ensures a degree of increased flow of resources and money.

VIRGO: Your new solar cycle is upon you Virgo as the New Moon on August 29th adds energy and vigor to your birthday month. Venus is also transiting your sign until September 14th upping your attraction levels – both from others as well as “your” ability to attract what you desire. Mercury is straightening out and will rejoin Virgo on September 9th when he is clear of the shadow period which indicates clarity around your communication and commercial activities. Jupiter moves into retrograde motion in your 9th house of the higher mind, teaching, publishing and travel until December. Handle what is on your plate with an eye towards early 2012 for new developments. Happy Birthday 

LIBRA: You are finishing up your solar year and entering a month of quietude, retreat, replenishment and heightened spiritual awareness. Venus is transiting this 12th house of behind the scenes activity suggesting a soothing time for personal attention. Sometimes, 12th house transits indicate a period of time spent caring for others, concerns around health and wellbeing. Jupiter retrogrades in your 8th house of psychological health and support through shared resources. The New Moon falls in your 12th house encouraging you to reduce your schedule and allow for more down time.

SCORPIO: Mercury rights itself on the 26th but give him some leeway as communications and planning move forward in your 10th house of career and life direction. The New Moon indicates heightened focus and activity within friendships, associations and groups. Mercury will rejoin this area on September 9th. Jupiter retrogrades in your 7th house of partnerships and committed relationships showing a deepening of understanding and integration with the important others in your life.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ruling planet Jupiter prepares for retrograde on the 30th in order to retrace his steps back to the Aries Point of 0 degrees in December. This is an important time to reclaim information and knowledge regarding your deepest desires surrounding your occupational services, health and daily schedule.  Health conditions should ease somewhat. The New Moon highlights your 10th house and will be an area of great activity once Mars takes up residence in November for a 8 month visit. Pay attention to your goals and desires surrounding career, purpose and life direction as Mars will be at your disposal come fall.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon falls in your 9th house of the higher mind, teaching, travel, reaching a larger audience, publishing and marketing. You will be receiving a great deal of energy regarding these activities once Mars reaches this house in November and visits for an unprecedented 8 month visit. Pay attention to thoughts, events and insights this month that will point the way forward into 2012. Jupiter retrogrades in your 5th house of creative love which includes your children, projects and love relationships – expect to go deeper.

AQUARIUS: Mercury helps unravel confusions surrounding your important others as this has been a month of turning inward in order to ponder and process. Expect others in your world to become more extroverted in sharing their thoughts and plans. The New Moon highlights a four week period of attention to your psychological wellbeing, financial sharing and emotional intimacy. Venus’s transit warms your feeling nature and suggests a positive influence for financial activity. Relationship interactions warm up as your partners shares more of themselves through mid-September.

PISCES: You’re working and daily schedule gets easier to manage and “anticipate” as Mercury begins his forward movement – slow and steady. The New Moon heralds fresh initiatives with both professional and personal partnerships. The others in your world are extra warm and receptive through mid-September. Jupiter moves into retrograde in your 3rd house of mental attitudes, learning and communications - time to revisit missed queues in communications and planning.