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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, August 19th

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This is the final week of missed communications, delayed decisions, and misinformation as Mercury completes its final week in retrograde – it turns direct on August 26th but give him some breathing room the days prior and the days following its station.

Venus leaves the demonstrative sign of Leo and moves into detail- and service-oriented Virgo on the 21st while she opposes Neptune (just as Mercury did earlier this month). The Sun follows Venus’s lead into Virgo on the 23rd and promptly opposes Neptune as well. So, with the planet of communication and mental processing in retrograde and Venus and the Sun opposing Neptune what do you suppose might be a reasonable course of action? Take it easy, slow, and let situations unfold. Neptune clouds our perception and in Venus’s case values and affections. See this as a triple shot of fuzzy planetary weather. Which is not altogether unpleasant as long as we don’t assume our assumptions are correct. 

Trust that the fog and mists will dissipate as we near the end of August and move into September. I think the Type A folks have a tougher time with this slowdown than others (as a reformed Type A kinda girl myself…I’ve “been there.”) Vacation, indulge a little, create, and make love and niceties without having to know where situations or relationships are headed.

Mars squares Saturn on the same day as Mercury’s station and brings us face to face with a frustrating obstacle. Emotional desires bump up against cold hard logic.

ARIES: As Mercury continues to revisit the areas of creativity, children, love, and projects, the Neptune influence affects your visions of clarity surrounding work, health, and intuition. All is not as it seems right now , which is OK as long as you are aware that what you think is perceptual truth is really more like an impressionist painting. The lines will get clearer early next month. Mars makes a frustrating square to Saturn on the 25th, creating the experience of blockages between partnership and your ambitions. Give this some room and time – you may find that your partner’s stance has value after all.  Order your Aries Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

TAURUS: Venus shifts the focus from family to self-expression, fanciful jaunts, and expressions of the heart. But, she makes some uncomfortable angles to Neptune and Chiron before she is comfortably settled. Confusion surrounding your home and family has you second guessing your ambitions. When Venus opposes Chiron on the 24th sensitivities regarding a friendship or associate bubble up to your awareness but the jury is still out. The Sun’s passage favors your sign for the next four weeks, suggesting the necessary motivation to give your creative projects and love life a kick start.  Order your Taurus Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

GEMINI: The celestial party starts to dissipate in your 3rd house of mental attitudes and communications – Mercury continues its backward slide in this area until the 26th but Venus and the Sun flow into your personal 4th house. The 4th house governs your emotional security, home, family, parents, and those you live with. This area is energized as well as graced over the next few weeks – time to nest a bit, Twins. Some confusion is found with long-distance communications and your career during the 21st-24th. Give things time to unwind, unfold, and move towards clarity.  Order your Gemini Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99 

CANCER: I know you’ve had a challenging month, Crab. Money, earnings, and your self-esteem have been maligned and internally questioned. Mars is making another uncomfortable angle as it squares up to taskmaster Saturn on the 25th. Your sense of self-identity and emotional security are being tested and stretched. But, the Sun and Venus are sorting themselves out and seeking to provide mental clarity and assurances after this week of self-questioning wraps up. I believe you will be feeling better, clearer, and more supported as the month finishes up. Believe it.  Order your Cancer Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

LEO: As the Sun and Venus exit your sign they leave you with some nebulous imprints from the others in your world. Perhaps you are revisiting actions taken in former alliances and relationships and feeling you didn’t quite see the whole picture. You still are not at that apex of clarity, but the questioning itself has some value. The Sun and Venus are settling into your earned income and self-esteem sector helping you to secure stronger footholds around your earnings and worth. More money should be coming in by September. And what you “think” you understand now will morph and change as the weeks unfold – trust the process and go with the flow.

VIRGO: Before the Sun and Venus settle into your sign they make some awkward relationships to both Neptune and Chiron. But, they bring the gift of awareness around some of your assumptions concerning health, well being, and partnerships. Thank them for ringing this bell of questioning and know that you will receive more substantial information and, hence, emotional intelligence. You can work with this as you move into September. Your sign’s retrograde is aiding in the information gathering. Next month the veils of reduced energy and intellectual clarity part, bringing you some very real experiences and insights to work with.

LIBRA: As Venus shifts out of your social friend sector and retires to the house of rest and rejuvenation, she makes contacts to Neptune and Chiron. These events may see you questioning decisions around goals, love relationships, friendships, and work direction. Eek! Keep your cool, knowing that all is not what it appears to be. Allow yourself to flow in the stream of “not knowingness.” Bathe in the cool waters of indecision, confusion, and awkward situations that are providing you the chance to wash away and clear up some residual doubts. You are finishing up your solar cycle so keep your schedule light and allow for additional rest, knowing that you begin anew in October.  Order your Mid-Year August-December Libra written report for 2011 - $14.99 

SCORPIO: Energy starts shifting out of your house of profession and reputation and into the social 11th house of friendships and group activities. Questions and confusions arise around your home, children, and love life. Let the questioning flow, knowing that more information will be revealed as the month comes to closure. Mars in your 9th house of outer world and higher mind makes an uncomfortable aspect to Saturn in your 12th house of the subconscious and past. A male in your world may be stirring up unconscious fears and frustrations, leaving you with feelings of doubt. Consider this person/situation as a teacher (albeit an uncomfortable one) who brings to the surface that which needs to be acknowledged and healed within. Friends provide energy and affectionate comfort to the days ahead. What do you want long term?  Order your Mid-Year August-December Scorpio written report for 2011 - $14.99

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun and Venus will be laying the previews and groundwork that will arrive in November. At that time Mars transits your 10th house of ambition and career direction for an unusually long 9-month period. Your reputation (often quite different than your self-identity) is highlighted through September. But, before the Sun and Venus shift out of your 9th house of the higher mind they bring some perhaps confusing and awkward revelations surrounding your communication style and connections within your local environment. Pay attention, as these matters are due for further processing into September when the perceptual weather begins to clear. Money matters require your attention on the 26th.  Order your Mid-Year August-December Sagittarius written report for 2011 - $14.99

CAPRICORN: Saturn who is restructuring your 4th house of home and family receives a heartfelt knock on its door from Mars in your house of partnership. Mars asks, “entrée vous?” Saturn responds, “Nothing doing.” Consider this stand-off as an opportunity to get clear on what is appropriate and available on the emotional levels between your inner/personal needs and your partner’s emotional expectations. There is a disconnect – no doubt. Wait it out and let Mercury’s station in your intimacy and sharing house unravel the inner landscape of both you and others. Venus and the Sun lend their clarity and compassion. Order your Mid-Year August-December Capricorn written report for 2011 - $14.99 

AQUARIUS: As Venus and the Sun slide out of your partnership house and mosey into your house of intimacy, psychological healing, and shared finances, they meet up with some confusion as both oppose Neptune who is now retracing his steps in your sign. Mercury is also in your house of others preparing an about face after 3 weeks of pondering the intentions of others and reviewing your experience of others. My advice? Let the Neptunian fog clear, allow for the communication energies of Mercury to shift out of first, and don’t go into reactive mode. If needed, respond with an appropriately modulated answer of “I’m not sure right now…”

PISCES: Neptune is kicking up some cloudy fairy dust as both Venus and the Sun glide hand in hand into your partnership zone. There is “power” in knowing when we don’t know, when we are unsure, and when we are confused. Allow the clarity of being in that unclear space. Know that what is now questionable will reach to the water’s surface, and take a deep, life-enhancing breath – just don’t push the pace this week. Expect increased energy and affection to pepper your days over the next few weeks. Mars square Saturn suggests you don’t want to push the river with loved ones. People may not be ready or willing to share with you now.