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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, August 12th

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Emotional awareness surfaces at the Full Moon on Saturday. Full Moons bring to “light” that which has been forming subconsciously and behind the scenes.

While Luna shines bright she is opposed by Venus who is traveling closely with the Sun all month. Expect a dawning awareness to arise around values, relationships, and love as levels of understanding surface.

Additional insights emerge when the Sun, Venus, and Mercury conjunct on Tuesday the 16th. As Mercury retrogrades through Leo we are assimilating information and feelings connected with the Leo energy in our charts. The gathering of these three energies brings information (Mercury) to our conscious awareness (Sun) regarding our relationships and values (Venus).

There are no coincidences as this is also the day when Mars contacts the Eclipse point that occurred on the 1st of July in Cancer. Pay attention to your thoughts, communications, desires, and actions as they contain important clues about “next steps.” Mars is the henchman for the Sun, helping you to get what you desire.

Mars has made his way through the choppy waters of last week as he sextiles Jupiter on the 18th and aligns with a feeling of hope and possibility.

ARIES: Mars brings news and the necessary motivation to make change in your living conditions. What was a thought, feeling, and awareness last month now has the impetus to be acted upon. The Full Moon brings heartfelt awareness and a level of closure around your goals, the big picture, teams, groups, and friends. You are cognizant of the abundant blessings surrounding you as this week unfolds— children, lovers, and activities involving pleasure. Thursday may offer fresh avenues of earnings—working from home or the buying/selling of real estate is in the picture.  Order your Aries Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

TAURUS: Blissful energy surrounding family relationships, your home, and emotional wellbeing are being offered, Bull. Mercury in retrograde is offering you the “space” to revisit your thoughts on changes within home and family. Your reputation and career are in the spotlight at the Full Moon, which is opposing Venus in your 4th house. Embrace the warm and endearing compliments on a job well done. Mars helps you to effectively initiate writing, teaching, communication, car repair, and contractual projects.  Order your Taurus Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

GEMINI: Expect some positive communications this week. Warmth flows through your heart and out into your world in a potent combination of conscious understanding comingled with love and compassion. Edifying discussions and messages validate your world and place within it. If you have been pondering a new income stream, consider Mars your knight in shining armor riding forth to put those energies into motion. The Full Moon brings awareness to your higher mind and life philosophy. Trusting Universal Energy over factual data is your path to life’s mysteries and magic. Order your Gemini Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

CANCER: A potentially important week as Mars contacts last month’s Eclipse degree in your sign. Personal projects, goals, and desires are energized as Mars takes up the cause that was mandated last month. You are feeling energized to act upon and make things happen based on your internal processing and thoughts. The creative act begins in the mind and heart before it is outwardly manifested. A very relevant process is in play for you now. Earnings seem to part of the picture as you may hear word of new, yet old, opportunities for revenue generation. The Full Moon brings a level of closure surrounding the areas of shared assets, resources, and psychological healing.

LEO: I hope you are feeling the love as the Universe conspires to bring camaraderie, love, compassion, and peace of mind to your world. The 16th brings news, friendship, and possibly even special words of love to your daily experience. As Mars touches off an important karmic point in your psychic and spiritual 12th house listen to the whisperings emanating from your heart and trust your internal dialogue - fear has a way of losing it's power when acknowledged and allowed into the light of consciousness. The Full Moon highlights a partner and suggests that now is the time to shower the important others in your world with your full attention.

VIRGO: Mercury makes a profound link with the traveling partners of the Sun and Venus in your house of spirituality, introspection, Universal flow, and recuperation. Expect some healing and loving insights about your purpose and entering into higher states of grace. The Full Moon shines awareness on your mind/body connection and health, workload, co-workers, and schedules. Mars initiates action on your behalf regarding cherished goals, teammates, and friendships. Pay attention to the time period of the 16th and 17th.

LIBRA: The Full Moon offers some relief after the past week of nervous tension with partners, home, and career all in the mix of change and transformation. Falling in Aquarius, your 5th house, the Full Moon will bring into focus friends and perhaps an ex with Mercury’s retrograde through your house of compadres and associates. Revisiting the past can bring clarity to the present. The 16th is a divine day intended to lift your spirits and your future possibilities. Mars hits the Eclipse point in your 10th house of career and life direction. Pay attention, as good news and fresh vocational avenues are opening up. Order your Mid-Year August-December Libra written report for 2011 - $14.99

SCORPIO: Some blessings are due in your career and reputation, don’t you agree? Circle the 16th as the time when a metaphorical (and perhaps even literal) red carpet unrolls at your feet. If travel, teaching, publishing, writing, or marketing are involved, all the better. Mars energizes your 9th house of the bigger picture and picks up where the July 1st Eclipse left off, so expect some insights and signs of forward movement. The Full Moon brings awareness and an element of closure surrounding a home or housing issue. Finding balance between personal and public life is in the spotlight. Order your Mid-Year August-December Scorpio written report for 2011 - $14.99

SAGITTARIUS: An actual trip may be scheduled around the 16th . If so, it is blessed with wonderment, learning, and love. If you are not traveling, a journey of the mind is experienced. Whatever the situation, it is intent upon broadening your scope and warming your heart. News from afar can bring creativity, amore, or work prospects. Mars is the catalyst for deeper movement, touching off the Eclipse point of last month in your 8th house of sex, psychology, finances, and resources shared with another. What began as thought and emotion concerning these areas transforms into action. The Full Moon brings awareness around communications and a full inbox of correspondence to be handled. Order your Mid-Year August-December Sagittarius written report for 2011 - $14.99

CAPRICORN: As you continue to be “energized” and at times challenged by the others that populate your world, expect to see a way forward when Mars touches off an important reference point leading back to the Eclipse period in July. Your feet will be hitting level ground and you’ll be ready to take some necessary action. The conjunction between the Sun, Venus, and Mercury suggests positive developments in your personal connections with lovers and partners. Some empowering financial news may come your way too. This is enhanced by the Full Moon in your 2nd house of earned income as closure is experienced in regard to next steps in earnings and savings.

AQUARIUS: The Full Moon brings a crescendo to matters of personal importance. You may be in the spotlight now and your talents can be acknowledged. A partner brings special and heartwarming information your way on the 16th, highlighting their intention and feelings. A new business partnership may come to the fore now too. Mars brings initiative to your work and health space as he picks up the pace of that which was started, but not yet acted upon, in July.

PISCES: Work activities, health, schedules, and co-workers are areas of very positive exchanges and dealings on the 16th. This shifts the crux of what at times has been uncomfortable territory. This week others communicate their appreciation for all that you do. An opportunity to showcase your talents may arise. The Full Moon brings awareness around things that were previously hidden from you. You may experience enlightenment around your inner motivations and fears. The Mars event triggers action in your creative world concerning children, lovers, and creative projects. Now, you will feel ready and empowered to act.