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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why Your Dreams Matter

Photo by Jean Wiley
Dreams have been an active part of my life all of my life.  Since I've been a kid they have been a omnipresent force in my reality.  Rebus is the representation of a phrase in the form of pictures.  The rebus of "raise in bread" can manifest in the picture form of baking raisin bread.  The car that is running low on gas in your dream suggests the need for rest and rejuvination.  Dreaming of waves overcoming the house you live in reflect your conscious feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed.

The prefrontal cortex, the part of our brain associated with logical thinking recedes to the background while dreaming and is overtaken by the limbic system which controls emotions.  Emotions are the driving force of the engine called humanity.  However you want to slice and dice it people make emotional decisions and then shape their rationalization to serve the emotional desire. 

There is a fellow who is paid a lot of money in the car industry who studies the lizard brain.  He knows that humans don't make car purchases based soley on rational thought but on the emotions the vehicle evokes.  Body language experts will tell you that emotions don't lie and how often have you witnessed when the words don't match up to the body language?  Often, it flows all around us and all we need do is pay attention to what is really being communicated.

Dreams deal with emotions and much more.  It is one of the ways to connect directly to Source energy.  We are not hypocrites in our dreams we delve right into the heart of the matter without anything being put "on us."  Dreams aren't interested in social acceptability much like the influence of Pluto in the chart.  What needs to go?  What needs to stay?  How do we "really" feel about social mores and conditioning? 

Photo by Jean Wiley
There was a period in my life when I was dreaming about snakes - frequently.  Have you have seen the documentary "The Corporation?"  It treats the corporate world as an entity, a living breathing force and how it impacts our behavior, ethics and ego.  The film likens corporations to psychopaths and paints a very convincing premise. 

Often, the snake would be in my view but not dangerous.  My dream wanted to bring me "information" about a situation or perhaps a person's character.  If the snake actually bit me then I knew there was a real problem up ahead.  And, I did have a couple of dreams when the fangs made contact with my flesh and a then a viable problem of one sort or another would materialize within a three week period.  My time stamp in precognitive dreams appear within a three week or three month period.  It's just the way it works for me but would love to hear about your time lapse between dreaming and manifestation.

Precognitive dreaming, as I have written about before, is dreaming about something that seemingly happens in the future.  Many, many folks have precognitive dreams and don't even know it.   For me, differentiating between this type of dreaming and others is experienced as similar to viewing a film on a large movie screen.  I awake with very little emotional reaction yet aware of the relayed information.

How can that be?  How can you dream of future events?  Perhaps some important clues can be found in Einstein's theory of time as he believed that time may move in a spiral manner rather than the industrialized notion of linear.  Quantum physics suggests that there are alternative realities moving along a contiuum concurrently. 

The subconscious mind, Soul or Spirit is the "observer" within our body and can see more than what the mind can consciously process.  This information is released and given pictorial voice while dreaming. 

Photo by Jean Wiley

We incorporate learning, vent socially unacceptable emotions and feelings as well as ponder possibilities before manifesting.  For some, this connectedness is more developed than others but I believe we are all born with this avenue of exploration. 

IF you are interested in remembering your dreams make that suggestion to your subconscious mind just prior to bedtime.  ASK that you begin to remember your dreams on a regular basis.  Keep a journal or record them upon awakening.  Patterns emerge while yet another layer of self-discovery is embarked upon.  ~