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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, August 26th

Photo Courtesy of Carrie Cantrell Browning

My intention was to film and post monthly videoscopes this week but true to Mercury Retrograde form - life and technology was not acquiescing to my intention. So I am planning for September’s Videos to be posted next week knowing this is prime time for the Universe to giggle as we make our plans :).

We also have a Category 3 Hurricane (at this writing) projected to hit the Outer Banks of North Carolina early Sunday morning so the next few days require us coastal residents to be extra aware and fluid.

Mercury is turning stationary direct on Friday at 5:02 p.m. EST at 18 degrees Leo. Please follow all of the usual precautions of buying, selling, and decision making on the days prior and after its station – it’s called the Mercury Storm period for a reason. Mercury will move out of its Shadow (the degree in which it retrograded) on September 10th once it surpasses 1 degree of Virgo.

The New Moon is on Monday the 29th at 5 degrees of Virgo. Virgo is the helper, critic and processor of the Zodiac. Virgo is an earth sign that is interested in discrimination, health, nutritious food, and being of service to others.

Jupiter the planet of opportunity, learning, education and expansion turns retrograde on August 30th until just after the Christmas holiday while retrograding back to the Aries point of 0 degrees before moving direct in December.

ARIES: As the planets exit your 5th house of children and pleasure over the next few weeks and shift into Virgo they turn their focus to your 6th house of work and service. The New Moon heralds a four week period of that is advantageous for health, pets, work, tasks, daily schedules, co-workers and employees. Pay attention to these areas Aries as Mars will be transiting this same 6th house area for an unprecedented 8 month period beginning in November.  Jupiter slows in your 2nd house of earned income, talents and the stuff that you own. Upgrades to your professional skills slow as you go deeper into the learning and implementation.

TAURUS: Jupiter slows in your sign preparing for its retrograde motion throughout the fall. This signals a time of incorporating fresh alliances, life learning and experiences into a deeper level of awareness and integration. Venus is transiting fellow earth sign Virgo in your 5th house of pleasure and creativity. She paves the way for the New Moon on the 29th in the same house of authenticity, passion and childlike self-expression. By childlike I mean the honest and clear energy source within that has the potential to create without fear of criticism or limitation.

GEMINI: Your communications, commercial activities and mental clarity starts to return to a semblance of normalcy, but take your time through the weekend as we are still in the Mercury Storm period of confusion. The New Moon signals fresh starts in your personal life, home, family and parents - which is true for you every year at this time Gemini. Venus is also transiting this personal area bringing charm and comfort to your yearly nesting cycle.

CANCER: The Moons monthly cycles are always important events for your flowing emotional energy. The New Moon initiates a harmonious cycle of increased communications and interactions within your environment as it commences a 4 week influence on the 29th in your 3rd house of daily attitudes. Venus is traveling here as well influencing your appeal factor while chatting people up.  Consider yourself metaphorically kissed by the blarney stone over the next two weeks. Siblings, neighbors and those you interact with on a regular basis make you aware of how much love is flowing and available to you on a daily basis.

LEO: As Mercury straightens out in your sign you will feel some of the fog and internal confusions clearing. This has been a fruitful month for going within and getting in touch with your personal views and orientations. The Lion becomes more extroverted as the days unfold. Jupiter’s retrograde on the 30th expands your time for processing and reviewing your “next steps” in life and career direction. Look to 1st quarter 2012 for the signs of utward movement and expansion. The New Moon creates opportunity around earned income and the sharing of your special skills. Venus ensures a degree of increased flow of resources and money.

VIRGO: Your new solar cycle is upon you Virgo as the New Moon on August 29th adds energy and vigor to your birthday month. Venus is also transiting your sign until September 14th upping your attraction levels – both from others as well as “your” ability to attract what you desire. Mercury is straightening out and will rejoin Virgo on September 9th when he is clear of the shadow period which indicates clarity around your communication and commercial activities. Jupiter moves into retrograde motion in your 9th house of the higher mind, teaching, publishing and travel until December. Handle what is on your plate with an eye towards early 2012 for new developments. Happy Birthday 

LIBRA: You are finishing up your solar year and entering a month of quietude, retreat, replenishment and heightened spiritual awareness. Venus is transiting this 12th house of behind the scenes activity suggesting a soothing time for personal attention. Sometimes, 12th house transits indicate a period of time spent caring for others, concerns around health and wellbeing. Jupiter retrogrades in your 8th house of psychological health and support through shared resources. The New Moon falls in your 12th house encouraging you to reduce your schedule and allow for more down time.

SCORPIO: Mercury rights itself on the 26th but give him some leeway as communications and planning move forward in your 10th house of career and life direction. The New Moon indicates heightened focus and activity within friendships, associations and groups. Mercury will rejoin this area on September 9th. Jupiter retrogrades in your 7th house of partnerships and committed relationships showing a deepening of understanding and integration with the important others in your life.

SAGITTARIUS: Your ruling planet Jupiter prepares for retrograde on the 30th in order to retrace his steps back to the Aries Point of 0 degrees in December. This is an important time to reclaim information and knowledge regarding your deepest desires surrounding your occupational services, health and daily schedule.  Health conditions should ease somewhat. The New Moon highlights your 10th house and will be an area of great activity once Mars takes up residence in November for a 8 month visit. Pay attention to your goals and desires surrounding career, purpose and life direction as Mars will be at your disposal come fall.

CAPRICORN: The New Moon falls in your 9th house of the higher mind, teaching, travel, reaching a larger audience, publishing and marketing. You will be receiving a great deal of energy regarding these activities once Mars reaches this house in November and visits for an unprecedented 8 month visit. Pay attention to thoughts, events and insights this month that will point the way forward into 2012. Jupiter retrogrades in your 5th house of creative love which includes your children, projects and love relationships – expect to go deeper.

AQUARIUS: Mercury helps unravel confusions surrounding your important others as this has been a month of turning inward in order to ponder and process. Expect others in your world to become more extroverted in sharing their thoughts and plans. The New Moon highlights a four week period of attention to your psychological wellbeing, financial sharing and emotional intimacy. Venus’s transit warms your feeling nature and suggests a positive influence for financial activity. Relationship interactions warm up as your partners shares more of themselves through mid-September.

PISCES: You’re working and daily schedule gets easier to manage and “anticipate” as Mercury begins his forward movement – slow and steady. The New Moon heralds fresh initiatives with both professional and personal partnerships. The others in your world are extra warm and receptive through mid-September. Jupiter moves into retrograde in your 3rd house of mental attitudes, learning and communications - time to revisit missed queues in communications and planning.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, August 19th

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This is the final week of missed communications, delayed decisions, and misinformation as Mercury completes its final week in retrograde – it turns direct on August 26th but give him some breathing room the days prior and the days following its station.

Venus leaves the demonstrative sign of Leo and moves into detail- and service-oriented Virgo on the 21st while she opposes Neptune (just as Mercury did earlier this month). The Sun follows Venus’s lead into Virgo on the 23rd and promptly opposes Neptune as well. So, with the planet of communication and mental processing in retrograde and Venus and the Sun opposing Neptune what do you suppose might be a reasonable course of action? Take it easy, slow, and let situations unfold. Neptune clouds our perception and in Venus’s case values and affections. See this as a triple shot of fuzzy planetary weather. Which is not altogether unpleasant as long as we don’t assume our assumptions are correct. 

Trust that the fog and mists will dissipate as we near the end of August and move into September. I think the Type A folks have a tougher time with this slowdown than others (as a reformed Type A kinda girl myself…I’ve “been there.”) Vacation, indulge a little, create, and make love and niceties without having to know where situations or relationships are headed.

Mars squares Saturn on the same day as Mercury’s station and brings us face to face with a frustrating obstacle. Emotional desires bump up against cold hard logic.

ARIES: As Mercury continues to revisit the areas of creativity, children, love, and projects, the Neptune influence affects your visions of clarity surrounding work, health, and intuition. All is not as it seems right now , which is OK as long as you are aware that what you think is perceptual truth is really more like an impressionist painting. The lines will get clearer early next month. Mars makes a frustrating square to Saturn on the 25th, creating the experience of blockages between partnership and your ambitions. Give this some room and time – you may find that your partner’s stance has value after all.  Order your Aries Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

TAURUS: Venus shifts the focus from family to self-expression, fanciful jaunts, and expressions of the heart. But, she makes some uncomfortable angles to Neptune and Chiron before she is comfortably settled. Confusion surrounding your home and family has you second guessing your ambitions. When Venus opposes Chiron on the 24th sensitivities regarding a friendship or associate bubble up to your awareness but the jury is still out. The Sun’s passage favors your sign for the next four weeks, suggesting the necessary motivation to give your creative projects and love life a kick start.  Order your Taurus Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

GEMINI: The celestial party starts to dissipate in your 3rd house of mental attitudes and communications – Mercury continues its backward slide in this area until the 26th but Venus and the Sun flow into your personal 4th house. The 4th house governs your emotional security, home, family, parents, and those you live with. This area is energized as well as graced over the next few weeks – time to nest a bit, Twins. Some confusion is found with long-distance communications and your career during the 21st-24th. Give things time to unwind, unfold, and move towards clarity.  Order your Gemini Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99 

CANCER: I know you’ve had a challenging month, Crab. Money, earnings, and your self-esteem have been maligned and internally questioned. Mars is making another uncomfortable angle as it squares up to taskmaster Saturn on the 25th. Your sense of self-identity and emotional security are being tested and stretched. But, the Sun and Venus are sorting themselves out and seeking to provide mental clarity and assurances after this week of self-questioning wraps up. I believe you will be feeling better, clearer, and more supported as the month finishes up. Believe it.  Order your Cancer Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

LEO: As the Sun and Venus exit your sign they leave you with some nebulous imprints from the others in your world. Perhaps you are revisiting actions taken in former alliances and relationships and feeling you didn’t quite see the whole picture. You still are not at that apex of clarity, but the questioning itself has some value. The Sun and Venus are settling into your earned income and self-esteem sector helping you to secure stronger footholds around your earnings and worth. More money should be coming in by September. And what you “think” you understand now will morph and change as the weeks unfold – trust the process and go with the flow.

VIRGO: Before the Sun and Venus settle into your sign they make some awkward relationships to both Neptune and Chiron. But, they bring the gift of awareness around some of your assumptions concerning health, well being, and partnerships. Thank them for ringing this bell of questioning and know that you will receive more substantial information and, hence, emotional intelligence. You can work with this as you move into September. Your sign’s retrograde is aiding in the information gathering. Next month the veils of reduced energy and intellectual clarity part, bringing you some very real experiences and insights to work with.

LIBRA: As Venus shifts out of your social friend sector and retires to the house of rest and rejuvenation, she makes contacts to Neptune and Chiron. These events may see you questioning decisions around goals, love relationships, friendships, and work direction. Eek! Keep your cool, knowing that all is not what it appears to be. Allow yourself to flow in the stream of “not knowingness.” Bathe in the cool waters of indecision, confusion, and awkward situations that are providing you the chance to wash away and clear up some residual doubts. You are finishing up your solar cycle so keep your schedule light and allow for additional rest, knowing that you begin anew in October.  Order your Mid-Year August-December Libra written report for 2011 - $14.99 

SCORPIO: Energy starts shifting out of your house of profession and reputation and into the social 11th house of friendships and group activities. Questions and confusions arise around your home, children, and love life. Let the questioning flow, knowing that more information will be revealed as the month comes to closure. Mars in your 9th house of outer world and higher mind makes an uncomfortable aspect to Saturn in your 12th house of the subconscious and past. A male in your world may be stirring up unconscious fears and frustrations, leaving you with feelings of doubt. Consider this person/situation as a teacher (albeit an uncomfortable one) who brings to the surface that which needs to be acknowledged and healed within. Friends provide energy and affectionate comfort to the days ahead. What do you want long term?  Order your Mid-Year August-December Scorpio written report for 2011 - $14.99

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun and Venus will be laying the previews and groundwork that will arrive in November. At that time Mars transits your 10th house of ambition and career direction for an unusually long 9-month period. Your reputation (often quite different than your self-identity) is highlighted through September. But, before the Sun and Venus shift out of your 9th house of the higher mind they bring some perhaps confusing and awkward revelations surrounding your communication style and connections within your local environment. Pay attention, as these matters are due for further processing into September when the perceptual weather begins to clear. Money matters require your attention on the 26th.  Order your Mid-Year August-December Sagittarius written report for 2011 - $14.99

CAPRICORN: Saturn who is restructuring your 4th house of home and family receives a heartfelt knock on its door from Mars in your house of partnership. Mars asks, “entrée vous?” Saturn responds, “Nothing doing.” Consider this stand-off as an opportunity to get clear on what is appropriate and available on the emotional levels between your inner/personal needs and your partner’s emotional expectations. There is a disconnect – no doubt. Wait it out and let Mercury’s station in your intimacy and sharing house unravel the inner landscape of both you and others. Venus and the Sun lend their clarity and compassion. Order your Mid-Year August-December Capricorn written report for 2011 - $14.99 

AQUARIUS: As Venus and the Sun slide out of your partnership house and mosey into your house of intimacy, psychological healing, and shared finances, they meet up with some confusion as both oppose Neptune who is now retracing his steps in your sign. Mercury is also in your house of others preparing an about face after 3 weeks of pondering the intentions of others and reviewing your experience of others. My advice? Let the Neptunian fog clear, allow for the communication energies of Mercury to shift out of first, and don’t go into reactive mode. If needed, respond with an appropriately modulated answer of “I’m not sure right now…”

PISCES: Neptune is kicking up some cloudy fairy dust as both Venus and the Sun glide hand in hand into your partnership zone. There is “power” in knowing when we don’t know, when we are unsure, and when we are confused. Allow the clarity of being in that unclear space. Know that what is now questionable will reach to the water’s surface, and take a deep, life-enhancing breath – just don’t push the pace this week. Expect increased energy and affection to pepper your days over the next few weeks. Mars square Saturn suggests you don’t want to push the river with loved ones. People may not be ready or willing to share with you now.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, August 12th

Photo Courtesy of Scott Anna

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Emotional awareness surfaces at the Full Moon on Saturday. Full Moons bring to “light” that which has been forming subconsciously and behind the scenes.

While Luna shines bright she is opposed by Venus who is traveling closely with the Sun all month. Expect a dawning awareness to arise around values, relationships, and love as levels of understanding surface.

Additional insights emerge when the Sun, Venus, and Mercury conjunct on Tuesday the 16th. As Mercury retrogrades through Leo we are assimilating information and feelings connected with the Leo energy in our charts. The gathering of these three energies brings information (Mercury) to our conscious awareness (Sun) regarding our relationships and values (Venus).

There are no coincidences as this is also the day when Mars contacts the Eclipse point that occurred on the 1st of July in Cancer. Pay attention to your thoughts, communications, desires, and actions as they contain important clues about “next steps.” Mars is the henchman for the Sun, helping you to get what you desire.

Mars has made his way through the choppy waters of last week as he sextiles Jupiter on the 18th and aligns with a feeling of hope and possibility.

ARIES: Mars brings news and the necessary motivation to make change in your living conditions. What was a thought, feeling, and awareness last month now has the impetus to be acted upon. The Full Moon brings heartfelt awareness and a level of closure around your goals, the big picture, teams, groups, and friends. You are cognizant of the abundant blessings surrounding you as this week unfolds— children, lovers, and activities involving pleasure. Thursday may offer fresh avenues of earnings—working from home or the buying/selling of real estate is in the picture.  Order your Aries Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

TAURUS: Blissful energy surrounding family relationships, your home, and emotional wellbeing are being offered, Bull. Mercury in retrograde is offering you the “space” to revisit your thoughts on changes within home and family. Your reputation and career are in the spotlight at the Full Moon, which is opposing Venus in your 4th house. Embrace the warm and endearing compliments on a job well done. Mars helps you to effectively initiate writing, teaching, communication, car repair, and contractual projects.  Order your Taurus Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

GEMINI: Expect some positive communications this week. Warmth flows through your heart and out into your world in a potent combination of conscious understanding comingled with love and compassion. Edifying discussions and messages validate your world and place within it. If you have been pondering a new income stream, consider Mars your knight in shining armor riding forth to put those energies into motion. The Full Moon brings awareness to your higher mind and life philosophy. Trusting Universal Energy over factual data is your path to life’s mysteries and magic. Order your Gemini Mid-Year (August - December) Written Report $14.99

CANCER: A potentially important week as Mars contacts last month’s Eclipse degree in your sign. Personal projects, goals, and desires are energized as Mars takes up the cause that was mandated last month. You are feeling energized to act upon and make things happen based on your internal processing and thoughts. The creative act begins in the mind and heart before it is outwardly manifested. A very relevant process is in play for you now. Earnings seem to part of the picture as you may hear word of new, yet old, opportunities for revenue generation. The Full Moon brings a level of closure surrounding the areas of shared assets, resources, and psychological healing.

LEO: I hope you are feeling the love as the Universe conspires to bring camaraderie, love, compassion, and peace of mind to your world. The 16th brings news, friendship, and possibly even special words of love to your daily experience. As Mars touches off an important karmic point in your psychic and spiritual 12th house listen to the whisperings emanating from your heart and trust your internal dialogue - fear has a way of losing it's power when acknowledged and allowed into the light of consciousness. The Full Moon highlights a partner and suggests that now is the time to shower the important others in your world with your full attention.

VIRGO: Mercury makes a profound link with the traveling partners of the Sun and Venus in your house of spirituality, introspection, Universal flow, and recuperation. Expect some healing and loving insights about your purpose and entering into higher states of grace. The Full Moon shines awareness on your mind/body connection and health, workload, co-workers, and schedules. Mars initiates action on your behalf regarding cherished goals, teammates, and friendships. Pay attention to the time period of the 16th and 17th.

LIBRA: The Full Moon offers some relief after the past week of nervous tension with partners, home, and career all in the mix of change and transformation. Falling in Aquarius, your 5th house, the Full Moon will bring into focus friends and perhaps an ex with Mercury’s retrograde through your house of compadres and associates. Revisiting the past can bring clarity to the present. The 16th is a divine day intended to lift your spirits and your future possibilities. Mars hits the Eclipse point in your 10th house of career and life direction. Pay attention, as good news and fresh vocational avenues are opening up. Order your Mid-Year August-December Libra written report for 2011 - $14.99

SCORPIO: Some blessings are due in your career and reputation, don’t you agree? Circle the 16th as the time when a metaphorical (and perhaps even literal) red carpet unrolls at your feet. If travel, teaching, publishing, writing, or marketing are involved, all the better. Mars energizes your 9th house of the bigger picture and picks up where the July 1st Eclipse left off, so expect some insights and signs of forward movement. The Full Moon brings awareness and an element of closure surrounding a home or housing issue. Finding balance between personal and public life is in the spotlight. Order your Mid-Year August-December Scorpio written report for 2011 - $14.99

SAGITTARIUS: An actual trip may be scheduled around the 16th . If so, it is blessed with wonderment, learning, and love. If you are not traveling, a journey of the mind is experienced. Whatever the situation, it is intent upon broadening your scope and warming your heart. News from afar can bring creativity, amore, or work prospects. Mars is the catalyst for deeper movement, touching off the Eclipse point of last month in your 8th house of sex, psychology, finances, and resources shared with another. What began as thought and emotion concerning these areas transforms into action. The Full Moon brings awareness around communications and a full inbox of correspondence to be handled. Order your Mid-Year August-December Sagittarius written report for 2011 - $14.99

CAPRICORN: As you continue to be “energized” and at times challenged by the others that populate your world, expect to see a way forward when Mars touches off an important reference point leading back to the Eclipse period in July. Your feet will be hitting level ground and you’ll be ready to take some necessary action. The conjunction between the Sun, Venus, and Mercury suggests positive developments in your personal connections with lovers and partners. Some empowering financial news may come your way too. This is enhanced by the Full Moon in your 2nd house of earned income as closure is experienced in regard to next steps in earnings and savings.

AQUARIUS: The Full Moon brings a crescendo to matters of personal importance. You may be in the spotlight now and your talents can be acknowledged. A partner brings special and heartwarming information your way on the 16th, highlighting their intention and feelings. A new business partnership may come to the fore now too. Mars brings initiative to your work and health space as he picks up the pace of that which was started, but not yet acted upon, in July.

PISCES: Work activities, health, schedules, and co-workers are areas of very positive exchanges and dealings on the 16th. This shifts the crux of what at times has been uncomfortable territory. This week others communicate their appreciation for all that you do. An opportunity to showcase your talents may arise. The Full Moon brings awareness around things that were previously hidden from you. You may experience enlightenment around your inner motivations and fears. The Mars event triggers action in your creative world concerning children, lovers, and creative projects. Now, you will feel ready and empowered to act.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week Beginning Friday, August 5th

Photo Courtesy of Bruce Eaton

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The lowest domestic spending since the Eisenhower era is just one of the results of the budget deal announced by President Obama Sunday evening at 8:40 p.m. EST. Per what should be expected during a Mercury Retrograde cycle, it was also announced that a bipartisan committee will be formed to put forth a proposal with further cuts by November 23rd.

The US is a Cancer-ruled country and Mars entered the sign of Cancer on August 3rd. He will be hitting the Cardinal Cross points during the first half of the month. Mars is not terribly happy in Cancer. His prowess and assertion get dampened in this cardinal sign’s watery and emotional realms, creating a potent combination for simmering anger and frustration.

Mars squares Uranus in Aries on the 9th, pointing to an energy release that can express itself in surprising ways. Remember, Uranus is revolutionizing and shaking up the voice of the individual, aka the “little guy” who has had enough, thank you very much.

Mars opposes Pluto on the 11th and suggests a few days of being über aware of your ego drives. It’s a time when people can feel blocked by authority figures but it can also be a powerfully fruitful period to get in touch with your own internal-limitation tapes: what are you “not enough” of and in what ways do you give away power?

Neptune retrogrades back into Aquarius for the remainder of the year, asking us to revisit the lessons of compassionate detachment. This is a very empowering orientation. Can we love that which we don’t personally vibe to? Can we co-exist with others’ choices and preferences without slamming down judgment?

Venus and the Sun are traveling partners in Leo throughout the month, bringing a festive and heartwarming energy to relationships and gatherings.

ARIES: Your ruling planet Mars has moved into a sign that favors emotional expression and acts of nurturance. He is going over some ground that the Sun highlighted last month. Your home, career, identity, and partnerships are being energized. You are motivated in the area of home and living situations, perhaps even aggrieved as well. It may be helpful to remember the adage “act in haste, repent at leisure” (well it’s really “speak in haste” but hey, you get my point). Mercury is retracing his steps and you have the opportunity to rethink your approach to matters of the heart, your children’s affairs, and creative projects. There is more to be learned and additional information to be gathered. The Sun and Venus ensure a month peppered heavily with socially good times. NEW Summer and FALL report for the ARIES year 2011 - $14.99

TAURUS: Your home, emotional security, and family are focal points over the next few weeks. Mercury is retrograding in your 4th house as well, suggesting a time for information gathering, pondering, and getting in touch with your instinctual nature. Long-lost family members may pop up this month and awaken memories from the past. Interactions with others may be testy this week as Mars transits your 3rd house of communication with those in your environment. Examining your belief systems as well as your anger can help to release some simmering resentments. Anger is an emotion that does not glean much social acceptance, but being aware and exploring a healthy and “real” avenue of expression is probably necessary now. This is not a fortuitous time for launching new sales and marketing campaigns. Patience and focusing energy on your communication planning will bring rewards in September.

GEMINI: Mercury is retrograding in your house of “thinking.” This is the everyday, how-what-where kind of thinking. Give yourself plenty of time this month, Gemini. Time to travel from point A to point B, time to revisit your thoughts on various matters, and time to really enjoy some of the folks in your local environment. There is a lot of love available for you from the people you see on a regular basis. Presentations, teaching, and writing are all favorably influenced by Venus and the Sun too. If you are in the selling industry go back to your rolodex and contact prospects and former clients. People from the past are your strongest options for commerce and trade. Mars ramps up the ego energies related to your income, material possessions, and self-esteem. You may be keen on acquiring objects of value or fattening your coffers. Carpe diem!

CANCER: Mars energizes your very being and commences a fresh two-year cycle regarding your wants and desires. Physical exercise, working independently, and starting fresh personal initiatives are all highly encouraged. You may feel hemmed in if working in an environment with too much oversight, so feeling micromanaged is a possibility. The warrior god can do just that: bring out the warrior in the Cancer native. So choose your battles consciously and carefully. Expecting some opposition from partners and authority figures may help you strategize more effectively. The areas of financial income and showcasing your talents and abilities are well favored with Venus and the Sun traveling through your 2nd house. Mercury is also in residence and moving at a leisurely backward pace. Revisiting former sources of income may bring some added money your way.

LEO: Happy Birthday, Lion. Your energy systems are beginning to perk up as the Sun and Venus travel hand in hand all month. Mercury retrograde is affecting your sense of self and identity. Some revisions are at hand which deal with your very own personal sense of purpose and meaning. Give things time to simmer. When Mars moves into your sign on September 19th you will be ready to take action on what the Sun and Mercury have cooked up this month. Ask for what you want—while Venus transits your sign she is ensuring that you are on the receiving end of some pleasant and helpful attention. Mars continues to stir up some self-defeating beliefs and behavior. You are finishing up a cycle that is asking you to release emotional and psychic baggage from the past. Take additional rest breaks as needed.

VIRGO: You are finishing up your yearly solar cycle, Virgo. The Sun and two planets (Venus and Mercury) are ensconced in the sign just prior to yours, which suggests a time of rest, rejuvenation, and as much soul nourishment as you can make time for. Mercury is retrograding through your 12th house, suggesting a time for inner listening and allowing for the human to simply “be.” If your energy levels feel low and the proverbial tank is running low on gas, trust the wisdom of your body. Mars energizes your planning for future endeavors and the people playing supporting roles. One or two of these may give you pause for thought. Neptune retrogrades out of your 7th house and back into your 6th house for the remainder of 2011. Lessons are reviewed regarding your work environment and how you construct your daily regime Practice detached compassion.

LIBRA: Who stays, who goes, and who needs to be beckoned into the fold are themes this month. Your ambitions are aroused with Mars heating up the areas of reputation, career, and life direction. With Cancer on your mid-heaven these areas tend to be a bit emotional, so keep your inherent intelligence sensors flipped on as you move through the landscape of August. Mid-month brings situations that will point the way for months and perhaps years to come. The Sun and Venus encourage increased social activity while Mercury suggests reviewing your goals and what juices you. Folks from the past pop up. Neptune’s transit back into your 5th house reminds you of the lessons of practicing compassion while staying present in the realities of your loved ones. Expect a few challenges from the others in your world, especially on the 9th and 11th when Mars makes challenging aspects to Uranus and then Pluto. Breathe deeply and adopt a wait-and-see approach.  NEW Summer and FALL report for the Libra year 2011 - $14.99

SCORPIO: The Sun, Venus, and Mercury (from the 8th onward) are raising your visibility in the area of reputation, career, authority figures, and life direction. You are well received by important others this month but expect a few communication glitches with Mercury retrograding through the 10th house. An excellent few weeks for your very own public relations campaign. You have the space to review some of your career and community goals knowing that you will have the green light in September for advancement. Mars is energizing your learning sector of the higher mind and you will want to include and experience more in your world. Issues of health or conflict with your work schedule can crop up around the 9th when Mars squares Uranus. Weigh your words and responses carefully when Mars opposes your ruling planet Pluto on the 11th.

SAGITTARIUS: Desire for adventure and growth (of the higher mind kind) are alight with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury traversing your 9th house. Trips, expanding your consciousness, and learning are very real needs this month. Mercury moves back into this area on the 9th suggesting a revisit, figuratively or literally, with folks and places from the past. Mars is working on a deeper level in the 8th house of psychological transformation and resources shared with another. A financial issue may arise around the 11th and bring a somewhat uncomfortable awareness to earnings, loans, or debt. A surprise awaits around children, love, and creative projects in relation to available resources. This may bring information to you regarding a lover’s motivations and financial situation.

CAPRICORN: A financial, psychological, or emotional situation is not quite resolved. Mercury slips back into your 8th house of the inner and personal on the 9th to provide the space and time to review some very personal areas of operation. The Sun and Venus are also transiting this area of life experience and are supporting your growth, both emotionally and financially. Mars blazes into the area of others and ramps up the interaction levels with partnerships and relationships. You can safely expect some spirited interactions. The dates to make note of are the 9th and the 11th when Mars picks up where the Sun left off last month. Neptune retrogrades back into your 2nd house of values and earnings for the remainder of the year, finalizing the lessons surrounding compassion and the talents you have to offer to the world.

AQUARIUS: Neptune retraces his steps and moves back into your sign for the duration of 2011. When a major player revisits a sign it’s an opportunity to review and finalize our lessons. What has Neptune taught you about sensitivity, compassion, universal love, creativity, and keeping the beauty alive while remaining grounded? All relationships/partnerships and “others” are the focus for you over the next few weeks. Venus is ensuring a pleasant and heart-filled exchange (Sun) while Mercury’s transit back into this area on the 8th is allowing for extra time and space to review your thoughts about a certain association or two. Mars is keeping you busy this month as he transits your 6th house of work and daily schedules. Your health, both physical and psychological, is seeking integration, leading to a higher level of wellbeing. Challenges around these areas may appear around the 9th and 11th when Mars squares Uranus and then opposes Pluto, which brings tension into your work, attitudes, and spiritual orientation.

PISCES: You’ve received a taste of Neptune in its very own home sign—yours—for the past few months. He now slips out of the area of personality and actualization and back into the 12th house of the soul. See this transit as a finale (for the rest of the year) around the sensitization and awareness of Source energy. Source energy can be described as tuning in to the higher energies that are active and available to all when the choice is made to “plug in.” Dreams, intuition, and escapism all fall under Neptune transiting the 12th house. Work, daily schedules, and health are all busy areas this month with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury retrograde into your 6th house on the 8th. Co-workers, employees, and your physical body are the focus. Allow more time for office tasks and personal to-do’s while Mercury retrogrades and slows down efficiency levels. Mars enlivens the areas of pleasure, social, and leisure activities as well as affairs of your children. There is some tension present between your desires and others’ expectations. Take your time responding while staying as grounded as possible.

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